Sunday, November 4, 2012

For My Colleagues

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My esteemed colleagues:

You are my heroes, my mentors, the ones I emulate with every bit of my training in anesthesia. You are my colleagues and my friends. I have worked with you in surgery almost every day for twenty-years. Together we have saved the lives of many. Together we have laughed and we have cried. We have worried about our livelihood at times, with all the changes to health care as we have known it, being cast out as 'doctors' and recast as 'anesthesia providers' and 'healthcare providers' by the bean-counters in hospital administration and the insurance industry at large.

I was both excited and enthusiastic about the week that I just spent with you at conference. I enjoyed hearing what you had to say. I knew all those four one-hour lectures took much time to put together, from research to making the slides in your power point presentations.

My take-away from this conference is that you are willing and able to explore the possibility that 'as we were trained' and 'as  usual' management of patients might have some gaps in light of new information gathered from cutting edge research. You have forged bonds with your surgeons and your neonatologists, vital lifelines of communication branching out across the borders of 'hospital turf' for the better care of your patients. Your hearts were open, minds working actively in great focus--to put together what you know so that we may go home and take better care of our patients back home.

As I sat in my conference seat, turning pages of the syllabus as you spoke, and writing notes in the margins like I used to do at school...I both welcomed the familiarity and smiled inwardly at the irony of it all: what you can't see and what you can't measure is the coming trend in taking care of health.

Let me repeat: the unseen, which represents the ninety percent of the brain we do not 'use', is the Next Frontier of Medicine. Watching your Mastery over the ten percent 'that we can establish in a random-double-blinded study, or a meta-analysis' is both admirable and sad.

There is a beautiful world out there ahead of you to discover! I have learned, with pure delight:

  • I get the big picture. 
  • I talk with patients on a soul-level while they are asleep. 
  • I am committed to the Highest Good that is obtainable in that Therapeutic Relationship.
  • I work in partnership with Spirit, Intuition, and Light.
  • I am a better person, a happier one, and a Healer instead of a 'technician' in my work.
Medicine right now is in the Dust Bowl of Oklahoma in the Great Depression in the 1930's. 
Medicine is headed for the lushest, most gorgeous tropical Utopia, right around the corner...

People have been hiding things from us. You know the part about 'half of everything you ever learned in Med School is antiquated by the time you graduate, but they do not know what half, so you have to learn it all while you are there?'--there are technologies that have far surpassed our Journals, that have been 'not shared' by the Illuminati and the Anunaki with the rest of the world. In fact, these 'groups' have been doing everything possible to keep us away from our own innate healing capability. It is going to shock you when you find out, when you are 'waking up'.

People everywhere are excited about a new tomorrow in Health. Note that I do not call it, 'the Health Care Industry'. This is going to start with an increase in the Level of Consciousness of the Collective Consciousness. Then it is going to get more 'experiential' with Energy Medicine. Just as acupuncture and yoga have become 'mainstream', 'auras' and 'chakras' and 'physical manifestation' are coming down the 'pipeline'. Patients are going to look to us for guidance and reassurance in their self-empowerment and new-found health. It is going to good for everyone, and you might find you have some time to enjoy your hobbies that you have given up in the taking care of patients all your adult life...

I couldn't educate you at conference. You were not ready. But in my clinical judgement, you are very, very close to the level of Compassionate Awareness that is right around the bend. I forsee that the future is bright for all of us.

Who ever really wants to be sick? Isn't it time we made strides away from disease and hardship?
I know that I used your names in a prior blog post. You are my heroes and I deeply respect you. But if you ever Google yourself, and find that post, it is my hope that you will soon come across this. I am waiting to help you rediscover that which you already know and have always felt at Truth about Medicine within your hearts. This new energy is going to steep in and invigorate health care as we know it today...


Reiki Doc