Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Event Horizon: Yoda 103

Today we will discuss the veil that separates us from The Other Side. It is thinnest in October, that is why Halloween, All Saints', and All Souls' are celebrated at this time. 

The Veil is a layer around the surface of the planet that the Archons use to keep us on quarantine by Quantum Anomaly technology.  Reptilians in the Astral Plane like to hide in the little black holes that are in the Veil. The Galactic Task Force has been clearing them out for some time. Again, anything in the Astral Plane is non-physical, and the war between the Light and the Dark has been waged on a vibration none of us can truly appreciate because of the Veil.

The Veil is porous. The technology does not allow complete covering one hundred percent of the time. That is way messages that are pulsed can sometimes get through. A call for help from Gaia went out in this manner some time ago.

The Veil is why UFO crashes happen. It messes up the propulsion system of the vehicle. The Roswell crash was due to this. The passengers were not Zeta Reticulari, according to Cobra at his lecture.

When the Veil is removed, a presence of energy will be felt. This is because the Veil shields us from Tachyon Emissions from the Galactic Central Sun. Tachyons are high energy particles that are important to our well-being and health. Cobra's first interaction with the Pleadeans was on the Tachyon, and he was shown technology to create it here on earth. I bought several items that were charged with Tachyons, and as a  sensitive I can feel the benefit, much like a phenokite 'angelic vibration' crystal. Not everyone will feel it, but for those who can, it really helps.

In a way, I suspect that Reiki may be the channeling of Tachyons through the Reiki Practitioner.  I suppose more research will need to be done before this is known.

I also suspect that since Heaven is approximately three feet above the Earth (ghost = entity that is earth bound, with feet touching ground, spirit = entity in the Other Side that 'visits', feet will be three feet off the ground). The Veil, by my estimate, must be three feet thick. When the Veil is dismantled, this separation will not be, and 'Heaven On Earth' will be a natural occurrence. Again, these are my thoughts, and not Cobra's, like I have shared with you.

Imagine an hourglass laying on its side. This represents the multiple timelines converging to a single point in the middle. This is the Event Horizon, the time when all timelines collapse to a common one. The plane that transects the very middle of the neck of the hourglass, in a cross-plane, represents The Event Horizon, which happens to occur on December 21, 2012.

Cobra has been in a joint project with the Pleadeans in healing the timelines. Inadverdently, I healed one in the O.R. yesterday. I used the same technique, with help from the other side. My projects have mostly involved The Papa Rat (see past blog posts, not my Papa Rat, but the Big One). I have cleared that site, made a Vortex, claimed it for the Light, escorted Papa Rat to the Light, I see his spirit and so has my mediumship boy separately from me, and now, through a distant relative under my care and routine healing that I do, I stumbled across a timeline and allowed for the guides to connect through me to heal it. I cannot tell you the exact method, because it was like describing how Reiki works--I felt energy and directed it with the help of Reiki Guides. Just understand that it is so, and it marks a contribution to the overall push for Victory of the Light. I was honored and blessed to participate in this way.

For more Cobra intel updates, check out the Yoda series, next one will be pending soon. I hope you are enjoying this!


Reiki Doc