Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Your Divine Purpose


We live in a society where information is a commodity. 

It also is a form of controlling the masses.

Remember this world is run by energies/forces that are not of this world. 

The 'Prince of the World' behind a lot of politics and riches and fame, who has 'builders' working at his beck and call, didn't actually CREATE the earth and all the materials the 'builders' are working with.

That Prince sits on a throne of lies.

Which is what makes our purpose, and your own, important.

To live your life, follow your dreams, and share your truth. 

Sometimes our truth may be a sad one. But it is experienced from the heart, and leads to soul learning, as well as sharing to help others avoid the same fate. 

Even still, in this world of lies, our heart will tell us what resonates as Truth.  This allows us to be open and welcoming and warm to others. No matter what they have done. (as long as you are truly guided by the Spirit and not taking unnecessary risks, of course).

Yesterday I was post-call. It was brutal call. My last weekend one. But I worked from eight in the morning until well past midnight until four in the morning the next day. I had two hours sleep, got myself home safely, and enjoyed a breakfast with Anthony. 

Then I was too amped up to sleep. Until about noon.

I saw the most remarkable videos. I discovered a trans person called Blaire White, interviewing a person called ShapeShifter. I won't go into details of this sensitive topic. But I appreciated listening to ShapeShifter's story. It is painful. But it highlights the difference between what everyone is being told about this topic, and what the personal experience of someone who is living it is like. 

I also enjoyed watching because I know what goes on in the system where Kerth Barker and Jessie C were raised, about the gender bending that is systemic in that organization. Again, if Creator made male and female, well, Prince of the World is going to use that hatred of Creator to do all kinds of unimaginable things with those polarities. Right? Makes sense really...if you think about it.

So here I am realizing on some level, there's a deeper level to what that YouTube interview's Truth really is...and I'm asking myself how many are living this truth out there, especially in sports and entertainment, that I don't know that they are? Blaire was pretty easy to fool me except with the excessive hair touching...that was a mannerism kind of odd. 

Remember that these are the people back in the day, who we liked. The outcasts. The misfits. We would reach out to them, let them know they are loved, and valued, exactly as they are. That was OUR Truth, back in the day. For me and Ross. 

We would encourage them to raise themselves up from their circumstances, to follow their dreams, and to live a new life--which is entirely possible! One which is in alignment with their heart energies...and most important not to give up!

Keep your eyes open for the Truth of people around you. It's not easy to see. But be an open, caring person where people can open up to you about their Truth. 

Life YOUR Truth. Keep it on display out there for everyone to see. 

This is truly how we create Heaven on Earth. 

We remember Home. We live Home. And we follow our dreams, no matter how old we are or in what condition of our bodies, our dreams adjust. Seek joy and fulfillment. Keep your heart open and able to resonate to detect Creator's Truth. 

And everything is going to be okay.

And I've got to get myself ready for work.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are a flagship of emotional generosity and light for those who are seeking it

Wednesday, October 12, 2022



So, what's been going on over here, in my life?

Stomach is better. Anthony is better. I still have a lingering cough, so does he, but all in all, health is much improved.

The house? It's messier than ever. 

I realized yesterday with my work hours being as long as they are (at work till five or six most days), I'm lucky to keep up with cooking, dishes, and laundry. It's even difficult to put in self-care. 

And spiritually?

I've been blessed with incredible growth.

Things I never would have guessed are coming out of me. Things that I've been carrying inside for way too long. 

Living with Ross was like living with someone who was crazy, back in the day. He didn't listen. He had a side to him I couldn't understand/reach/access. 

When we were little he had been very consistent, I thought I knew him.

So now, in my meditations, this annoyance, this discomfort, of life with someone who just was nuts, is coming up. The frustration of doing my very best for him, to help him, every single day. To no appreciation by him for it, whatsoever. 

I confided in him this morning how we never spoke of our emotions, and emotions are the most important part of a close family relationship. It was horrible living that kind of life!

I even said how it's difficult for us now, since, where he is, he doesn't really FEEL emotions like I do, and we don't even talk about them now. 

He was a stubborn, headstrong, genius hell-bent on doing what in his mind what 'the right thing to do'.  And I loved him. I lived my life with him as best as I could. And it totally broke my heart.

Healing isn't always unicorns and rainbows, friends.

You got to get all that stuff out. 

Can you imagine how much trust I have in Ross right this minute now, to be sharing with him all these things? I know he's better. I know he would never do it again. He knows it probably wasn't the best of him back then, but he was just learning and I was just learning and...He promised me today if he had one more chance it would be different.

I believe him.

It resonates with my heart center more than anything. 

He had me lie still, and tell him what the worst part about our life back then was.

And it was the lack of being in touch with our emotions as a couple. 

What did he do next?

If you're really healers, really working hard with your guides, what he did next won't surprise you.

If you're kind of not fully invested in the process, you'll laugh at what he told me to do next.

I'm serious.

He wanted me to play about ten minutes worth of my favorite game on my phone to calm me down and he could work on my energy, to focus it.

He wanted me to have two pieces of chocolate from a little gift box I was going to give someone but hadn't. 

Then I went out into the garden, to help take care of my citrus. I'm removing leaves that have citrus leaf miners in them. And spraying everything with organic neem oil treatment.

Then I wrote.

You see, when you are between worlds, like I am, it takes a lot of energy to go deep, then to connect with Source/Guides, then come back here to life a 'normal' (polite cough) 'life'.  Your guides will help you. 

What else is going on?

Only recently I've figured out what I want. What my goals are. And later I will invest time in myself to work towards one of these goals. 

The rest of the time I'll take care of the house, run errands, do chores, and make the most of this unexpected day off from work. 

Why do I share?

Because the healing process frankly, surprises me with its twists and turns. Remember, I am very open to healing, I want to feel better, I want to be the best person I can be, especially in preparation for my eventual return home or reuniting with Ross here whichever comes first. 

There's lots of people that don't even want to heal.

There's even more people who hide their need to heal by wanting to 'fix others'--not being a resource to others who seek them--but kind of co-dependently chasing the 'walking wounded'. 

It is our hope you drop your fears of healing.

If is our goal that you find yourself comfortable with working with your guides and the Unseen. 

And it is our joy if you find yourself unburdening yourself of old past hurts, and all that weight, by sticking with the Process. And Trusting in the Plan. 

Be who you are, Right Now, in touch with Your Feelings, and be Open to whatever Spirit guides you. 

It's really nice. And helps put things in perspective, as to  'why you are here' and 'who you really are' and 'what motivates you'. 

We are Creator Beings. And we are meant to create and experience the Divine everywhere we go.

Part of it is having strict, impeccable Mental Hygiene -- shifting towards positive thoughts, acknowledging negative ones but not dwelling on them. This helps align you with the Law of Attraction. Too Manifest.

Then unburdening yourself is making you even stronger to be able to Manifest and enjoy all of your Spiritual Gifts and share them with the world. 


Carla has been through a lot because of me. And even more for what she put herself through in trying to distance herself from me.

For our hearts have never been better, never been more open, and never been more honest with one another. 

As her guide, I am considerably impressed with her growth and her efforts.

I commend you to watch her as a template for your own growth and healing. Everyone, even me, has something to heal. Everyone!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Catching Up


Sometimes it seems the more that is going on, the less there is to talk about.

I know right? With me not having things to talk about. Ross and my teams are laughing their asses off right now. I think they've worked long and hard to get me at this point. Fair enough.

Anthony and I have been fighting off upper respiratory infections for about a month now. I've had to take him to the doctors four times. We are both making progress. But dude? I'm still needing naps. He is too. This afternoon I had the luxury of taking one and I gently heard snoring from the other room where he had been watching his YouTube. 

Life is good.

I had a pretty severe case of food poisoning on Monday evening. I had a late lunch at the hospital cafeteria. It was completely humiliating to be throwing up in the O.R. --fortunately I was able to make it into the trash cans--in my room during and at the end of a case, in the hallway, and in another room where they let me rest and recover. It was the first time ever in my career I wasn't able to take a patient to recovery room. (patient did fine).  It's Thursday now, and I can eat regular food again, only not Mexican or spicy or greasy. 

I had the presence of mind to realize that sometimes when things happen to us it's not for us, actually. It's to show something or give an opportunity to others. It's to help open their hearts. So I didn't worry about it being some 'Big Lesson'. I just hung in there and did my best to get over it.

Energetically there's lots going on 'out there'. And to amuse myself sometimes I read things like Fulford just to have any information whatsoever--and of course taken with a huge grain of salt!

I realize the energetic shifts sort of affect me, and sort of don't, depending on my perspective.

So that's why I gave the image above.

You have a choice.

You can get sucked into the drama of day-to-day life on Earth.

Or you can back up for the bigger perspective where nothing really changes much, and everything goes according to plan, more or less. 

I'm happier and more content than I have ever been. I have hope and still keep working on the mess around the house, trying to bring organization. It's not easy, it's not my strong point, but I have hope and do what I can. When we were both really sick, things kind of piled up. 

I also wanted to express gratitude to our long-time supporters of this page and our work. October is when I renew the photo subscription and my P.O. box. Together it runs two thousand dollars. Your contributions have helped to take some of that financial weight off me. It's been over ten years now, twelve actually, so it's a lot I've invested into making this kind of information available to you. For free. 

Ross and I wouldn't want it any other way.

There's no ads from us, we gain nothing from any ads they might show on here or on our YouTube channel, 77picklehead. 

It's all heart.

In these times it's so rare to find information you don't need to subscribe or patreon to receive.

Enjoy it. 

We hope we are making a difference in your lives.

And with our healings they are indeed daily, twice daily (Reiki and Divine Peace), and free. I post them when I'm able. But posted or not they take place. Like clockwork!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The couple <3 who love you more than anything!