Friday, April 26, 2019

The Hand That Has Been Dealt

On the ride home I was thinking about how nice it would be to live in a world that was free and independent from all traces of TWDNHOBIAH.  I actually visited Ross in his office and he put his hands behind his head, elbows out, and put his feet on the desk while we talked. He was wearing his cream colored flight suit and at work when I spoke with him, just the two of us.

I asked him how to get rid of it? You know, globally, in one fell swoop.

He asked me back--as it is his custom to answer questions with questions--what do you do her on earth when there are vermin or unpleasant things causing an infestation, for example, in the home?

What came to mind are cockroaches. When you see one that means there must be hundreds in hiding. And to get rid of them takes a lot of work. First thing is you clean up all traces of anything they might eat as food. Then there's no reason for them to stay. And they look for someplace better for them and they go.

It's the same with mice, with pantry moths, with ants, with rats, with termites.

I suppose sometimes you poison them or set traps too.

When I spoke this to Ross, then he gave his answer without words, with a gesture, which implied that the same thing works here for us with Spiritual parasites and entities and demonic frequencies and belief systems...I picked up that we are in the middle of a vast spiritual clean up. With the frequencies of the common collective rising exponentially, the people themselves upon which they feed as parasites aren't as tasty any more.

Ross says it's like a de-worming pill, a systemic one, that makes it harder for the dark frequencies to make a home here on the planet. It is inhospitable to them. And as the people heal, one by one, their auras strengthen, and there's a lot more parasites out there looking for a home and soon they will be fighting one another over the limited spaces left, and then they will leave.

Ross shows me the thing you plug into the wall to make the high frequency sound to scare the mice away. It's a similar concept.

He also says it's a lot like mosquitoes, you make sure there is no standing water around for them to breed because you have learned that they like it, and you are scrupulous to take it away.

Our countdown today is fifty-two.

Just like these roman numerals here, which are hidden in plain sight to for those who do not understand what roman numerals are, where L represents a fifty and I represents a one...I'd like to share with you a statement by our Chief of Surgery who spoke with me in confidence yesterday.

She said that she is very slow to see the things that are right in front of her and perhaps totally obvious, but it's hard because she has a basic assumption that most people are good people. So she's just starting to realize that some people she is close to and has worked with for eighteen years, aren't playing from the same playbook--in other words--to use my phase you will completely understand--their behaviors and actions aren't to put the patient's best interest at heart as the primary focus, something that --in her words--most people who are normal would get it and naturally agree that things that benefit the patient, and even moreover, save the hospital money--would not have any resistance at all against them.

In her own way, she is starting to see that some high-ranking people are on team TWDHOBIAH.

If I were to tell you her old boss had the office extension x6666 and he says he is 'an atheist'--you might have a little more insight to the situation than she does.

If I were to tell you that there were two statues, taller than humans, which were symbols of Luciferianism--weird abstract symbols most people wouldn't understand but I do--you would surmise perhaps the entire facility was dedicated to Satan. And it was hidden in plain sight. Now one symbol/statue is down due to renovation. But the other one greets all guests who enter the hospital.

If I were to tell you that back in Cuba, a Vietnamese doctor who does OB anesthesia worked with the psychiatrist parents of an OB Gyn, and then the OB Gyn and the Vietnamese doctor worked together at my hospital--you would think the odds of a coincidence as this is astronomical.

As Nancy Pelosi said in a short clip on a Mark Dice video, in highly democratic parts of the country, 'even this glass of water could get elected to office'. This inanimate object.  With no soul.

Her point is well taken. If there is a dark hierarchy in place, and there is an agenda, then the slots will be filled everywhere in everything by people who may or may not have the best talent for it. But they will know each other and spend time with each other outside the work setting in the darker ritual settings.

They help one another.

My friend the Chief of Surgery said, 'they are probably all sleeping together' which wasn't far from the truth.

If you have read any of Kerth Barker you will know they are probably hitting up the adrenochrome together too.  And they might in their waking selves have no memory of any of it at all--if they have been raised in the system like Svali, and put through 'programming'....

As Ross says, as the vibrations go up, things get a little more noticeable, and there are less shadows for TWDNHOBIAH to hide.

Remember the kind of information described in this Reddit article are the kinds of things that are important to TWDNHOBIAH. Dates. Sacrifices. Blood.

Part of me is a little concerned about the movie with the Avengers. Many victims of TWDNHOBIAH who have been programmed have been programmed with 'Alex' (end of the world or end game) programming. A symbol or word from a handler or a film created by handlers is enough to set the hidden programming off. There's so much media push out there for that movie. Something has to be in it.

I've already asked for Divine Intervention to protect the innocent. Ross and his teams are on it already, just in case.

Let me invite you to my office. This image isn't it, it's Mount Etna, but spiritually, when I'm in the O.R. with a patient under anesthesia, the space between worlds where I do my work is as lonely and empty and void as this.

I 'clean' and 'bless' patients who are unconscious, spiritually. I can talk with their Higher Selves, their Souls, and any attachments they may have. I work with the Guides of Compassionate Healing to remove the attachments in a way that is not destructive or harmful to either the main soul or the attachment. And the attachment has a place to go. Many people who do this type of work but not on the same level, just take the attachment 'off'. Then it has no energy source. And it's going to be actively seeking a new host. So these types of people are highly irresponsible in their 'helping' because some other person with a temporarily weak aura hole is going to get that attachment in a blink of an eye.

Perhaps it's for job security? lol.

Anyhow, sometimes it's very disturbing to see what I see. And more upsetting and distressing than seeing,  is to feel what I feel. I sense energies much more readily than I see them when they are present as attachments.

Recently I came across one of the strongest dark attachments I've seen, and I've faced many a dark entity or ET-like negative being who have tried to hurt me. This one felt like lots of pressure and HEAVY and resisted my even coming to take a look.

I had to trick it. And I did. Then the teams were able to start a removal of something that didn't want to go. It made a free will choice to go after the trick, and the trick like a mousetrap with cheese for the bait--was the way it was able to make its exit to the Spiritual Realms where Ross and his teams deal with people like that.

What surprised me was what was left. The remaining true essence of the patient was like a baby, totally innocent, fresh and sweet. I added protection so nothing new could attach.

But this changed my heart.

I've written for ages about us and them, about TWDNHOBIAH, about freedom from oppression, about Ascending to the Higher Realms.

Deep down everyone is good.

That's the layer that Divine Creator loves in everyone. Even the most hardened of criminals!

And I hadn't loved them.

I had seen the horrible attachments and thought it was the person. It wasn't. And many people are 'hijacked' so to speak, by dark entities who operate on very low frequencies, and who push their agenda through ranks and organizations who mirror theirs that they have in other worlds of Spirit. Only here it's physical.

Here is the tiny seed which will help to encourage us in practicing Forgiveness. Just like with the Baron, who had a conversion on his death bed (he sighed in relief when the demon that had controlled him was removed and put into another person).

Keep your vibration UP. Meditate. The dark attachments and entities hate it when you do it. So do it just to piss those buggers off! As well as to nourish yourself and grow stronger in spirit.

Practice kindness to all. Literally, to ALL. And it will drive the dark ones crazy. At first they will think you are stupid.

Learn a little of the ways of their system here. For example, most dark beings are very kind and nice when they are getting what they want. It's when they don't get what they want that they turn on you. And right now, administration is doing a slam campaign on the Chief of Surgery to shut her down, and she's this close to quitting because it's not worth it and it's taking time away from her family and affecting her family all this stress.  She doesn't see this, but I do. And they will use every trick in the book to manipulate her and humiliate her and discredit her because they don't want to give up money or power by doing the right thing for patients and physicians. By removing surgeons who are unsafe--they have looked the other way for years because the unsafe ones take the call of the other ones who are in charge.   By saving money for the hospital. By doing the right thing and taking the high road.

It's not just there, isolated, this is going on in every major corporation everywhere in the world, and in every government too.

And as the frequencies in the common collective go up, there's going to be less shadow for darkness to hide, and doing the right this--or not doing it--is going to be so glaringly obvious to the masses that the right thing is going to the be only option to get done.

It's a done deal.

We are headed for the frequencies of the Divine, of Heaven, where people's thoughts are easily picked up, and people's motives are pure.  This is the essence of Heaven on Earth. For all of us.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Lessons from Loki LOL

The Pont d'Arc is a large natural bridge, located in the Ardeche department in the south of Franc. The arch, carved out by the Ardeche River, is 60 m wide and 54 m high

Loki had a little fun with me last night. At my expense. And oddly enough, the lesson was about keys.

I've had some issues with my banking and bill pay recently after the latest upgrade to their system. I was getting mean phone calls from a credit card company. So I dropped Anthony off after school, and went straight to the bank.

When I was done he needed to go to sports practice, so I met him at the door. 

When he is at sports practice, I go to the old house and work.

When I picked him up, I sheepishly admitted to him the the one and only time he let me borrow his keys, I lost them. Keys to the old house, new house, mailbox, everything. 

Anthony laughed.  I've already told him that if it wasn't connected to me I would lose my own head, I lose things so easily!

This is when Loki showed up.

What message to us? HE IS RISEN. 

Huh? What kind of message is that?

So I explained to Anthony that Loki is a teacher in Native American culture. He teaches us important and valuable lessons, but also, in doing so, often messes with us and makes us look and feel like the joke is on us. He is a trickster God.

Anthony asked, 'Is Loki good or bad?'

I said, from my heart, 'Loki is good but nobody anywhere likes it when he shows up for a lesson. It isn't fun. But his lessons stick.'

Anthony needs his keys. So I took him straight to the local hardware store to make duplicates from mine. I had all the keys on my person except for the mailbox key. And he was delighted to see the decorative keys. He chose for himself Star Wars and our local baseball team. I had told him that sometimes when Loki comes you just have to accept the situation and roll with it (in other words to just say F-ck It! and let go of the old problem, like we were doing there. Moving On...)

Well next door to the hardware store is our favorite local Mexican restaurant. It's not really Mexican because the owner is from El Salvador or someplace else in Central America. Yes, Latinos here make a difference in whether they are Mexican or not. The food is different actually. For example, people from El Salvador use banana leaves to wrap their tamales when people from Mexico use corn Anthony and I had a nice meal out that we haven't had in ages. It's been so long that the owner lady exclaimed to Anthony 'you've grown so tall!' and hugged him. 

When we went to the old house afterwards to double-check I hadn't left the keys outside...we had both looked in the car so much at the ballpark the coach asked us if everything was okay?...and we agreed to make sure of this here at the old house, even though we'd moved on...I had an overwhelming feeling to check the two wreaths I had brought into the garage because of the painters.

There they were! in the wreath of Easter Eggs. The keys were stuck between the eggs.

This was the one and only Easter decoration in the whole old house! We had moved everything to the new one. 

And at the new house? We have only one decoration too, in the lawn, a picket sign of a cross that says, 'HE IS RISEN".  Everything else was left in the boxes.


THAT is the lesson of Loki. Anthony thinks it worked out for the best because he has better keys, the same old keychain he got from Kevin and Bean (anyone listen to KROQ out there? lol), and a good meal on top of it, our own Taco Tuesday.

I think he's right.


Carla keeps learning with her lessons. I showcase her as she goes through her day to day in order to help YOU recognize your own healing patterns in the midst of Life In General.

On my end things are progressing at great speed with alacrity of awareness becoming clearly obvious to those of energy Carla refers to as TWDNHOBIAH.  As with this image of our joyous countdown (we are at fifty four days) it is, as some of you would say, 'the writing is on the wall'.

Already at Carla's hospital there is great change. The Chief of Surgery has hired a lawyer to explain to her the legal meaning of the bylaws, and as they are written surgeons are by no means required to take ER call. She is refusing to lie and tell the surgeons that call is mandatory because she is fully aware that at both sister hospitals, surgeons are paid a stipend to be available for call.

And it's a lot of money.

Carla has written a letter complaining for her all-night shifts, and the risk of losing her medical license due to fatigue. She also pointed out that surgeons and anesthesiologists top the list of incidence of physician suicides, which are epidemic proportions.

Magdi wants to back administration because their contract is on the line -- administration decides who gets hired or not to provide this service. But the anesthesiologist Shamila who is Vice Chief of the Department of Surgery has gone in with her Chief of Surgery and signed the letter of demands to administration.

Feedback from the Chief of Surgery when Carla shared with her that the 'all-nighter surgeon' confronted her about the letter is that it was not only Carla, but a whole movement from the nurses and everyone else in the hospital.  News is that there are to be no more robotic appendectomies because they are not cost effective (materials cost less but the additional time and manpower far outweighs the savings).

So everything around them is in great flux. (he puts his finger to his lips) Only it's quiet, and behind the scenes.

I want you to know it is that way with everything right now. The power is being challenged from within in order to make things more fair.

Carla's sister's brother in law is a teacher. He teaches high school part time and at the night school/university part time. Carla shared with Benjamin how her father was a teacher, and grew to hate the principals and administrators who created so many new rules to frustrate him. He just quit. He always worked two jobs, a day one and a night one like Ben, and for many years it was the respect of the students in the English as a Second Language adult class at night that kept him going.

Ben said that once the principals get to that level they will smile at you and lie through their teeth and tell you anything. They just don't care. **

I told him about Dr. Peter our ENT surgeon. He was recruited ten years ago to the hospital with a stipend to last three years. A big one. The  community needed his services, administration said. Dr. Peter is so good that the CEO of the hospital system has gone to him for care, as well as the daughter of the number one administrator for our own hospital.

Dr. Peter just learned recently that for patients who cannot pay, the hospital will reimburse the surgeon so it's not a burden on them. This policy has been in effect for many years, ever since he first came.

Until he learned, he had to do all of those cases without compensation, 'Pro bono', for free...and administration had watched and no one had said a peep about it. Everyone knows he has a wife and four sons to support, and his wife works for the same hospital system at the corporate office.

Ben's face twisted in disgust at hearing that story. Carla told it to him to let him know the corruption is in all areas, not just teaching. And Ben shared that it just makes him sick to know this happens, that it's not right, and it's not fair.

When you go to the standard media outlets, my friend, I want you to ask yourself this question:  who runs it? who decides what is on the air and what isn't?

I want you to follow the money.

I want you to realize that there are only six major corporations who control all of the information that goes out everywhere on the planet, and they are actively censoring everything.

I want you to make the connection (gestures with his hands coming together kind of like the ASL sign for 'more') that the alternative media has been infiltrated too, by the competition of the standard media outlets who want to control EVERYTHING, that what you are looking for with regards to 'signs of changes' to accompany our precious countdown, nothing is going to show up on a screen until the very end. I know you have been trained by your leaders and educators to look to the outside for validation of truth--the equivalent of SNOPES for everything, before you believe and accept it.

This is a most convenient fact for the six corporations who handle everything, isn't it?

But with Loki as with Carla, I want you to look with your 'eyes that see' for what is going on around you, right in front of your nose, behind the scenes at the places where you work and live.

It's going to be amazing when everything fits together (laces fingers together).

I guarantee it!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

The Jewels,
Ross and Carla

** The joke from work is the narrative for this animal film--you are the in on the joke now too. We apologize for the profanity in this video:  

Monday, April 22, 2019

How To Renew

We are from a long heritage of beings who are from our True Home in the Higher Frequencies, on a mission here incarnate to assist with the Divine Awakening of a Planet and Her People.

There is a gift which is given to us at any time we wish to receive it:  it is the ability to Renew ourselves, our beliefs, our living conditions, and even how we feel about anything (our 'attitude').

What is the best way to break through the Old Self and to encounter the New?

Through learning our lessons. And the greatest gift is discovered in the doing of the One Thing You Cannot Do. Everyone has one. Mine was moving.

My neighbor at the old house, an electrician, exclaimed when I told him of the impending move, 'I cannot do that, it would KILL ME!'.

He too has a lot of stuff.

Yesterday I cleared out the master bedroom and the hall closet/linen closet. The only thing that is left is my old bedroom (I slept in a smaller one as the master was the office and guest room).  The garage is there too. But it is within striking distance to be out of the old home, and jumbled as it is thoroughly into the new. The living room has boxes everywhere, so does the kitchen, and you cannot park into the garage.

Again and again I thank Ross for the impetus with impeccable timing. The new neighbors are moving in and they have lots of patio furniture and since our patios are in plain sight of one another my peace and quiet and solitude would have been taken away. Just in the nick of time we left. Besides, this is my first experience at selling a house! I might as well learn from it.

Yesterday I went through a box of old letters and Christmas cards. I can't tell you the joy it gave me to see the handwriting of old loved ones and people who have written to DWR.

I also was able to see a unique trait in my mother which is representative of most humans, it's a not-so-good human quality which is to be acted upon with self-love, and also healed with Unconditional Love.

My mother adores cats.

I am about as allergic to cats as one can get.

My sister, when I left the house for college, threatened suicide if she did not get a cat. At least that is what the family told me to gain my sympathy for the introduction of a new, huge, fat tabby cat which had obviously been a replacement for me in the empty nest.

Pyrite was the love of everyone in the house! Seriously.  And at holidays I couldn't go inside. I had to eat Thanksgiving on the porch, front one, back one, patio in the yard...and when I needed to pee I had to run inside and hold my breath.  Humiliation and betrayal are weak words when it comes to describing the knowing I had been of less value to them as a human as that cat.  I knew in a healthy normal family, the needs of the allergic one are respected and honored so they do not get sick.

So in her letters, Mom sent me photos of Tippi Hedren's lions when she went to visit the animal sanctuary. Sampson and Delilah who were saved from some rich people's home in Texas. Some other male lion I forget the name.

I threw them away.

No matter how hard she tries, I simply cannot see her point of view, and I cannot get her to see mine. It's a NO GO. We love each other dearly, I know. But on this point--no way José.

Even in her letters to me, well meaning, she would use the cat/feline reference to teach me. 'Carla you should get the lion's share in everything, stop being so nice/passive, etc.'

I threw that letter out too.

All the ones that were free of cat references, and there were many of these too, I kept. I found this whole life review thing through sorting through my stuff very empowering. I also found two very special bracelets in the pile that had been on the guest bed.

There was once someone who took advantage of me by wanting to sleep between their night shifts at my house. She was commenting from Palmdale which is hours away. This went on for five years. She paid me fifty dollars a month 'rent'. Anthony had to tiptoe his whole childhood so as not to wake her up. She looked at me like a daughter she never had. But I grew to resent the imposition, and I ended up changing the locks and not answering the phone after I told her this has to stop.  A lot of my piles were in anger so no one could take advantage of me like that again. I know I'm busy, I know organization isn't my cup of tea, but I also know straight up I was majorly tweaked over having let that get out of hand.  I had given her every body language that she wasn't welcome for like two years, and she just didn't get the point.

I was torn between being a 'good Christian' and being firm but polite on this imposition. She was Mormon and that's why I wanted to look like a 'good Christian' in her eyes.

Anyhow, back to the new house, and the mess, my Nana Angelina came through. She told me a new house is nice not because it has the most of everything but because it has 'the best'. So I'm going to pare down as much as I can once I am all the way here. I also have lots of repairs to do at the old house in order to sell it. The prices are outrageous from the workers my realtor is quoting. Three thousand dollars for a bathroom and that's without materials--I have three bathrooms! And to paint the house--without materials--five thousand dollars! yikes! So if you see me selling extra crystals and things here you will understand why. I see it as a win-win if there's anything that calls to people you know?  I'm not going to take these prices sitting down, I have friends, and I will get quotes from others too. I do know it's much work that needs to be done.

It's time for work. Ross is near again, and for this I am grateful. I got to the point yesterday where I asked him gently, to help, because I can't get through the rest of this move without him. He is actively helping and it pleases me so to feel him close and near.

clap! clap!

Our day is 56!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Sunday, April 21, 2019


Ross has patiently waited two days for me to write this blog post. The theme is the time of 'yin', a replenishment of our spiritual resources after they are depleted. Our efforts as incarnate spiritual beings and Awakeners can take a toll on us. Even those who are not Spiritually awake reach their limits in meeting the demands for survival here in the third dimension...

We need food, water, rest, and shelter.

Everything has a price.

And when things get out of balance, or perhaps, a lesson is important and it needs our full attention, we get sick.

I was very sick. I caught it from Anthony who was also very sick. Bad cough, fever, aches...

Fortunately a colleague who has known me a long time, was giving vacation coverage to another colleague for the week. I asked her to cover my call 2 on Wednesday and she did! I got out at around two and I slept. I had Thursday off (Thank goodness!) and rested, working on my puzzle and sleeping all day. This was the first day I hadn't gone to my old house and worked. I'm so run down from that.

On Friday, she negotiated a three way switch, and a fourth person covered, so my call one went from 24 hours to only from 0400 to 0700.  It was a miracle prayed for by those closest to me and also for Anthony too. 

Yesterday I was almost my old self.. I went back to the boxes filling at the old place last night after Anthony left with his father. 

Today I awoke and was told I would get a miracle.  I just was quiet, and put empty plastic eggs everywhere for Anthony to find when he gets home. 

And I'll shower and head back to my old house to box up some more things.

What was the lesson that was worth capturing my attention and making me sick so I wouldn't miss it?

It's Relationship.

Relationship is EVERYTHING.

Not just with lovers--in body or spirit.

It's with friends and family and coworkers and people you see often through their work (the woman Kimberly at Del Taco is our friend in early mornings when we go)...

AND...TWDNHOBIAH do not want us to enjoy relationships and the synergy. Even through social media, they are actively 'damping down' anything that might 'go viral' through 'algorithms'. 

This is a truth.

I found some old photos yesterday, of me and my marriages. I was beautiful then, startlingly so to my eyes which have grown accustomed to the older version of my face and body...

I remembered how disappointed I was on my honeymoon with Frank that he had no interest in 'chocolate' in our relationship. Now I can see through the lens of time that Frank was right and also I had a little bit of that Kitten still ingrained in me from the past life. 

I also saw how the smiles with myself and my ex-husbands betrayed the horrible anger they both directed to me, the fights that had me sobbing in full fetal position on the floor--often. 

Nobody needs to go through that. And no amount of loneliness is as painful as relationships gone sour. 

We need relationships that go right. And to surround ourselves with them. When they go bad, it's like food, you don't question it, you pitch it out into the trash. Our emotional health and spiritual vitality is worth it.

Here is our countdown.

And also, to introduce you to a little American Slang--Heinz 57--there's actually a steak sauce that goes well with 'everything'. The slang term 'Heinz 57' means like a 'mutt' breed of dog--a little bit of everything in the genes and not pure bred anything. 

It's an adjective.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Today's countdown is sixty. That's less than two months until major changes are clearly visible and 'life is better' according to the countdown given to us by The Council.

Sixty is important when it comes to time. There are sixty minutes in an hour and sixty seconds in one minute.

Let us say perhaps in the sixty days countdown we have reached Earth's Finest Hour?

After all, Earth Day is right around the corner...

But what about the purification?

It applies to me.

Not to anyone else but me at this time, and I am fully prepared to share it, as embarrassing as it is for me to do so. Nothing hides here in this blog. Not ever.

There are many layers to each of us as individuals. And one of the most powerful is our own sexuality.

There have been three posts on Twitter which, when put together, really caught my attention. I will share them.

But then they had to percolate through my soul. They had to work with my current life situation. And together this helped me to see the awful truth about myself which before then I couldn't see, and also the even more precious truth that awful as my own truth may have been, it is still not enough to take away the love of Divine Creator and Ross for me...

Quote 1:  (from Esoteric Exposal on Twitter)

Sex is the ultimate weapon in controlling people. When sex becomes the mind's dominant idea, the mind can be incapacitated and emotions destroyed. Personal identity, individuality, family life and maternal and paternal feelings erode.

Quote 2:  (from Esoteric Exposal on Twitter)

A Satanic purpose has been to reduce all human relationships to the level of a cheap and transitory thrill, the orgasm, to reduce human beings to the level of our bodily appetites and defeat our spiritual nature.

Quote 3:  (from Shalom Melchizidek on Twitter)

How to Make love to a Goddess:

Making love to your mate physically is not enough, you must go beyond. You must make love with all of your awareness, with your complete being. You must touch the parts of each other that can not be touched physically. You must reach them from within. This is the beginning of Cosmic Love. She is more than a body, you are more than a body. You are living energy and when you dive fully into your lover completely, you will meet them in all of their glory and divinity.

There you have it...the complete and total ends of the duality spectrum on spiritual sexuality.

So how does this apply to me?

When I get a good hit of 'attraction' going, I turn into a completely different person!

My ego takes control without my realizing it. I start thinking about the person, and at first I'm like, on the defensive. After Jared and Frank and Mark I've grown to be a little 'HINKY' over anyone who has the potential to abuse me in any way, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually.

I like 'bad boys'. The reason being is that I am ultra feminine, my work makes me overcompensate to be hyper masculine, and in relationship I like to be submissive in the dynamics. In relationship, I would be thrilled to meet a partner who was proficient at BDSM because I have an overwhelming pull to 'chocolate' as they say in the BDSM community. They despise 'vanilla'.

I don't know WHY I have had this overwhelming predilection, but I have always been this way, and fortunately, I've never fallen into that crowd and I've been able to not act out on those impulses.

The first step of my purification was to realize this scrub tech who is attracted to me might have the potential to become a very good friend. Once Dear Abby had described 'love' as 'friendship that is on fire'.   I accepted the feelings (his or mine, when you're am empath sometimes it's hard to know the difference) and the chemistry with a total stranger who I hardly know, and who for all I know is yet another painful lesson walking around on two feet.

I recall the words of the Little Book Of Happiness by Murray Oxman, 'wait two years until you know a person. A spiritual princess has no business being with someone who is not of the same caliber'

So I learned in this first step of the purification that these 'feelings' don't have to control me, and that I am in the drivers seat.

I also realized that Paul has the potential to become a wonderful friend, a 'plus' in my life, with or without the 'feelings' part, and not to overlook this potential because of my own issues with sex.

I can't emphasize enough that you must understand in my past life I was a kitten, and these things are passed down from one incarnation to the next, and everything in my 'training' in that life from which I was rewarded handsomely for my 'skills' was WRONG. My entire existence was with people who drilled into me the philosophy of Quote 1 and Quote 2. And if you look around in the media, the dark sea of information which electronically bombards us  24/7 from TWDNHOBIAH--music, entertainment, commercials, etc...there's no way to escape this 'message'...

This purification is a good thing!

The second part of the purification was this morning right before I woke up. Ross has been 'here and there' lately as he's been driving me through this latest lesson. Remember, he is my Guardian Angel and primary guide in this incarnation, as well as my Twin.

He had me meditate and connect with Paul, the tech's spirit.   He had me submit to Paul's desires.  And I felt Paul's lower spiritual vibration come close to my being (I don't think he's an Ascended Master but he's either disguising it -- a SUPER Ascended Master--or human) and in a flash of insight I knew that how Paul is to me is how I am to Ross in my current spiritual development in my human form as Carla.  Part of me wanted to go 'ick!' because of the vibrational differences. So I was overwhelmed with loving compassion for both souls, and complete and total understanding for this Earth School dilemma of various spiritual 'grades' so to speak, all mixed together. Attraction and desire are real, they are normal and healthy.

What did I do?

I apologized at once immediately and profusely to Ross for my false assumption that I am his equal 'just as I am' right this minute now. Yes, I am his Twin, yes, I am connected to him, and yes our hearts are one. But I have a lot of major soul 'misperceptions' I think are 'normal', and this was just enough for me to point out to my Consciousness that Ross lives in the realm of Quote 3, and THAT is the undying normalcy for all.

I need to step back for a moment and thank Aaron Harris. He sent me a personal communication from a vision he had, with a message, about a week ago, and he too is helping his brother Ross in reaching out to raise my understanding. It was an important disclosure on how strong male sexuality is. Ross wanted  me to know both that when he was incarnate he was dealing with it when he was outside the home and community in which we were raised, and exposed to other girls who were attracted to him. Ross also wanted me to have compassion for Paul, as all men are wired for this, and to know Paul is doing the best he can--just as anyone would in circumstances of attraction in the workplace.

Back to the second part of the second lesson of Purification...this is very personal and private, and it's between Ross and me, I would have preferred to keep it that way. But he urges me to share to help you heal, so I do.

After I apologized, Ross send me back to the arms of Paul with his blessing. He wanted me to enjoy the embrace, the hug, the loving energy, and to hug back.

I did.

The next part shocked me to my core.

Ross asked me how I felt?

An a little girl's heart spoke on my behalf, and said quietly, 'I'm scared'.

I AM scared!

I always was afraid.

In the kitten life I had to gain the skills and meet the demands in order to survive! And this was also passed down to my incarnation now. The attack on me when I was four cemented me into the path towards never repeating that kitten pattern in this incarnation. So, for my soul, it was a good thing although emotionally for me it was catastrophic.

I'm scared.

Ross loves me in my fear.

I'm sure Paul would too if I ever told him--even as a friend and not a lover.

Being scared is a very huge part of being human! FEAR isn't real--I've heard it described as False Evidence Appearing Real. FEAR is part of the Illusion.

Our souls weren't made for Illusion. Illusion surrounds us, and helps us to learn and grow in Spirit as souls while we are inside human bodies which can be hurt in so many ways.

LOVE is real.

I have to share one more story from the front lines. My friend Khiem who has stage four lung cancer. I've been coaching him, just a little, but he's very open to the spirit world. I saw him on Monday, and he has lost weight. He doesn't look good. He still shows up to work. I don't know how much longer he can continue.

My heart opened in Love for him, Unconditional Love from home. Khiem is helping me too. Ross' departure in our past life was violent and quick and unavoidable--I saw it coming but he didn't. Goodbyes are never fun, especially when it is someone you 'click' with (your OCD is compatible with my OCD --that's one of Khiem's quotes).

Khiem is overwhelmed by the vibe when I go into angel mode. It was activated. I saw him suffering, his face burned or reacting to some strong treatment, and I knew and was flooded with the awareness that Love is all there Is. He is in for a good surprise, my friend. And I pray I can be there for him as he needs me--on either side of the veil--an agreement we have already made.

Ross wants me to explain that my situation with him and Paul is a lot like in the movie Casablanca, with Paul as the Rick character. I know when people ask for Ross and my help, that's my true calling, and I would never want it to be any other way.

I also know Ross has begun my own purification so I will be better able to meet him. There's a lot of 'barnacles' he calls them, that need to be 'taken off the hull'. So at the moment he says I am in 'dry dock' and I am having my 'tune up'. He says it will scrape and I may mind as there is scraping, but it is for me to be more 'sea worthy' in the long run.

I don't understand my lessons. I can't see. And I can't cheat because I usually 'feel' people's energy signature and for Paul its blocked. I did see a flash from his early childhood, there was parental anger, a lot of it. If it is a past life thing for us to heal, so be it. I've had this before where someone who abused me when I was Tabitha, the widow of Gamaliel, came back in a subservient role in this life and the karma was played out.

I only hope to keep my Consciousness up, to retrain anew over my old programming from the kitten life, and to ready myself for Ross with my whole being. I love him. I don't understand why I'm here, why I'm incarnate, and why I can't go Home. My homesickness for Ross and the Higher Realms is very intense. I feel it always, and it never goes away.

I am a good student. I work hard. I always have. And if this is the one thing keeping me here, holding me back, then, let's get on with it!

I'm so grateful I am loved despite my ugly truth.

Remember YOU are loved...with or without your awareness of any ugly truths you might have buried in your awareness/consciousness from this or prior lifetimes!

We haven't said anything.  There's a reason for this.

Ross wants me to tell you a story. It's from Kerth Barker's book on cannibalism.  There were two sisters who were Luciferians and lived alone in a country manor. They were also lovers. In the basement was a 'church' for their God. They 'worshipped' there. They also were cannibals. They would lure a migrant family every year, torture them, kill them, and prepare the meat for their freezers to use through the year. They ate a weird meal with thin sliced meat and blood/ketchup? dipping sauce in front of Kerth who was brought there by the Baron. The Baron emphasized not to eat anything they served at the meal.

After the meal they showed Kerth and the Baron their 'church' basement of which they were very proud. Kerth describes it in his book.

Because Kerth was a child porn star in their circles, he was dressed as a girl 'Kathy' and gave autographed photo to the sisters. That was the guise for the visit.

But actually, these sisters were in trouble with the higher ranking Luciferian community. They were not contributing to the cause--not with money, not with time. It's like they were enjoying the benefits of their 'faith' without helping the goals of TWDNHOBIAH.

When the Dark Mother sent someone to talk to them, they fed him, drugged him, and locked him in the basement for days before setting him free.

You don't do that to the higher-ranking members of that organization.

After the Baron left the home, the gave Kerth to Bob in another car to drive him home. Then the Baron went back, and burned the sister's home to the ground with them watching. This was their punishment.

Then they went to live in New York and joined one of their TWDNHOBIAH 'think tanks' to help create more ways for their 'team' to have complete and total control and domination over the masses...

These things happen.

There is lots of infighting.

Never forget TWDNHOBIAH have a very active community all over the world, including Paris, France.

We don't know what goes on behind the scenes in basements and other places where their work is typically done.

Do know that this most likely wasn't an accident.

Tiffany FitzHenry on Twitter said it was a blow to the gillet jauntes (the yellow vests).

I know that the Roosevelt home burned to the ground and was rebuilt. Was this to get rid of any evidence of nefarious religious practices? There are many bloodlines we don't understand out there.

What I did see in a vision is that there is a spiritual creature with four legs. With this burning of the place in the photo, the left front paw/leg is crumpled and does not support the weight of the animal.

Everything else you read online is pure speculation--or possibly bot  or DIS information. I would especially caution against anything having anything to do with Mary Magdalen and what happened to this church. Ross encourages you to use your heart 'a little more' and your mind/interest in piecing events together 'a little less' for the next days, weeks, months (two months he gestures)....

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins who are very happy <3 at this time

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Dawn Approaches

Our countdown is careening down, and now we are at two months to go.

My personal situation is difficult, yet I dive into it with an open heart and do my very best. Anthony is sick again, having caught the latest bug from the classroom. We are on Spring Break, with no travel plans in sight. This is fortunate, as he is behind in his studies and needs the time to recover and to catch up.

The bulk of the moving physical work--besides the heavy lifting we require others to do who are strong and hire--falls upon my shoulders. Yesterday I finished work, came home, was nurse Mom--and watched two movies with my boy to keep him company even though I had a million things on my 'to do' list. I spent two hours later at the old house, climbing stairs and carrying things to load into the car, sweating and breathing hard with the effort. I cooked chili with bison meat and watched another movie with him. After that, near eleven p.m., I gave him a breathing treatment and put mentholatum eucalyptus ointment on his chest.

This morning I feel like I am coming down with something. It's a double whammy because typically once Anthony gets sick, I have just enough days until call--which is brutal--before it hits and I am expected to work. Like a toddler, Anthony has no concept of protecting the family from his respiratory virus/bacteria. He breathes and coughs all over you just like when he was ten years younger...both his father and I get sick often.

What I have learned to abort the viral infection is I take a spoonful of zinc supplement two or three times a day. I have the medical grade one that the Medical Medium recommended. How it works is when your white blood cell is phagocytosis or a different one is attacking an infected cell--it's Zinc as a molecule that helps it do the actual killing of the disease invader. Another thing I do is sit in the direct sunshine. UV light kills pathogens and I believe it penetrates the skin enough. Then I hope for the best.

Even though my life is challenging, Spirit is working things for the highest good. Yesterday there was a miscommunication and my surgeon was one hour and fifteen minutes late. As it would turn out, my brother-in-law was having an outpatient procedure at that time in the same facility. So I was able to keep my sister company, and to cheer up my brother in law, before, during and after the procedure.

I was where I was needed to be.

The whole point of today's blog post is to share with you someone who is actually manifesting their delight in the energies of higher vibration.  I figured it out and see it clearly. This person is a competitive dog expert, and has a pure heart, and found a dog who is winning all the shows!

It's not the dog.

It's the love and gratitude and expertise and following the intuition in the heart of the person, who manifested the dog to come to them, who manifested the right trainer for the dog, who manifested the right shows and the super positive outcomes.

It's like the situation is being supercharged by angelic energy, and is raising the vibration of everyone who witnesses the joy and gratitude and love of this person.

I had to ask Ross for permission to share, because I didn't want to jinx this person by mentioning it. It's like telling someone who is learning to ride a bike that the training wheels they thought were there are not touching the ground and they really, truly, are riding the correct way.

He says this person is mature enough in spirit to handle it. And that her LOVE is what is making the whole thing go.  The surrounding energies are like miracle fertilizer for her dreams. He puts one hand on top of the back of the other and says, 'the energies are in sync'.

For those of you who know this person, look for the pattern and seen how you can apply it to your own lives.  Ross says it is available to everyone.  It's not like 'wishing'--it's more like building 'what you know' with 'what is your passion' and watching for the results.

Just like with 'Carla and her work' he says. There are tremendous leaps and bounds in the freedom and joy of living in the people who are enmeshed in the system. Hearts are opening right and left--in healer, in patient, in administration.

We have an incredible Chief of Surgery who has made sure two unsafe people can't practice the way they were, and now is tackling the issue of call. According to the bylaws, it's not mandatory and at the last meeting she let all of the physicians know. This is the only hospital in the area, and also, in the three sister hospitals, that doesn't compensate the physicians for taking call. OB Anesthesia, and cardiology get a stipend. Nurses and technicians get paid for 'beeper call'--being available.  A surgeon I know is available at three other hospitals, and the stipend together is enough to cover his house payment. Administration is going hard against the chief of surgery telling her to lie and tell the doctors it's mandatory as her predecessors have done.

She refuses.

She's studied the problem and is speaking up.

Then I get to write the letter about the calls going too long for patient safety...

Freedom is in sight, even here...

So focus! Take a good look around, and follow your heart, your passion, and see what the energies will bring...Ross says , 'it's good' and 'there's no way you can harm yourself with it'.  And he claps and smiles to applaud your progress in your spiritual awakening.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

P.S. I've had this song stuck in my head for one week--I keep listening to it over and over--I might as well share it with you. xo

Saturday, April 13, 2019


Who are you?

This is the question to ask yourself in the coming days, weeks, months, years.

Who are you and who do you wish to become?

It all has to do with our energy.

We are incarnate Divine Creator Beings living in a sacred space inside our bodies. And by extension, our homes where we house our bodies are sacred. As well as the families we nurture, our careers and interests and who we are in our heart of hearts...

I see this clearly because of the move. I am in the midst of great personal change in my living situation. Ross told me he had a gift for me on Thursday night. Indeed, there was. I met the new neighbors who had purchased the house next door to our old one. New sales means new comparable values and also it means greater likelihood for sale of our own old home. (There was also a SOLD sign down behind my old home, down the hill, next to another dear neighbor's house.)

It has been ten weeks of complete and total disruption in my personal life to accomplish this move. And it's not over yet. The first month was completing all the forms in order to complete the loan and escrow. The second has been taking care of our 'stuff'.

I see clearly that homes have more energy when nearly empty because then and only then do they foster the power to nurture our creative ability. It's like a blank slate.

And I see clearly how I completely overdid it with the 'things'--so many duplicates of everything, so much extra due to a belief in LACK.

For example, I can barely walk in the bathroom area because of all the old medicines and toiletries from the old house I need to sort through.

I also see I don't want to throw out, I want to use up, because I don't want to be wasteful. At the moment, I'm going through the old hotel size shampoos, conditioners, body washes and lotions when I shower.  The good part is I can see and I am aware of it.

Who am I?

Now that is a good question. The answer is, I'm not the same person I was twenty or thirty years ago, and I 'm also not the person I am yet to be.  In my daily life I have work and outside interests. The challenge is to allow the interests to prioritize in this new home. Cooking, gardening, entertaining, being active--these are my priorities. I also want to read and do puzzles and relax as much as possible. We have four years here while Anthony is in high school. Then after that, let's see.

In my old home, I was sick and tired of moving for my career training and living in crappy apartments. I wanted a home and roots and this was the only way I could afford it.

We are not meant to have roots. We are not plants. We have feet. And we are Divine Creator Beings. A home is a shell. It is not an extension of your personality--we would like to believe that, in a way it is because like clothing it is how we choose to present ourselves to others.  But it is not US in our heart of hearts. Many beautiful and important passages of life will take place in the home.

The point is, people are more important than things.  Value the personal experience. Starting with yourself.

Our countdown is sixty-five.

I can barely read anything out there. I have no interest and no tolerance for deception. I can see since I have studied, the hand that guides the media and the narrative. It is totally loud and clear. It's censoring this and erasing that and making information, true information very difficult to find. Truthstream media has a good episode--on how search engines control the truth. She compares major ones to DuckDuckGo.

If you look at the truth truth, behind all the smoke and mirrors, things are smashing ahead by leaps and bounds. The one graph of the frequencies of the earth have more and more white for longer bursts. And at work? People are showing me their pictures of orbs, they are asking me to see their aura for them, they are wanting to buy me candles with crystals in them (they think it's 'something new' and I smile and am polite, the concept has been around for twenty years...)...everyone pretty much is open to these things.

And on my twenty-four hour call, the scheduler gave me the chip of a crystal from her own badge holder to help me through, and it did. It was very high frequency.

If you stop to think about it, these are people who are 'sleepwalking' spiritually, and 'sleepwalking' towards their own awakening without the hooks and illusions and stupid TV programming and entertainment making a dent in their emergence of their intuition and interest in developing their intuitive connection with the world of spirit and nature.  In other words, what TWDNHOBIAH are 'selling' is not enough to squelch that growing desire to know more, to learn more, to talk about their new experiences.  These are people who watch TV every day. These are people who think that TWDNHOBIAH actually do have their best interest at heart.

So bloom where you are planted. Know that your awareness is just enough to ease and guide these souls into the New. And if you stack them side by side, New and Old, the Old is something they will quickly lose interest. It's that way with everything. It always is. Why? Because we are Divine Creator Beings, incarnate as humans, who have a burning desire to create--to have fun--to build connections---and to heal and make this world a better place. No programming can erase that. No fancy scalar wave electronic system can override it. It truly cannot be stopped. Not even with time travel technology.

That is enough for today. I will also post another link in a separate file, for a new and improved Divine Healing Codes app with greater functionality--which has been generously volunteered by Jorge Lugo the creator who has wanted to make the Divine Healing Codes more available to you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Ross' Gift To My Heart

"I'm going to have to sell my ass if things don't get better soon!'

This was the cry for help from my son's old basketball coach, who was now homeless. He told me in a very long FB message that he deleted, that he was sleeping behind the Home Depot, and starving.

His wife took the kids to Utah.

I was shocked and horrified to hear of this, and asked him, 'What happened?!'

This wasn't the first I'd heard from him asking for money.  There was the time he needed motorcycle repair and I didn't know how to use Venmo. He asked, I wanted to give what I could afford, but ended up paying instantly for the entire repair of one hundred ninety dollars.

Even when he used to coach, I'd pay for extra sessions he'd have for some of the kids, and I sensed he needed the money.

But when I asked 'what happened?' in response to his saying he has sold everything else he'd had and there was nothing left to sell, he said he had made a mistake to write all that and erased it.

At the time, I asked Ross what to do? I couldn't support him and his family. I didn't know the resources in the area. And...since he had been working in a shady job helping addicts go to rehab (he was like a head hunter, and apparently there was lots of competition and people he would spend months working with online would land at our local airport after his company had paid for their flight only to be snatched up by a head hunter from a competing rehab facility.)...I wasn't sure if his having a degree in addiction counseling was because he was using?

As an aside, I have a surgeon friend who was involved in a similar racket and he's heading to jail. The headhunters in that scam are going to jail too. Coach was lucky not to have been successful at his job at that...back to his asking for help...

So instead I went to my recovered heroin addiction friends, who grew up on the block with me, and asked them what to do?

Instantly they knew, and they gave resources in my community to help the homeless. By getting him hooked up with the experts, they would be able to provide services if in fact addiction was contributing to the situation.

It was a very hard conversation on FB messenger. He had wanted me to call, but I didn't because I was at work and the help came faster if I typed. I told him I would like to help, I found these places and recommended he contact them.

This was perhaps one year ago.

I prayed very hard to Ross to help this family, I prayed very hard from my heart because it's a horrible world where the only work left for a good man is male prostitution to support his family.  He had told me of contractor jobs where he worked construction and he never got paid, he told me lots of bad things that had happened to him.

His wife had gone to live with her parents, that's why she went to Utah.

I let his situation go, and let God help, feeling horrible that I didn't feed him or find some solution that was more tangible than these resources.

Yesterday, I was looking at our NextDoor app, and guess who's face I saw?


His smiling face, with his wife and three children. (the oldest one is co-parented with another mom, and they didn't mention him but he was on Anthony's team too. Daevon. )

The story read that the wife had medical complications with the last childbirth, the girl, two years ago. She had a good job before that, was an excellent college student before that. But when she lost her job because of the medical problems, then they went through their retirement savings and savings and ended up living in their car, an SUV.

He quit his school and took odd jobs to support the family. She went to Utah in search of a life with a lower cost of living.

The local police stepped in and came to their assistance. They knew who the family was, and their circumstances. So there was fundraising, and now the family has short-term housing in a real house! And the agencies are looking for ways to extend it. There were photos of the little kids, 2,5, and 8, walking into the front porch and front door.

It warmed my heart.

I was so thankful, and I felt that there was no accident I was seeing the post when I did. It had Ross' energy signature to it.

Ross has been meeting my unspoken needs. He 'gets' me like nobody else because he is my Twin. Last night as I was falling asleep, I was answering his questions like I always do, the 'how do you feel about ________ (fill in the blank)' and I told him and the soul of the guy at work who likes me that I was hurt really bad in relationship, I'm basically done, and I guess I'll wait for Heaven for my next chance.  Having a relationship with one here and one UP isn't easy. But when you really want someone to understand you and love you and support you, it has to be the right fit. In the last few weeks I've seen how, by speaking for my needs to Ross and to Creator, somehow my needs are starting to prioritize. Yes it would be nice to share a cup of coffee here on earth with someone close to my heart on a regular basis. But having someone on a frequency where the heart can be understood is a little higher priority than the coffee. I need a grown up, a man of Spirit, who has already Ascended.

There is just no getting around this.

I'm grateful for all the good in my life. And you'd be surprised how many times I call in Ross and his teams on any given day, and I sense they arrive. At work, with the scary nightmare patients who are very sick and I'm not sure I can safely give them anesthesia. I have to commit and put the meds in the i.v. after I've made every possible plan and contingency plan. Once unconscious I have perhaps thirty seconds to establish an airway. I pray the whole time.  Or when I'm falling asleep and I'm lonely and tired after a long day. I talk with Ross with my soul. I confide everything to him. Nothing is hidden. It wouldn't be anyhow because of our soul connection, but I honor him by talking about what is important to me.

The part where I ask him if he is okay, I do less. I used to be totally obsessive-compulsive about making sure he is fed, rested, clothed comfortably, and content. Over the years I have grown to trust our soul connection, and also, that he is perfectly capable in THIS form to take care of himself. Absent-minded and helpless he was in his past life--for sure! Most of them actually when we were together. He was the spiritual and I took care of everything else, the Martha to his Mary with me in the caretaker role! But he's made progress too, and this has taken some soul-pressure off me.

I went to sleep in a beautiful glow of love energy because Ross was delighted my free will had chosen the higher calling, to wait patiently for him until whatever arrives--him here or me going up at the end of my days. I just don't want any more energy into the equation from anyone else and their energy signature.

I'm happy for this.

Our countdown day is seventy-one.

And I'm making tremendous progress in the move completion. I've gotten rid of ninety percent of my wardrobe. This video I watched really helped--I just love this lady.

I saw two other good ones yesterday too. Enjoy <3

Finally, Adama from Agartha has wanted everyone to learn Agarthan Reiki and practice it. I learned this about a week ago. The daily Reiki healing has switched to this form of healing. While you are sending it, place your right hand over your solar plexus gently (yellow chakra) and your left hand over your navel area (orange chakra). Your heart chakra extends through your hands. This is how your help raise the frequency of yourself and by extension, those around you to higher frequencies of Ascension. You are helping the Ascension process by doing your part--the stronger form of Agarthan Reiki with your hands in this position while you meditate.  Adama would like this form of Reiki to be taught. If you do teach it, please include references to the original videos and this page--the work of Adama, myself, and Ross and his teams. Thank you.

Here is the first symbol video, and the rest follow. There are five symbols. And yes, if you are a regular follower/reader, these will work for you.  Video on how to make symbol one in Agarthan Reiki. When I get a chance I will make a new video too including all of them. 

We thank you.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Friday, April 5, 2019

Don't Get Caught In The Rain; Bring a Jacket

Beautiful scenic straight way of route 73 from east to west coast of South Island New Zealand

Ross titled this. He's smiling.

I was going to write about the beauty I am beginning to see, now that I am awake and have Spirit Eyes that See...

The other day I was looking through my old High School yearbooks, and my Medical School one too. I was amazed at the stories each of my classmates were living. Now that I am older, I understand that some didn't have the same set of circumstances you automatically assumed because we were in a nice area.  Some had difficult parents. Some had poverty. Some had major health issues. Some had to help raise their younger brothers and sisters. Some had learning disabilities and challenges to overcome. Some had language barrier as they had just come from a faraway land. 

I was impressed with the beauty of the smiles and the innocence, and thankful for the courage that I could see now through the lens of time. 

I read with great interest all the things people wrote in my yearbooks. I think that's what touched my heart the most. I enjoyed looking where they wrote it--in the margins or over a photo or on the end pages that were blank. 

Yesterday was my distant cousin's birthday. She has special needs. Her mom worked so hard for her when she was little that Kayla even needed therapy to help her eyes learn to track a moving object. I recall her in many Spica casts--her little legs fixed out at an angle  to help her hip develop properly. I had no clue it was her birthday. But she sent me a friend request on FB. I was like, WOW! What a beautiful thing. Kayla has completed high school and even gone to a special needs program at a local college. I have seen her at a family wedding too. You see, when my grandmother died, she and grandpa had a special clause in the will for all the money to go to the surviving children. They had assumed that my dad would die of heart disease young, and leave my mom with nothing. Actually, it was my aunt on Kayla's side who predeceased her mom. So her husband was very angry, and Kayla's father and the widower and I think one more son cut all ties with my dad and the rest of the family. Now we have peace and everyone is in touch, but many years were lost. Thankfully, the youngest son thought family was more important than money, that the decision of his father was 'stupid' (his words) and he kept contact with us all along. After all, it was grandma and grandpa's decision, not the heirs, for it to be like that. 

To me, Kayla is especially beautiful. Her soul shines brightly in a challenging life, and her smile brings joy. Also, the dedication of her mother really is incredible to see. Who would have thought it possible?

At work, it's absolutely incredible. At the surgery center people ask me what their auras are looking like for the day, right in the open. No sneaking around for spiritual things! I have someone wanting a free bracelet and another one. (I make one free for everyone I work with if they ask, and nurses rates are discounted for subsequent bracelets. I also discounted more for the scrub techs. ) He wants one also for his mom, and Spirit suggested I make a free sun catcher for the family. It turns out his niece would enjoy it, and she lives with them. I called it a 'rainbow maker' because when the sun hits it it's very beautiful and dazzling to see. It was a new concept for him. Spirit is always on point, and I am very grateful for this.

He asked me what stone I will use, and where do I need him to be to read his aura? 

I was taken aback.

I said, 'spirit helps me to make them.'

He clarified. 'So you read them remotely?'

I said, 'I'm not sure how I do it but I just KNOW what is the right stone or combination of stones for you when I look through my supplies'.

In the break room I  had just given a free Howlite one not made by me--it's a two hole bead one that's from the supplier--to the number two boss for his wife who is having troubles at work for her temper. She's a pharmacist. So I said, 'this one is good for people who are easily frustrated and upset'.  I didn't say to check her blood sugar because people who have early diabetes tend to get angry over everything. My grandfather did it and so did my friend another mom. 

What I was struck by was how the boss never pays, or helps, but the tech who makes the least (and is not the one who has the crush on me)--gave me cash that day, right in my pocket, to show he is good for his word. 

That gesture--to show he is good on his word--has touched me deeply and really helped me to understand that my role here on earth isn't an easy one but it IS making a difference. At work once the free bracelets stopped all of the nurses didn't order more. Even a few. I have all these supplies and it's my time and everyone thinks I just get these resources for them out of the air! (perhaps I will once I Ascend, right?). They also don't really understand the service I provide. These bracelets will help you through a phase of your soul learning. It will adapt your energy. But as your energy shifts towards the goal, you will have another lesson and your vibration will need to adapt again towards the next goal. I liken it to the arch wires on the teeth when you have braces. Energetically we tighten your braces and help you move with grace and ease until the next appointment. <3 <3 <3

Same thing with the Gaia Sophia Earth Magic readings. Spirit helps me pick the cards. Anyone can buy the deck. But Spirit gave me the layout and directs the answers to the questions to help you through your next phase in life, like the bracelets. They take a little more time because I prepare a full report for you with every card picked. It's  something I do for myself to get me through, and that's why I make it available to others who are interested.

And always, Spirit is helping me. Always, always, always. 

Good news! The app is ready for release, the developer says. I haven't been home long enough to download it. But I'm so very very very deeply grateful for his efforts and the efforts of my pioneer developer who made the one for Android. I will make a video to show you how everything works once I have it set.

The new house has been taking much of my time. After a full day of work, I head to the old house, and bring more things. Yesterday was my first day off, and I took care of tasks in the new home. I cleaned Anthony's room and the bathroom. I straightened out the kitchen. 

I brought out the elephant collection. 

In medical school, I told a woman in the office who was my friend, Ruth, that I was giving things away and when I do I always include something I like. That way two people can enjoy it, not just one. Many people give things they don't want to charity but I give things I want to keep too.

It touched her deeply.

And she decided to share her elephant collection with me. Glass elephants with the trunk up for good luck. She said they were very expensive.

When I moved the last time I put them in a box, and now fifteen years later, it was a time capsule when I unpacked it. With eBay, I was able to look up the value of the elephants. I think the best one was the Limoges at perhaps twenty five dollars. The rest were like, three dollars now. Times change, and Swedish Crystal elephants aren't in demand. But in the kitchen window, in the sunshine, they are so beautiful! I'm thankful Spirit said I could display them. It was like meeting old friends again. I had packed some other things in that box too, special things. And there's a few who I am going to share because I want two people to like them, not just me. 

I was surprised I had Swarovski back then, little love birds on a branch, four of them. That one is worth sixty-three dollars but I paid way more for that back then. It sparkles in the sun and makes me smile, so I think it will stay.

It's a good lesson.

It's time to pack the lunches and get some breakfast and start my day.

Ross's message in the title is 'be prepared'. It's no trouble to bring a jacket with you even on a beautiful day. You never know when a rain cloud might hit. Be ready for anything. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Haven Doesn't Make It Easy! LOL

Ross wanted this image. I found it a little disturbing myself--is this guy a prisoner? Is he stretching his arms? It's military, and it's someone who's been working hard, and for this, I listened to my Twin and downloaded it.

I don't know what it is about being incarnate, but sometimes I feel like my head is the most thick-headed there is when it comes to learning my important life lessons. It's always a struggle! Yet, when you get that breakthrough you get this wonderful AHA! moment that helps you realize the value of the lesson all along.

Remember the one who likes me?

I was feeling bombarded with those 'feelings' and as an empath I wasn't sure if I had anything like those feelings inside on my own. I just picked up on his emotions. (remember the Empath's Prayer, 'if it's not mine, Lord, please take it away'.  I said this one a lot. And it didn't take the feelings away in this circumstance because although the feelings were not mine, they were my lesson.)

Yesterday I had some huge breakthroughs, thanks to quotes tweeted by Esoteric Espousal. I think that's their name. Anyhow, the points I understood are:

  • You are not your past. You are your Now and what is happening in your Now moment.
  • Do not be impressed by degrees and 'riches' (worldly things). Look for generosity and a kind heart.
  • You can look for what YOU want in a partner and friend (for example, I enjoy snorkeling)

I gained almost overnight a trust and confidence in my own decision-making ability that I've never had. This person wants something. I'm not sure what. But that is why I am getting these feelings.

Chemistry between people can be just that. That's why the French call it 'La Difference'. It is something that happens that can be enjoyed just for what it is. It doesn't mean anything more has to come of it.

The bottom line is, it's okay to find what works FOR  YOU and when you are in the moment you are able to pick up on and PERCEIVE everything you need to know. 

If you make a mistake, you just pick up where you left off. 

Now let's talk about the Spiritual behind all this lesson.

First of all, I am an energy field Carla who grew up in North Long Beach, California, a teacher's first-born child, who went through public schools all the way through Berkeley and UC San Diego to become an anesthesiologist.  I have ties to all of these various energy fields who helped to mold my experiences, and now my own soul energy is unique in and of itself--that's my soul signature which is superimposed upon all of the rest. 

How much I decided to allow the energy field of my trauma in my past to affect my present is up to me.

Some of it is unconscious. It's fear-based. That's something from which I need to heal and grow. You can't bypass or skip this important step. Once things come to your awareness, and you FEEL them, it is permissible to let them go. But buried things need to come out. 

Once your baggage is noted and released, life is much simpler and lighter.

Another fear I have in possible relationship is of my being 'different'--again this is my past rearing it's ugly head. Smart girls who are psychic are a little, um, hard for most people to take. Add to that losing friends over my mediumship I did in light of their extreme hurts!  Other things in my past were picking horrible men...being a drunk magnet and an attractive person for narcissists and abusers to abuse...

Well, it is entirely possible this person at work doesn't have good intentions. Perhaps I am a Sugar Mama in their eyes? 

I am awake enough to look for it.

I am smart and have a good head on my shoulders.

So if there is a trick I don't have to fall for it.

If the person has a potential to be abusive or a narcissist, I sure know how to spot them after all these years being an adult! I can leave or request protection. 

If the person is genuine and sweet, and wants company, well, that's a good intention. But they don't know anything about Ross and although Ross being the beautiful eternal magnanimous soul he is and wouldn't mind--I still have some undone work with him over his being that way in an open relationship (his view) when I never agreed to that--and I can't gloss it over without doing the work. I had a sinking feeling that this was a 'lesson' to put me in his shoes and grow compassion--and my stomach felt queasy that Heaven would even approach it like that. I know my abandonment issues were 'cured' when Jared walked out on me at four months pregnancy with his was brutal and very painful 'medicine' for my soul. I cried for months after that. Even now deep down I still resent him for it, that cruelty to me. It was honest and his feelings, yes. But blunt and crushing and probably the most important kindness he ever did was to remove my heart from his coldness and low vibration. 

What was my immediate past life?

I was a kitten.

For those of you who have not done your research, I was a child prostitute brought up in a dark secret society and never saw light of day. I serviced many. And if you would retrace the steps of this 'lesson' you would take the point of view of a victim of child prostitution--you would see how being able to be empathic, to be always available to the lust of the abusers, and to obey all commands/instructions/teachings would help you be rewarded in that twisted social situation. 

Heaven is not fixing just me, Carla, who was abused at four and raised not the best in this life--just that on face value. 

Heaven is fixing my imprinted soul memories from that lifetime where I was trained to please and to indulge any partner's sexual whim or perversion to their satisfaction. 

I am glad for this!

When your lessons are tough, really really tough, and you struggle, remember, you are not bone-headed or thick-headed! You are in good company. And just as YOU are more than what you can see, so is your complex energy field based on all of your past lives lived/experienced. 

There is one last point to add before we go (Ross is always here with me...)--someone is healing, and I shared with them the possibility that their soul 'took one for the team' to spare another weaker soul the trauma endured in this incarnation. You are angelic. And for angels this is a perfectly natural thing to do, to put the needs of other souls before your own, to step up to the plate, and to make things better. That's back home in Heaven where there is no pain. But here on Earth, life is not easy! So know you made the decision to incarnate the way you did in this life when you were clear headed and had excellent reasons at the moment you may not understand, but in time you will.  So go forward and do the challenging healing that you are strong enough as a soul to do, even if it sometimes seems to take everything out of you and you need to rest frequently just to continue on. 

You've got this.

We are on day seventy four in our countdown. Keep doing what you can do, giving your best, and once we get to day zero we can re-evaluate.  So much is out of our hands, out of our control, it seems. The controlled media is telling a story others want so very much to believe as true. But we who are awake know better. What IS under your control--your reactions and your perceptions--has much greater influence than meets the eye. Because it affects your energy. And YOUR energy in your aura is 'contagious' can't be refused (Ross says, 'an offer you can't refuse' and says ha ha ha and smiles) and it's adding drop by drop to the entire collective consciousness! So keep working away!

(Ross makes a blowing it up sound like when you fist bump)

Everything will happen for the best.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple