Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anesthesia Tech Mediumship

Our anesthesia tech was extra friendly yesterday morning. She was even walking with me down the hall. She usually doesn't.

At the last second before I had to go, she stopped and asked a favor; she had felt something poking her in the ribs for the last two days, and wanted to know 'what it was'.

From where she pointed (there was nothing there like gallbladder or anything) and the look in her eyes I understood it was Spirit that was troubling her.

So in the middle of the hall of the O.R., I stopped. I opened my chakras. And I scanned.

Sure enough, over the left shoulder was a short woman who looked like Grannie on The Beverly Hillbillies. With spectacles and a bun. She was smiling.

The messages were:

  • I am proud of you
  • Fly high! (reach for high goals--today I see that it is support of the deceased loved one that will help make things 'happen' to reach them.)
No more messages came.

I closed my chakras. She thanked me. And we both went on with our day.


Reiki Doc

Be Free

'If you want to be happy, be happy.' -- I read that quote the other day. Someone's teacher had said it to them.

It's true.

Happiness is a choice.

I face a possibly eighteen hour day at work. I only know the first case--ortho 'screw removal'. I don't even know where on the patient's body that screw is? Following that, there are a whole bunch of cases, that by afternoon will move around to different rooms. I get to 'set up' in each one like I did at the start of my day. There is a safety check and a wipedown that is important for patient care. It takes time out of my already short 'downtime' between cases. I probably won't eat more than a snack bar at dinner because of this. Yesterday I got told 'not to complain' by the boss. That's right, I have to take it: hunger, fatigue, overwork, and not getting to use the bathroom in a timely manner. And I know I will be the next-to-last person allowed to leave the work is mentally, physically, and emotionally demanding. Reiki helps, but it does not take the 'being in a hurricane' levels of stress away.

What's more? I might not get to see my family. If it's after eight-thirty at night, on visit night, Dad keeps him.

For you, it might be a coworker who is jealous of you, or lots of work for little pay and a mountain of bills, or health setbacks that take all of your attention...

Whatever it is, don't let it hold you back from joy.

Ever see one of those dogs with three legs, or even both legs in a little cart that rolls behind them?

The tail still wags. They still adore their owner. They still are one-hundred-percent puppy.  That joy of being alive is still there!

Ever see a family that was poor but the kids didn't know and everyone loved each other so much it almost didn't matter what the finances were? For us it's like that--humans--to 'rise above circumstance.' <3

Why not let's 'rise above' today together? Here is what I suggest:

Just for today, smile. See if you can get someone to smile back! Make it a real smile from your heart.

Just for today, accept yourself. Today is FRESH! You have the freedom to start anew. So stop 'beating yourself up' for what may have happened before this day. You are incredible and wonderfully made. I mean it.

Just for today, accept what is.  Remember the old saying about God always answers prayer? It is YES, NO, or NOT YET. Keep your focus on what is for The Highest Good. Your Highest Good.  And 'just keep swimming' like Dory the Fish says in the movie, Nemo.

Just for today, open your heart.  The best way to do this is to 'unplug' even just for five minutes. Get sunshine! Drink a glass of cool clear water! Go for a walk! See Nature around you. Or just quietly sit and rest and get to know yourself without any distractions.

Just for today, give your problems to God/Spirit/Source. Pray. How long has it been since you asked for something? Asking for help is as natural as asking your parents for a cup of water when you are a child. The Universe is supporting you. Whatever you think, it will provide. So relax the critical thinking that is negative. Let go of it. And replace it with what you would like to experience in your life. (I have a movie in my head of what I would enjoy more than anything, and I 'play' it in my head a little every day. That is how I ask. I get excited about the possibility it is 'right around the corner'.

Believe it or not, you are actually a very powerful Light Warrior to be alive in these days! Not only that, you probably won the lottery for a ticket against other powerful Light Warriors to get the chance to come! You are 'anchors of the Light' and are fulfilling a Purpose by your every-day struggles and learning and heart that you share with the world.

Why not take the opportunity to enjoy this?

I bet you can. Starting with today. Just for shall do it!

How do I speak with such confidence? Because Love Is The Solution For Everything! And each day, I send more and more of concentrated healing Light energy--that is Reiki, or Karuna Reiki, or Divine Peace Healing or just plain appreciation for your walking upon Gaia at this time so I am not alone--to YOU. It tips the balance to give you more options, more chances, to make your life bright and filled with Light. Drop by drop that 'bucket' is being filled with the Good Stuff.


Mahalos and Aloha,

Reiki Doc

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rosary 999

I drove by my old church today. They have made changes to it. I only stopped going one year ago. I read Cobra's Little Red Pill and that pretty much did it. I drove by the new buildings tonight and I was thankful I hadn't spent any money toward it. I used to be a very big contributor to the Church.

One of the things that made me switch too was on a search for some blog post I turned up a web post by a disgruntled nun who used to work for Mother you-know-who in Calcutta. Apparently they had to write thank you notes for donations, but no one was sure where all the money would go. It went to a bank somewhere.

I like to think it went to a fund that had been set up by St. Germaine. But most likely, it was for 'secret ops' type resources as alleged by Cobra's Little Red Pill and the eyewitnesses from the Holocaust that are in it.

I didn't miss the church.

I used to really enjoy it.

I loved the mass, confession, lighting candles, donuts, incense, holy water, and the rosary.

I got my first one as a gift when I turned twenty-one. It was from my boyfriend's mother. I learned to use it and prayed every day. (I saw my first one, at Linda Mc Carthey's home when I was six. It was enchanting, and my first spiritual 'connection' to my past. I wanted it so much I put it in my pocket and took it home. How odd a reaction to a rosary, to want it so much to break one of the commandments? Before you even knew what a commandment was? That is me!) I still have a special devotion to Blessed Mother and intend to keep it!

There was a lot of comfort in the church. I went by myself. I didn't care. I loved the time of raising communion up to bless it (you get one wish each for the cup and the host--prayer is always strongest then). I loved being close to Heaven, and I could see angels in the rafters when I would go. I also enjoyed the meditation after communion. That is when I saw, well, 'things' most, and got to know 'them' best. I always wondered though, why Jesus would wear a space suit and not a robe? I didn't tell anyone because they wouldn't care and they wouldn't understand. He was very kind and has the most beautiful handsome eyes. You know who he is no matter what he is wearing! It is totally obvious.

I like Sundays better now. It is 'one less thing' I have to fit in. Now I give my charitable donations to other causes, usually animal ones like the zoo and rescuing the sea lions and seals in the area.

How do you get a catholic to leave the church? Well, technically, I never actually 'did', because I just stopped going. It took a lot of increase in consciousness to get me to stop writing checks and feeling good about giving them money. It took only a few Sundays doing what I wanted to do though to 'seal the deal'. So much less stress on Sunday morning!

If you love your church, that is fine! Church is a very good thing--up to a point. When the relaxation starts to 'kick in' that 'you are saved' that is the time to start worrying. There is so much individualized learning and growth that once you get 'comfortable' that is a sign you may not be growing in faith, in spirit, and in Light as fast as you could 'on your own'.

That is why meditation is important to 'reconnect' you spirit to source and not to a building or people or traditions.

I love to chant, and I embrace Buddhism with open heart. Many of my attitudes are from the East.
Especially this, 'my religion is Kindness'--says the Dalai Lama.

And Love is The Solution For Everything.

Think about it.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

Why I See and Why I Share

She is dancing the lead in Don Quixote, or 'Don Q' as dancers call it

Why is this woman with her hair in a bun? Why does she wear a funny short dress that shows off her legs? And how is she able to put all of her weight on the tip of one shoe and extend the other way out in front of her--and not fall?

The answer is simple. She is a ballet dancer who is doing what ballet dancers do.

On second look, she is a ballet dancer because she had interest, a desire to do well, and a body type that  made her able to fulfill this 'dream to be a ballerina' possible.

Do you 'get' it? Do you see how all of the choices that she made to dance resulted in her being able to this which many, many more people can't do?

You have seen the actors in the movies who 'pretend' to be ballerinas. They put their arms up over their head, stand on their toes, and spin awkwardly to get laughs?

We don't think anything about it why she 'can' and he 'can't', right?

Well, let me let you in on a secret: all Reiki practitioners have at least one 'Guide' on Spirit Side!

And the more Reiki you learn, the more levels you 'go up and train', the more the 'partnership with Spirit' becomes a part of doing Reiki. Especially at the Karuna Reiki Level. There is a commitment on the part of the practitioner to working for the Light and Healing Others which is matched by those on Spirit Side who help connect and make the Reiki flow when it is requested.

The Reiki practitioner who is giving Reiki becomes like a 'straw' where the 'Universal Healing Light Energy' (which to me is a form of Love energy that is very high Vibration) flows in through the head, down through the body, and out the hands. In some cases it also 'flows' out the third eye, the eyes, or the heart center too.

So with Reiki, the student becomes more 'open' to the flow of the 'Higher Energies'. Their body adjusts to handle it, the same way a dance student becomes flexible and strong and gets a beautiful 'line' when they go in arabesque or planchee position.

And when you take someone who has seen ghosts since they were little, ever since they could remember, and is intuitive to begin with, and then add Reiki training?

You get someone like me.

There are many more people out there who are doing what I do: working with Spirit guides for the highest good for others.

In Native traditions, the medicine man or shaman or kahuna lapa lau'lau  had this role. Their dreams were the source of important medicine. They talked to plants to know which one was 'good for the remedy'. They lived in complete and total balance with Spirit, Gaia, and Man. The animals are their brothers and sisters; their role was to maintain this harmony between themselves and their people too.

So why do I see all the many things I blog about? I am a medium and psychic, who has had training in both psychic development and Reiki.  There was an interest, a desire to do well, and an ability that was present and could be developed.

Why do I share?

Because everyone has this ability; it is a birth right as a human soul that walks upon the Earth.

You might not have an interest or a desire to do well. But just like the hair will stand up on your neck in warning, or you 'feel someone is watching you', or perhaps you have a dream or 'deja vu'...that connection to Spirit is THERE. You just don't 'think about it'.

Why do I write? So that my story will help train you to 'dance' with your psychic ability. So that you will educate others about this so they will not 'think this is from Satan' because it isn't. It is our instinct for survival as human beings.

When we rely on logic what happens to our power of intuition? It atrophies, just like a muscle that is not in use.

The mystery schools on earth used to teach both the power of logic AND intuition. After the cabal learned the dark mysteries, all of the mystery schools were dismantled, except for the very few that were able to remain hidden. The massacre killed thousand and thousands of innocent people. It happened eight thousand years ago in Ireland.

Then the current method of 'education' was created 'for the masses'. It focuses solely on logical power of deduction and the scientific technique. In the meantime, 'under the radar', psychic and spiritual technologies were investigated and produced 'behind the scenes' by the Illuminati-controlled black ops programs. These 'tools' are being used on the population today. They are much more 'dark' than HAARP technology. Way more 'dark'.

Here we are today--there is a great deal of Light being directed at the planet. It is designed, like any other form of Energy Healing (reiki being just one of them), to help increase the vibration of the surface population. A higher vibration means a healthier aura and a happier life where one has a sense of control and confidence.  It also counteracts the effects of the Negative Spiritual Technology and tools of the Dark on the people. This Light is going to everyone. And as humans, we ARE connected! (you can see how a big event like Nik Wallenda crossing the wire over the Grand Canyon gets everyone united and praying at the same time, and we feel the excitement together).

So I see and I share to help each of you become a 'Fountain of Light' to increase the effect on those around you. The aura to aura 'connection' is helping others 'wake up' to the Light which is their birth right. All of this happens without your having to say a word. But if you do, choose well, because Higher Vibration is often uncomfortable and doesn't make sense to those who are in the early stages of 'waking up'.

It is my sincere hope that you will grow to be as confident in your abilities and make full use of them in your life too.

This is the difference between humanity (still under influence of Cabal, and not 'knowing') and Hue-manity (people who have Higher Vibration at this time). Right now, physically and spiritually, most individuals are Hue-manity. It is like having it 'wired in' and now you are reading the 'instruction manual'.

You wouldn't have the interest or desire to read this page if this was not the truth. Furthermore, as an anesthesiologist, I can assure you: once you turn off the anesthesia that is keeping the patient asleep, at some point the patient will wake up. This is called 'emergence' from an anesthetic.

Happy awakening!

Aloha and mahalo,


Reiki Doc

Monday, July 29, 2013

First Contact 'Test'

Today I was watering the garden in the evening.

I felt a familiar presence in 'Spirit'. It was a Pleiadean I know. We 'spoke' telepathically.

He asked me 'are you doing good?'. I didn't understand. I recall I made a promise once to serve the Light. I assured him, 'yes' and listed the activities I had done for the Resistance Movement.

He introduced me to five humanoids to see my reaction. They were:

  • The 'Megamind' in silver: this one was same height as us, big head, nice smile, normal body. Energy was quiet, receptive. It did not communicate with me besides a smile and a nod.
  • The Equine: Horse head, brown, same size as horse, human-like body. Walked on two legs. I thought, 'I always wanted a horse!' then remembered how the Unicorn I once 'met' reacted to my wanting to fly on him. Very curt, very politely upset. I didn't want a 'repeat' and made my thoughts 'blank' on 'judgement' from that point. Energy was intelligent, approachable.
  • The Butterfly:  kind of 'different'. Big head, like in the movie 'The Fly'. Thin body, humanoid enough, kind of like 'Stitch' but very thin. Big wings in back, iridescent and taller than 'him'. The energy was kind of apprehensive of my reaction. I played it cool and thought, 'Hey, I bet someone I know is one of you--you look alike!' It worked. I felt them relax and be glad to have it over.
  • The Dolphin: Looked like a Dolphin and was upright, about as tall as the rest of us. The energy was quiet, polite, and curious about me. I wasted my 'meet and greet' trying to figure out how it embarrassing. I was told I would get to see that 'next time'.
  • Jabba The Hut:  I asked to see the hardest one to look at. Big bug eyes, sort of frog like, sort of green complexion, I had a visceral reaction. I was acutely aware of his feelings when I looked at him and reacted. I didn't want to hurt its feelings, but I was so shocked by its appearance that I did. It understands, but I still feel bad about it.
Then the Pleiadian stepped aside. I met many I had seen before. It had been a long time since the last I saw them. They are the ones that sit at the control panel, but they stood up. They wear ivory suits trimmed in gold and gold boots (kind of like a wrestler would wear, the boots. The rest is more fashionable, kind of like the nineties' clean lines.)

I was delighted to see them! I relaxed completely, and agreed, 'It's been a long time!' I asked if everyone was doing okay? We hugged each other, and smiled. It felt good to be in their presence.

I had a one-on-one meeting with one who stood behind them. This is confidential between me and this one.

Before it was time to go, I made a small speech. I knew they 'understood without my saying' but I wanted to express my gratitude to them on behalf of their work, to the Pleiadian, and to the 'other' for helping to support me in my assignment. I asked them to keep up the good work. I spoke slowly and simply, but it was important to me that I did.

(I was watering the garden the whole time. And my son interrupted and gave me a banana peel for the compost pile. It really is like when you are watching a movie, and someone interrupts. You can 'switch' back and forth just the same as at the theater. Your 'focus' of attention simply diverts and comes back.)

I was asked to share this by the Pleiadian, so I am. (I also checked with my Pendulum for accuracy that this message was from the Light before I wrote any of this down, as well.)


Reiki Doc

New Cobra Interview--Published 7.29.13

I am listening to a new Cobra Interview since it two minutes after it was posted. It is really great. I highly recommend it. There is excellent sound quality. Do know that his voice is 'modulated' to cover his identity--he has been under attack from the Illuminati. So although he sounds like Donald Duck, it is really and truly him. Having heard his voice and interacted with him in person, I can verify that this is him.

Here is the direct link to the radio interviews. I recognize the voice of the interviewer, as well. I know her personally.
It takes ninety minutes and I suggest listening to the 'Part 1' because it contains everything. The 'Part 2' has duplicate audio that is contained in Part 1.

Here is the link to the Cobra website which contains the Interview:


  • No more nuclear war
  • Etheric plane is closest to the physical, but of a higher vibration so you can't 'see' it with your eyes. Only your 'Higher Senses' can tell it is there. (think of how you 'know' someone is 'looking at you' and turn to look in their direction. This is a 'Higher Sense' we take for granted daily.)
  • Operation Overlord sealed the Victory in WWII in 1944. The Light Forces made a decision not to retreat.  Once the extraplanetary forces reached a critical mass, the victory was guaranteed.
  • The pyramids on the Giza Plateau act to stabilize the energy around the planet (the reactive system of the inhabitants of the surface). The region is a huge portal and important to Gaia's energy network.
  • Israel is very important because it was the first area that was populated after the disaster in Atlantis. Very High Vibration people colonized there.
  • Pope Francis is a Jesuit but very possible to 'go either way' and do positive things for the Light or negative things for the Dark Forces.
  • The Event will be associated with a bright flash of light that will be unmistakable to all the masses.
  • The most important work at this time to accelerate the timing of the Event is two-fold: to 'get to know one's self' through meditation, and 'to get the word out, to share your experiences' with others who are not yet aware of the Ascension Process.
  • Earth is the last planet in the galaxy to be liberated from the forces of the Dark.
I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc

427322: A Message In Spirit From Me To YOU : )

Dear One,

You know who you are. This is how I speak with you.

The Lion's Gate and the Star of David formations in the sky are good for me. Can you believe today is the first day I did not wear any of the aromatherapy oils?  It has only been for two hours, but the healing 'sticks', and is part of my vibration.

I don't need the 'patch' to my energy today. This is a first!

All of the wonderful healing that I have had which has come through you makes me feel like this:


It is with joy that I explain why I said to you that I was not interested in a romantic relationship:

Reiki Doc + Romantical anything = ( three-D bridezilla ego ) squared

In saying this I destroyed the 3D programming in my brain. It hurt. I longed for what could have been so much, and you, that I ate ice cream, the real thing not vegan, straight out of the carton.

I hadn't done that since fellowship over ten years ago.

I want to love you with all my energy that is from The Higher Realms. It is different there, and better, if you ask me.  Here we have 'boy meets girl, boy and girl attract, boy asks girl on date, potential couple size each other up, comparing 'laundry lists' of wants/needs, and at some point take it to the next level'.

I was not made for that. It isn't me at all.

In the Higher Dimensions we delight in mutual affection, warmth, and growth! We do not play 'hard to get' because what is, simply, is...and it is a gift from God for mutual enjoyment and pleasure. There are no expectations than to learn and grow.

I am strong enough now in my vibration to tease you just a little bit...I might even wise crack when I see you next. My humor is a sign of my totally feeling safe. It does not come out until I am relaxed and at ease. At home we crack each other up all the time, my boy and me. You've seen us like that too.

Spirit said I was wrong about the Twin Flames bit. My closest match on earth and in Heaven is my son.   You, on the other hand, are a Soul Mate who is very good for both of us. If this is too intense for you, no worries! In one lifetime or another, what is meant to be will happen. Right now, I have my healing, and as it is said in Hebrew, 'Dayenu'--it would have been enough to have this blessing just as it is from God. You do what works best for you. I insist! No questions asked! No worries. It's all good. Totally!

Just know that I thank God for having met you. And if you ever are depressed, just flip back through this blog in 2013. You are everywhere in it, my muse, my friend, and my joy. You are a wonderful example, and I will copy you when I get to interact with others more and more in my work with Spirit here as Reiki Doc. You make everyone feel valued and loved. Every day.

Here is my playlist Spirit played today for me to share with you; I heard every song this morning, in this order, and it 'felt' like Spirit was 'nudging' a message. Enjoy:

<3 : ))) <3 : ))) <3 : ))) <3 : ))) <3 : )))

Friendship that's on fire : D



P.S. there are 92,738 page views total--again, the 273. How cool!

There's Nothing To Sell

There is nothing to sell.

Just be what you are.

Be present.

Allow your body and spirit to do the healing that was sent for you.

Drink water, plenty of it.

And smile.

Remember your smile is angelic--it carries the Love Frequency Energy of the Galactic Central Sun and Heaven--and is healing to both you and whoever you choose to smile upon!

That is all for today.


Reiki Doc

P.S. Good things are happening. Very good! They are just around the corner. They are waiting there for everyone! Me, you, our neighbors, even our enemies in fact. All are worthy of God's Love and Presence. We are ohana walking upon Gaia.

Aloha and mahalo.  <3

Sunday, July 28, 2013

How To Make Do--In Spirit

I felt the urge to chant...and I forgot my mala at home! Here I was in the OB Anesthesia call room, faced with a dilemma: chant or give up? Spirit was giving a 'nudge'. How can I do this? How can I do this? I wondered.

Then I remembered my rosary. I bet some of you are wondering how in the world I ever managed to say the rosary and drive to counteract my fear of driving on the freeway to my work when I was twenty-three, aren't you? You can't drive with beads! Not with a stick shift!

Well how about one of those little rings with ten bumps and a little cross on it, a 'finger rosary'?


I used my fingers! There are ten Hail Marys in a decade, and five decades in a Rosary. I would say Hail Marys and press lightly on the finger where I was at. In between I would say Our Father and Glory Be. I would do one decade for each digit on my right hand. Of course, at the start of a Rosary, we say the 'I believe in the....' big prayer, followed by three Our Fathers. And at the end of the Rosary (I alternated Joyful, Sorrowful, and Glorious mysteries each day), I would say one special prayer I was taught to say.

I did that every day on the way from Berkeley to Pleasanton! For years! (the fear went away somewhere in the middle of those years, but I said it still just to let Blessed Mother know how much I appreciate getting over my fear.)

Today I did similar: ten times ten plus eight. <3

It felt really good to chant!

We can't all have the quiet spa music and incense! I went to a Buddhist ceremony once. A student of mine had a brother who was going to be a monk for one month. He shaved his head and had a robe and a rice bowl. I was invited because I was spiritual. It was a Thai monastery. I meditated with them. I walked in circles saying intentions around a money pit they had to raise funds for some building thing. I dropped big bills in just to be nice, even though I was a single mom on an academic, part-time salary.

I was so jealous! I was SO jealous of those monks! Imagine, having the time to think and pray and connect with spirit? That would have been a total luxury in this life!

I have to LIVE! I have to work to support our tiny household! I barely get time off!

So how do I 'make do'?:

  • I layer my prayers into what little time I have. As a result my power of concentration goes up, and I can pray in increasingly discordant environments. Yes, I can meditate in a bus station. Make that Grand Central Station. It's beautiful there, too...
  • The more you layer, the more you can flip back and forth from 'here and now' tasks and meditation's 'Here and Now'. It gets easy, it really does.
  • When you pray with your heart center, you allow for 'little mistakes'. It doesn't have to be perfect. Spirit will correct for it when the intention is good.
  • Today was eight in the morning and I was at work. There was something happening. But I really wanted to join my energy with the cause for Egypt! Eight was the proper time in my time zone. While I was holding an airway in place while the surgeon put in a trach at the bedside, watching the monitors, and being fully present 'here and now', I set the intent to join up with the others too, and I Let Go of my idea 'you can't do this'. Just like listening to a song at work, I had the memorized meditation going, more or less, through my mind too. It wasn't like I was totally concentrating on Egypt--just enough for my energy and Light to go without putting anything at risk. Sure there were interruptions (turn up the propofol! LOL) but I felt my energy join with the group. There were no visions, there were no arm movements or spinning. It was all in my mind. But I did it and did just enough as best I could.
Make Do with your Spiritual practice. I cannot emphasize the importance of it enough. Jump in, and connect to Source! Any way you can! 

What's holding you back? C'mon! You can do it!!! Go For It! Dude---you are made for it!

Love and Light,
Mahalo and Aloha,

Reiki Doc

Karate And A Message From Spirit

Yesterday I went with my friend and fellow mom to the Lake. Our families met at the circus, but we wanted to spend more time together and the weather was hot. So we went swimming.

It had been eighteen months since we last seen each other. We live about twenty minutes apart. But with boys about the same age (she has two), our lives are incredibly hectic with our work and sports schedules.

She is a biller. She is an expert at the coding for medical billing for anesthesia. I met her at the room at work where new mothers could pump in private. Our boys have been friends since before age one. Typically, our conversations revolve around her worldly concerns--redecorating the house, people and work issues at her job, and vacation.

We went through all that, and once we were floating on the air mattresses in the lake, she said, 'Oh did I tell you I went to Japan to train? I got my black belt.'

I smiled. She is crazy for shotokan, and even keeps at it although she gets hurt. A tiny, size zero former gymnast in Romania, found her love, in Karate. And she went to Japan for ten days with her dojo! Her husband was incredibly supportive and arranged for her to go.

It was her 'mommy-moon' to Tokyo and I delighted to hear about it!

The food was delicious. She ate japanese three meals a day, even though she used to hate shrimp. The town was immaculate, so much so that when she noticed a small wrapper on the ground in the corner of her eye, someone bent down immediately and put it in his pocket. She went in March, and it was rainy. She forgot her hat and scarf at one training center--and it was exactly where she had left it five days later. The cherry blossoms were amazing! And she spent about two hundred fifty dollars riding the train with her group to different buddhist sites.

The people on the train were so unlike her native Romania! Back home, people push and shove and sometimes you even get off the train at the station you don't want because the crowd squeezes you off the train. In Japan, the people file in one line to go off, another to go on. She says you could set the watch by the trains--if it is due at 3:23, then thirty seconds before the train pulls into the station and at 3:23 EXACTLY the doors open!

The people in Japan are also very private to outsiders. Even though 'everybody speaks English most people say they don't, does that make sense?' she confided in me. And because she wore a taupe trench coat, she totally blended in with eighty percent of the people there.

The hotel room, which cost her $110 a day, was so small that when you sit on the toilet there is about three inches between your knees and the bathroom door. The bathtubs are square and deep, so you have to sit up. There was only enough room for the luggage on the floor; it was so small she had to figure out a way to walk around it. There was a full-size bed. And it was a smoking room, which she didn't like. Everyone smokes in Japan. They wear face masks on the street to protect from the pollution, but they smoke too.

The opportunity to train with Karate masters was incredible. The ones that made the most impression on her were seventy-eight, and seventy-three. Each day, they trained for two hours, continuously with their students. She could not believe how their speed, their power, their balance, their flexibility, their stamina, and their accuracy were at the top of their game. What seventy-year olds are like that here in the states? She said that one showed her something how she was not blocking correctly, and later she was looking at this huge bruise on her hand and wondering where it came from? It was from the teacher, the seventy-three year old, who is her hero. When she is that age she wants to be just like him.

Except she doesn't want to smoke!

There is a message in this story that is exactly what Spirit wanted me to hear. It is 'in there' and I know it. I don't expect you to 'find it' or even 'look'. Just know that when Spirit is trying to get your attention, it will answer a question you have had on your heart directly, just between You and Spirit, in ways that only you can understand. My message to you is to 'know that it works!' : )))

Be sure to look for it where you are not expecting it!


Reiki Doc


I am trained in Bushido, the 'way of the scholarly warrior'. The best warrior never uses their skills. They have them but avert conflict to maintain Peace for everyone involved. That being said, the student practices bo (staff), sword, karate, aikido, meditation, and calligraphy. 

Does HAARP 'Agree With' Your Free Will?

Does the Illuminati use of advanced spiritual technology 'agree' with your Free Will?

What is HAARP?

HAARP is a Negative Spiritual Technology that is used to control the weather. It works in the etheric plane. It creates a powerful disturbance in the ether, which is a layer that is above the physical plane and vibrates at a higher rate than the physical plane.

For example, and this is just that, HAARP which is located in the Midwest can be used to create energy swirling patterns in the ether that create tornados in the physical plane. Look at the pattern of tornados in the Midwest. Has not Joplin had more than would be expected by chance? Might there be a pattern?

What about the free will of all of the people whose lives were affected by the tornados?

Was it protected? Did they agree to suffer in the storm?

Or did somebody hijack their free will by imposing their own over the area by using HAARP?

Here is an example in Florida of some strange technology being used and people's reaction to it:

Here is the Wiki article on HAARP:

If you google it there are pictures available on the internet.

Is HAARP the only negative spiritual technology that exists?

Might there be more?:

  • High fructose corn syrup
  • GMO
  • Chemtrails
  • Submliminal messages hidden in advertising, movies, and T.V. programming
  • High tech defense systems such as described in the book about the Black Ops programs, 'Area 51' by Annie Jacobs

What can we do to counteract these negative spiritual technologies? How can we enlist the assistance of the Spiritual Forces for the Light? For 'The Resistance' movement?

Here are some options available to us using our own Free Will:
  • Don't buy high fructose corn syrup products
  • Demand labeling for GMO, and petition for Monsanto to stop
  • Point at the chemtrails and say, 'Change it'--it may sound ineffective but a very advanced Spiritual Teacher who taught me channelled this information. I have tried it, and it works in about ten minutes.
  • Spend time in Nature where there is NO programming
  • Educate yourself about the Illuminati, New World Order, and Archons.
The more you meditate and Love and 'connect' to your fellow man, spiritually, the better off things are going to be. Keep 'editing' your thoughts to 'weed out' fear-based thinking. Fear empowers the dark forces that support the Illuminati.

Love takes this power of the people back.

This is why we meditate together to help free the people of Egypt. In doing so, just like pointing and saying, 'Change It', the non-physical freedom fighters for the Light (angels, guides, deceased loved ones, Ascended Masters, seraphim...) are allowed to step in and assist on our behalf.

When I do Reiki on my patient, I merely 'tip the balance' in their favor for healing. 

I counteract all the chemicals and poisons and fear that has been given to my patient unawares in their lifetime by the Illuminati.

When I do Reiki and Energy Healing in a crowd, for example, the Green Ray at the Circus, I don't 'fix' anything. It is like anti-radar technology for the home team--it simply counteracts the negative just enough to allow the people to have a chance to think for themselves; to have freedom to choose what they want for themselves and their family. I plant the seed of healing into the place and time, for all, for free.

If you wish to join in this effort, the first order of business is Egypt--for today and tomorrow especially, but then daily after that until the situation is resolved. Furthermore, joining in at noon Pacific Daylight Time on Sundays in small groups will also help to anchor these 'Light energies' into the planet and amongst ourselves until the negative spiritual technologies can be taken down by the Freedom Fighters in the skies.

The choice is yours.

Each one of the three choices will work to achieve the same effect: harnessing the strongest forces for energy healing that are available using the very highest Spiritual Technology that exists.

Aloha and Mahalo and Namaste,
Reiki Doc

P.S. Truth is stranger than fiction! You heard it here first. ; )

Saturday, July 27, 2013

'Your Fun Is Their Misery'

'Your fun is their misery' said the poster that was held by the protester as I walked to the parking lot. I felt their vibe. It also brought some feelings in me.

I want to talk about it.

I want to talk about the Circus as we know it today.

Fifty years ago, animals were trained by fear. This was in all movies, all animal shows, all zoos, and all circus acts.

Fifty years ago, the 'Sideshow' existed, where you could see a 'Fat Lady' in a tent, or a "Man With Strong Teeth' or 'The Fish Boy' or 'The Smallest Man In The World'. This was where people went before going in to see the circus.

I grew up in a time not long ago, where mother was extra excited to take me to the circus. She liked Gunther Gebel Williams the best, with all of his lions and tigers. It was a time for bonding, with just us. She made sure I felt special. I got my first ride on an elephant. I reached out from up top, and felt the scratchy skin. It wasn't at all what I expected! It was love at first 'ride', and the elephants have been my favorite animal ever since.

Today I was near the elephants in the 'See The Animals'. I am always excited to see them, hear them, and smell them. I coo at them, and say 'hello beautiful' and all kinds of things with my Love vibration all the way up to communicate. They notice.

The area was nicer than when I went five years ago. The tiger cages had markedly improved. There was a small enclosure that was safe and yet much bigger than the filthy cages that shocked me last time.  The horses (I have always wanted a horse) were some of the most beautiful ones I had ever seen. I can tell a sway back and a roman nose rental horse from one of these magnificent creatures! As a teenager I rode the first while I dreamed of one day owning one of the latter!

What are we to do with the Circus as we know it?

Here is what I saw today:

  • I saw developmental delayed adults with 'special needs' having a wonderful time.
  • I saw families bonding, of all ages, married, single, and falling in love.
  • There were a lot of people employed because of this 'event'.
  • I saw performers interacting with the crowd at the pre-show, even letting us try on some costumes. The energy was genuine, heart felt, and polite.
  • I saw horses and poodles do amazing feats. Their energy was happy and open.
  • There were two clowns who did an amazing magic show with rabbits. They actually made it seem like a rabbit ate a snake! It got 'bigger'. LOL.
  • I saw clowns of ages, sizes, nationalities doing what they do best to make people laugh!
  • I realized the Circus is a form of entertainment that is not language-limited--it is HUMAN.
  • There were some of the most in-shape performers I had ever seen. Once I gave anesthesia to a Cirque du Soleil performer--the physiology was incredible!
  • I saw the elephants. One looked me in the eye, and this was all it had ever known, and it 'liked' performing. I saw another who was miserable and sad perform in the same act.
  • I met a woman taking photos on a fake tiger in front of a green screen, who 'traveled with the circus'. She said, 'You have to interview or know somebody' to 'run away and join the circus'. She was very kind.

One of the most noteworthy acts pitted 'boys versus girls' in a 'challenge'. The dancers were all pink or blue. And two female acrobats 'competed' against two males. 

But then they switched.

There was a display of strong females TOGETHER with strong male partners.

I had never seen such a thing. It was groundbreaking to see the women 'support' the men for a handstand up on top of them! Duality is going away with this act, I thought to myself.

Here is how I see it--the elephants, Asian elephants to be exact, live in the largest community of elephants on the continent. Back 'home' in Thailand, for example, they too would work. Their natural habitat, I understand, is threatened. I have seen the brutal 'breaking' of an elephant calf on a National Geographic video. It is torture. There is no other way to say it. 

On the one hand, the protesters are 'right' but the next 'chess move' simply does not make sense in this day and age. The same is true for the tigers.

If we take the protester argument further, then all domesticated animals such as cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits belong in the wild too. Then they would starve. And where would they live?

The answer is somewhere out there. And for everyone, the answer is not going to be the same. This is because it is linked to the 'level of Consciousness' or 'Vibration'. 

I asked and Spirit said the protesters are indigos doing what indigos do. They don't care about the ramifications, they care about 'righting wrongs' and 'awakening others'. 


But in my heart, which is the way to 'see' things in the higher dimensions, I 'saw':
  • beautiful animals which were very healthy
  • people doing what they love (Like the Wallendas)
  • families having a good time
  • some not-so-happy elephants
  • protesters doing their thing but falling short because of the 'rain on your parade' vibe
  • I saw mass-marketing of poison to the public in 'food' with very low nutritional value at super expensive prices
  • I saw marketing of merchandise that was built to sell and make it very hard for parents to say 'no' without feeling bad
It got me thinking.

So, you may ask, what did I do about it?

Well, at the beginning of the performance, I was given the 'green ray'. It is a form of healing from Koot Humi, an Ascended Master. Because of my desire to learn and to help with this complex social problem of the circus, this blessing was given to me. I was asked to send it the whole show to everyone that was present, humans and animals included.

That's what I did. I sat there with palms up except for when I was clapping.

It was a good day. Let's see what all that healing shall do. For sure, it's a start!


Reiki Doc

A New Meditation For Planetary Liberation!

Will you share your light to help liberate Egypt and her people from the Illuminati?

A friend who is a children's rights advocate and Lightworker has made a new MP3 file for the  planetary liberation meditation! She has generously offered to share it with you!

Here it is, and ENJOY!

Remember, our goal is to create a HUGE pulse of Light energy today, tomorrow, and the next day to align our LIGHT with the planetary alignment that is happening right now. Together, all of the energy will help release the people of Egypt to find their sovereignty again!


Reiki Doc

P.S. You may also use this on Sundays at the time for the Planetary Liberation project in general, not just for Egypt, too!

Friday, July 26, 2013

My Ride Home With Michael Jackson

I drove home from work today in silence. I like to keep the radio turned off so I can 'be' sometimes. That's when I meditate; it's when I drive. In Los Angeles the car is your second home. I grew up saying the rosary when I drove because I was afraid. It really helped with my fear. But then, I got to praying, and one thing led to another, and now, I can do this.

As I pulled out of the driveway from work, I felt his presence. This isn't the first time I have had contact with Michael. Lately he's been working on something with me. I wasn't sure what, but I post it right away as it happens.

I pulled onto the freeway. He asked, 'what is it you would like to do with me?'

My soul answered, 'I would like to sing a song with you Michael.' (Sometimes my soul answers, it feels 'different', like the time I learned Divine Peace Healing and my soul cried out, 'I want to HELP bring peace'. I wasn't a big protester when I was in Berkeley or anything. I just wanted to survive. That answer was very unlike 'me', but it was my Truth nonetheless. It always surprises me. ; )  )

'What would you like to sing? Billie Jean? I like that song.' Michael suggested, very upbeat.

I wanted to sing one of my favorites, and was thinking, but I realized there was a reason for this song. So I said, 'Yes'.

The music started. And he started singing. I interrupted him and said, 'Michael, I want to DANCE! I want to sing and dance like you. Can I do that too please?'

He said yes and I could be a back-up dancer but not dance like him because it would look funny, I am a girl. At first I was more watching and listening. But then I began to move freely and have fun.

Then a verse came, and Michael handed me the microphone, 'And people always told me, be careful what you do, don't go around breaking young girl's hearts'....I sang all by myself. I handed the mike back.

He took the next part. Then we were singing a duet, with him taking a few lines and then having me take some next. At the end we were singing and dancing and laughing together.

Michael is so gentle and fun. I wish I could share with you how beautiful it was to be like that with him.

I confided that I always loved him since the first time I heard him sing. Not like a boyfriend, I just, something inside me really liked him and connected. He said, 'It's because I have talent.' He explained how God gave him this gift to help others, and he used it to the best he could with what he had.

He also spoke with me about another person. It is a private matter. But I can say is he was totally kind and really made me laugh about the situation. He gave me hope and understood all.

I forget exactly how he said it, but he wanted to give me a gift for a reason that was kind and thoughtful. He put a big, expensive, shiny necklace around my neck. You know, the kind they wear at the awards ceremonies? I was surprised, then at once, horrified! Did any diamond miners suffer for me to wear these? He reassured me, and said, 'No. They are diamonds of Spirit, they just show up. Nobody has to work for them like that.' They were very heavy, but I wasn't sure I liked the look. He waved his hand over it, making them iridescent, like an opal but not with the little specks of rainbow; it was more of an overall effect. He said it was to remind me of where I am from, and that was the look from my home where my soul originated.

I thought for a moment, accepted the gift, and then asked him about Elizabeth Taylor. Was she of the Light?

He asked, 'Well, what do you think?' And I understood--her courage to stand up for AIDS patients in support of them made her an angel. For all her addictions, at her very core, she was good. I smiled because he had answered my question.

He was getting ready to go, and I started crying. I said, 'Michael, I like you so much I wish I could be like this forever. I don't want you to go. You understand everything without my having to explain it. I have always wanted a friend like this. And besides, I am not so good with trusting people to come when I need them.'

I showed him a picture of the neglect I had at the babysitter who was drunk when I was around one year old.

He said he would come back any time I thought of him and wanted him to come.

'Do you mean it?' I asked, embarrassed to be such a baby about it.

So we practiced. He went away, and I thought of him, and he'd come back. It took about three times for me to let it sink in that he meant it. But he really had to go.

He told me one thing before he left: to do everything I could tonight to make my babysitter and her boy happy. They have had hard times, having recently lost her mother. It was her birthday, and I was taking them out to dinner with my boy too. Michael said to only concentrate on that one thing, and to do it with all my heart and soul. It was needed by them, needed very much.


I took them to Outback.

They both hadn't eaten anything all day. Not breakfast. Not lunch. And I got home around seven.

Watching them both relax and laugh and eat was the nicest thing in the whole world.

And over her left shoulder, I saw her mother, Ethel, in spirit, smiling the whole time. She was between both of them. I could feel the love bursting forth from her heart that her daughter and only grandson were enjoying themselves in celebration for the first time since she had passed. She knew I saw, and I could tell she approved. She didn't say anything. I just knew.

I wouldn't dare tell my friend who watches my boy--not in a million years---what I saw; she is Christian, and thinks this is the work of Satan. 

I know when to keep my mouth shut. LOL. I see dead people but I'm wise enough know what is cool and what isn't.

Aloha and mahalo and namaste,

Reiki Doc

Egypt Wants You Here and Now

We are One.

Egypt is located on an important Energy Gateway that is situated in 'just the right place' on Mother Earth.

The ancients knew this, and worked with it. Isis supports Goddess Energy with Gaia.

Many of the secret sacred mystery schools that were from Atlantis arrived to Egypt after the destruction of the continent, and Atlantis sank in the ocean.

Some of the mystery schools are of the Light. Others are not-so-interested in the good of everyone. They are only for the 'select few'.

The people of Egypt are alive!

They live in the shadow of history.

Although they sell 'history' to survive, they are at the mercy of the 'those that think they are above them'.

There is no magic lamp, no genie to return to them their freedom from the Illuminati that control behind the scenes.

Horus is the child of Isis and Osiris, and has the perfect balance of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. There is no 'shadow' in this hawk-headed son.

Energetically, the people of Egypt are at a crossroads today:

The energies of today (26 July) through Monday (29 July) are at an optimum 'peak' to allow them to regain their freedom from the Illuminati. Here are the facts on the energies, and what you need to know.

Your energy is needed at this time in order to assist them in their quest for spiritual freedom from the influence of the Illuminati.

Your energy can help set them free.

 Will you send it?

Just do this meditation every day at five o'clock Cairo time:

It will help create a pulse of Light so powerful, that combined with the energies of the alignment of the stars at this unique time in history, we can bring in the Light as never before.

This boy-king was used by those in power. Imagine what those in power are doing right now to the people of Egypt?

The future of humanity in Egypt now lies in your heart. Are you willing to trust the Light? Are you open to sharing your own Light to help our brothers and sisters find their Way out from the control of the Illuminati?

Just ten minutes a day, for the next four days, to meditate on their help them find their sovereign freedom.

The choice is up to you for your ohana in the Middle East. Look in your heart and share your Light for just a little bit to assist. Thank you. Mahalos. And Aloha.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Goddess' Work

I have been up since 3 in the morning, now it is time for bed!

Today was fascinating! The energies are Off The Hook! Yesterday I began to experience Love energy, calm healing Love late in the afternoon. This is what I have been starving for my whole life. What this means is the vibrations are 'right', are compatible with my natural state of bliss from where I 'come from', wherever that may be. 

Epidural after epidural, with one going in right (through a very muscular pilates-five-days-a-week back) and another taking some 'patience'. I was done at seven a.m., with no time to rest.

I ate RAW, it totally helped.

At home I did TAXES. Yes, life has been so busy for me, that I filed an extension. Today I went to see the tax man. He is wonderful, and so is his assistant. His former assistant became a massage therapist. She was very 'open'. This one now loves pandas, like me. She showed me the twin panda babies at the Atlanta Zoo online while I waited.

The strangest thing happened--my tax man, whom I have known for over ten years, wants to blog! Next thing I knew, I was talking about this, and about seeing ghosts, and guess what? He is totally okay with it! He is 'Spiritual'! He has had experiences and heard friends' experiences, and he believes in the afterlife and contact with those who have crossed over! 

I was shocked, in a nice way, that after holding my secret from him I could be myself. (His wife had passed away unexpectedly several years back. He said his girlfriend's sister has seen ghosts ever since she could remember, and had picked up on the wife at the home where she had died and they still live. I confided I too had seen her ghost, and my message turned out to be much the same as the sister's.)

As I went to the car, I got this thought, 'you know, this life of mine must have been to strengthen up my masculine side!', after all, I am very feminine, and would have been totally absorbed in family life instead of being here for others at the hospital and for you here and now. (It felt 'right')

I picked up my boy, and I was hungry. So was he. I had checked with the pendulum first--time to go 'on assignment'.

We went to eat at the place where our psychic gifts were to be used 'to catch a thief'.
(He actually ate two slices of pizza down the street first, because he didn't like the food.)

As we were seated, an energy came out from the server that made my skin crawl. My boy picked up on it too. We watched everyone else, too, as we ate our meal.

I smiled and relaxed. I had on my 'French shirt', a 3/4 sleeve tee with navy boating stripes. I also felt a familiar energy flowing in the kitchen and stop cold at the door to the dining room. 

I'm cool with that! There is so much freedom when you feel the Universe supporting you. I had heard my favorite song ever, La Vie en Rose, on the music system. Then an asian song. I saw the familiar one hug a mutual friend. After he left, I went up to her, because she is fond of my kid. We said 'hello'. 

Back at meal time, I heard this:

Something in me relaxed like it hadn't in years. We laughed, and I was surprised to hear my easy laughter rising up in the dining room. My son was talking about something moms are supposed to say, 'that's not polite dear', and then right as I took a big sip of chocolate drink, said, 'what am I supposed to talk about now? Rainbows?'

And the chocolate came out my nose I laughed so hard! Delighted and embarrassed at the same time, I hadn't experienced this since the eighth grade! I sputtered, coughed, and cleaned myself up.

We saw our family friends who 'hired' us at a booth. We said quick hellos, and went back to work. (My boy shared about the summer camp field trip to the baseball game, where the best part was someone who ran onto the field and got tazered in front of the entire stadium. Kids these days are something else.)

I felt energy pulsing through me in waves that was very pleasant once we sat down and finished our meal. My tostada was delicious.

On the way to the car, I saw a spider on the truck parked next to us. A real spider, crawling right where I could see. The spider is a sign of the Goddess. They show up everywhere. How you feel about spiders is a good 'thermometer' of how comfortable you are with Goddess energy. (this is not to make you feel guilty, but to give you a chance to 'grow' in your comfort with them, if you so like.)

Then in the car, guess what? Good old MJ gives a nod--while flipping through the stations to skip the commercials, I heard this:

I feel Michael's presence. He is warm, happy and supportive. He is smiling and letting me know he is not done with the work with me, yet.

Instead, I have peace in my heart, for my inner masculine and feminine are beginning to 'balance' and feel 'right' inside, at last. It is Divine Peace. And I have waited my whole life for this.

Good things are around the corner, energy-speaking. If I can talk Spirit with my Tax Man, and use psychic gifts to catch a crook that is hurting my friend's business, we are coming a long way in the Ascension path!

Love and ALOHA to my ohana who read this,

Reiki Doc

A Letter On Compassion From One Of My Patients

This photo carries the energy that is in the thank you note

Dr. (Reiki Doc's Real Last Name),

Thank you for your hard work and efficiency during the labor and delivery of my daughter (her name). She is healthy and growing fast. We could not have done it without you. Thank you for your follow-up after delivery as well. Your compassion is appreciated.

The Patient Family

(The ER RN) at the same hospital as where I, Reiki Doc,  used to work before.

This patient understood the incredible amount of energy it took to keep bolusing the epidural through all hours of the night. Sometimes an epidural is a 'set it and forget it' and sometimes it's a 'let's keep this one working even though it's not great because it's easier than putting a new one in'.

I was exhausted, but kept coming to help her because, as she asked why? and I said, 'It's the reason why I am here. It's my job. And even though I am sleepy it is my pleasure to help you. After all, through our old work, we are FAMILY!--ohana.'

She gave me a two pound box of Rocky Mountain Company handmade chocolates with a big pink bow!

I shared with the nurses. Even though it wasn't RAW or vegan, I enjoyed it very much. I can't wait to see the look on my son's eyes when he sees how much chocolate we still have left!

GRATITUDE is what is going to make the new economic system go--not 'money'. Other civilizations who are more advanced than we are have come to this 'place' where it 'works'. 

All I can say is that the gratitude feels wonderful, and has stayed with me ever since being surprises that the wonderful box on the counter I thought was for sure for somebody else turned out to be a thank you gift for me!


Reiki Doc

P.S. She got Reiki. Lots of it. But I didn't let her know.

On Michael Jackson: Life With Spirit 7.24.13

Michael Jackson talks to me. Yes, you know, the 'King of Pop'?

Two days ago, I went to my favorite restaurant to bring takeout home to the kind couple who watch my boy after school. I've been telling them about RAW vegan, and how excited I am to have discovered it, but my gift of Dr. Shultze's sure didn't go over well with them a few months back. Fortunately, they returned the green powder supplement. It's not cheap!

When I was there, I wore my son's favorite dress, my long bright pink Hawaiian print dress with the spaghetti straps. I walked in and thought, 'I AM the Goddess!' and smiled. (Having been attuned to Goddess Energy with Lady Isis, this is not an unusual thing to say, or think. LOL.)

I stood and waited for my order. I felt a familiar energy, heavy and clear and masculine, from the back say, 'You are Right.'

The 'bar' was full of single men. One, with long dreadlocks, had an unusual energy. He was eating his raw vegan. But when it came time to sign for the bill, I had trouble standing where I was. He moved an empty chair and let me stand next to him. I 'felt' that he appreciated my energy and my 'total package'.  Since I wear the vial of aromatherapy oil next to my heart, I politely smiled, signed, took my food and left.

On the way back I saw in the left hand corner of the rear window, a decal that looked like the silhouette above. Wow, Michael is so unmistakable, he has his own decal! I thought.

Then I realized, it was time to play his CD. The CD changer was on his Number Ones album. This song came on:

I felt 'spirit' with this message, but I still didn't understand it. Then a car went by with the license plate MJMJMJJ and I thought, Is Michael trying to say something?

Then next day in the O.R., on a totally different case, this song came on the radio:

That one had a 'spirit' sensation to it too! I stopped and wondered what it 'meant'...

And then it hit me--when I was an anesthesia resident, every morning, I had a secret trick I used to do to help me start my day and finish 'waking up' besides the coffee. At five-thirty in the morning, I would have the entire O.R. to myself, walk in to my O.R. for my assigned cases, turn on the lights, and start setting up for the day. I would do this to my old Jackson 5 CD, crank it up, sing like my lungs were on fire, and DANCE as I worked.

That was my routine, every day, no matter what. Only the cleaning people on night shift 'knew' about my 'habit'. After several months they would come up to me, real quiet, one at a time every now and then, and stick their head in the door. They would say something like, 'what was that sound?', 'who was just singing?' or 'you can really SING! you have a nice voice!'.

That was our secret. I think Michael wanted me to know he is 'on to my secret', was gently teasing me about it, and also letting me know he is helping me with something else in my future. It is a mystery! LOL <3

Whatever it is, I am happy to have made this contact with him. If any messages come through that are not private or confidential, I will share everything with you.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc