Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Message From The Buddha 7.11.13

No, I wasn't at the Buddha shack--I was in the OB Anesthesia Call Room during some down time. I did my Ana Brett Kundalini Yoga Workout (the one for the hips--LOL), followed by a Reiki and chanting time.

During the chanting, Buddha appeared to me.

He took me up to a vast overlook, and said this was the Golden Age. A valley spread out before me. It was daylight, and small organic material houses dotted the plain. He encouraged me to step in to it. It smelled fresh and clean, like a fragrance in the air. And the temperature was comfortable. The soil felt normal beneath my feet.

Next thing I knew, we were in a house. It was my house. He asked me how I liked it?

It reminded me of my cottage at Kona Village, sort of thatched roof, and woven walls with normal interior. He showed me the kitchen. It was different. Very open, lots of counter top. In the middle of the counter was a device that looked like my Vitamix, but it wasn't. It was a replicator.

He was excited to show it to me. He wanted me to think of some food and have it make it. I was overwhelmed. Buddha made himself a small bowl of rice. White rice. He showed me it was good to eat, and the right temperature. There was a little black bowl that was narrow at the bottom, and white chopsticks he held in his hands.

Are you sure you are going to get nutrition out of THAT?  I asked. He said it was good for you, and filling. He started to take a few bites. It smelled like jasmine rice.

I made a baguette from my favorite Vietnamese bakery Cho Cu. The breakfast one with the egg in it. It tasted right. I was surprised.

Then he had me make meat. Some ham. There is was, a slice, just like at a French charcuterie--it would be called a 'tranch'.

Buddha looked me in the eye and said 'there is no killing in this meat'. (I understood it was like cell cultures are for us today.) It is okay to eat.

Then he had me make a Mc D burger.

It wouldn't. It didn't work. I was able to make a backyard style burger, kind of like In and Out.

The replicator won't make GMO.

I started to cry when I looked at the kitchen.

Buddha was concerned. I tried to find the words. I was sad because this meant no more cooking, no more gardening, two things that I enjoy very much. What am I supposed to do with my time?

At this point Buddha was very gentle. He explained that if these are activities we enjoy, we are allowed to follow them. Just not to make big commercial agriculture out of it. We can move on to other things we enjoy too, if we wish, or stay with the ones we know and like to experience.

I felt better about that.

The other thing that was unusual about the house is that it was like on that TV show 'Bewitched' where things 'pop in' and 'pop out'. You don't have closets exactly. When you want to use something, it shows up. And when you are finished, it goes away. Just like that. BOOM! There is no TV, no clutter, no souvenirs. Just very clean lines kind of like Swedish or Danish homes.

I saw a bedroom where we rest. We don't really need to sleep any more. It doesn't get dark unless you want to look at the night sky.

I think it is do-able, the future. I am not sure when and how we shall get from 'here' to 'there', but it is a nice place that I saw. I could live there. You probably would enjoy it as well.


Reiki Doc