Thursday, July 25, 2013

On Michael Jackson: Life With Spirit 7.24.13

Michael Jackson talks to me. Yes, you know, the 'King of Pop'?

Two days ago, I went to my favorite restaurant to bring takeout home to the kind couple who watch my boy after school. I've been telling them about RAW vegan, and how excited I am to have discovered it, but my gift of Dr. Shultze's sure didn't go over well with them a few months back. Fortunately, they returned the green powder supplement. It's not cheap!

When I was there, I wore my son's favorite dress, my long bright pink Hawaiian print dress with the spaghetti straps. I walked in and thought, 'I AM the Goddess!' and smiled. (Having been attuned to Goddess Energy with Lady Isis, this is not an unusual thing to say, or think. LOL.)

I stood and waited for my order. I felt a familiar energy, heavy and clear and masculine, from the back say, 'You are Right.'

The 'bar' was full of single men. One, with long dreadlocks, had an unusual energy. He was eating his raw vegan. But when it came time to sign for the bill, I had trouble standing where I was. He moved an empty chair and let me stand next to him. I 'felt' that he appreciated my energy and my 'total package'.  Since I wear the vial of aromatherapy oil next to my heart, I politely smiled, signed, took my food and left.

On the way back I saw in the left hand corner of the rear window, a decal that looked like the silhouette above. Wow, Michael is so unmistakable, he has his own decal! I thought.

Then I realized, it was time to play his CD. The CD changer was on his Number Ones album. This song came on:

I felt 'spirit' with this message, but I still didn't understand it. Then a car went by with the license plate MJMJMJJ and I thought, Is Michael trying to say something?

Then next day in the O.R., on a totally different case, this song came on the radio:

That one had a 'spirit' sensation to it too! I stopped and wondered what it 'meant'...

And then it hit me--when I was an anesthesia resident, every morning, I had a secret trick I used to do to help me start my day and finish 'waking up' besides the coffee. At five-thirty in the morning, I would have the entire O.R. to myself, walk in to my O.R. for my assigned cases, turn on the lights, and start setting up for the day. I would do this to my old Jackson 5 CD, crank it up, sing like my lungs were on fire, and DANCE as I worked.

That was my routine, every day, no matter what. Only the cleaning people on night shift 'knew' about my 'habit'. After several months they would come up to me, real quiet, one at a time every now and then, and stick their head in the door. They would say something like, 'what was that sound?', 'who was just singing?' or 'you can really SING! you have a nice voice!'.

That was our secret. I think Michael wanted me to know he is 'on to my secret', was gently teasing me about it, and also letting me know he is helping me with something else in my future. It is a mystery! LOL <3

Whatever it is, I am happy to have made this contact with him. If any messages come through that are not private or confidential, I will share everything with you.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc