Saturday, July 27, 2013

'Your Fun Is Their Misery'

'Your fun is their misery' said the poster that was held by the protester as I walked to the parking lot. I felt their vibe. It also brought some feelings in me.

I want to talk about it.

I want to talk about the Circus as we know it today.

Fifty years ago, animals were trained by fear. This was in all movies, all animal shows, all zoos, and all circus acts.

Fifty years ago, the 'Sideshow' existed, where you could see a 'Fat Lady' in a tent, or a "Man With Strong Teeth' or 'The Fish Boy' or 'The Smallest Man In The World'. This was where people went before going in to see the circus.

I grew up in a time not long ago, where mother was extra excited to take me to the circus. She liked Gunther Gebel Williams the best, with all of his lions and tigers. It was a time for bonding, with just us. She made sure I felt special. I got my first ride on an elephant. I reached out from up top, and felt the scratchy skin. It wasn't at all what I expected! It was love at first 'ride', and the elephants have been my favorite animal ever since.

Today I was near the elephants in the 'See The Animals'. I am always excited to see them, hear them, and smell them. I coo at them, and say 'hello beautiful' and all kinds of things with my Love vibration all the way up to communicate. They notice.

The area was nicer than when I went five years ago. The tiger cages had markedly improved. There was a small enclosure that was safe and yet much bigger than the filthy cages that shocked me last time.  The horses (I have always wanted a horse) were some of the most beautiful ones I had ever seen. I can tell a sway back and a roman nose rental horse from one of these magnificent creatures! As a teenager I rode the first while I dreamed of one day owning one of the latter!

What are we to do with the Circus as we know it?

Here is what I saw today:

  • I saw developmental delayed adults with 'special needs' having a wonderful time.
  • I saw families bonding, of all ages, married, single, and falling in love.
  • There were a lot of people employed because of this 'event'.
  • I saw performers interacting with the crowd at the pre-show, even letting us try on some costumes. The energy was genuine, heart felt, and polite.
  • I saw horses and poodles do amazing feats. Their energy was happy and open.
  • There were two clowns who did an amazing magic show with rabbits. They actually made it seem like a rabbit ate a snake! It got 'bigger'. LOL.
  • I saw clowns of ages, sizes, nationalities doing what they do best to make people laugh!
  • I realized the Circus is a form of entertainment that is not language-limited--it is HUMAN.
  • There were some of the most in-shape performers I had ever seen. Once I gave anesthesia to a Cirque du Soleil performer--the physiology was incredible!
  • I saw the elephants. One looked me in the eye, and this was all it had ever known, and it 'liked' performing. I saw another who was miserable and sad perform in the same act.
  • I met a woman taking photos on a fake tiger in front of a green screen, who 'traveled with the circus'. She said, 'You have to interview or know somebody' to 'run away and join the circus'. She was very kind.

One of the most noteworthy acts pitted 'boys versus girls' in a 'challenge'. The dancers were all pink or blue. And two female acrobats 'competed' against two males. 

But then they switched.

There was a display of strong females TOGETHER with strong male partners.

I had never seen such a thing. It was groundbreaking to see the women 'support' the men for a handstand up on top of them! Duality is going away with this act, I thought to myself.

Here is how I see it--the elephants, Asian elephants to be exact, live in the largest community of elephants on the continent. Back 'home' in Thailand, for example, they too would work. Their natural habitat, I understand, is threatened. I have seen the brutal 'breaking' of an elephant calf on a National Geographic video. It is torture. There is no other way to say it. 

On the one hand, the protesters are 'right' but the next 'chess move' simply does not make sense in this day and age. The same is true for the tigers.

If we take the protester argument further, then all domesticated animals such as cats, dogs, horses, and rabbits belong in the wild too. Then they would starve. And where would they live?

The answer is somewhere out there. And for everyone, the answer is not going to be the same. This is because it is linked to the 'level of Consciousness' or 'Vibration'. 

I asked and Spirit said the protesters are indigos doing what indigos do. They don't care about the ramifications, they care about 'righting wrongs' and 'awakening others'. 


But in my heart, which is the way to 'see' things in the higher dimensions, I 'saw':
  • beautiful animals which were very healthy
  • people doing what they love (Like the Wallendas)
  • families having a good time
  • some not-so-happy elephants
  • protesters doing their thing but falling short because of the 'rain on your parade' vibe
  • I saw mass-marketing of poison to the public in 'food' with very low nutritional value at super expensive prices
  • I saw marketing of merchandise that was built to sell and make it very hard for parents to say 'no' without feeling bad
It got me thinking.

So, you may ask, what did I do about it?

Well, at the beginning of the performance, I was given the 'green ray'. It is a form of healing from Koot Humi, an Ascended Master. Because of my desire to learn and to help with this complex social problem of the circus, this blessing was given to me. I was asked to send it the whole show to everyone that was present, humans and animals included.

That's what I did. I sat there with palms up except for when I was clapping.

It was a good day. Let's see what all that healing shall do. For sure, it's a start!


Reiki Doc