Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Rosary 999

I drove by my old church today. They have made changes to it. I only stopped going one year ago. I read Cobra's Little Red Pill and that pretty much did it. I drove by the new buildings tonight and I was thankful I hadn't spent any money toward it. I used to be a very big contributor to the Church.

One of the things that made me switch too was on a search for some blog post I turned up a web post by a disgruntled nun who used to work for Mother you-know-who in Calcutta. Apparently they had to write thank you notes for donations, but no one was sure where all the money would go. It went to a bank somewhere.

I like to think it went to a fund that had been set up by St. Germaine. But most likely, it was for 'secret ops' type resources as alleged by Cobra's Little Red Pill and the eyewitnesses from the Holocaust that are in it.

I didn't miss the church.

I used to really enjoy it.

I loved the mass, confession, lighting candles, donuts, incense, holy water, and the rosary.

I got my first one as a gift when I turned twenty-one. It was from my boyfriend's mother. I learned to use it and prayed every day. (I saw my first one, at Linda Mc Carthey's home when I was six. It was enchanting, and my first spiritual 'connection' to my past. I wanted it so much I put it in my pocket and took it home. How odd a reaction to a rosary, to want it so much to break one of the commandments? Before you even knew what a commandment was? That is me!) I still have a special devotion to Blessed Mother and intend to keep it!

There was a lot of comfort in the church. I went by myself. I didn't care. I loved the time of raising communion up to bless it (you get one wish each for the cup and the host--prayer is always strongest then). I loved being close to Heaven, and I could see angels in the rafters when I would go. I also enjoyed the meditation after communion. That is when I saw, well, 'things' most, and got to know 'them' best. I always wondered though, why Jesus would wear a space suit and not a robe? I didn't tell anyone because they wouldn't care and they wouldn't understand. He was very kind and has the most beautiful handsome eyes. You know who he is no matter what he is wearing! It is totally obvious.

I like Sundays better now. It is 'one less thing' I have to fit in. Now I give my charitable donations to other causes, usually animal ones like the zoo and rescuing the sea lions and seals in the area.

How do you get a catholic to leave the church? Well, technically, I never actually 'did', because I just stopped going. It took a lot of increase in consciousness to get me to stop writing checks and feeling good about giving them money. It took only a few Sundays doing what I wanted to do though to 'seal the deal'. So much less stress on Sunday morning!

If you love your church, that is fine! Church is a very good thing--up to a point. When the relaxation starts to 'kick in' that 'you are saved' that is the time to start worrying. There is so much individualized learning and growth that once you get 'comfortable' that is a sign you may not be growing in faith, in spirit, and in Light as fast as you could 'on your own'.

That is why meditation is important to 'reconnect' you spirit to source and not to a building or people or traditions.

I love to chant, and I embrace Buddhism with open heart. Many of my attitudes are from the East.
Especially this, 'my religion is Kindness'--says the Dalai Lama.

And Love is The Solution For Everything.

Think about it.

Aloha and Mahalo,

Reiki Doc