Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Anesthesia Tech Mediumship

Our anesthesia tech was extra friendly yesterday morning. She was even walking with me down the hall. She usually doesn't.

At the last second before I had to go, she stopped and asked a favor; she had felt something poking her in the ribs for the last two days, and wanted to know 'what it was'.

From where she pointed (there was nothing there like gallbladder or anything) and the look in her eyes I understood it was Spirit that was troubling her.

So in the middle of the hall of the O.R., I stopped. I opened my chakras. And I scanned.

Sure enough, over the left shoulder was a short woman who looked like Grannie on The Beverly Hillbillies. With spectacles and a bun. She was smiling.

The messages were:

  • I am proud of you
  • Fly high! (reach for high goals--today I see that it is support of the deceased loved one that will help make things 'happen' to reach them.)
No more messages came.

I closed my chakras. She thanked me. And we both went on with our day.


Reiki Doc