Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Swimming With The Dolphins

I want to share with you about the energy I felt when I was swimming with the dolphins in Waianae, Oahu. Hawaii has 'spinner dolphins' who leap up out of the water and spin like a top while they are in the air.

I felt 'called' to go swim with them, and booked the tour a day in advance.

Little did I know they were 'called' too: the boat driver had noticed them offshore by the marina when she parked her car for work. The dolphins never 'come in' like that, but today they had.

This eliminated the time spent looking for dolphins, and immediately provided our tour with an opportunity to SWIM!

I sent Divine Peace Healing from right here in the water with them. See how close one came to me? It is marvelous and exciting--you hear them long before you actually see. And in hearing them, you know that through their echolocation they are watching 'you' from a distance. 

In the pod, I felt 'home'. I never wanted to leave. After the initial excitement, I worked to focus my energy to one of Love and Unity and Light. I just floated and prayed for the dolphins to make one last pass through our group. 

These are the three that answered my prayer. I 'sensed' that they were 'checking me out' energetically, and they 'noticed' my 'work' in trying to focus my intent. They passed slowly, and silently, and I felt they were regarding me as they made that last trip.

They had work to do, dolphin things...I 'knew'. But they were surprised that I was 'different' in a nice 'dolphin' way.

I highly recommend taking a dolphin tour to meet them when you are in Hawaii. <3


Reiki Doc