Thursday, April 30, 2015

Gaia News Brief 2 May 2015

Life At Home

A long time ago, my ex-chairman told the head of Quality Control, that her academic days would be 'more busy than her days in the OR'.  Before that, academic days were nice, a breather or sorts, a chance to work on projects and relax a bit.

When I was first pregnant with Anthony, often I would go and lie down in the call room, because the pregnancy made me exhausted, and I could rest.

Today I had the day off, for I worked late last night.

Surprisingly, I slept in bed, past nine-thirty. This is unheard of for me...but I just wanted to enjoy the comfort of being home.

I talked with three friends and relatives, enjoying the conversations very much.

I also talked with a neighbor as I watered the plants.

I discovered a big bloated rat stuck in a trap outside--in less than two minutes I had it out in the garbage (double plastic bags) and the trap re-set. For every one I catch, there are less babies.  Each time I pray for the day to come soon when lions will lie with lambs, in Peace, and all of this rat business in my home will stop.  I haven't heard anything in the walls today, and for me, that's a super good thing.

There are two things I notice recently--there is a 'shift' towards a 'mañana' type of perspective in me. I still get the same things done, but I don't totally stress about it. The other is more insidious--my appetite is changed. I can go longer without food. I still get hungry, and water is amazing I enjoy it deeply!,  but now I am down to about two meals a day. I asked if perhaps I am nearing the 'zero-point' (please look that one up, okay, it's like, in layman's terms, when 'time stands still' metaphysically).  The answer is 'yes'.  Yes, I forget, there is one last thing--activities I wish with all my heart to do, such as making bracelets or cooking lasagna--are having to wait--entire weeks at a time--because I am so busy. I feel as if I am being 'tested', and I am calm and accepting of What Is.

My Commute

Gaia was called back to the Highest Council. Everyone there expressed their concern for Her well-being. They wanted to check up on how she is? She was happy to report she is feeling much better.

Something happened earlier in the afternoon, where all her star gates opened, and Light is being directed with furious strength into them by the Archangels and the Ascended Masters.

She likes the feeling, and is happy for the assistance, she said.

They made to Her two promises, one for now, and one for later. They are both confidential at this time, on a need-to-know basis.

She saw their faces, and smiles. She was happy and surprised to see one of the Council had red hair and freckles and a very angular face with a pointed chin. his smile was warm and engaging.

She said it felt like they were Divine Father's old golf buddies...and she was very happy to be called back to see them so she could say 'thank you' for all that is being done to help Her feel better.

The Meeting

I was dressed up and went to a meeting for a project in The Board Room at my hospital. I am on the Steering Committee. And I did WELL. Someone said, 'you get a GOLD STAR!' because out of twenty people in my department who needed to sign up for computer training, all the major players, and all but one of the per diem anesthesiologists signed up before the deadline!

It felt wonderful to have made our department look very good to the team.

The whole time I was there, I enjoyed working with my other team members, and also, in the back of my mind, I thought--this is what it is like for those who are helping US!...

The Red Hawk

Instead of flying this one was resting on a lamp pole. But the message is the same. In Native American Tradition, HAWK is a Messenger.

I was on the alert for a 'sign'--scanning the license plates...

It came in this song:

One day, your day will come...

Then I also saw this license plate:  BCH2MRW   

I love it!

(I also learned that 'grains de nacre' is the French word for 'rosary'--it was a song, and also, they played a cover of this classic French song on the way home, too. love Sirius station 163)

High Vibration Food

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of eating food that is very rich in nutrients and very high in vibration. Tonight I had vegetarian from my favorite place, Au Lac.

Yesterday, a high-ranking person in the administration sat to talk with me, to 'share' about her son, and mine--both have had some 'rough patches'...Hers is thirty, lives at home, and takes a lot of medication.  She was concerned how he puts the peanut butter in the blender for the smoothie and it's so hard to clean (he's a health conscious person).   I smiled and said, 'why not add a drop of dish soap to some water, and run it on very high speed? It will clean it and you won't have to do the work?'

She commented on how I ate 'so many vegetables!' and pointed to my salad, which had a ton of tofu and also a piece of blackened salmon on it.

I said, 'This food is from God. It is full of Light and is made by God and Nature. Macaroni and cheese, and foods like it, are made by Man. Our bodies are made to run on the very best fuel possible. So this is my Premium 'gasoline' I choose to put into my 'tank' to keep my body healthy.'

She smiled, and said, 'I have never heard anyone explain that one so simply and so that I could understand!'

She is a very nice lady, Vietnamese.  She went to the same piano conservatory back home in Saigon as the owner of Au Lac. They both knew each other at age thirteen or fourteen.

It's a small world.

Talk To The Bear Please!

Anthony rushes through his classwork at school. The teacher complains he is 'not doing his very best' work.

He says, 'Mom! If I'm not fast, I'll have lots of homework!'

I can see his point. I can also see a pattern. And earlier, his interest in his cell phone made me ask 'what's going on?'--apparently two friends had 'blocked him'...he was trying to figure it out...

So when he didn't want to talk about his study habits, turned his back to me in anger, and shoved his huge stuffed animal at me, saying, 'TALK TO THE BEAR!'--I took his cell phone away for two days.

I let him cool down, and also, gave him an excuse for the friendship thing on the phone.

Then I had to tell Jared! It sounded ridiculous explaining the whole thing. I was worried I had thrown Anthony under the bus, his father is very strict.

Apparently, now Anthony is at my house, he explained, 'His father thought it was funny and kind of cute' what Anthony did to me.

I do too.

He sure noticed when I took away that phone though! Next time anything more serious, and I take it away again. LOL


I'm so glad Anthony is home. I love to hear his jokes and laugher. He lost a tooth last night while brushing his teeth. I think it's his last one he has to lose. 

Every second of life is a most precious gift!


Thank you for answering my call I made to you in earnest last night about Gaia Sophia.

I have monitors, and they are going UP on all the heart centers. Your continued efforts to heal Gaia, are right in the nick of time.  I want you to continue, for you shall affect those in your midst, both online and in your communities.

And THEN we shall commence with all that has been planned to restore Gaia and her beautiful habitats and ecosystems--together--using our full technology the moment the vibrations are high enough here for us to know what I mean when I say, 'to safely (work with the) land'...

(huge big grin--ed)

I love you. Thank you for helping my wife with your hearts, Reiki, and prayers.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Gaia News Brief 1 May 2015

Gaia Has 'Scabies'

This is an example of how the Universe will drive home a point...

This morning was not pretty. Imagine me eating the partially still frozen croissandwich for breakfast in the car so Anthony could have the all-the-way cooked one on the way to school. We had stayed up to almost ten-thirty watching the basketball playoffs--he loves loves loves basketball--so this morning I let us sleep in a little late.

That's why I didn't write.

I wonder if all the meat and cheese and egg eaters would still eat them if they were served like this? I thought to myself.  It sure wasn't tasty. But the coffee was excellent, and Anthony got off to school without a hitch.

I had a wonderful line-up of cases, the one I requested. And I was ready to have a good day...

This mood 'hit' me all of a sudden--and long story short--I was witness to Gaia asking for a divorce--from her inhabitants. She went to the highest council, saying, they love nothing but money, and they pursue this to the destruction of my delicate ecosystems. They won't stop! I don't care. I want to go home.  I don't LIKE all this 'rescue' because it has nothing to do with my wishes. All I see is that there is going to be some stupid party at the end, that I didn't plan, and I have to wear a fake smile on my face while everyone goes freakazoid over the stinking money.  They are users and takers, and just as guilty for letting those who do not have our best interest at heart abuse me, as the abusers themselves!  She went to the Divine Father, and wanted nothing to do with the leaders of the movement to 'save her' who she otherwise loves and adores.  Divine Father took her to Highest Council--which is led by His counterparts from other Universes. They are very kind and understanding. They permitted her her wish to be in their energies through the day...and avoid all thoughts whatsoever of Her Plight.

By the time I got to work, I had called my mom to let her know the home phone was now working--she made me laugh with her sharing how much she likes the new Buddha statues her hairdresser had given her.  Susan is Chinese, and takes care of MANY elderly Chinese in her community who have outlived their friends and family, and would otherwise be forgotten. She also brings things like mint from her garden to my mom, and she also picks up my mom to take her to her hair appointments. She works on mom's nails too, to keep her feet healthy--no paint--just clean.  Susan says the one thing she doesn't understand is how 'tight the old ladies are with their money'?  She does the shopping for them, and every item they question if she bought it at the cheapest price?  (ed--I can't believe how these women, who are getting a fifteen to twenty dollar an hour service for free from Susan--who says, 'I want a nice life in the next life so this is why I do kindness in this one now'--are so misguided in their perception of 'value'--but that's just my own two cents).  Mom confessed she 'prays to Jesus every day, but she's always felt 'closer' to Buddha'.  She has a big one on the living room table, and a smaller one right next to her bed. I think this was my favorite conversation with mom I've ever had.

Anyhow...there was a short break and I was able to share my 'observations' from the commute with a very close friend who would 'understand'.  As we spoke, we realized Gaia needed to vent. A LOT. And she did. About everything. We did what we could to make it better.  Gaia went on and on about Bob Fickes' article on 'how to take advantage of Gaia's gifts'--a special energy boost she sends out every morning around sunrise...'just like the yogi's'....Gaia was ranting on and on about him because he never ONCE said a PEEP about 'giving anything BACK' to Her!  Just take! Take! Take! Take! Take!  Gaia has had it. That's why she wants a divorce from her people.

Ross also came into the situation that same hour. He asked Gaia, 'Do you know I come from a place of only pure and holy love for You? Do you trust me?'

She said, 'Yes'.

He asked, 'Will you listen to me, and answer my questions?'

She said, 'I will.'

Long story short, Ross figured out she is concerned because there is NO GUARANTEE that the prosperity packages won't place a massive strain upon her already damaged delicate ecosystems.

He showed her an image of the emaciated people in Africa who have no food.

Would you give a prosperity package to them?, he asked?

If they need food give them food, clothing, and shelter, she said, calmly.

We are One, he said, gently.

She agreed, we are One.

Then she asked, if it would be possible, for all those who donated or supported the Light--would have their energy and resources be returned in kind, as a priority, before the rest?

She also, after some thought, requested that a class be taken--with a test to demonstrate responsibility of sufficient level to not further injure Her--happen before any direct gifts. (by the way, she was angry that Sheldan Nidle's message excluded those who lack bank accounts--the very ones who need money and aid the MOST!--ed)

Then came the patients...

When I saw the drug abusing diabetic with a serious infection requiring surgery--and scabies--I watched both myself and the team. This patient had been recently taken care of, and was coming back. It was my turn.

We are One.

And this one is contagious like you wouldn't believe! Everyone dressed up with extra protection like for Ebola (there's a cure for scabies, but they itch really bad when you have them). And I could see the good hearted colleagues grossing out over this patient's mess of medical 'issues'--and still working as a team and doing the work that needed to be done. The patient had not much clue about how we were going to fix it, and only wanted the pain to stop.

I looked and said, 'This must be how Gaia in Her current condition is to the Galactics--Really Messed Up--and with cooties you can catch!' and I smiled.

Next patient was a double procedure--And it turns out the diagnosis was metastatic cancer causing both problems...Again was the thought, this patient is way sicker then they realize, it's near the end, and they are acting like normal and all they want is for the pain to stop!

Ross was really sweet tonight. He told me not to write. He wanted me to relax, and just enjoy my few hours of freedom...before I went to sleep.

But I saw this:

The Universe has spoken.

And Gaia is probably a LOT sicker than even she would ever realize.

Divorcing her people over money--they love IT more than HER--is not possible because we are One.

They are HER and SHE is them.

It is impossible.

When you see Her at 'the parties', once She is 'set free' and 'healed'--she wants to make it clear, in her heart of hearts, she would prefer to be at home in her robe and slippers, and having a nice cup of tea, and reading a book...than having to make small talk...that is Her way.


I had to say something.  I didn't know what I am going to say before, and now I do.

I am doing my best--with Balance--of the needs of both Gaia and Her People. They belong to me--both Gaia, and ALL of Her People.

When the needs of the one are imbalanced, the other experiences pain, and great suffering.

There is much talk about the earthquakes and the riots...among you. And you think, 'how awful! how can this be happening to me? To us?'

And no one ever stops and thinks--not one second--about the impact it has on Gaia.  Both on her physical realm...but more importantly, on her energy body!

Think for one moment, I ask this of you, from my heart, to consider the effect of the negative imprint that each unkindness, each crime, each hatred, each war!--has left on Her.  Her energy body is pockmarked more than the moon with all its craters! I kid you not! I am not underestimating the ravage that has been happening to Her.

I had to speak.

I sent the message earlier to Gaia, our Gaia Sophia, that I DIED for her! And I sent the message twice. She knew it was I who sent it...for Gaia and Her People are One...along with me, who is in effect, their caretaker.

I only want the best for mine--my ones who are under my care--and I will not rest until everyone who has it in their original Pre Birth Contract--to be here at this significant and most auspicious time--to come through the Awakening and Ascension and Liberation of the Planet--unscathed.

It is my promise to you.

And to my wife.  My beautiful, beautiful, beloved...I wish you good night...try to get some have made a lot of growth today....for all of us.

And I thank you for capturing it, for the world, well, of those who are interested. (smiles)

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla, your friends and your Star Family.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Gaia News Brief 30.4.2015


I learned SO much while having to turn the water off to the house to slow the leak in the garage before it was fixed.  I found I only would turn the water main on for essential needs, for very short and calculated periods of time:

  • washing dishes
  • laundry
  • cooking
  • bathing
  • flushing
  • watering the plants
Here are some solutions I 'discovered' I had overlooked without realizing it--areas to cut wasting water:
  • I kept a water bottle at the sink for washing hands, and brushing teeth. During the 'on' water times for flushes, I would go and refill it. My son had three water bottles in his sink too--it was hard for him to use less.
  • I 'staggered' water needing activities to overlap--laundry, dishwasher, and garden--to keep water 'on' time to a minimum.
  • I emptied the pet bowls into the plants--I have several pets so this is quite a bit that adds up.
  • We have bottled water--gallons of it--so actually our water drinking requirements weren't linked to the sink.
  • I remembered the saying from my microbiologist friend, about disaster management--in the event of a shutoff of water, he would use the swimming pool as a reservoir to pull buckets to use to flush the toilets for the family.
Where mom grew up, in San Biagio Platani, outside of Agrigento in Sicily, the water was only 'on' for two hours a day. The families had to go to the town square to collect their water in large vessels of clay, for use in the home.

Where I went often, at the desert land in the high Mojave, we as a family would bring all of our water in plastic containers.  Perhaps there were six or seven five-gallon containers for us all. We had an outhouse. So the only water use was for hand-washing, brushing your teeth, drinking, and washing your face. Once a trip we got a 'shower'' where it was with cold water in the outside shower.  We never worried about running out. Everything always worked out. (The nearest water was a windmill about three miles away, but that was a bonus, if it was working--otherwise it was forty miles to the nearest road, and not even the nearest rest stop.)

Something New

These new bird feeders were on clearance two for one special at my local hardware store. I didn't know--I've fed wild birds for years--that not only do bird feeders need to be sanitized at every refill (how can wood do this? It's porous! LOL) but if you hang them always in one spot in time it can cause disease for ground-feeding birds who pick up the seeds where the other birds spill them and poop below.

It's compostable, too.

It's easy to assemble, and all in all, I am glad I learned a little more about caring for birds.

You know in nature, all 'feeders' (plants) have much less risk of disease for the birds, because they are not localized, and they regrow. so they are biodegradable too!

Whirlwind Anesthesia

Today was a fascinating day, that felt like I was a show horse being 'ridden' by my 'angels' and 'put through my paces'...

I did four cases in a row with a notoriously fast surgeon. Instead of stressing, I found more clarity, and was just able to focus my tasks and streamline them.

I looked forward to an extra case--but two people took it. Then I went to the luxury of LUNCH!  I ate salad and vegan pizza in the sunshine for ten minutes. 

Then I was called to go do that extra case! See how much things change?

I started my last case, and no sooner had I settled in than a colleague came to relieve me! Rules are that if it's half-hour or less, I can stay. But THIS colleague was insistent!

Almost after I walked out of the OR, the restoration guy called, and was on his way to my house. The blowers are off, it's time to repair the damage.  So I met him at my home.

(I saw a Red Tailed Hawk--'messenger'--on the way home. About thirty seconds later, I saw this license plate CYREEAN...I was like Cyrene? I got it! Sirian!!!--Ross wanted me to share this with you too.)

On the way home, I had tested my home phone--we couldn't dial in, but there was a dial tone. Well by the time I made it through the phone 'trees' for all the 'if you want this press that'--I was rolling into the garage, and the lady rang my phone, and it worked!

After the business with the restoration guy, I asked him to give me a ride please to the auto mechanic to pick up my other car (I have two--an anesthesiologist always needs a back-up, to get to work)...

He said 'yes'. I gave hims  referral to an orthopedic surgeon, and also a nice yelp review earlier.

So I paid for the car-- all fixed! Then it was time for the counselor. 

I picked up my boy with no clue what to eat. I said, 'how about if we pretend we are Souplantation--I make us a salad and mac n cheese?'   He was cool with that.

Then, about two blocks later, Ross was like, 'NO!'

He wanted me to go to a place we usually have breakfast, but never dinner, and have burgers.  Ross sent a number 33 on a license plate just so I would know for sure it was him.

So dinner was fabulous! Firemen, our local truck--were in the booth next to us. 
(Ross had said, 'you work hard! I don't want you to cook and clean.')

Anthony noticed a bible verse on the wrapper of the burger--Phill 4:13.

I looked that one up on my phone. And I smiled. 

Ross is the best Twin I could ever ask for!  He went to all that trouble just for me. And for Anthony. He read his standardized test score report, and was thrilled to see he had done better than the year before!!! Ross felt such PRIDE and JOY and LOVE and GRATITUDE for Anthony's success--I know, I could feel it in my heart too (we are connected!)...

Ross asked me to write it. So I am.  He wants it written tonight.

Long story short, I am in an ocean of calm. My mind is clear. My heart is not afraid--even when unexpected things arise in my day, I effortlessly 'roll with it'.  I think this is what it is like to be in 5D...


She saw what I had done this morning. Ross too. I had posted something helpful, without reacting to it, or thinking about me.  I just did it. 

In the past, the very thought of Fran Zepeda channeling 'her' or 'them' would give me anguish like you wouldn't believe, and lots of self-doubt.

Ross said, 'You really are a Galactic now, Carla. Thank you.'

And Sophia promised me a bracelet. I hope to make it soon, with her design. She's never helped me to make one...

One Last Thing

Your happiness is IMPORTANT in the grand scheme of things. 

With it you raise the vibration of all of Gaia!

Take time to be kind to yourself sometime...'just for today' <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


I had the red hair when I was a baby! That's how I got my nickname I've had all my life, what Carla calls me...

I want you to know that  I feel for you, in what you are going through in the awakening process.  I went through it myself, before I died. It wasn't easy for me...but it is SO WORTH IT!  (he smiles)

You will be delighted at what will transpire...occur...happen... (he's really happy and smiling)

I have a surprise for you! (holds up the burger wrapper):  if I can do THIS--can you only imagine what I and my team will do when we 'pull out all the stops'?  (this is an American slang for an organ player who wants it to be really loud--and pulls all the stop knobs out at the same time, wanting it to be the best!)

I love you.

Each and every single one of you. 

Carla does too.

And so does our little Anthony...who is now taller than his mom and smaller than me...

You guides are preparing for you so many things! All of them WONDERFUL!!!  

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla and Anthony

Gaia News Brief 29.4.2015

Turn It Around

Byron Katie, a recovered drug addict, who is now a motivational speaker, uses this concept 'Turn It Around' when people get upset over something, and mull on it over and over and over, and get unhappy, Katie will probe the emotions and say, 'Turn It Around'--so that the client switches from 'my family shouldn't treat me like this' to 'my family SHOULD treat me like this'...then the questions go further, why? why? why?

And the client experiences awareness of spiritual Truth!

The lesson is learned, and the patient is FREE of the energy of worry, and fear, and repetitive thoughts making them unhappy.

Today we are going to turn around a common perception.  This article might push some buttons in you. Please bear with me to the end.

Let's Invite Them To The Party!

Please read this article:ón+Galáctica+y+Ashtar+Command%29&m=1

In summary--we are ONE and as we each increase our Vibration to experience Love and Abundance and Prosperity, some to the point of absorbing karma for others-- have TWO articles that say our lives are basically meant for joy and happiness.

It is the higher vibration people who are going to set the group vibration up enough so that everyone will be able to Ascend...together with this is the intention of the humanity 'collective consciousness'.

Here Is What Offended Me--Look for the energy behind these words:

Here Are Some Upper Middle Class Non-Americans--Look for the energy behind their words:   

Doctors Without Borders--an overview (this is the link above)

Here is Jesus' Latest Teaching:

John Smallman has blogged his channeling from Jesus for the past twelve years.  I believe them.  I look forward to them each week.

With The Last Three 'topics' above, I will let you decide...on How To Handle This:

Steve. The father of a teammate of Anthony's.  We ran into them at the gym, and we talked as the boys played basketball together.

Steve, a computer programmer, lost his job. Steve is forty-nine. And although he 'gets interviews', 'they keep hiring the younger ones instead'.

He is frustrated. He was making 'good money' before his job was outsourced to India. He has four children. Now he is home 'being Mr. Mom' and he 'hates it'.

There is a daughter going away to college in the fall who has a new car but won't drive 'because she has a chauffeur'--her parents.  There is a son at a local boarding school for high school. The other two are home schooled.

The wife is fascinating. She was one class away from finishing her Speech Pathology degree, but met her husband, and asked, 'if I marry you will I have to work or will I stay home?'--now she IS working...not the best job...but a job.

Steve could work for a job that pays about a third of what he was once making. The unemployment ran out. The severance package is almost ended. The retirement fund is next.

He had to stop the guitar lessons and the basketball coaching one-on-one sessions for his son, Anthony's friend, because of the money.

It's dire.

When I asked, 'Is there anything else you can do?'  the answer was, 'I program. I have experience. But they hire younger people'.

There is a book my sister the psychology major had me once read, called, 'Who moved my cheese?'--it helped me a great deal--some people want their old 'cheese' (what made them happy) BACK. Others, go look for new 'cheese', and go through the maze to find it.

I shared how I once had a friend, who got a free membership to the gym, because her family was sponsored for Christmas. She was the one I ran to when I lost my teaching job. And I asked for aid at the preschool for the tuition. I didn't know when I would be back on my feet.  She let me know the resources, and how to stay calm and focused, over a cup of tea while our two boys played.

It happens to everyone, and to more people who are mid-career, than you might think.

Here are the tough questions:

  • Energetically, how close is Steve to 'rock bottom', the place where 'what you've been doing isn't working for you' and 'the motivation is found'?
  • What will make Steve try something new?
  • Is Steve still in the grieving process (he and his wife had thought hard work a full career would lead to a successful retirement)?
  • How much should the children pitch in? Should they be 'protected' from the situation?
  • Where are the true gifts money can't buy? (for example, health, children...)
  • How much pressure is Steve putting on himself to be 'the breadwinner' in this situation?
  • What effect, if any, is my listening, my energy, my Reiki to his Guardian Angel--going to have on the situation?
  • As a society, especially a society of energy healers, how do we balance 'the lesson and the life script' with 'the material needs' and 'the energy of the situation'?


You cannot hide from the sun.

You cannot avoid suffering.

Your life is a bouncing back and forth between the Illusion of Joy and Pain, the Separation from Source, and from me--as the many legends that have been taught about me, and my 'teachings'.

What have I taught you?

What have I taught you as a member of this group, who listens to Carla just as much as to what I say and do for advice to you?

That everything is balanced.

That everything is beautiful and perfect, just the way it is.

That you are never alone in struggle--I and your guides are always beside you, so (smiles) 'pick up the phone'.

You don't have to do it alone.

You never did.

Steve told Carla yesterday that, 'I have a lot of people praying for me' if it didn't help.

But it does.

Carla made a quick, and urgent, request to me in silence of her heart, for Steve, and his suffering.

Ross, honey? Is there anything you can do?

She knows I know the 'whole picture'--the sum total of the karma, the life lessons, the very fibre of the soul in question itself. We work with souls, me and Carla, when she is not incarnate like she is. It's our 'thing' back where we came from, healing souls and helping them grow, to nurture them.

I told her, 'I am on it!'

Steve will find his way, both with an attitude adjustment and a feeling of accomplishment that a 'miracle' wouldn't give. It will take time, and lots of guidance for him, but he will find a solution to the predicament.

I have Archangel Nathaniel on it.  We reviewed the situation together, he and I, and he has some very appealing ideas for forward movement. 

The karma of everyone is involved, the family, not just the father. And the interaction between them all is complex. That's why it is in the expertise of Archangel Nathaniel.

How about you?

Carla asks me all the time about 'our people', 'our Ones', the ones who actively follow her--are following US?

I'll tell you a little secret:  when you are asleep, and you go up here, it is a whole other WORLD! For in your heart you are warriors of the likes of Archangel Nathaniel himself!

The best at the tricky cases, the difficult ones, the 'impossible situations' from which 'no one can recover'--and yet you do.  

You are honing your skills at this right now as we speak with this incarnation.

The Illusion is going away. And you will be all the more proud of yourselves and your accomplishments.

Thank you for thinking about Steve, and applying what is taught in this lesson. All of it. It is very important for you.

What is Jesus? What is the expectation of what He has taught? Is he me and you? Where is he? Where does he live? And why do I ask you to work with his teachings from John Smallman rather than 'what is at church'?

The fact of the matter is that everyone is at their own level of development. And those fancy car upper-middle class are doing the best they can do to be like Him.

They don't know any other way.

So I ask you, to take some time for the next few days, and reflect on what I have just said. This whole lesson, for I work with Carla closely, right at her side, as we prepare these articles for you.  Reflect on everything. And feel what warmth and awakening flows out of your heart!

Enjoy it!

Ross and Carla
The Reiki Doc Twins 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Gaia News Brief 28.4.2015

Humble Pie

Today was a day that was most noticeably sent by my Team.  With a late start, the doorbell rang, and the phone repairman arrived without warning after I had requested phone service last night (the lines went down with the garage leak).  His name was Phillip, and I thought of my friend Ming right away.

At the same time, the cleaning service arrived. I had to apologize to them. Last Monday, I had intended to leave the water off to the house, and also, I couldn't leave a voicemail, to cancel, so I sent an email instead. Well they showed up and the water had been left on all day in the house, creating even MORE damage!  I confronted the manager. She called the people.  They defended themselves. I got angry and I said, 'DON'T COME BACK!'

I apologized last night. I explained how when I tried to cancel I was at work, my patient had coded earlier and now has anoxic brain injury, their mailbox was full...and this was the FIFTH leak in my home in five years. I asked for forgiveness, and if they would still  have me, I would love to have the team clean my house.

Imagine my surprise when it was Ofelia and Isabel, you haven't cleaned my home in years since Isabel had breast cancer. And there was one more person too.  (the house is REALLY nice today--my team does excellent work.)...

Then at my work, even though everything went okay, and I finished early, I was called on the carpet for some other things:

  • I had sent an 'it's not safe' email to my boss and the OR people, about a new suite where we do general anesthesia often. I had relieved someone, and it was a nightmare the set up I had walked into. I knew from the technicians who help us, that nobody liked it, it was scary, and someone had to speak up. So without hesitation, I wrote a very nice letter, praising the place, asking for changes, and offering to help raise the standard of care. It got forwarded to the wrong hands, and made a political nightmare; I actually thought perhaps 'I shot myself in the foot' when I hit 'send'. So my boss and the Number 2 in command told me it's not cool to write these things, they walked me there, they humiliated me by showing me how 'other people do it', etc. I apologized again and again. 
  • My boss also needed to talk to me about how yesterday I was called in to work on an emergency, but once I arrived I was told I wasn't needed. I can't tell you more. But it's a BIG problem, and my boss needed all the information I could give about the times, etc. Fortunately, a senior partner had me write a note in the patient chart that 'I was there' it's out of my hands.  I actually LIKE the surgeon I was to work with, and I did my best to smooth things out.  I told him how I actually lost money--the gas and the other expenses--by being called in and not being able to work.
  • AT work we need to do computer training. Getting people to sign up is really hard, way worse than other social functions (can you imagine four hours of mandatory training that are not paid?)  So I explained to my boss and showed him how I am getting the sign ups before the next 'Big Meeting' on Thursday, so 'we will look good'.  I apologized one more time about the first 'dot' topic, and he said, 'don't worry about it'.

Elvis and Me

On the way in to work this morning, I heard THIS song, quite clearly, in my mind:

Then ROSS popped in, as if he was singing. Then he faded out, and each member of my team--Michael, Raphael, Merlin, Ashtar, and Divine Father singing a few bars and then fading away.

They never realized in this incarnation I felt 'unloveable'--and they wanted me to know that not only am I loved, I am a 'heartbreaker' them.

I was super happy for this.


On the way home, Sophia called me to her.  I asked if I was in trouble?  She smiled and said, 'How can you be in trouble? There are no mistakes, only learning.'

Then she asked the kicker--'what did you learn about yourself today?'

'I'm a hothead' I told her, embarrassed.  I explained how the emotional body just does things sometimes, and it's really hard to find my way. I embarrassed myself with both the cleaning people--and the new angio suite--I was horrified at how it all 'came down'.

She gently explained, that  it is because I am HUMAN.  And she asked how the other people took it?

I confessed that they we accommodating, and forgave me. They gave me another chance to move on.

Around this time, even though she was very nice, I felt an intense wave of STUPID. I was humiliated to be in Her presence. I wanted to HIDE and RUN to Ross and bury my face in his chest. 

I told her I couldn't believe how STUPID I am, and how even though by earth standards I am bright, there is NO comparison to Sophia herself, even if somehow she is a part of me and I a part of her.

She told me I can run to her, as well as to Ross, it's okay.

So I did. I ran and I cried and everything came out about being incarnate, how it's so hard, and I just don't know when it will ever end?  She looked at me, and explained how she believed I could do it, that I was the one for the job, and all would be well.

Then she let me run to Ross, which I did, in about a nanosecond.

As he held me, I heard this song, and I knew Sophia had sent it:

The Light Box

Ross told me it was time for me to go back into the Light Box for a touch up. I hadn't been in ages. And I knew it was time for me to go.

I went willingly, and didn't even ask for my teddy bear, because I was so contrite.

As I started to go in (it looks a lot like this--with your third eye you see it and your consciousness/Light Body goes in), I asked for some of those stupid glasses you wear in the suntan booth and asked if I'd have 'glowing skin' with a 'healthy tan' this time when I was done?

I am afraid of these things, I hate to go in there, and as they shut the lid, I started to cry. It's like coffins to me, and I hate them. Ross, my Twin, understood (we share the same energetic heart)--so he threw in my old Light Box Teddy Bear, and I held it with all my might.

I felt the sensations, like being in an MRI scanner--the brain feels 'funny'.

Then I commented on how awful it seems to have to go in there in the first place, because I am 'dirty'.

This stopped everything! Although it was only for five minutes, the Galactics all looked at each other, startled, as if they had never once in a million years thought maybe someone might think we have to go into those things not for 'healing' but 'because there is something wrong with us that needs to be fixed'.  I was right, and in my simple way, I taught them something important from the human perspective--I feel like 'damaged goods'.

Ross explained how this is for helping me, to get back what I once had, before I came here, and there is in no way any implying that I am 'not good enough' or 'dirty'...

So they closed the lid again, and in a short time, it was done.

I had a rat with me, from the pet shop, because on Mondays we feed the snake. It was adorable. Ross had told me not to look when the snake ate. I didn't. But the snake struck, and the rat screamed in pain and fear.

I started crying.

I sat on the stairs, and bawled. horrified at the commonplace of death in order for some to eat.

This was something new that was the result of the Light Box--I sensed it. To burst out in tears like that at the suffering. I see suffering every day, I have to live with it, in my work.

Ross tried very hard to get my attention. He said, 'look he is trying very hard to come to me!' And then once across to The Other Side, Ross showed me the smiling dark-haired gentleman who was the rat as I knew him incarnate. They were both smiling. And Ross said, 'Look! How happy the snake is, for he had something to eat!'

Ross is the best husband ever...

Sophia had told me when we were together that 'it would only be a short time' until I am out of the Illusion. And I asked, apprehensively, 'is this through death?'

She said no.

I was told to write all of this now, today.

Anthony needs new shoes. He wants me to pick him up from school....There isn't much more except I ate lunch on my porch swing, at three, after the snake ate. And I sat for ten minutes in the sun. 


I will write more tomorrow. I want this to go out as soon as possible, for many of you will be encountering YOUR personal Light Boxes. Always look them up--Carla has written about them. Use the Search Box in the top right hand corner.

They are happy places, filled with healing Light. They are comfortable. And painless. Carla is a little anxious, but even you may ask to borrow Carla's Teddy Bear, any time.  It has some of Carla's tears on them, but they are dry. It smells like her too, her fragrance, for Carla is very sweet. To me, and to all of us...

Anthony asked his mom 'what's it like where Ross is?' and also 'Where is God?'  Carla guessed God is at the 320 dimension, but actually I corrected her by telling Anthony it's the 330 dimension now.

I like it how he is waking up.

He has holes in his shoes right now. He plays too hard in them! He is all boy!

I will find the shoes that are just right for him to play all the harder...I love him.

Aloha and mahalos,

Ross and Carla

Gaia News Brief 27.4.2015

Giving Thankfulness

Today I have one case. It starts later in the day. So I give thanks! I am well-rested. Yesterday I spent quality time with both Ross (before Anthony came home) and Anthony (movie and basketball together).

I listened to my guidance--I didn't stop at the store to buy dinner items, I used what was in the house. I gave Anthony pickle slices with dinner just to see if he'd like them? He did. And for 'dessert' for the first time I gave him Mexican Hot Chocolate I made for us. (It's usually a treat I enjoy when he is with his dad).  He liked that too.

It is most peaceful now. The birds are singing. It's not dark! LOL--the sun it UP! (very rare for me when I am not on vacation).

The energies 'out there' are really pleasant.

My secret? Last night, I gave thanks 'Masaru Emoto style'--I gave thanks for everything tomorrow in the past tense before it even happened!

I want to do this again and again.

Where is Reiki?

Our local community hospital by my house (not the one where I work) sent a newsletter for spring and summer.

What caught my interest is the inclusion of Massage and Skin Therapy.  For ninety-dollars, you can arrange for a fifty-minute healing session with a massage therapist or esthetician. For more you can get a longer session.   They have Clinical Aromatherapy for Postpartum Depression, Oncology Massage, Postpartum Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Restorative Healing Massage, Skin Therapy Treatment, Sports Massage and Wellness Massage.

Why are the Reiki Services provided by most hospitals for free?

Why have we as Reiki Practitioners volunteered for this at all of the Wellness Centers in the hospitals across the world?

Why don't Reiki Practitioners get compensation for their services like the massage therapists?

Is this part of the Higher Realms, in our midst?  Or this undervaluing ourselves and our healing skills we worked so hard to learn?

I would love to hear your opinion on this.

I send my distance healing every day, for free, with no concept of the 'energy exchange', because it is my soul calling to do so.  When people send it back, I smile, and my heart sings, because it is not expected. My circumstance is atypical. I'd like to know what you think about the 'free volunteer Reiki to patients' too.


I had Carla set the alarm for an extra ninety minutes late today. Instead of waking up at four-thirty, she woke up at six. I could hear here 'coming to' and thinking, 'is that sunlight?!' and 'are those the birds singing?' with pure delight!

I hope for her the rest of the day goes as smoothly.

About you...many of you are awakening at a faster pace than both myself and Carla. We are the 'trail blazers', the 'encouragers', in both of our lives--our ones back then and the one she is experiencing now.

There are bound to be some 'hiccups'!

Because of the higher vibration in you, some relationships that won't promote your growth are going to rapidly 'go away' and 'disappear'.


More suitable ones can't make their way 'in' to your consciousness until you 'let go' of 'what is past'.

Along the way your entire body is going to feel symptoms of the absorption of the higher energies--remember a 'Karuna Day' and the 'sudden tiredness' Carla has described?

So, for your 'spiritual tool box' in the 'HEALTH and HAPPINESS' department, your strongest medicines are:

  • herbal tea with lots of honey. It will help you anchor the energies.
  • 'grounding'--making contact with earth--with your feet, your hands (if you are gardening), sunbathing on the grass on a towel, even eating things that grow in the ground like beets, potatoes, turnips, carrots, and radishes...This helps the energy 'flow through' you and cause less 'symptoms'.
  • getting as much sunshine as you possibly can, without sunscreen, in order to let the Healing Light Codes and Sequences into your aura from the Sun. About ten minutes a day with no distractions is a minimum to achieve the healing effect.
  • try giving thanks for EVERYTHING possible you can think of, including us. Gratitude has a protective effect on the soul. 
  • forgive, forgive, forgive EVERYTHING--a lot of this is perception! of 'who has wronged us in the past'.  The past is GONE! Forgive! Forget! Ask us to erase the memories you don't want to carry. (Carla has a name for this, she uses it all the time, 'Forgive and ERASE!' she asked me this as soon as yesterday as the most recent).
  • SMILE. A smile can do wondrous things for your energy, your soul, and your body. Even if you don't feel like it, the act of smiling can 'brighten things up' from within. Your face relaxes and lots of endorphins flow out to your from your brain. So why not 'act as if' you are on the 'sunny side of the street'? Soon it will be habit.
  • Always do your best to think Very Good Thoughts. It is the negativity that will hinder your progress in your Ascension. Watch for them, and say, 'I'm not giving any more of my energy to YOU!'. Simply pluck them out as soon as you notice them, and give them to the compost bag of burlap that St Germain always is near and carrying around. He knows how to make something good of them.
Is this enough? Try to drink clear water that is blessed (you may bless it yourself with Love and Gratitude) all throughout the day. This will help you too.

With all our love,
Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc Illuminated Twin Flame Souls 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Gaia News Brief 26.4.2015

I Heard a SNAP!

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I heard the sound of a rat trap snapping, and falling. This one sounded different--like an empty trap. I dared not get up and look. Why face a wounded rat when in the morning you can face a dead one?

My house is filled with rats. I have a rat problem. The area is wooded, and the whole town is actually filled with rats. Anywhere you look, you will find the little black traps that contain the bars of rat poison hidden deep inside, with a little hole that only rats can go in to eat the poison, and the birds and other pets and children are kept safe from accidentally getting it.

There are six feet of 'dead space' between the homes which are connected together. I've patched up every hole, used every poison, but still there are rats. The only thing that works is to keep traps out. And one of the most popular places for catching them is in the cabinet right under the sink in the master bedroom/master bath.

I've thought about patching the hole, but I remember the horrible scratching and clawing noises in the kitchen in the wall behind where I keep the pots and pans when Anthony was little. That one is patched with metal mesh to keep the pests OUT!

So between a new hole, or one where I can catch them, I pick the one where I can catch them.

This morning, before I had my coffee, went back upstairs to take a look.  I saw a tail. But with it was the most unusual sight--The rat was dead OUTSIDE the trap, lying in a pool of blood, with no obvious signs of trauma except perhaps a blunt closed head injury from when it was thrown into the 'trap' of the pipes of the sink?

The trap which was meant to 'catch' the rat, didn't, but the rat itself died nonetheless!

It 'worked' in an 'alternative manner'.

To me this was a sign. No matter what, no matter how, those who are infesting the energy of Gaia and her people, living as close as can be within society and yet 'hidden'--are on their way OUT!

I cleaned and disinfected, and the area under the sink is as good as new.

Well, the contact paper design is a little smeared after all the times I had to do this in that area, but it's ALMOST as good as new. <3

Lessons of great value might show up in the most unexpected of places

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

I have been getting the message for days now, of 'diamonds'. Words on car license plates, trucks..everywhere...

So last night, after a long day on call, driving home, I asked Divine Father, 'What are all these DIAMONDS for?'

In a nanosecond, I understood:  spirit was guiding me to use the Diamond Flame on myself.

I can borrow it. I have permission. It's a long story but just think of it as I am sixteen and am allowed to borrow the keys to the car.

I turned the Diamond Flame onto myself, cleaning all my energy, within.

This healing is typically done 'for me' by my Divine Mother and Divine Father, every day. But this was the very first time I used it on myself, and it helped very much to soothe the jagged edges from my energy of this day.

Focus On All The Love And Joy That Is Sent

Ross warned me when I woke up that 'today will be a hard day, but look for the Love and Joy that is sent with it instead.'

This echoes the Creator Writings that deeply moved me:
Let's begin. 

Ross sent me this song, while I was preparing three rooms for work--doing routine machine checks and filling the anesthetic agent tank on the anesthesia machines...

Then it started.

The complaints.

'I didn't think our conversation would be in the blog'

And it went downhill from there, with someone really 'going off' about 'people not choosing to be poor' etc etc.

I was polite. I asked for clarification and also gave permission to this person to vent.  There is someone who 'had a spiritual awakening' and 'gave up everything' and 'is an expert'.

I was like, 'okay...'

How can you compete with that? 'Experts' who have websites?

The underlying thing behind this is as someone who is increasing my vibration, I 'see' the big picture. And instead of being more comfortable where I am, with my higher vibration, I am actually LESS so, because the lower vibrations are really uncomfortable for me now. 

I get FRUSTRATED because due to the vibrational differences no matter how I explain and work at it, people just aren't able to SEE --and there is no further point in the conversation.

Let's back track a little here, so it makes sense. All of this stemmed from the 'Making Friends With Rock Bottom' and financial point of view from yesterday. It hit a nerve. And frankly, I am exasperated over the whole thing. 

I called a close friend on Skype, and laid my cards on the table:

Me:  People are getting upset over my blog!
F:     It is YOUR blog. You write on it what you want. They can take it or leave it.

Me:  How much money will it take for people to believe in God?  How much? Why does a 'prosperity package' need to arrive?
F:    I am tired of having to watch every penny. It would be nice to go to the store and see something I would like to eat and just BUY it.

Me:   I know. It's the FEAR. The contribution I give to Galactic Channelings each month met with the statement, 'It's not just being able to pay the bills, it's taking away the WORRY, giving peace of mind.'  Where does this FEAR come from?
F:   Well, the not being able to pay the bills, of course.

Me:  I am severely limited on TIME. I used to stress. And yet, recently, I stopped telling myself 'I don't have enough time'. Then the strangest thing started to happen--I stopped being late to work all the time, it wasn't so much a struggle, and I have time to enjoy with Anthony, even though I STILL work all kinds of crazy hours. It CHANGED.
F:   It sounds like you are living in The NOW Moment?

Me:  I think I might. I am also manifesting things more easily now.  I can't seem to explain this to people. I feel like I have failed in my work. What am I supposed to DO? What more can we DO?
F:  We have done our missions. We put the information out there. We blog. We heal everything and everybody every day. We talk with our teams. There is nothing more to do.

Me:  Well, how long is this going to take? I guess I will have to accept What Is, and just amuse myself as best as I can until people wake up. I can't do it for them.
F:  People have to be willing to do the inner work on themselves. We can't do it for them. There is nothing more we can do. We are not EXPECTED to do this for them, this which they must do for themselves. Nobody can do this for them.  It's not our fault. It's not anybody's fault. It just IS.

And I realized, that until I die, I won't 'be' with Ross, because this is taking forever, and it's out of my control, and that's that. I can paint and I can work...

So, let's revisit, and with pictures, I will share how Lady Gaia 'sees' this whole prosperity package situation--remember--this is Lady Gaia's point of view, as one who has been infested with carpetbaggers and scalawags since Day One.

THIS is the prosperity package--a certain amount, for an unlimited length of time, to help ease people who are struggling within 'the system'.   Many Lightworkers are looking to St Germain and 'outside' sources to bring them this.  It is 'proof' of something--validation of sorts--and dearly held belief that 'something is needed to help them awaken'.

Gaia does NOT TRUST this 'hand'. Whose is it? For whenever money is involved, there are Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart. And THESE are the beings who have attacked her, stolen her precious resources, RAPED her delicate ecosystems, and not given it a second thought. Their plan is to continue to do so until she dies. Planets can and do 'die'--along with everyone alive who inhabit them.

Here they are--Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart--and they are NOT budging!  You can't even surgically excise them from the currency. They go together, no matter what. 

Furthermore, Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart, have everyone convinced that the ONLY solution to the situation at hand is a 'temporary' gift of currency that will 'take away the fear'.

People ARE suffering! They are hungry. They are homeless. They are sick. They are lonely. they are afraid.  And they NEED HELP at once!

 Gaia does not EVER want to see any of God's Children reduced by some 'belief system' to do this:  be on their KNEES to beg for a piece of bread from The HAND--they 'system' which was created for the mutual destruction of Gaia AND Her People by Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

Gaia wants the sleeping Creator Gods (all of her inhabitants) to WAKE UP and smell the coffee! THIS is your gift, the ability to create whatever you wish -- and to bring it to you--so that you can live a life of abundance and have all your needs met.  This system works apart from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

The power of Gaia is the same as the power of the tomato to create abundance and prosperity--the tomato is one of the most profuse life forms on the planet! Why work with 'society' when you can work with her?  The natural way, that you were created to do? Without fear. Without complaints. Without efforts?

Imagine what humanity will be like, when each of us using our gifts will be able to help one another? Our gifts of Co-Creation, of Manifestation, and Healing?  With Gaia, we are unstoppable, unlimited, because we are working with the angels, with the energy of Heaven, and are totally disconnected from Those Who Do Not Have Our Best Interest At Heart.

As you face your troubles, and there ARE most definitely troubles 'out there'--look for the solution Gaia and Spirit will be able to work with you and support you.  Align your energies with hers. For Gaia LOVES YOU more than anybody. Gaia wants you to learn your lessons, to make something of the experience, and grow.

If and when the prosperity package arrives, please take a moment to count your blessings for which you have no price--the air you breathe, the sunshine, and the Love of Creator.   The beautiful experiences which are there if you choose to notice them. 

Personally, I was raised 'poor'--both with money, and with family 'stories' about money. Dad's parents stashed away their savings in a mattress, and told the family they were 'poor'. They lived in Roxbury--the slums of Boston. Grandpa worked three jobs to support four kids. Aunt Jean got sent to a convent for a while, to save on the expenses. To Dad, money was an elusive thing that 'always got away' and 'he would have to struggle for his retirement'.  It was the specter of retirement that made him work two jobs, and make many investments, most of which were unsuccessful. Money and Dad were not friends.

In my first marriage, I saw there are 'other ways' to experience money. With the German family of my husband, it was 'save for a rainy day' and 'your money will grow'.  There always was enough for the important things in life. They actually had three homes, and helped buy their daughter her home too. In their home, money wasn't 'magic' or 'elusive' at all! My husband and I were able to save enough to pay my way through med school, in the four short years we were married. Getting rid of Dad's unhealthy thinking about money was the best gift yet.

You know, I had excellent credit as a newlywed. And Dad, knowing full well of this, asked me to co-sign on a loan of his for something. What he didn't disclose was that he was taking a lot of money OUT of this loan for himself, and that I would be responsible in the even he fell behind on his payments! It was a trick, a scheme, and with great struggle, my husband and I decided to say 'no' to my father. It was not easy to break that news to him. I don't think Dad ever learned the lesson. But at least for the downpayment for my house, he loaned me fifty-thousand dollars, and by working very hard, I was able to pay him back in five years...

A lot of what has to do with money goes with your 'story', what 'goes on between the ears' and in your heart. 

That's all I have to say.

Rock Bottom

My life lesson--my pre-birth contract--involves Love and Relationships.

No matter what I do, I just couldn't get it right.

At my lowest point in medical school--after a divorce and being a 'magnet for drunks'--I begged God to let me give up on it all and be a nun!  You can imagine my surprise when he said, quite clearly, 'NO!'.

It got even lower. I dated Jared. I got pregnant. And he left me during a pregnancy massage, naked, under a sheet, on the massage table. He kissed my stomach, saying, 'I'll wait for you until you get out' and walked out the door. I was crying and screaming after him to 'come back!'

Part of my struggles with wanting to be 'together' and 'have babies' is that I inherited the Sirian 'directive' through all my incarnations. On Sirius this is part of the learning process, and a motivating factor as one navigates through their life plans.

This was fixed once it was found out about last year. 

A major part of my life experience in this incarnation, I felt 'unloveable'.  I was loved by God, and angels, and animals. But the humans? I wasn't so sure. Mom was an addiction waiting to happen, who raged with anger on a regular basis, with the rest of the world thinking she was really kind and sweet (which she was when she wasn't in anger). Dad was, well, dad. And I bounced from one relationship to the next, never finding 'it'--the love and acceptance I needed to survive.

I even thought I was in love with a buddhist raw vegan chef about twenty years my senior, who took a vow of silence. 

It wasn't until I accepted I wouldn't have children, and I could still share in other parent's joy, that I got pregnant.

It wasn't until I accepted that there's more to life than marriage and being a couple, that I found Ross.

Acceptance is key in the mastery of one's life lessons. I can't emphasize it enough!

And last night, after the 'snap' LOL, I shared with Ross my deepest pain from the abandonment by Jared, how the fear of being hurt again is keeping my heart from opening up to Ross as much as I want, and would he please help me with it?

He said, and I quote, 'I will nurse you when you are pregnant. I am not like Jared. I will rejoice with every part of the pregnancy at your side.'

It was then and only then I realized I went through BOTH pregnancies with him, when we were incarnate--alone--and our healing goes WAY back for us both. 

So he healed me from everything, and then, with my permission, 'erased' those memories for me with the timeline splicer, so we don't have to visit them any more.

Why Choose Poverty In This Life?


If you are disincarnate and have a lot of karma debt 'racked up' from your previous life experiences, would you choose the 'fast way' to repay it with one horrible incarnation on Earth?

It's entirely possible. And as a soul, you might want to experience 'from the other side' if you had held power and money 'over others' for an extended period of time in prior life experiences.  This is the growth as well as the motivation to eliminate the karma all at 'once' in Spiritual time frames.

Another reason is to help others. Some angels incarnate and take on OTHER people's karma, to help them repay it, that which they never would be able to pay back themselves.

And some angels have to take these 'terms' in order to incarnate and be able to do the Lightwork that they were sent to do, as sort of a 'package deal' in the pre-birth contract.

I chose poverty of love, because, at one lucid moment before meeting Ross, I realized, 'I must be in relationship with someone very special on the other side, to have agreed to a life with no relationships whatsoever.'  I had no clue about who Ross is, or myself for that matter, or reincarnation really...but I knew I had 'blocked' that part of myself, to save me for 'someone special' when I finished my mission and went 'Home'.


This is my Sunday morning. It's almost eleven o'clock. I spent three hours writing this. I give thanks for all the help from my friend, from those who 'challenged' me yesterday, and for this beautiful 'answer' to my questions through John Smallman:

I also give thanks for this message too, because Gaia really is decided on next steps--and this echoes it:

With so very much Love and Tenderness, I thank you for your understanding, and for hearing me out.

Aloha and Mahalos,


P.S.   Ross--I entirely support Carla in her gesture to the Universe of what Gaia wants, how Lady Gaia Sophia views the situation, and to all the noble Lightworkers who honor my lady in their hearts.