Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gaia News Brief 16.4.2015

What Would Make Heaven Right Now For You?

This is a most important exercise to develop the energy for manifestation in the Higher Realms. I woke up, and usually I force myself to do daily activities--exercise, making breakfast, getting ready.  Today Spirit guided me to take a few moments to decide what is important for me, in my own world, what would I do?

I would walk to the bay at Kona village, kayak, and then eat breakfast with Ross and Anthony!

I realized exercise is important for me--a dream really, with my schedule--but then I remembered the cleaning service had whacked my ellliptical trainer's plug, shearing it off, with a piece inside the exercise equipment. So I went online to look for the part. I did a chat. I still don't have a part, but it looks like a repair visit is needed.

So I DID SOMETHING about something that had been bothering me for a long time.

Long story short--I said NO! to the 'status quo' and said, YES! with just a tiny baby step towards creating a little bit of 'Heaven on Earth'.

Second example is mealtime.  At my hospital, mealtime is a joke. I work straight through. And when I finished my lineup at two, the person running the board told me to relieve another worker .

They didn't care if I eat.

So my lunch--I kid you not--was five minutes, with leftover carrot and endive salad, and a yogurt (Noosa lemon).  I just TOOK it.

Then I had a patient with a sore eye after surgery. I went to the floor to evaluate and treat that. It's very common.

And THEN I relieved the colleague.

By the time I got home, it was six. Anthony was gone, and I didn't want to eat. I was THAT stressed. I fed the snake (thank goodness Cecil ate), took care of the animals, and went to take a bath. I have an early start today, and frankly, sleep won out over eating.

But Ross, he told me to go have one handful of almonds. One glass of milk. And one teaspoon of honey.  So I did.

It was enough.

Now I must get ready for my day.

On Dark Entities

I get many requests to interpret dreams, to help people who see scary ghosts/spectres, and to 'stop people who are being attacked from being attacked'.

I don't know how to answer this question.

It seems that this is a very popular perception in some people, that 'life is dangerous' and 'the spirit world is out to get me'.

I have some very close Lightworker friends who know Ross and talk to him, and THEY go through all kinds of implant removals and church type banishing of dark things. One says her sister has these 'demons' that she sees and they try to attack her. They even scratch her at night.

It is said Padre Pio went through this kind of thing.

In the 1990's, early in the decade, when I was in medical school, I saw dark beings, scary, I couldn't understand, who were attacking me in my dreams. Like total home invasions with me dying every night.

So I decided to stop dreaming. And I went to church a lot.

Once on my first visit to my teacher's class, a channeling class, something dark 'possessed' another person there. My teacher cast it out, and I called on Archangel Michael with an exorcism prayer I had learned back in my trials in the 1990's.

Well, that thing followed me home.

It was an ancient asian warrior. It scared the shit out of me.

Something 'clicked' inside, so I talked with it.  I didn't want him bugging me. So I asked, 'what do you want?' (this question is very helpful)...I also knew I have Free Will and can tell it to GO AWAY and it MUST listen...

It tried to scare me.

I called it on the carpet--'Big deal! Possessing a GIRL and scaring a group of psychic development students. ANYONE can do that!'


'It takes no skill to do this. It takes a LOT of skill to do what I do for the Light. We could use your skills and you could get the challenge you otherwise can't get with what you are doing now. Why waste your brilliant skills in battle?'

He switched.

He joined our team.

And he never bothered me again.

If YOU are having 'unwelcome visitors'--I have arranged the following team to help guide you. You must be willing to meditate (and LISTEN) carefully to their guidance. Together all four of you will work to help the situation. Call in Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Merlin. They will come to your assistance. Just do what they tell you to do.  It could be to smudge, to get holy salt, to contact a professional (Margaret Mc Cormick is exceptional--she works distance--and the souls of the  dark ones are treated with compassion and not destroyed).  I don't know. I only know that until I get one more thing posted (coming soon) they will help you find your way through this situation and find Peace.

I Am Healing

I am ninety-nine percent 'awake' according to my HS. The last 'rumble' cleared out the 'baggage' I had in my soul in the relationship department.  It was so painful to clear this last remnant, that I asked Divine Father to please kill me so I wouldn't experience this agony of the soul.

LOL. He said, 'NO CAN DO! It's not your time yet!'

That's how much I can't stand 3D. I really want OUT that much.  But Divine Father spoke with me, and got me to where Ross would be able to work with me. And we talked a lot a lot a lot, me and my Twin.

Today is better.  Our hearts are closer than before. And the Galactics have a new understanding on my heart and the hearts of all women.

What Ross said is that this last test gave them data points that I am not a 'loose woman'--my soul isn't, not in any way. It is true, and very connected to him, for the highest love that can flow between two hearts.  I have a reputation from my past life with him, the last one, that I was both a prostitute and a whore:  this one has caused very deep scars and wounds in my soul, what history has written about me. Ross says that my tests have cleared me--with evidence--of my innocence, my lack of guile, and my pure and holy love for him.

He also said--that without my realizing it--I made my first decree as his queen--yesterday.

I didn't feel anything special. It was only a request that he not give me any more messages through some people. Certain messages are okay, but not any direct communication from Him to me.  He had thought adding a note about something very intimate between us in the 'message' would make me feel closer to him, that it really was from him. But his choosing an old sex partner for galactic healing something or other to SEND the message was what set me off. It made me feel as if he was that intimate again with this person too. It backfired.

So today is another day. I have more work. It's an early start. And I have to get myself ready. Anthony is with his dad--it moves around each week what night.


Carla has been through a lot, working through the energies, and clearing herself. I am sorry to disclose that her having done this for herself in no way whatsoever accomplishes the same 'clearing' in you.

There are some things we must do for ourselves, and only we can do.

People credit me with 'saving' them in some fashion, and that is not entirely true.

What both Carla and I have done is to leave a path for those who wish to follow, like a map.

Our guidance is shown with love and devotion to you, with the furthest expectation that your awakening shall be smoother than Carla's or my own. We have blazed the trail with a machete, hacking through the energies to make it possible for you to find your way to where we have walked.

No one will carry you.

You will have your own constellation of energies to release for you to Awaken.

You will find your hills and pebbles in your shoe, the same as Carla.

But you, unlike Carla who was given test after test without any INKLING of what was happening--will be 'up for the process' and 'pumped up' and 'ready to rock and roll!' if you will.

Everything is happening for the Love of the Father and Divine Mother, for Earth and all its inhabitants..and the all the Universe.

Do your part.  You won't regret it.

And when the 'dark spirits' get you down, you can call on me. I am part of the team too, with Michael, Raphael, and Merlin. Carla just didn't know and I forgot to mention it.

(he nods)

That is all for today.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla