Saturday, April 4, 2015

Gaia News Brief 4.4.2015

My Dreams

Dream One:   I was sitting in a conference room with my colleagues from my old work. There was an anesthesia presentation, and I was enjoying listening to the lecture, and seeing that all of my old teachers were there. I was relaxed, and happy.

Until the current Chairman came, the one who replaced the old one. He hates me. He always has, and is perhaps one of the darkest energy people I have ever met, except perhaps, his significant other.

He started teasing me and insulting me and ridiculing me in front of the group. I was asked to leave. So I did.

Ross came to me. Right at four in the morning, when the people are most open to spiritual guidance and support...he told me to contact the 'new' Chairman. Ross couldn't go with me. The energy was too dense. And even in my dream state, the Chairman's energy was like old, sticky dough to cut through to get to him.

I was in my true state, my form of angel and I glow bright with Light. 

The Chair noticed, and I called to him by his first name, and then his healer's title, Dr. ______.

I bowed to his feet three times and thanked him, the first bow for humiliating me, the second for causing me suffering, and the third for 'setting me free' (not renewing  my contract).

Recognition of my face flickered across his eyes...

I told him gently how much work he needs to do in Spirit on his own spiritual development of his soul, and how he is capable of so much more on his assignment.

Then Ross told me to show him my wings. I have three pair, the same as Ross. And I shone in all my glory, so the Chair could get a good look at me, and I had the energy of Unconditional Love in my heart as strong as I could make it.

And I left.

Dream Two:   Shortly after, the spirit of Anthony came to me. He gave me a golden book. He said, 'Look mom! There is nothing in it. The gold pages are blank.'

But they weren't blank for me!

I saw all of the old happy memories of my lifetime with Ross, and also, my life with Anthony. So many, I had forgotten! But you see with all the timeline splicing, that has been going on actively not just with myself but with all of the population of Gaia, especially our readers and Facebook and Twitter is the time to REMEMBER the good, for the veil to lift, and for joy to return to our hearts!

Spirit guided me to take the book to a close friend, in spirit, and I showed her the book, how it works--you see, the memories are given only when a loved one very close, like Anthony to me, will give that book to you.

The look on her face was priceless, one of sheer delight, and the golden book actually lit up on her face too, the book itself was shining.  For she could at last see all the benefits of her work on her soul, and all the joys, and all the memories which have been forgotten but encrypted in her DNA of her Light Body nonetheless.

Who will YOU give that book to? Go ahead. You can give it. And perhaps, in your own dream time, someone will come and give that book to you.


I have been quiet. I have been thinking. I like my time to think.

I have also been working very close with Carla to love and support her at this difficult time for both of us.

I love her heart.

It is tender and yesterday she cried tears over the loss of her father, her uncle, her grandfather Nannu Filippo...and she realized, deep down, it was also over her loss of me.  My heart ached just to feel her pain and suffering and feeling of being abandoned by the men in her life!

She told me, and I quote, 'I KNOW you are with me and everyone is near me who is gone! But I can't SEE it or SENSE it or FEEL it like I do people who are incarnate. IT IS LIKE ONE BIG MEAN GAME OF PEEK A BOO and I don't like it!'

She was right!

In her anguish Carla hit the nail on the head.

Did you know how I came back to Carla the first time, when she was incarnate as my wife two thousand years ago?

Carla was going to kill herself.

She had the knife to her wrist and she was going to do it. She had set the intention to stop the pain once and for all, alone in the darkness after my brutal and horrible death. She had just prepared the body with my mom, and gone home, and experienced the ache of her soul for the first time, as a Twin. She couldn't see me or sense me at all, our Twin connection was stretched to the limit.

So I came back. I shone my light to her, just like Carla did to her old chair in her dream. I showed her I was healthy. That I loved her. That she had a mission to complete. That I could not be with her like before, but I was OKAY and my love for her is unconditional, for eternity, and it would be a short time until I make it back.

Carla dropped the knife.

Carla ran to my grave.

And the rest is history.  On THAT timeline.

We exist on two. The 'happily ever after' one is our preference. It is only at times like this where there is much attention by the public on the other that Carla gets the flashbacks.

And I support her. I took Carla shopping. Not to say that shopping fixes everything, but Carla saw this sign that meant so much to her, as I was actively guiding her...

...I guided her to sterling silver findings (jewelry making parts) for fifty percent off. And to tee shirts in the exact color of the boys on Anthony's team's jerseys--for thirty-percent off making them cost about two dollars. This was AFTER the Easter baskets she was looking for that were also forty percent off.

I also sent her three special soaps to help her be close to from my birth (Frankincense and Myrrh), one from where I am in the Higher Realms (Dragon's Blood--all things 'mystical'), and my never-ending consciousness and love for her (Madagascar Vanilla). I also gave one soap to the future, our son (shaman soap).

Carla will always be supported in so many ways, no matter what.

I love her.

And if THIS type of relationship sounds 'one of a kind'--that's not true.

A love like this exists, and the joy, and the tenderness, for every single one of you....FIND it!

You will find it when you meditate--not at the singles bar! (he laughs at his own joke--ed).

(He taps his chest--ed)  The answers are within.

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla the Reiki Doc twins