Thursday, April 29, 2021

Compassion and Wisdom


Last night as I was going to sleep, I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday. I realized how the end is known by 'LC''s in their tradition. I thought it was horrible, how the transfer of power takes place.  Jessie C talks about being four years old and watching it happen. Her trainer turned to her, with blood covered hands, and said, 'one day you will do this to me!'

Jessie held her posture, said nothing, but inside to herself said, ''hell no!'...and she didn't.

So as I was falling asleep, I asked for LC to be spared, if possible, for her to experience a natural end of life, and to perhaps give her a chance for eternal happiness like Jessie has found. Even for all the things she has done, there is always a chance for a change of heart. She is a good person, with many good qualities I'm sure...

I talked with Ross about all the wasted talent and kindness that is in that old, old, older than any other religion, 'religion'...and how it makes me sad that people get sucked up into that.

Ross listened with his heart, and always, I can see it on his face, he has the benefit of full knowledge as he helps me through this life. I don't know or see everything. But I do give thanks for the work Jessie is doing trying to reach out to people she once knew, and to help them find their way, so they can experience eternal happiness and joy too.

When I woke up, Ross was gently reminding me of the joy that awaits, how I've never seen anything like it, how it will completely surprise and overwhelm me, with just how wonderful it is.

That's a good thing to reflect upon as we start our day, and live it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are very young in years when we are in eternal life. <3

P.S. Here is a Ben Fulford. Take it with a grain of salt. At least it sounds like there is movement in the world's for article here

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

To Be...


I've just been doing my thing. Helping lots of patients. And learning and growing. Isn't it amazing how life sends you little challenges along the way to let you know where you are at and how you are growing?

I realized I don't enjoy my car as much as I did my previous one (manual transmission). I still have both. But there was a commercial that said, 'you should have passion for the driving experience' I overheard, and it seemed timely. I felt more young and beautiful in the old car. I'm glad it still runs.

Just today I saw how my interaction with a close relative--one I know better than anyone--needed some intense challenges to get them to do something they didn't want to do.  Even when I said, 'It's your problem, solve it!'--there was NOTHING. Again, I had to demonstrate a possible solution, and show it in front of them.  I saw in a flash of insight, that this stubbornness to solve their own responsibility and problem affected not only me but others. Boundaries are often  difficult for me. And this one I was able to see and to realize I had the right to enforce it. 

I did.

I found three wonderful resources recently.

  • a movie
  • a blog post  Just when I went to sleep two nights ago, I asked Ross in depth about the world of Spirit. It didn't make sense to me that only one third of the angels could control all of that 'airspace' for lack of a better word. I knew the other two thirds surely communicated, especially to us here on earth...somehow. I knew from my psychic development teacher how to discern and how to make sure only the very lightest and brightest highest vibration would come through. That anything less, we had the right to say, 'bug off!'...but I wanted to hear from HIM. And through this mutual friend, I got my answer, right in that blog.
  • an extra helpful blog post  I think it's nice to keep things in perspective. 

Someone confided to me that they were a little 'star struck' to be around me. They were amazed at my spiritual gifts, and how humble and down to earth I am. I was eating my reheated leftovers for dinner at the time, and said, simply, 'that's why Ross likes me'. 

Earlier today I saw photos from a trip back east to see my Dad's family I took in 1993. Salem, Massachusetts is very close, and we had made a trip. There was a photo of me with Laurie and it said on the back, in my Aunt Ellie's handwriting:  Sept. 11, 1993  Carla and Laurie Cabot. Laurie is a real witch of Salem, Mass. "Good Witch much loved by everyone." She lives in Salem.  Laurie and Aunt Ellie went to the same high school and knew each other. There is a smile on her mouth, but not in her eyes. I have a smile of being in the presence of someone who understands the Spirit World, not a big open toothed smile but a Mona Lisa one. My eyes are just barely smiling. What I noticed this day, is that underneath the makeup, there is a lot of facial similarity. Oval face. Nose shape. My chin now is more like hers. Large forehead. Almond eyes. 

Why do I talk about the facial similarity? 

It's one of my best ways to see the genetic similarity. For example, one of the Jonas Brothers, Nick, looks a whole lot like a young Walt. The similarity is striking. So even if the parents switch, the true ones (look at Podesta and Chester Bennington for example)...the DNA doesn't lie.

How did my gene pool have enough in common to have facial similarity? I don't know. 

But I do know that she talks with her king every day, and has for years. 

And I talk to my husband and best friend, every day, just like she does, but mine is the one who her king hates with a passion. 

Did she know?

I had no clue at the time.

I picked up absolutely nothing energetically in the encounter at the store. 

But I do have absolute love and respect for Ross and my Higher Self, for letting me truly LOVE everyone, even Laurie, with an innocence and trust in my angels and guides and deceased loved ones.

Ross and I acknowledge the movie runs five hours, and we apologize for the time constraint we are inviting you. He says to tell you how I watched it. I did it while I cooked and did the dishes. I don't ever have spare time. I set the phone up so I could see the big screen version. It took me three or four days. 

We will leave you with the encouragement of Jessie Czebotar...she says even if things are written a certain way, it doesn't have to be that way. 

So have hope.

In the meantime, give thanks for each normal day, and for each almost normal day, we are given, for it truly IS a blessing.  It really IS.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are very wise

P.S.  This is the best blog post ever written of all time, anywhere, hands down! Carla thinks.  Free, we both thank you with complete and utter delight!

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Just Doing My Thing


Good morning!

It's been a while since I last wrote. Remember you are dearly in our hearts and minds, even when we don't get a chance to communicate.

I just worked twelve days straight. Yesterday I slept in until ten a.m. and Anthony until eleven.

It's been a fruitful time, spiritually. I sensed I was really where I needed to be, and also, growing as a person.

I must admit I am a little dismayed at how asleep people seem to be, and how blatant the methods of those who do not have our best interest at heart...are.  But this blog post from Saul through John Smallman really helps.

Today there is more work but of a happier nature. My niece turns three today, and her family would like help setting up the birthday party. So we will go.

Now I need to make breakfast for us both.

There was a lot of trouble getting photos to load into this post. I tried the new way, the old way, and the only thing that worked was photos that were already in the blog. This one here is a re-run. Fortunately, after over ten years of blogging, we have plenty of reruns to enjoy! So it doesn't faze me.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who are beloved as the rain <3

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Continue When The Going Gets Rough--Not All Is Lost


The Schumann frequencies are ramping up. At least they were yesterday when I last checked.

I'm finding I am making many 'Karuna Reiki' mistakes lately. As one experiences the distinct changes from duality to multidimensionality, there are classic symptoms which go along with it.

Yesterday I was ready to hop into the shower when a nurse at work called and asked me where I was? I was going to take a shower, I said. Well, I was scheduled to work, but didn't see it. I only saw one of the two assignments listed, the second one. 

What did I do?

Put on scrubs, hopped in the car, drove to work, and also, coordinated with others to minimize the impact of my mistake. At the hospital, a colleague did my nine o'clock case. And at the surgery center, they flipped the patient order so the one without my services went first. My patient was super anxious. I sat with them and talked, and even was able to offer anxiety medicine like they were used to having. Later, the patient said that their ride needed to pick up a daughter from school anyhow and the delay actually was more convenient for their ride person too. 

Did I go home?

I wish.

There was another case exactly like the one I missed at eleven.

I wasn't permitted to leave until the charge nurse said, and there was a case at one thirty and another at two to cover. That was fine with me, I had a blood draw scheduled to check if my thyroid replacement level is adequate. 

I was relieved after lunch, but had to wait two hours for the blood draw. I had the appointment and wanted to see if I could go early. Well, I had the appointment, but there was no order, and their computer system doesn't talk to the hospital. You need a paper order for the lab.

The doctor's office was closed.

But I went to the surgery center and tried to print up the order. No order was in the computer. But I asked the recovery room nurse if we have lab order slips anywhere? She knew of one place. And no sooner had she brought it than my very good best surgeon friend came out of the O.R.  I explained the situation. She understood. For the same reason she had waited two hours and had to go home because of the lack of the piece of paper. So she has taken care of me in the past, and she was able to order it. 

Yes, the symptoms of multi-dimensional, high-frequency energy adaptation are:

  • time-related distortions (my teacher Anne said she was like, 'what is time?' when she took Karuna)
  • distance-spatial distortions (trying to pour into a glass and missing the glass)
  • visual distortions (seeing the spaces between atoms, or walls bending and moving)
  • inability to focus on any task (not being able to do the dishes)
  • wanting to nap frequently
  • being able to complete tasks faster than usual when you are in the 'zone' (washing sink full of dishes in half the time)
  • eerie sense of calm and that everything is okay (that's kind of why you make the mistakes, at least with time, you think you're on top of things so you need to check and double-check. My friend thought the Karuna Reiki class was on the next day, not the actual day, and missed it!)
  • any or all of the signs of a 'Reiki Cleanse'--physical, mental, emotional, and/or spiritual release of old things that were 'clogging up' the energy pathways. 
Remember these are temporary. They will resolve in a few weeks. You will assimilate the energies and be able to work with them fine. This happens from 3D to multi-D, and apparently now even with my baby-multi-D to these incoming energies...which are closer to those of Home. 


Carla is doing well for you as an example. When you make the mistake, any of them, be sure to be cheerful, direct, helpful, and to do your part to take full responsibility for your actions.

Let go of how you wish the day could have gone.

After all, it is only a day.

To follow there are many others.

A whole eternity of them!

I want you to keep your guard up with Covid. Just in case another surge is coming to arrive. Yes, even if you are vaccinated there are forms that the vaccine may not fully protect against (although your intact immune system, if you have recovered from the infection, will). We must protect not only our mouth and nose, but the eyes because the delicate mucous membranes of the eyes are similar enough to those of the mouth and nose for the virus to get in. And also, in China, recommendation from Carla's close and dear friend in Beijing/Peking, is to 'cover the feet'. She says the virus can 'get in through the feet'--perhaps with taking on and off clothing and shoes and socks it can transfer to the mouth and nose and eyes by accident. So in BJ they put three layers on each route, eyes, mouth/nose, and feet, when the epidemic was at its worst. Drink plenty of hot water, warm like tea, every twenty minutes too to kill the virus in your upper airways. Just because cases are low doesn't mean it is time to let down our guard yet. 

Protect yourself, and your family.

As an example, Carla's friend wore huge sunglasses, a visor-type hat, and a scarf wrapped many times over her mask because it was winter. There was also paper shoe coverings over the feet. 

Always be vigilant. For this thing and whatever is next.

Pray for peace.

Always be gentle in voice and in spirit.

And be strong.

Always be ready to work together too, but only with people you KNOW, and know well, and have been friends/coworkers with for a long time, many years, when bad things hit. You want to know the temperment of the people 'in your court'.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple

Monday, April 19, 2021



The feeling of 5D! Ahhhh! In fact we have renamed it! How about the term, 'Quintessence'?

Today's blog post has had a few 'detours' to bring it to you today. Not one but two mouses that won't work. Also a sudden blanking 'off' of a laptop for no reason.

It takes patience and dedication to work for our team.

On Saturday I was on first call. I went to bed at sunset on Friday to rest. But the phone calls came in telling me which cases to do. Finally there was a text. But it didn't say that the eight a.m. case had switched to ten a.m. It was vague and sounded like there were two cases.

So by eight I was in the O.R. 

The case had moved. 

I took a long walk, and let the sun dry my hair that was wet from the shower. 

I came back and the ten a.m. case was cancelled.

Should I go home? My next work was at two.

No, I went to the call room and had a snack.

Fortunately I stayed because a noon case added on. 

I did all my work, but was horrified that I might get called back in, So I spent the night, needlessly, at the call room. I reminded myself that others often do the same thing, just in case.

Ross wanted me to go out for a special breakfast. I wanted to go home and change. But once I was home, I didn't want to leave. I had leftovers right from the container, not even breakfast food, for 'breakfast'. I made a nice pot for one of Murchie's tea, Golden Jubilee, and enjoyed it very much.

But I was in a fog.

For lunch I had some cheese ball and crackers, and an orange. Not much. 

Then I went to the tire center to see about why my tire was low pressure every morning. 

It was a nail.

So I didn't have an appointment. I needed to wait 'two hours' for them to fix it.

I was grateful it could be fixed!

The wait was three hours. 

All's well that ends well, right?

I was home from the store and ready to cook dinner.  Instead we cleaned the bunny and her cage, and also, rinsed the most recent semi-pool fill and drained it. 

But Ross watches. He knows. And he sent me somewhere else. You see, Ross is a Capricorn, and his love language is gifts--meaningful ones--as well as gifts of service.  He got me something special. And we even got to eat out for takeout, just to help.

It was a long week. I had six straight days of work, seven if you count being on backup call, and today makes eight. Ross himself had a 'weekend project' that went well. 

You might be able to fool yourself, into thinking that your needs aren't important, getting rid of leftovers is 'good enough'...but Spirit knows. Spirit won't let you sell yourself short.

The spirit of 5D, Quintessence, is the harmonious feeling (interlacing fingers Ross is to demonstrate) of everything working together for the highest good of all. 

This is the most important knowledge there is.

Heaven is coming to Earth! One way or another. And we get to SEE it with our own eyes!

Aren't we lucky?

Turn off the news. And know that behind all that drama, somewhere, is a future that is glorious to behold!

clap! clap!

Ross says it's time for Carla to get ready for work. She has a late start.

Aloha and Mahalos, 



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are madly in love with life and also with one another. 

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Consistency is Key


Ross invites me to write today. This is my sixth day of work in a row. Besides work, the only thing that happened was someone asked 'how do you initiate prayer'?

I was so caught off guard by the question that I had to pause, and puzzlement hit me for a minute--and I blurted out--'but I never STOP!'

For people like this who want to know how God and Creator can 'hear' them, how to 'signal' to God that you are wanting to talk, we recognize that many traditions say to do a sign of the cross, or to say 'Dear God', or other things to 'let' Creator 'know' you are reaching out to them.

Creator appreciates any and all communication. 

It doesn't matter how you 'initiate' that communication. 

Do whatever you are so moved to do.

It's the frequency of it that is more important, the regularity of your 'reaching UP' and your growing ability to sense what is truly 'Divine' and what only appears to be divine.

It's just like talking on the phone, or in Carla's case, a walkie talkie that is constantly going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. 

On the 'receiving end' Carla typically feels a familiar 'hunch' or 'intuition' in her center to accompany the information she receives. 

It 'resonates' as true. 

It is perfectly okay to 'check' and 'cross-check' until you are satisfied with 'what resonates as true'. You can ask for your teams to send you a sign. Or a dream. You can ask a pendulum. Take a card reading. You don't have to do anything that doesn't 'feel right' to you, in your center.

Fear is a trickster.

Fear is wanting to fool you at every turn.

Have courage. Have faith. Have lots and lots of humility because it happens to us all sometimes we get the message wrong and that's just the way it is, it happens to the best of us because the veil is thick and people/unfriendly agents of the dark like to 'mess with us'. 

Creator wants us to be of 'service'--steadily helping our communities with our loving presence--and not 'sacrifice'. We never ever have to 'prove' our faith or our love for Creator because that is understood--both on Home as it is in Heaven. 

Be true to your Lessons. Live your lessons. Get to the bottom of them, explore them, and keep moving forward. There is never time to stop learning your lessons. Ever. Keep your own side of the street clean with anyone and everyone you ever deal with. It takes two to keep the street clean, them on their side and you on yours. You can only control YOU. 

Be gentle and gracious with those who are still deeply asleep. Pouring ice water on someone to awaken them is cruel and unnecessary. Many are in fact under a spell. So, instead, raise your light and vibration just like the sun does with the morning sky at dawn. No one can miss it! 

Ross says this is enough for today. Attract, don't 'react' he says.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple who are totally happy and glad to have one another at this time

Friday, April 16, 2021

How To Reflect


Today we are going to metaphorically 'chew the cud' like the ruminants do. Cattle, sheep, antelope and many other animals have a stomach which requires them to chew their food essentially twice in order to digest it. Herbivores, some of them, do this.

To ruminate also has a second meaning, which is, to be thoughtful and reflect upon things, as part of your personality. 

Ross and I had some wonderful times when we were both alive together. They bring me joy even now, when I pause to remember the connection we shared then, and still share now.

So I remember, always, to pray for him.

Even when I didn't know who he was, and that he was my guardian angel, I used to badger Creator all the time to tell Creator what an excellent guardian angel I had, and to please give him a raise and a huge bonus for his fine work!

This is a very wise approach to praying! Guardian angels' jobs are Not Easy! It's Hard Work and both a Pleasure to guide--somewhat like being a parent...

So pray for all of your angels, guides, deceased loved ones. 

Pray for the angels and saints. 

I do. I say, 'please help them God'...'please help them to do the work they are sent to do and for them to do it well and to be strong.'

Prayer is multidimensional. And it totally works, but not like casting a magic spell. It's more like Reiki--you can sense the energy, feel the results, but you can't really describe it. You trust for it to work for the highest good.

Do you have little ones in diapers?

Pray well ahead now into blessings for their futures. Ask for a wonderful mate for them, who will bless your child and your family. Ask for good work that will support and enhance the life of your child when it's time to take a career. 

This is practical prayer.

I pray all the time for help to be sent to Earth. It's crazy here. It's like being under siege, spiritually. So I ask for 'things to make sense' (conflicts to resolve and the energy of Home to return). I ask for justice. 

I pray for homeless people when I see them or their encampments. 

Rejoice for the good that still exists--people's kindness, honesty, and commitment to help make the world a better place. Ask for Good to Win in this battle. Celebrate Good when you witness it, and give praise and thanks! This will help the energy of Good to increase.

Be gentle as doves.

Be wise as serpents.

Stay strong on your path.

When you need rest, rest, and remember that Heaven will help you carry the load.

It's been a long week of working at the hospital for me. I've worked every day, full days. It's been a pleasure to be 'back to normal'...but then, I feel it. I've been running behind the clock the whole time. And I realize that's why the house isn't so clean and tidy always--there's literally no time and it's not worth beating myself up about it. 

Besides it gives my son time to step up to the plate. I came home to a clean sink and freshly washed dishes. I was so very grateful for this. 

Invest in Prayer, both for yourself and others, even those who are currently in the Spiritual Realms.


I am at work, working hard, very hard. I am always here for Carla and our family, but I am 'busy' and 'quiet'. I gave notice to her yesterday about it.

It goes both ways.

I would never ask for prayers.

But when they are given it is like cheering on your favorite sports team to win, utterly sweet and inviting and encouraging me to give it my best shot every single time.

So pray.

That's what we do for you, even if you currently are not able to hear it.

It goes both ways.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Twins who are happy and in love
and God will have a Victory!

Thursday, April 15, 2021

Activate Your Inner Power!


What if you only needed a thought to boost your vibration?

What if you were able to bring the energy frequency of Home (The Other Side), where you are?

What if all of this power inside of you lay dormant, and only needed to be activated to help you live your best life in any and all situations you might encounter?

Our 'little secret' is the power of Love and Gratitude!

These frequencies are highly healing, both to your self and others.

The more you practice them, the stronger these energies get.

Try to make this your center point in frequency...when something startles you or takes you off center, then, gently dismiss it (or attend to it if it needs your action), and then return back to Love and Gratitude.

This type of frequency is highly protective, and strengthens your aura.

This type of frequency makes you less susceptible to misinformation. 

This type of frequency prepares you for your ultimate return to home! It helps you make the right choices. It helps you to be gentle with yourself and others.

Well, what about Love?

Love is half the story.

Love is wonderful and powerful in and of itself.

But it is the combination of Love WITH Gratitude that is the strongest energy in the Universe, truly, and is going to help you by leaps and bounds above and beyond the frequency of Love itself.

How is this in example?

Yesterday I had a bowl of raisin bran before work. I love Kelloggs raisin bran. I gave thanks both for my food, and for the time to eat it. I brought coffee, black coffee in my favorite mug to work.

I was on time and traffic was light. I was grateful for this.

My attire was my scrubs, but I needed a hat to enter the Operating Room. I've found a stash of hats so I save a few steps going out of my way. I gave thanks for that.

Already, the night before, I had given thanks for and prayed for my patients I was to be working with today.

I was happy to have one of my favorite surgeons. He was happy to see me too.

I took a risk and tried something new for the anesthesia, and it worked beautifully. I tried the same thing on the next patient and was very content and happy with the result. 

There was time for lunch. So very happy and grateful for lunch, to sit and eat and not be in a rush. They have a nice setup for us. 

Eventually it was time to go home, and it was before dark. I was grateful for this. 

My tax man had reminded me today is the deadline, so I had to send something in. I had just enough time to get it prepared to send, when I needed to take Anthony to his practice. I drove to the post office. To avoid traffic on the way home, I took a shortcut through my old neighborhood. I saw our favorite old neighbor with her dog talking to another neighbor, and waved.

I got home and washed the rice. I let it soak. I enjoyed the garden. My first rose is blooming from the plant we rescued. It had been in the yard with the previous owners. The people who sold us the house had yanked the plant out but the roots remained and it sprouted back. Its flowers are red. I was happy for this. 

We have so many flowers on the citrus, it brings me great joy. I can't believe how many, and next year perhaps will bring a great crop of fruit. 

I made for us teriyaki chicken by memory. I have made it so many times I know the recipe by heart. REAL teriyaki, like, from a Japanese cooking cookbook. Anthony was hungry after practice and enjoyed the meal very much.

We made overnight oats. It's something new that he and I have enjoyed very much this week. I'm so grateful for the recipe, for the courage to try it, and for it to be a success. 

Ross is with me in all of this. I can tell his gentle hand in guiding us. 

I am his treasure.

In every way.

And I too feel loved and appreciated by him, and I know he feels loved and appreciated by us.

Today is yet another good day. 

Were there some not so great things yesterday?

No, not really. Not with these 'filters' in my 'attitude' on. 

I saw the best. I accepted only the best. And I wrapped myself in this energy , bringing out the best in myself and in others, the whole day. 

These are the spiritual goals we set for ourselves, and why we are here. Can we maintain such frequency in a place that tries to drag us down? It isn't easy. But once mastered, there is no other way to be.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Couple

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Short and Sweet


We don't ascribe to any one 'source of information', Ross and myself. We tend to weight what we 'sample' here and there by how it 'resonates' with us, how it aligns with our vibration, our perception of the situation, and our heart center.

There was a recent information from source Magenta P....that was excellent in the point that was raised, and we are building upon it as point one of three points for this article.

She came across and old schoolyard friend. He didn't believe the mainstream sources of information were telling the truth. But, at the same time, he couldn't wait to Maxinate because 'if everyone does their part when the schmovid will go away.'

He held two conflicting beliefs at the same time! And didn't even know it. Yes, there is pressure, repetition, and wanting to be a 'good citizen' driving the second belief. There's a very heavy push that if you don't see it coming for what it is, well...then you fall prey to it. 

What Magenta didn't mention, is that trauma-based mind control, operates under fairly much the same principles. The mind is like a computer, and there are little drawers or 'files' of personalities that are 'programmed in' and the victim doesn't even know they have been victimized. 

Our point is, that this school friend of Magenta's, is exhibiting signs of having been 'split' not in the personality, but in the belief system, and chances are that this is the main feature of break down those 'walls' because in Reality, there is only One Truth and that is Love. There is what Divine Creator intended for us all. 

So point one is to take a close examination of your belief consistent are they across the board. And look to the places where you make 'exceptions'. Creator doesn't make 'exceptions' -- Creator and Nature all run pretty much the same way since Earth began. So this is another way to check and double check yourself, with the newfound awareness that in order to live life on earth we have adapted into these 'compartments'--but in a way, these are like the 'masks' John Smallman often writes about--in this situation we are like A, but other situations like B, etc. --- and work to find the True You that is in complete and total resonance with the Divine that is buried underneath and would like to see the Light of Day.

Speaking of 'the light'...I had an unusual experience metaphysically while I was at work yesterday. I was in a moment of sheer soul-testing stress. Surgeon needed me to adjust the table, patient needed me to fix the hemodynamics, son needed me for other reasons, and the front desk was calling to ask how long the procedure was going to take because we were delaying another surgeon. I ranked and prioritized, choosing to let the phone and the son wait, to take steps to do two tasks at the same time, adjust table and drawing up meds to treat the patient. 

As I was doing that, I had a 'flash' in my mind's eye, of someone like Archangel Michael in all his wings and armor and glory, descending down from UP. But it wasn't Michael. It wasn't in color. And it didn't have the warmth and feeling of Home. It was the other guy. And I heard 'hail you know who' at the same time. And instantly I understood both what people in a lot of stress do--turn to 'someone who will help' (even though it's a lie), and that this being wants to have people call on him.  

I was like, WHOA! And I 'get it', the appeal. Someone who will DO SOMETHING YOU CAN SEE EVIDENCE OF while you are stuck here incarnate on Earth. 

Did I interact? No. Did I respond? No. 

I just saw how super slippery that slope can be. And how truly, only the big J.C. can help you get off of it once you are on that slippery slope.

Point number three? I was driving home--late, tired, but fortunately not much in the way of traffic--and thinking about what an awesome teacher Laurie C who taught Jessie C would have been. A nice person, lots of knowledge--how sad it is that in this incarnation, there are people who are set up on different teams. In reality, there are good points about everyone. It's a shame for the horrible things that have to be done on that other team in order to 'get' the raw materials for her work (Laurie C). Or even the intentions to exert the will. Or the way the earth is divided up into 'territories' for their 'way of controlling everything and everybody'. 

So for the rest of the drive home, I prayed. I asked for Divine Creator to help us out of this place where things don't make sense. To bring relief and help to those who are suffering, and especially, those of us who are about to suffer. We don't even know what they have planned, for certain, but I've seen charts and pictures here and there enough to have a good idea how they plan to implement the goals on the Georgia guidestones. 

There you have it.

Time for work.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Happy Couple

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Goodness and Wonder Abound!


This past week has been Spring Break. We didn't go anywhere. If anything, I ended up assimilating a few important lessons, the most important of which is:  my husband loves me and knows what he is doing.

My Divine Masculine counterpart, Ross, is making a way for me in this world--from the Other World that he is in. And I can rest, relax and take comfort that he cares and loves and protects me from where he is. 

That's not an easy lesson for a busy single mother in this realm! I had to really try on that lesson for size, adapting a little bit to it here, and a little more to it there, over the whole week. 

If you like to take the lesson one step further, you can try on for size: my Creator loves me and knows what he/she is doing.

I haven't been assigned to that one yet. But it is the natural extension of our acceptance and trust in the Divine Order.  All creatures of nature, trees, plants, flowers, and the wild animals, follow this belief. Just like our own beloved fur babies love and trust in US--their owners, to lovingly care for them.

We aren't here alone. We have family. Family of friends. Family of our own making. And family in Spirit, I like to call them my Star Family. 

What was amazing about the week, is that I worked a lot. I mean, a whole crazy lot, but somehow, Anthony managed to rise up to his responsibilities. He got himself to practice and home, for the swim team had practice this week even though school was out. It was early morning practice too.

He had a reaction to the pool chlorine and had to sit out one practice, but the next day he was back in the water and was fine.

But the nights?

We had increasing fun. We cooked some nights, we went out other nights. We invited his two friends from like, first grade, over for dinner and to play board games. One friend recently had a birthday. We put eighteen candles into one cupcake--I've never seen candles burn so fast--and sang Happy Birthday. We also gave him a new video game, the skateboard one. He never had it but the other two did. We gave an unopened box of peeps (marshmallow candy for Easter) to him because he loves marshmallows even though he's Muslim. And the other friend we gave fresh catnip for him to try with his cat. His dad had taken the rest of the family to Vegas for the week, but this one wanted to stay home.

Yesterday I had no clue what was going to happen. But we got a call from a friend, want to go to the beach?

And those are the best kind of beach days, ever! The spontaneous ones!

The school used to take the kids to the beach for P.E. during the summers and the year. So they are very water safe. The boys played football, and swam. I rested under the umbrella. And I took a walk. Just me and Ross. And I found some amazing things. I had wanted to see a 'bathtub'--an area small where there's water left in the rocks above the shore break. But THIS one was a huge pool, a 'pond' really, and I called it 'Queen's pond'  like in Puna Hawaii where they have 'ponds', very safe, very sheltered, and deep! I even saw a green algae covered area like a chair and I called it my 'mermaid's throne'. 

I haven't had fun like that in ages. I felt like a total kid.

Afterwards we went to a fifties style diner, and have sandwiches and milkshakes. 

It was a perfect day. 

I have been really, really sleepy lately.

I drove myself to exhaustion, doing too much too soon after surgery.

It's only been one month since I came home from the hospital!

But even though I conked out on the porch swing for two hours yesterday, I did my Sicilian homework. But I got to the point where I was too tired to cook. 

So we went out.

I wanted pizza. Ross said no. So we went to the fish taco place. I had gone too long without eating. So I had to have a little string cheese before we went to get food. I felt better. 

I've been sleepy like crazy today too. I need to wake up for my Sicilian class. Ross wants me to rest.

Change takes a lot out of you. I'm sure when I sleep there are things I must do with my higher self up 'there'. 

A reader asked us about what to do, how there's so many online things to 'guide us'--should we take classes, meditate, join up with and align with these 'resources'?

The answer is we are always changing. If these resources' are 'tools', and they resonate with you, then, by all means, go ahead. But they are optional. Here is an example of one we would recommend, learning Divine Peace Healing. Carla had wanted to learn how to be a Divine Peace Healing master and teach for years. Margaret refused all requests by anyone to be Divine Peace Healing 'masters'. Only she could teach it. Well, as a Reiki Master, Carla knew full well she could teach it. But she respected Margaret's wishes. 
Now she has passed on to her daughter and one other person. You have to be in person to learn it. The price is a little less than I paid to learn it. But if you'd like to learn it, you can. They are good people. 

What isn't optional, is living your life script to the fullest. You can't skip a 'lesson'. Being cheerful and accepting and willing to learn from your 'life lessons' is key to moving you forward in your Ascension and development as a soul. 

You may see some people, um, (polite cough) 'backsliding' in this regard. Well, not everyone learns at the same rate. But they will face the same lessons ultimately, in their own time. 

Take the time you need to discover your own soul.

And as a special treat, here's a new John Smallman message.  I haven't read it yet.

Just for fun, let's see how close we both match!

Now it is time to say ciao and get a little something to eat before class.

Our loving blessings to you always!

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,

Ross and Carla
The Couple who love each other very very much.

Sunday, April 4, 2021



This was a very difficult Easter.

I had the feeling that I needed to cry, and it lasted for days, but it's difficult for me to access my most tender emotions sometimes. It takes a while for things to come out. 

I spent the night with my sister, and it helped her very much.Her husband was out of town and she had her hands full!  I enjoyed spending time with the kids. 

But there was an art project I was doing with my niece, and she looked at a picture to cut out, and said, cheerfully, 'that's my DADDY!!' (the model had a dark beard and dark hair). 

It was hard because in my world, there is no mommy and daddy under the same roof, in the same household, and my heart sank because I never would have wished that on my own son. I grew up with a mom and dad together. My niece is growing up with it. 

My life is good with Ross. It's just sometimes SO different...

I really couldn't do anything this weekend. Anthony was at his dad's. Everyone else had their own Easter plans. I could have met with a friend, this usually helps, but I was in such a funk...I thought to just lay low.

I realized through the weekend, that for a lot of people, having a weekend all to yourself IS a gift! Some 'me' time, you know? But myself, I felt adrift. It was a combination of the memories and flashbacks from when Ross was alive, and also, the realization that so many of my loved ones I celebrated Easter with are now deceased.

I told Ross I needed him.

I told him that it's lonely, and I felt lonely. 

I opened up his Easter basket for me. I'd bought it lots earlier. I knew it was from him. I just felt it. And as I did, I was surprised at how inside the pretty flowered boxes were special treats that had significance for me. Even the basket part I can use on the table to organize our vitamins. 

I was deeply touched at how it all came together, and Ross knew, and even, he knew about the surgery that I didn't know at the time. The basket had been on the counter, giving me something to look forward to the whole time.

When you are an old soul, and also, when you are emotionally wound up really tight like me, it's hard, but eventually, your things weighing you down come out. And I talk with Ross a lot on it. 

The next conversation was with Ross. I told him I was sad, and I didn't feel good. I was honest with him. I did what he taught me and had me practice to do. But he never TOLD me what would happen if I did it. I had no idea. I just knew it was important. So, I was kind of caught off-guard by what happened after he died. 

I also might be really, really dumb, but I just don't GET it...the dying, the sacrifice, the being back. Was it for other people? Was it for him? It certainly wasn't for me. And how could Divine Father come up with such a plan in the first place? 

Then, I remembered our conversations back then when he first came back. 

My biggest pain afterwards was, why couldn't he stay?

He was able to eat and drink and talk. 

Wouldn't it have been nice if he had been able to stick around?

And I remembered him going world was shattered, just like that. 

He tried to explain it to me again, this time, same as before, ever so gently...he said, 'how about if you look at it as if I have gone to the future, in order to prepare it for you, and I will come back to get you and bring you to it?'

He reassured me he would always be with me, and whenever I called he would arrive right away, until the 'future' was officially 'here'.

But it only helped a little. 

Ross sent me to Divine Father. I haven't been for a while. He was celebrating but he always makes time for me.

I explained to Divine Father that my heart was broken into a million pieces. I had a zip lock bag, the big gallon one, and I shook it and you could hear the pieces tinkling against each other like broken glass.

'Do you have some glue?' I asked Divine Father, plaintively. I knew He could help me fix it.

Instead, Divine Father waved away the bag, and he showed me a new heart, made completely of pavé diamonds all on the surface everywhere. He explained that it is unbreakable, completely protected against any and all attacks to it, and that even more joy and light could be felt with it.

Then I really started to cry.

Mom is dead.

Dad is dead.

My nanna and nannu are dead.

My grandma and grandpa are dead.

My aunties and uncles and even two cousins are dead (I'm grateful one Uncle is still alive).

And then I really, really started to miss my Uncle Beni. He always made everything better. He died about a year ago, but I didn't learn of it until November. It wasn't Easter without Uncle Beni. We would go to the desert, either his desert, or my other Uncle's desert, ride motorcycles, and all be with family. 

Once when I dyed eggs, I had extra dye, and I dyed the cow skull bone in the front yard, it took, it was cool. 

Uncle Beni's spirit came to me. He said if I miss the desert then next year I will have Anthony for Easter and to plan a trip. (I LOVE the desert, the open sky, everything about it.)

He told me not to worry, that he is good and that everything is going to be okay. 

I was careful to cheer up because I know it's hard for a new soul up there to contact us, and also, grief weighs them down.

My nana Angelina came too, I told her how much I missed her. And she told me that actually she is with us a little, as our rabbit. She wasn't supposed to tell me, but she did.  That totally made sense now that she said it.

Ross came back, and he gave me advice for the day on what to do. I took his advice. 

He told me, when I had been crying, that he is going to love me for a long time. I realized that eternity, and the future, is much more meaningful than this temporary now. But as he said, my family may be dead, but I'm not dead yet, and to enjoy being alive. 

I watered the garden for over an hour. The sunshine, the simple tasks, and the familiarity of plants and dirt helped. There was even a small miracle in the plant I've been praying to come back to life again. A tiny perhaps sprout...I saw it and gave thanks.

Once Anthony was home, I was much much better. 

Earlier, I'd taken my first bath since the surgery. And I found an old Kneipp bath I'd had, a lavender one, and added it.

I've had SO much work with my throat chakra. I need lots and lots of blue. Not just the thyroid. But the chakra itself. 

I don't think I would have been able to verbalize my feelings and heal like I did, without being alone and with unstructured time. This kind of healing is important, and always, it makes you feel lighter once the healing is done.

The reason I share, and the reason Ross lets me write about these incredibly personal things, is to encourage you, using me as an example, to really get in there and let the healing cleanse the heart and the soul. 

Do not be afraid to experience times adrift.

Do not be hesitant to fully express your sorrow.

The soul knows what it is doing.

Stay close to your teams.

Be honest, like a child.

And you will be happier and stronger for it.

Also, this message from The Council is absolutely wonderful: click here to see the article

Ross says he is going to spend time with his family. We have plans for supper tonight. He thought of it.

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The Illuminated Twin Flame Souls 

Friday, April 2, 2021

Hearts Can Sing


Hearts can sing.

It's easy. That's what they were made to do. To feel joy, happiness, nurturing, wonder and delight!

Why on earth, after all the talk yesterday in our last blog post, about how you could have died from this and from that and from the other thing?

Because chances are you have already lived many times both the roles of the hunters and the hunted.

Because Divine Creator allows us to see the world and Life Experience through all different kinds of perspectives.

This game of 'Halloween' where we take on not only 'costumes' but cultures and belief systems and degree of 'lack'--has grown old and is coming to an end.

Ross says, 'been there, done that'.

That's for all the world to see.

You are one of the fortunate ones to gently be made aware of this. And hopefully, your level of compassion, and your degree of compassion will increase exponentially with this new awareness.

Hate the sin, love the sinner.

Yes, sin exists.

Yes, sin is highly disturbing, especially to those who are sensitive to the energies and above all the lowering of the vibration.

Give thanks that you are still here, your Consciousness continues on, and that you know there is a place entirely devoted to Nurturing, Warmth, Love and Compassion. A place that makes sense, when sometimes where we are right now incarnate, doesn't make sense.

Be glad that there is a great big book filled with scripture and wonderful stories, which is meant to nourish our souls, and be sure to access it often.

Know that there are entire traditions of spiritual awareness, exercises, and opening of the soul, and you are free to take the very best of those perspectives to nourish yourself too.

Spirit's messages are getting louder and clearer and stronger these days for our family, our little family here in my home. 

Yesterday, I knew for sure to go visit a certain place. I checked to see when it opens. And I found a friend who had been thinking of me who hasn't been there for a while. This friend asks for a spiritual healing, and I gave my number. I do healings for friends and family. 

But even more than this one friend, there was another friend there too, and we talked--about my surgery, about the hospital with the virus, my experiences, and lots of other things for catching up.

Since my surgery, I've learned that there are some close friends at work that I can open up and share. And I did. I'm glad I did. I spoke from my heart about the working conditions I have experienced for the last ten years, they are unusually difficult to manage, especially as a single mom. Just last night, again, the assignment came at my bedtime. And again, like when Anthony was little, I was trying to organize assistance for him--contingencies if I have to work late and can't get him here and there and wherever else he has to go.

I'm also volunteering to share the hell one of my sisters is experiencing. She has a newborn and a toddler. Her husband had to go out of town for a few days. So I will spend the night and help any way I can. I know my mom and dad helped me by living with me for two months, until I could get my routines. Then mom lived with me when I had to work. I worked part time, it wasn't every day, but she was the sole caregiver for Anthony for the first two years of his life. I paid her monthly, but she saved the money and gave it back for his college. 

It goes both ways. 

In pretty much everything.

In this we have one huge, wonderful, significant advantage over the other team, TWDNHOBIAH. They are trying to force things going 'one way', unnaturally, against the energies. That's why evil always destroys itself when left to its own devices. 

Only Divine Creator can see the future.

The opponent has military skills and prowess, and makes plans upon plans, and executes the plans. It's a formidable opponent. But the playing field isn't level.

I watched a nice video about  foodflation and shrinkflation--food prices are going up faster than inflation, and also, packaging sizes are going smaller for the same dollar or euro value. We live in a system where there are 'just enough' delivery systems with very low inventories. With the ice storms in Texas the food ran out pretty quick.  So, think about having victory gardens, sharing with neighbors, dehydrating and canning your surplus food, having chickens, and making meals now with beans/rice/dehydrated foods so if the distribution chain gets disrupted your system will already be used to eating these things. Barter systems and knowing who grows your food is a plus. They also said to learn to forage in your area, perhaps once a week go out and learn what is edible. At the end of the year you will have great knowledge. I have an app on my phone, Picture This. I take a photo of a plant, and it tells me what it is. I'm pretty good at most plants already, having been raised by my farmer mom and her family. But this helps a lot. Even the weeds I take the pictures just to know what they are.  Imagine what you would do without electricity. Without running water. Without trash services. Without the mail. Without gasoline. Go through these scenarios with your mind every now and then. Figure out what you would do. 

Hopefully, you'll never need to go through these experiences. But if you are vigilant, you'll think ahead, and be ready, no matter what.

This one was captioned, Hindu Sticker for Furniture.

That's an inside joke for those of you who are aware of what this sign is. Especially those who have taken Karuna Reiki too.


Ross smiles and waves. He's happy. 

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

Ross says Carla is and has always been for him, 'quite a handful' and 'some things never change' (he smiles)

Thursday, April 1, 2021

No Fooling!


I have today off!

Wouldn't you know it? Yesterday was my first day back at work, and then, today, there were not many cases. 

Ross and I wanted to put together something very special for you.

Today we are going to talk about the influence of memories, soul memories embedded in the Consciousness, on today's lives lived. 

This was my first experience with witches. My parents chose the costume for me for Halloween. I went with my cousins on my father's side of the family in the neighborhood around my grandmother's house. 

I was both intrigued at the candy-obtaining process, and terrified of the homes that 'decorated' and had anything scary outside.

With my strong connection to the Otherworld, I felt comfortable with characters that were connected to the Other Side--the things we cannot see. I enjoyed over the years dressing as witches and vampires. It was more pleasant than being a princess for me. 

My curiosity for things occult was strong, all through my life. I was reading Linda Goodman's Sun Signs when I was seven, and pouring through mom's books on palmistry, phrenology, numerology...

It had to have been a past life connection.

There was a familiarity with these topics, like they were old friends...


Let us walk through the doors of our past lives together.

Often times they influence us today.

I can see in my son, who is my grandfather returned, many, many familiarities. The walk. The whistling. The love for the automobile and freedom of driving. 

The pride at being able to swim, because in the past life, he couldn't and was embarrassed about it.

I understand the conflict between father and son is a repeat of what happened in the lifetime before. Both are here 'again'. And I am sensitive enough to the mom dying when my grandfather was two (tuberculosis) for the pain and suffering that loss caused to them both. Basically father left for America to start a new life and a new family.

It takes a long time to graduate from the school of Earth. 

Why may you have been killed?

For being a 'good witch'.

For being a 'bad witch' (dark magic)

For being a wrong religion. Christian. Muslim.

For being a wrong culture. (for example, First Nations when there was expansion Westward)

For being in a country that was at war. There are many, many, many of them in our history. Probably the most tragic is the souls lost in Hiroshima. From what I understand their souls were blown to bits and there are specialty teams picking up lost pieces and putting them together like an archaeologist would with relics.

For having had a habit that was destructive and making bad decisions. (gambling debt to the crime mafia, perhaps?)

Humans haven't always been able to live peacefully with one another. 

Even in the Spiritual realms, there has been conflict. Fallen angels. Demonic entities. Fighting Heaven itself for control.

You may have inside knowledge on some of these battles too. 

Remember Daniel.

He was thrown into the lion's den.

None of them ate him.

There are miracles that go against the 'normal' and 'usual' outcomes.

Have hope.

Make your bed.

No, not in a 'make your bed and sleep in it' sort of judgmental thing.

Really, make your bed after you get up in the morning. Make it right away.

Studies with Navy Seals have shown that this is a start to success--you've completed one task successfully that morning. It brings order. It raises the vibration...because of this increased order and cleanliness. It's good for the mind, it's good for the body, it's good for the soul. 

Remember, every soldier who ever died in combat, woke up and had made their bed that day. They were preparing to be their best selves, from the minute they were getting ready. 

The ones who were wounded, and the ones who lived made their beds too.

We encourage you to reflect upon your strengths and weaknesses, your unconscious fears and motivators, your familiarity and things you dread...and connect them to something you might have experienced outside this particular lifetime.

Try to find peace with it.

You might have been killed for helping people with fortune-telling.  That's why you might avoid it like the plague now.

You might also have died from the plague! Who knows?

Remember, long ago, every physician was taught astrology. It was part of the curriculum. And astrology tells us a lot about people! Even the natal chart explains so much. My teacher explains that the natal chart is kind of like a road-map for this incarnation. The gifts, the struggles, the basic plan for the life to be lived. She teaches that it's not fixed--we can decide how to live with our situation, we have choice and free will. 

Trends come and go with the times. 

Tools are merely that--tools. 

Science as we know it today is really the extension of the five senses. That's what's celebrated.

Remember there is also a sixth sense. And it's very useful.

No matter what happened in your lives lived, come to terms with the sixth sense, and ask your guides to help show you your way through your lessons, and to have everything come together. 

This is our gift to you at this time.

No fooling!

(this is written on April 1, which is known as April Fool's day, in France as Jour du Poisson--fish day)

clap! clap!

Aloha and Mahalos,



Ross and Carla

The mysterious couple