Thursday, September 29, 2011

Reiki Nurse

I just read a book by Meredith Kendall, RN.

She is ahead of me by many years. Her insights to working in a hospital are similar to mine. And her openness about Reiki is outstanding.

I came 'out' yesterday to my mentor. Told him I was in a program to become a Certified Psychic and Healer. I did not share that I am a Reiki Master and Karuna (TM) Reiki Master. He was skeptical. I caught myself saying, 'I am GOOD (at it)'.

I think in all reality, I am a better Lightworker than Doctor, but as Anesthesiologists go, I am pretty good at that too.

Lately my heart hasn't been in it, at the hospital. It just seems so commercialized. I had a small complication, and the patient was fine, but the spouse went all off on me a la Jerry Springer Show. That got me down. I put reiki into her by touching her on the arm. Meredith's chapter about medico-legal issues was helpful. Very helpful at this time.

One of my friends Jeff Brown of Soulshaping, posted today to step into your truth. I am starting to do that. Reiki is part of who I am. One day, soon, I hope to let you know my identity and let you see my smile.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good Vibrations: Reiki All Over The World

Hello and Namaste.

You can imagine my horror in the OR yesterday, while I was reading the book Reiki Energy Medicine: Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital and Hospice by Libby Barnett and Maggie Babb, when I came across this paragraph:

"Surgeons and nurse anesthetists  find Reiki to be helpful pre-, intra-, and post-operatively.The Reiki touch helpsthe anesthetist to connect quickly with the patient while simultaneously reducing the patient's anxiety regarding the impending procedure.The anesthestetist's job is much easier when the patient is less fearful. Because Universal Life Force always works for the highest healing good, and the patient's cells are in charge of the amount received, Reiki never interferes with anesthesia,nor is there any concern for overdose."

Beaten to the Reiki and Conventional Medicine punch! By a CRNA! LOL
Libby has been doing this mix for over thirty years in the hospital! Here is her website if you are interested:

Also, here is another interesting website: Reiki for all Creatures - A San Diego Holistic Healing Practice Specializing in Animal Reiki

There is Reiki going on in hospitals EVERYWHERE!!!

Which is a good thing. I am ready to teach. Bought my massage table the other day. Now I am 'opening up'. My very charismatic Christian babysitter asked for a Reiki treatment. So did my mom. She is asking me 'to send good vibrations--whatever it is that you do;-to certain members of the family. Apparently her experience with an energy worker two years ago had her wondering 'about the reiki, about the reiki' ever since.

I find myself not wanting to do formal Reiki in the OR. The patients coming at me are THAT sick. I don't want to know or see their imbalances. Today I learned a trick, however. Shielding yourself in a tube of pink light. This allows you to be open to your patient, but only the highest vibrations can 'come in' to you. And the hidden benefit is that the universal love goes out to your patient as you protect.
Doreen Virtue, PhD taught this in her book Angel Healing (or something close to that title).

She also describes a med-psych MD in Newport Beach that 'came out' with her when she did in the 1990's as a clairvoyant and psychic. They supported each other and came to the conclusion that unless you are true to yourself, you can't be of much benefit to a patient.

You should have seen me in the OR yesterday--blue scrubs, black patent leather clogs, stethoscope, lanyard with drug box keys, badge, pens, green non-woven paper jacket, red lead apron and thyroid shield with 101 dalmations on it, faerie hat, mask, Laser goggles, and a big piece of white tape holding the glasses up from slipping off my forehead. I sure know how to wear an outfit that is sexy in the OR! LOL LOL

Have a beautiful day. Don't work too hard and have a good day.

Reiki Doc

Friday, September 23, 2011


Yesterday's happening in the OR was a little 'woo woo', even for me. But I have to write it! It was a breakthrough on the energetic healing front.

I had the most nervous patient even for carotid endarterectomy yesterday. One great big bundle of FEAR--blood pressure skyrocketing over 200 in the preoperative holding suite. Once her consent was approved, the versed I gave to calm her anxiety dropped it at once to 174.

I used all my reassuring techniques to get her to the OR. Once there, BP was again 230/133. I had to treat to get her to sleep safely. With a BIS (a monitor of level of consciousness, a big sticker on someone's head that reads brain activity and gives you a number on a box that means 'awake' or 'asleep'), I saw once her consciousness faded (BIS 70) her blood pressure also normalized.

The anesthesia was routine as long as she was asleep. During this lull, I gave Reiki.

As I connected, the patient's higher self spoke with me!

"What are you doing here? Stop interrupting me! I am talking with my family! I don't WANT to go back!" her spirit said.

"Ummm, I am taking care of you and giving you a healing." I replied.

"But I DIED! I am in Heaven and it is wonderful here. I don't want to leave." she persisted.

(fully aware of perfect vital signs) "You are not dead. You are having anesthesia and carotid surgery. You will live and wake up at the end. Enjoy your visit." I said in my mind, starting to give the rest of the Reiki treatment in silence.

Then she got cagey. "WHY are you doing this?" she asked.

I had to think. "Who ELSE is going to?" I blurted out, again, in mental conversation.

"But WHY are you doing this? For the money? For the fame? The notoriety?" she demanded.

"No! No! I am not sure why. But patients need to be helped, and I can, so I do...for FREE."

She seemed pleased with the response. "You know what my Mama used to say? When you see something wrong in front of you--MAKE IT RIGHT!" she said, "Make it RIGHT!"

I finished her reading and healing. There was a lot of imbalance in the will, in the survival (yellow, red chakras), and her blue one was overfunctioning (throat). I balanced and healed, and disconnected, somewhat shaken by what had transpired.

There is intelligence that is not quite connected with the conscious self. And I had just spoken to it.

The rest of the anesthetic, was quite routine for this surgery. She awoke to normal neurological function.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Reiki and the Law of Attraction

Reiki increases our level of self-awareness. There is clarity where once there was not.

On the way home, for instance, I reflect. Today this is what I discovered about myself:

There is an usual pattern in my life. I have two. The first is the one I am going to share. The second I will disclose later, so you might have a laugh with me.

"I could NEVER _________!" (fill in the blank).

For the most important things in my life, I DID that which for long time, from my heart, I thought I could not do.

I could NEVER move to another house! My sister and I were attached to our first home in North Long Beach, CA. But at fourteen, we did.

Why? Once my friend Audrey's mom had a baby when she was twelve. The poor thing had no life. Her mom made her stay at home and take care of the baby all the time. "That's awful! I thought. I could NEVER have my mom have a baby like that!" Guess what? When I was fourteen, mom did. And because of that little sister, our house was too small. So...we moved! LOL in retrospect it was the best thing for me. In many ways.

I could NEVER leave my high-school sweetheart. We went to college together. But I did. At his insistence, less than three months after college began.

I could NEVER leave my daddy and get married. But I did. Twice, in fact, he walked me down the aisle. Second time, though, I paid for the wedding. LOL

I could NEVER divorce my second husband. But I did. It was intolerable. I had gone through counseling and made the decision to 'stay with the devil I know'. He saw otherwise.

I could NEVER be a surgeon. I am scared of blood. I thought that first incision would make me faint. Nope! Categorical General Surgery Resident for two years, before I switched to Anesthesia. I make my living actually IN the O.R.

A friend of mine had her biological clock ticking. She considered asking a gay friend to donate sperm so she could experience motherhood. She wanted the man to be a part of the child's life. Due to her spotty employment (many moves to major cities in less than ten years with three different career choices) and low income, as well as her and her family history of depression, I spoke up on behalf of the child and thought it was not fair to either one of them to be a single mother. "Damn! I thought, I could NEVER do that!" Here I am, alone and mother of a boy that is six.

I could NEVER go into private practice. I could NEVER leave my heart surgeon in academics. I could NEVER do hearts in private practice. And I could NEVER do OB, because the women in labor drive me crazy.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. and Wrong again. LOL!!!

I am happier than I have ever been.

What you think of, IS. It gets the power to come to be. I have since learned to pluck out unwanted thoughts as they occur, much as you would pull out little shoots of weeds before they took over the garden. I train my mind to think happy thoughts.

I could NEVER send my kid to a NO SUGAR preschool. Wrong again! I love it. I saw how calm the children were in class, much unlike his other school. So I changed.

Get the point?

The second one? Anyone who is nice to me, really kind from the heart and does something that helps me in a big way? Gets a kid. Becomes pregnant. Gets a foster kid. Adopts. Has a grandkid come to live with them. I am the baby fairy. LOL. Guess I found the right line of work after all. ; )

Don't work too hard and have a good day,
Everything as it is is how it is meant to be, in perfect BALANCE.

Reiki Doc

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Everyday Psychic Life Experience

I took a vacation to Victoria, British Columbia with my six-year-old boy.

On the way to the room at the hotel, I was aware of 'many ghosts present' by claircognizance. I could not place them but I knew the hotel was crawling with them. I was not afraid. I just knew.

We went down to the water. I was delighted to find blackberries ripe, just above the shoreline. We ate and I was so happy. This is one of my favorite things.

At the water, I had to take off my shoes and socks and put my feet in it. It was freezing, but I didn't care. As I sat and watched my son throw rocks and discover 'meteorites', I found myself relaxing in a healing way. So much planning, work stress, and travel with a child can really frazzle you.

As we walked back to a big rock with totem poles on it, I sensed that the ghosts were an old indian burial ground. When I read the plaque by the spindle statue, I learned that this was cradle rock. And the beach was known for its spiritual properties.

That night, as I slept, a great big Chief watched me. Over us, I suppose, but this entity was aware I was aware of him. I hoped that dream time would help me figure it out. It did. I was his daughter in another life. I was glad to know this, but the emotional connect was missing.

The next day, we watched whales. We saw two sleeping pods, together. About forty seven of them. A 'superpod'. It was very rare. However, on the harbor tour on a little duffy boat, I saw a pile of rocks on a larger rock that almost connected to my soul. I couldn't recognize its meaning, but it was important.

The larger rock was 'Dead Man's Island'. The natives put their dead on that rock and let nature take its course. It was no more than two blocks away from the shoreline by the hotel. There is was, Indian Burial Ground energy.

My boy is six, and psychic, but he started scaring me. After dinner the first night, he wanted to learn all the symbols for Reiki 2. I had attuned him, and taught him one. He wanted the other two. So I did.

The next day, he told me the story of my past life. My mother had said I had been an Indian named White Bird Dove. My son said the Chief is the one who had told my mother back then my name. He said I needed to write a message  when we got back to the hotel. That I had a boy who had died before me. My son said he had been one of my friend's kids in another life.

All this was said in the back seat of a rental car on the way to and from Butchart Gardens.

I wrote. I learned that my intelligence was high. My being female excluded me from higher learning. And that I jumped at this chance to be born into this life that I have. That all my old family protects me. And that I almost died in childbirth, and that the child was not stillborn but died shortly after birth. I had not been told how the umbilical cord was not right, and how close I had been to dying myself.

After dinner, my son and I went out to the totem pole on the left, the tall one. I took off my shoes. My son had said Chief wanted me to offer a stick. With reverence, we picked one out together and I did.

I want to help others with my knowledge. There are times of great change ahead. I look forward to what is to come.

And that a child could be as open to Spirit as my son, is a miracle! May all of us become as 'open' as him.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, September 3, 2011

On Karma and Fate

This is a channeled message

There are places where no one has been in the mind. At least not for a long, long, very long time.  We can create from the mind abundance, pleasure, and all good things. 'You are what you think' is right. Whatever you contemplate upon, God will manifest it.

Karma is the awakening of justice that is radical to popular belief. It is more than restitution for choices made incarnate. It is balance. In order for duality to survive, there must be polar opposites. For every thought taken, one thought and the other will manifest. It is like antimatter in the scientific realm.

Your thought, on what will be good for you, sets the tone of your day. Hour after hour, it becomes part of you. Your Life. And how you live it. This sets up a pattern for the common mind to enhance, albeit pleasure or boredom or strife. Everything is as it manifests. It is all for the purpose of your enlightenment--that is, your discovery of the self, of who you are.

The price for this, what is exacted, is from trying to be who you are not.

Let me explain. The more you stray from your Life's Purpose, the more out of balance Life becomes. This is recorded and measured in the pineal gland in the mind and in the brain. Everything out of balance will come back fourfold in measure.The farther one strays from love and light, the more balance that will have to be repaid, relearned, in powerful lessons.

The common path is to live in light, freedom, and harmony. That is all for today.

(I just stopped channeling)

What is channelling? It is one connects with the higher realms and carries a message. I write. I have written for twenty one years. It is always for myself. This is the first I have channeled for the public.

It feels like the awareness that comes when someone is staring at you. I pick up on it and sense it. Instead of turning to look, I write what thoughts come to me. The handwriting is mine. I am conscious of what is happening. I try to relay the message as right as it comes to me as possible. I ask for clarification when a word or thought is unclear. It is going back and reading all the messages that makes more sense for me.

For whatever reason, it is complete. Have a pleasant Labor Day Weekend everybody.


Reiki Doc

Friday, September 2, 2011

Reiki and Marriage

As an outside observer, I have seen the collapse of the marriages of some of my peers. I see more as a Reiki Master than I did before. The worst part is I can see the path they are on, I can feel it, and it is futile.

When I was contemplating divorce in Medical School, a counselor said, 'There must be a special individual to select when thinking of marrying as a physician. The mate must be able to go to the party alone at the last minute AND have a good time.'

My friends do not see the big picture. They are miserable and so are the families. In one case, I knew both of the couple. He was blindsided, and she was attracted to a witty, sophisticated OB-GYN she worked with. Her complaint was that 'she wanted MORE time. It was like she was already single.' Her husband worked a lot, too much, in fact but did not have a clue about her unhappiness or how to change for it.

I think the cause at stake is the expectation that a medical family IS a normal family. It isn't. One colleague's daughter got upset that her work schedule kept her out of the house for three days. Instead of feeling sorry for the hardworking mother, the husband blamed the wife for making the daughter feel hurt...and encouraged her to move out of the house.

The only expectation is that there are no expectations in relationship. Gender roles are all mixed up these days. Face-to-face time is replaced by texting, computers, and high-tech entertainment systems.

What can be done? Awakening the heart through Reiki. Reiki solidifies relationships. It is easy to move from a heart-centered experience to a mentally-centered one. What's in it for me? Why should I stay? What is the balance sheet of pluses and minuses? Those are all very mental lines of thinking.

Just as the abused domestic partner has to step away from fear and use their head, for survival, partners in marital strife are not going to solve the situation by keeping the status quo.

Byron Katie wrote an excellent book on the topic. Turn it around:  go from A to B.
A: I shouldn't leave the home
B: I should leave

Anything that is causing you emotional distress, turn it around. Accept it. Accept reality for what it is.
Then ground yourself, breathe in through the top of your head and out through your heart center. The answer is found by not-thinking. Feel. Feel.

I would very much love to have a domestic partner. I am single. I am okay with it. When it is right for me, I will know how to take steps to make it happen. Until then, enjoy your relationships while you are in them. Learn your lesson through relationship. I love you very much, gentle reader.


Reiki Doc