Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good Vibrations: Reiki All Over The World

Hello and Namaste.

You can imagine my horror in the OR yesterday, while I was reading the book Reiki Energy Medicine: Bringing Healing Touch into Home, Hospital and Hospice by Libby Barnett and Maggie Babb, when I came across this paragraph:

"Surgeons and nurse anesthetists  find Reiki to be helpful pre-, intra-, and post-operatively.The Reiki touch helpsthe anesthetist to connect quickly with the patient while simultaneously reducing the patient's anxiety regarding the impending procedure.The anesthestetist's job is much easier when the patient is less fearful. Because Universal Life Force always works for the highest healing good, and the patient's cells are in charge of the amount received, Reiki never interferes with anesthesia,nor is there any concern for overdose."

Beaten to the Reiki and Conventional Medicine punch! By a CRNA! LOL
Libby has been doing this mix for over thirty years in the hospital! Here is her website if you are interested: http://www.reikienergy.com/

Also, here is another interesting website: Reiki for all Creatures - A San Diego Holistic Healing Practice Specializing in Animal Reiki

There is Reiki going on in hospitals EVERYWHERE!!!

Which is a good thing. I am ready to teach. Bought my massage table the other day. Now I am 'opening up'. My very charismatic Christian babysitter asked for a Reiki treatment. So did my mom. She is asking me 'to send good vibrations--whatever it is that you do;-to certain members of the family. Apparently her experience with an energy worker two years ago had her wondering 'about the reiki, about the reiki' ever since.

I find myself not wanting to do formal Reiki in the OR. The patients coming at me are THAT sick. I don't want to know or see their imbalances. Today I learned a trick, however. Shielding yourself in a tube of pink light. This allows you to be open to your patient, but only the highest vibrations can 'come in' to you. And the hidden benefit is that the universal love goes out to your patient as you protect.
Doreen Virtue, PhD taught this in her book Angel Healing (or something close to that title).

She also describes a med-psych MD in Newport Beach that 'came out' with her when she did in the 1990's as a clairvoyant and psychic. They supported each other and came to the conclusion that unless you are true to yourself, you can't be of much benefit to a patient.

You should have seen me in the OR yesterday--blue scrubs, black patent leather clogs, stethoscope, lanyard with drug box keys, badge, pens, green non-woven paper jacket, red lead apron and thyroid shield with 101 dalmations on it, faerie hat, mask, Laser goggles, and a big piece of white tape holding the glasses up from slipping off my forehead. I sure know how to wear an outfit that is sexy in the OR! LOL LOL

Have a beautiful day. Don't work too hard and have a good day.

Reiki Doc