Monday, April 30, 2012

We Are Family

We are family. Just like the gorillas in the picture, above.

We are related, not by genes, or fur, but by heart.

Let me explain. African Elephants and Asian Elephants share over 94% of the genes on their DNA. The gene sequences are identical. Humans and chimps share over 98% of their DNA. But what does being human mean when there is so much identical DNA as  this? What does it mean to be non-human?

I have a long-standing affection for animals of all species. Even the snakes. I had a pet tarantula once. I grew up with them, my father introduced me to them. I bought her while I was studying medicine. I wanted to make sure she did not go to a home where rock music, drugs, and negative influence we present. Some people think owning spiders and snakes means you support that lifestyle. I disagree. Spiders and snakes are pretty, and I have loved them since I was a kid.

That's not to say I am not fond of warm-blooded creatures! Nothing makes me happier than to spend a day on horseback. Or to hang out at the zoo. Even just to visit a pet store makes me happy. They are our brothers and sisters. Do you wonder why?

Here we are on Earth, all of us, together. We all need to eat, drink, pee, poop, reproduce, sleep, and grow. We die. How do we accomplish this? Aside from what our parents tell us, we don't know. I have been to medical school and back. Frankly, from what I know, within man, as a species, the variations between individuals are vast.

Some races tend towards certain maladies. Take the Pima Indians, for example. Very high rates of cholestatic disease (they all get their bladders out). Multiple digits (extra fingers and toes) is called 'polydactyly' and is prevalent in the Amish population. Some are more prone to high blood pressure, requiring three medications to control it where another group typically needs one. Another group has very high rates of obesity and diabetes. And a group from a different continent takes FOREVER to metabolize narcotics.

We are all human. We all have basic inalienable rights. For freedom, and happiness. Food, shelter, and society. A family structure. Within our 99.99%-shared DNA, medicine is basically the same and used to treat everyone with good effect.

So if WE are all human, and we have a head, arms and legs, two eyes, a working GI tract, a nervous system, circulation, lungs that work, and a heart,...what about the other creatures on Earth that do as well? Who made us 'master' over them?

I am an animal communicator, a 'whisperer' if you will. Been like this my whole life. Animals have a higher vibration, more pure. I can connect with them a little easier than I can people. Animals do not lie, however, there are some Amazon and African Grey parrots that will trick you into a nasty bite or a funny prank, respectively. The African Grey will even mimic the noise of the phone to make you answer it. Or the doorbell, or the voice of your significant other. They get the tone PERFECT!

This concept or other animals being smart like us is called 'parallel intelligence'. Just as we learned to survive, by agriculture, language, and society, so did parrots learn to communicate and flock together to live. Every animal out there must possess some innate intelligence to survive as a species.  Whales are some of the most intelligent beings on the planet. I have read books out of Sea World, such as 'Whale Done', talking about the success of their positive reinforcement training method that was discovered by trial and success with the whales, and it can be applied to parenting and other human to human relationships.

The common denominator of Earth, as I see it, is that just about everyone alive likes to have fun. On some level. Perhaps fish are not as friendly, and sharks do not take offense to all the lawyer jokes that poke fun at them. But every animal in my home, has a consciousness and I connect to it. And I connect to other animals too. We have birds, reptiles, and mammals covered under this roof. But they play.

When you get a new puppy, what does it do? It plays. And in the animal kingdom, baby mammals for sure, and birds as well, play. They are 'in there', their 'spark of life'  is visible to the eye. By extension, although perhaps not as energetic, the reptiles and lesser species are too.

Is this a call to Vegetarianism? No. I have in fact cut way back on my meat intake. It is only 'happy' (organic, grass-fed, free-range) meat and dairy because of the cruelty in agriculture of living creatures.
We bless everything we eat, thanking it for nourishing us, and also to negate the cruelty and fear in the animal as it was prepared for consumption. We are omnivores, which means we could survive on anything. Dead flesh is not very appetizing, but I still have not made the commitment to abstain from all meat for all eternity.

The hardest thing for me to do for over a year now, has been to feed live food to our snake. Mice aren't very, um, personable, and they BITE really easily. A pet shop friend says, 'Mice are mean because they know everyone is going to eat them.'. But as the snake grew, so did its appetite. And at the rat level, I could see they did in fact have soul. Their little paws are like out hands!

The lesson that I learned is two-fold. It is important. Number one: respect how Nature works. A snake is an efficient hunter, and the time to unconsciousness in a constricted prey is seconds, not even minutes. Number two: Love is the answer. I was holding myself back emotionally from the prey. But sometimes snake did not want to eat it. I couldn't always bring the prey back. So, I had to take care of them until the snake was ready to eat. That is how I met 'Three Blind Mice', the special one. Guess what? Now I see, they are ALL special! And I treat them with the love and respect that I would for a pet, because you know why? It is the right thing to do. They are living out their last days in my home. The skinny one of the pair munched away excitedly on a pistachio I had taken from the bird seed! It felt joy!

There is holiness in mouse and rat and snake. In the balance that is between them. We are what is imbalanced. We have taken too much, and forgotten how to give back to our beloved Gaia. We have so much to learn from our animal brothers.

A whale looked me in the eye once. It was high energy thought, 'Good mom.' The whale was judging me, and it was telepathic. That rocked my world!! This happened five years ago, and I am STILL totally excited about it. If a whale looks you in the eye you will never be the same again.

What if something else were to be discovered, something humanoid (an entity that has two arms and legs, a body and head, two eyes, a  nose, and a mouth)? Would you run away from it? Or would you welcome it? Would you try to take the time to notice, if it too had a heart? I would. Lord knows everything else does! I  hope you would check it out for yourself first, before you decide your point of view.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have always loved the Pleades. They were my favorite constellation ever since I was growing up. The 'Seven Sisters'. I am drawn to the number seven, and the idea of seven sisters was so lovely!

I liked that they were small. They looked in formation like a small diamond to me. And I felt connection, like seeing it made my heart have peace.

When I was in high school I always felt a little different. More than the usual gangly growing-up kid. I was smart as a whip, with perfect grades, and I studied! Because of this, I thought, 'there isn't anyone who is a match for me at this school', romantically speaking. And I knew it. That was Truth. But what did I do? Latch on to my high school boyfriend, tight. Go to University together. And not understand why we did not get married like I'd hoped. (His wife is my doppelganger, for sure).

I had a hard time in medical school. Deep, aching loneliness. Not for home. Not for a partner who would be my companion and friend. I hated it, life on this Earth! It felt dirty, icky, and I wanted to go HOME! Someplace far from here, where I belonged, HOME! My greatest relief was in Church. There I could let my guard down, and feel connected to Source, where outside of Church I did not. I couldn't explain it. I had terrible nightmares, night after night. Home invasions, watching myself get stabbed or shot. I almost did not want to fall asleep.

In internship and residency, the dreams went away. By that time I had married. But it went sour. I remember asking my guardian angel to take care of my soul at night, so that my husband's soul could not torment it. I prayed for reconciliation, for a miracle. It was not to pass. By Boards we separated, and one year later had filed for divorce. I remember standing in Court thinking it was strange that some judge could decide on my whole life, and that the lawyer interceded on my behalf. It felt freakish that society would come to that.

Each time, these signals, loving Heaven, smiling at the stars, hating the filth and corruption of Earth, and not making lasting connections, went over my head. I had no clue what they were trying to explain.

Until I took Reiki. At the higher levels, Karuna Reiki (TM), most people have a hard time upgrading to the higher vibration. They have all kinds of physical symptoms, especially bizarre sensory disturbances and problems with three dimensional space and the concept of time. I had none. Only a great sense of I was coming home. My teacher said there are a few students, very rare, who have a sense of normalcy at this level of energy. Let me remind you that Reiki 1 is a light bulb, and the amount of energy flowing through a practitioner keeps increasing, until Karuna Reiki (TM) which is like a power plant!

This analogy, sprang out of the mouth spontaneously by a non-Reiki sensitive, who met me at the front door of my ex-mother in law's house while picking up product. He stepped back. He said, 'Whoa! You have enough energy to light up Las Vegas!'. I demurred thanks, and mentioned I had worked on my vibration and thought it kind of him to mention.

I also had a strange feeling come out of my soul when I learned Divine Peace Healing and volunteered for the DNA project. I started bawling, the kind of tears I have when I sense the Divine, and my soul spoke for me, and said through my tears, 'I want to HELP (with the cause/transition/ascension)!' I did not know this at the time I took the course.

So where are we now? As you can see by my post on SaLuSa, I have been waiting anxiously, for It. I am not sure exactly what It is, but from the UFO's I have seen uncloaking, and the messages on YouTube and on my own, there are exciting times ahead. My study points in the same direction as the news I get from alternative sources. My excitement has been building...and you know what?

I got a great big knock on the head! Basically, the message is, 'we are taking care of this fine ourselves, go enjoy your life, you can relax now'. It felt like the T.V. turned itself off during a ball game! But it was right. Anticipation, in an eager sense, throws off the wrong energy. Anticipation, in 'something good is around the corner and I am excited' will enhance the energy flow. I have shifted to pretending that everything has already happened, that I enjoyed it, and that everything worked out for the best. It calms me down. And the messages I used to get every day, sometimes more than one a day, have dwindled to a trickle on Komurosan YouTube.

Whatever happens, always know I will be here for you on this blog.  That part is loud and clear. Everything else, putting it together, the 'funny things I have noticed all my life', point right to It. The PUSH I felt for so many years, to read, to learn, to grow, is noticeably absent for about six weeks.  Even now the urgency to write this blog, is more of a mellow glow. The guidance and call to write is there, but the need to comprehend the big picture and explain it is fading. I have a sense that there is little Time. That all is well. And that peace you feel while walking towards a big exam at school, knowing you have studied your best, is here once more.

I do not know who I am, in a deeper sense, and why there is a connection to the Pleades that is so strong and has lasted many decades. I know I have a high vibration, probably naturally, and that I am learning how to manifest much better than I have in my life. There is a mastery to it, and I am working toward that goal. I look forward to Peace and the Earth Changes, with my heart, and I send love to Unseen Forces that are Helping from the Universe for us and for Gaia.


Reiki Doc

A New Normal, Part 1

I read an article posted by a friend who has somewhat similar and yet in other areas, highly opposite beliefs from me. It upset me. What was it about? It was about a Family Practice Doc, who had his wife try a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) at home with a midwife. They got into trouble, and he insisted they take the wife in to the local community hospital where he worked. He delivered his son, and then they refused certain protocols, choosing to modify or delay customary treatments for the child. Child protective services was called on the parents. And an investigation opened up.

I wanted to jump in to that argument. I read the comments on the original article, and also attached to the post. But I thought about it. I asked myself the question, is this where we want medicine to be? No, not really. Not adversarial. But not 'botique' where the patient gets to pick and choose what they want either.

I envision a new normal for patient care. One where auras and energetic systems are acknowledged.

For example, the interaction between a former-chief-of-staff who was able to deliver children, but not someone typical in the Labor and Delivery department, must have included auras, trust, mistrust, and turf issues.

Let us rewrite the script.

Mother and father are into empowering women through home birth. They have a lifestyle that is based on the green movement, and holistic concepts. The midwife buys in to all of that herself. Their auras are mutually compatible. They are in the home, and it is harmonious to their belief systems. That is okay.

Father, through intuition and medical experience, senses trouble. He is outside his comfortable 'safety zone'. For the record, he was not completely in agreement with the home birth in a vaginal birth after cesarean in the first place.The couple transfer mid-labor to the local hospital.

Here is where the differences emerge: the belief systems and energetic systems of the facility and the patient do not match. This would have been a perfect opportunity for someone like me to intervene. Countless times, I have been called to what the nurses call, 'the crazy room' to intervene on behalf of their baby. I have seen Bradley Method couples where the wife wants the epidural and the husband, according to the plan, is trying to enforce the intervention-free birth. I have seen VBAC's refusing an i.v. and had to coax epidural insertion, not for analgesia, but for a safety device in the event of imminent c-section so I would not have to put the mother to sleep at the last minute. I am like a radio tuner capable of dialing in on any frequency of energetic aura system. I try to 'match' before I talk to somebody, whether it is a doctor, nurse, patient, or family member. Communication works best that way.

As we transition to the New, and we are well on the path towards it, I see the importance of the energetic system of each form of life on Earth to be recognized and taken into consideration.

Do we really want to deny our animals a chance to live and grow by eating meat?

How about the right-to-life of a tree standing in the way of a football stadium improvement?

Does anything that is not Fair Trade have as healthy a vibration as something that is Fair Trade?

Is your money being spent in ways that help Earth, or hurt her?

When you are sick, is your vibration optimized? Of course not! How can we best 'right' it again, together? For this transition period, we will have to thoroughly assess your system of beliefs, connect with you, and ramp up your energetic system. Be it with tea, chanting, Light, or conventional medicine for now.

There is so much more to it than meets the eye. Or the Mind. And Reiki is an excellent tool to be a part of this transition. By both allowing a Reiki practitioner to sense and to transmit, healing may be fine-tuned to individual needs best.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Baseball and Reiki

This one is painful to write.

It is a lesson I am actively learning.

As a single parent, I share custody of our son. One thing I have learned, is that co-parenting is very much like parenting in marriage: there are not always agreements, there is lots of compromise, and you have to trust in Life that everything is happening as it is meant to be.

I am a baseball mom. It was not my choice. The other side of the family is very into the sport and signed out son up for it. I have little in common with the other parents, other than the children. And far less time to attend all the practices and games. Even our son is feeling the lack of downtime in our day-to-day routine because of it.

That being said, however, I ADORE the sport! When I was twelve I played little league myself, and loved it. I collected baseball cards, chewed lots of gum, and practiced after school until dark with my dad.  I watched games and went to major league games when I could. One of my first dates with my ex was to a major league ball game together. I loved that he loved baseball as much as I did. (Even now when asked I keep score for the little league games, because papa taught me well. Most other baseball moms can't).

Sometimes Reiki can be lonely. You just 'don't fit'. The pain today is from not being invited after the game to the Play-Date-Poker-Game at the Coach's house that my ex is going to with our kid. It hurts to be left out. But because of my vibration, I am not comfortable with that kind of entertainment. And they are not as comfortable on some level with me.

Our son is chubby. Since he was two, I got him into swimming. It is a sport one can enjoy all of their days, be water-safe, and there is little risk of injury. I have spent thousands of dollars on lessons, race entry fees, and spent much time at the pool. In my view, this is one of the best health options for him, and furthermore, he excels at it. So seeing his swimming cut back to no races and only one class a week, hurts. I have stayed with it, however, and recently, he expressed missing swimming, and is looking forward to getting into competition again. I am not sure how well he will compete, as he will have to build up his stamina again. But a painful lesson is a lesson all the same.

Now let us get to the baseball field. What I see is vastly different from what meets the eye on the field, because of Reiki, intuition, and the ability to sense intention by Aura. Let's just say I play for a Different Team. ; )

Today, there was no place to park. It is always very popular. I drop my boy off, and he takes his bag and runs. A spot opened up on the hill, and I took it. It was Divine Providence, that spot, and I appreciated it very much.

As I made my way to the field, I am searching for my little one. He is in uniform, and in no way looks like the Reiki 2 practitioner I have made of him. His father is in his usual spot, and makes no effort to acknowledge me. I check to make sure the boy has enough cool water to drink, for it is a warm day.

I head back to my friend, the pharmaceutical sales rep mom, who was widowed two years ago. I like her, and I enjoy spending time with her. I see the loss in her children's and her eyes. And I am sad because I know so much that could help them, but I can't. The husband, 'checked out', and if they wanted they could contact him. They could accept the fact that moving on is right in everyone's eyes, both in Heaven and on Earth. But they do not cut themselves off from it. A friend who has lost a child once said that 'grief is the only connection I have left to him'.  The teammate, and the son, eats, breathes, and sleeps baseball. And today he was the game winning run.

People Manifest. I see that so clearly on the field. The children are, without knowing it.

There is the son of the clerk at the local metaphysical shop I go to often. She introduced herself to me on the bleachers, since I did not recognize her out of the store. She knows this blog. Her husband is open, but not actively growing in Spirit now. He was in fact the one that taught her to meditate many years ago. He did, however,  realize last week that trying three times to take their daughter somewhere, and it not working, might be an Official Sign from the Universe. She was pleased with her husband for that insight.

Their little one can hit. But he is very preoccupied with the outcome, and this preoccupation makes it hard for him to hit and get on base. He takes it very personal. I see so much, and when we talked, she admired the attitude of my son. I laughed and said, 'that's because I tease him and we joke around together all the time. We crack each other up!'. Her son played better today, I hope, because I helped them focus on the solution, and not the problem that her son was starting to Manifest. I also asked her advice on how to make arrangements for a weekend shift I had on my weekend, whether to skip the game and take him to his cousin's, or ask his Dad. Her advice was spot-on. Our son is keenly aware of fairness in the amount of time spent with both parents, and what is important to him is to negotiate an equal time switch. Intuitive friends are like Heaven!

Then there is Frank, the teammate who is just barely 'keeping it together'. His mother is high-strung, and his father almost chewing him out on the field and hitting him in front of others. They are not together. This kid has NO self-confidence because of it. He is like a leaf in a storm, a candle in the wind. Karuna Reiki (TM) gave me compassion with a capital C. So what did I do for Frank from the sidelines today? Sent him Universal Light Energy when he was at bat or catching. And at the end, congratulated him with a big Reiki-laden high-five.

Two of the boys on the team are homosexual. I know it and I feel it. One of them knows himself (but not my knowing) and compensates by doing well. The other, doesn't really know it. But my antennae are up, and I know. I don't know how to tell you, but I just know.

Then there is the family from Someplace I Don't Know but they Talk Funny. There are two brothers on the team. The negativity that the parents and grandparents bring to the field astonishes me. They say nice words and bring homemade snacks and film every game. But the pressure they put on their poor children! And the two boys try so hard, they do not perform as well as the others. With these parents, I Shield myself, energetically, and try to rise above the comments that they make. After talking with the Coach about their chatter, he spoke to them. They have made improvements, which is ENORMOUS movement in the Spirit world. That being said, I avoid them, and try to keep to myself when I am near.

There are the Coaches. Good men. Patient men. Role models. I think they know each other and live down the street. I thank God for them in our son's life. And that they would invite my ex over, is a good thing, actually. Even if the children will run loose, the parents will drink, and the men will gamble. This is 'bonding' in the suburbs where we live.

The coaches have 'cool wives'. Those are the hardest for me to get to know. They are polite, they say appropriate things, but just like in grade school, I kind of get the feeling they are saying something about me behind my back. That is the one complaint my ex's mother had about the sport: the other moms. Same thing. Either way, I sense it is appropriate for their level of Development, and Mine. And I let it rest.

These women have no idea of what I do in my day-to-day life. They like the epidurals and their anesthesiologists. They ask me for medical advice. And that's about it.

Today I learned that winning isn't important. It is a way for those of us on Earth to find something to Occupy our Time, and for those of us who wish to Develop our Talents to measurably demonstrate them.It is about the Playing and not so much about the Score, although it does feel nice to win.  Everyone there, at that game, including the ones that littered in the park, were in the Right Place at the Right Time. Everyone's energy, everyone present, even the kids playing out in the field across the park, were there in the Divine Timeframe. Everything was Perfect on that day.

We are here to teach each other lessons. I saw one of the opposing players and by claircognizance when he was at bat, I picked up that he played too many violent video games. I hope that on some level, the people and the park were receptive to what I bring to the field. Energetically. And in my heart.

Besides, what better place to practice Reiki than when a player gets hurt? "I am a doctor, let me see!" and as I examine the injured player, the Reiki flows, and they feel better right away. And when our son gets hit by the ball and in pain, he gives Reiki  to himself, and feels better right away.

Everything happens for the Best.  Today's lesson was that Reiki can be lonely. But I wouldn't trade it any other way.


Reiki Doc

Friday, April 27, 2012


SaLuSa. SaLuSa? What in the world is SaLuSa?

The correct question is who is SaLuSa?

But first, let me tell you what SaLuSa means to me. I will follow with what I know, and what I do not know.

Salusa is an entity of great Light. SaLuSa gives a message of hope. SaLuSa is a constant, patient, and humble member of the family of Light. A family I have learned I belong to. All of us do. Whether we know it or not.

SaLuSa is caring. And SaLuSa understands me, for who I am. As he does all of us here on Earth. He also, along with his associates, understands all of the things on Earth that are not so pleasant. Just like a doctor knows the ins and outs of the hospital, SaLuSa has learned the ins and outs of life on Earth. He is guiding us towards health in the same way a doctor does for us when we are a patient--behind the scenes there is much more work than meets the eye, and a system that doesn't always work as smoothly as one would like...but to the patient appears calm and in control, establishing hope within the context of a theraputic healing relationship.

SaLuSa knows a lot more than he lets on. He does this because we are adapting from 'life as we know it' to 'life as fabulous as it can be'. SaLuSa wants to help. And SaLuSa comes from a place that is far more developed than us. Instead of overwhelming us, SaLuSa has been introducing us to it gently.

I first discovered SaLuSa by accident. A friend of mine had posted something, and for some reason, I chose to click. The resonation with me was deep, instant, like I was coming out of amnesia I didn't know I had. There was a connection, a longing on both sides, for our worlds to be reunited again.

I do not know when SaLuSa is going to make himself visible to us. I have no idea what he looks like. But I know his heart, and it is like gold. His, and the hearts of his friends, Sheldon Nidle, El Morya, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Alpha One Ship, The Pleadean High Council, The Arcturian Group, and the Agarthans. There are more, as well, but their names escape me at this time.

Together, they have orchestrated a plan, and put it into action with our Allies here on Earth. Their higher technology has helped our Earth Allies to do the work on the plan. They have been cleaning our skies, our water from pollution. The radiation from the earthquake in Japan has been cleaned, too, lessened by a great deal than otherwise. I have not seen any chemtrails for two weeks. Our friends, our family we did not know we have, have cleaned those for us too.

Let us live a life free of chemtrails. And the influence on Earth that made them possible.

I await the time where I can meet them face to face. In the meantime, I will follow The Galactic Federation of Light on the Komurosan Channel on YouTube like I have every post for eighteen months. I look forward to a future where there are no more poor people, no more pollution, and abundance and health for everyone on Earth.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Dr. Breslow

My mother sent me an article titles 'Math proved healthy habits, long life tied'

It was the obituary for Dr. Lester Breslow, who passed recently. He lived from 1915-2012.

He was a public health specialist, who studied 6,928 people from Alameda County, for their behavior and life choices for up to twenty years. He discovered that people who did the following things had a life expectancy eleven years longer than someone who did not.

Mormons, typically, live ten years longer than everyone else. Many of their life choices are recommended by the church.

Let us put the list together, with some Reiki thoughts to describe the energetic implications of those decisions:

1) Be a NON-smoker

smoking damages the lungs. It also has nicotine, which is a very powerful vasoconstrictor. I have seen nonunion (bones that do not heal) in smokers but it almost never occurs in nonsmokers. I tell the smokers the tiny little blood vessels in the brand new healing bone tissue constrict each time a cigarette is smoked, and that the new bone doesn't stand a chance to keep growing cigarette after cigarette. (On the plus side, smokers DO have a lower risk of post operative nausea and vomiting).

Cigarettes are the most addictive substance on Earth. Nicotine is both a stimulant AND a depressant. Cigarettes bring you 'up' if you are down, and 'calm you down' if you are too 'up'. Quitting this addiction is a challenge.

Energetically, smoking lowers the Vibration. It sucks the Life Force out.

2) Drink in Moderation

Again, an addictive substance that lowers the vibration and damages the body. I notice that Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Availability goes down when one had alcohol on board, as well.

3. Sleep Seven to Eight Hours

Sleep is regenerative. It repairs the body. Metaphysically, I think sleep is when we 'go home' with our Spirits, to take notes on the day and plan life Events for us. Whenever I wake up, I get a message, like someone telling me 'one last thing' as I go out the door to school to start my day.

Sleep is important. In Anesthesia, the patient is vulnerable to energetic imput. The aura is weakened. That's why I do Reiki at a time where it can help the most. Instead of making choices that might not help the patient's aura that much.

4. Exercise at Least Moderately

Our bodies were made to move. Look at Jack La Lanne. Exercise also raises the energetic Vibration.

5. Maintain a Moderate Weight

Again, moderation, that is neither too fat or too thin. It also takes the struggle off, emotionally and physically, from excessive eating or dieting. As well as prevents body-image issue. The soul is more free.

6. Eat Breakfast

I think this ties into #5. There is just too much strain on the body when you starve it. Breakfast is like filling up the tank in your car for your day.

Also, energetically, people who take the time to eat breakfast are not in a big rush or anything. They are organized and on time.

Notice that it did not say WHAT you eat. However, if you want the highest vibration possible, eat fresh fruit and drink herbal tea. If you are still hungry, have another piece of fruit.

As a mom, my family won't do that. But I have added a piece of fruit to each breakfast to eat first. And I have yet to give up my morning cup of coffee. ; )


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Children Who Are Afraid To THINK

Studies have shown that when children are yelled at, the brain shuts down. The face goes blank. Nothing 'goes in'. It is very counterproductive to scream at your child.

Today I had the experience of working with someone who was 'different' energetically. I won't say if the patient was male or female, but I felt them. I felt the aura. And I knew something was not right. I came in, rushed, and not allowed to eat lunch because of this patient. There were major medical issues that I had to sort out, and had to delay the case a few minutes in order to assess how I was to best give anesthesia safely.

This patient looked at me with hollow eyes. Dark, flat pools with no life in them. This patient had a 'fix me' attitude, kind of like a 'serve me' attitude a customer at Bloomingdale's would get. This was someone who had lived a long life, but not a good one, if you know what I mean.

The case was a nightmare. We had to abort it. I won't go into anything more than to admit it was absolute chaos. Surgeon unhappy, anesthesia flustered, and body fluids all over the place. The patient was never in any actual danger, I might add. They were not this sick. It was like a Poltergeist would do, to mess everyone up.

The surgeon did the case against their will at the request of the family, who 'had to KNOW' the result of this test. This was the second time this week I saw medical procedures done unecessarily at the request of the patient family. Unecessarily meaning, it would have little or no impact on the plan already in place for patient care.

These were not families that were 'throwing a lot of money at it, the health problem of their loved one'. These were families that did not want to let go, or I would add, to take the responsiblity to make a medical decision based on the recommendation of their loved one's doctors.

I had an ex-husband like that. Afraid to make mistakes. Couldn't get on with his life, frozen, in the pursuit of 'perfection' at the expense of living a life. Since then I could not understand it, except for today.

Spirit guided me to walk by the room as the surgeon spoke to the patient and the entire family. The children were late middle age, and by inspection, of not much educational achievement.

And I felt it.

I felt the anger of the parent. That was what I felt as I prepared for the case in front of the patient: hostility, veiled. And impatience. Temper. And with the adult children, and the doctor being exceptionally diplomatic...I experienced claircognizance: this was a parent who had taught their children not to think. This one was 'the BOSS'. This one ran the family. And no one was to 'take their place and run the "company", their family', in place of the patriarch or matriarch.

This parent had taken away the children's independence, and taught them to rely on the parent. Under the illusion of 'being adult'. The children in the Montessori preschool are more independent thinkers than what I saw, in front of me, and also in my ex! The reason is, the Montessori system encourages respect for the child, reasoning, and takes away fear.

This lifestyle is at a close. It is not right to bully our young. I won't stand for it. I hope you and your Reiki Consciousness will support all young, from all walks of life, with dignity and love that is everlasting. Give them freedom, and they will come back to you. And certainly make better choices in your senescence, at your hospital bed, and bring joy into your passing.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open Here

The Illusion is starting to make itself apparent.

It is going to kick and buck, just like a horse being broken by a cowboy.

You are that cowboy. And the Illusion is the life that we live, that we Manifest together as a group. It is trying to change, the bronco of Illusion. And we will ride it till it breaks, and we ride all the way together safely home.

Today I awoke, did my chores, got us breakfast. It was an eight o'clock start, and we were on time.

Illusion #1: the woman at work who calls to see if you are late, called. But I wasn't late. My case was scheduled for eight, not seven-thirty. She apologized. I never got flustered. (I once less than three weeks ago made a scene at the front desk because of these calls) I actually checked in on time, and called when I hit the parking lot.

Illusion #2: the 'flawless case': nice patient, on time, everything running smoothly. NOT! Once the surgeon got in the room--an all-new team, wrong equipment, confusion and delay, and speaking to the charge nurse. Everything went fine on my end. But like a small earthquake, the business-as-usual was shaking around a bit.

Illusion #3: everyone loves flowers. This is not true. I brought in a boquet of sweet peas for the desk patients roll by and we all walk past in recovery room. Some DID. But not everyone. And very few actually stopped to smell them. I had to share and ask people to take a whiff. When they did, they loved it. But not everyone knows what to do around a beautiful boquet. Not at work.

Illusion #4: Spine surgery. Sounds easier than it is, anesthesia-wise. Add somatosensory evoked potentials and motor evoked potentials, and there is not much anesthesia that you can actually give without screwing up the readings on the monitors. (Anesthesia = asleep neurons, neuromonitoring = awake neurons, yes?). However, the anesthesia is enough to drop blood pressure. (Anesthesia = hypotension, spinal cord perfusion = hypertension). So a lot of fake blood pressure meds were needed (we call them 'pressors').

In a patient of large size, on the total i.v. anesthetics, you are refilling the propofol pump frequently. There was so much beeping, raising the table, lowering the table, making sure the foley did not get caught on the c-arm for lateral, that I almost got irritated. But then, I looked at the Illusion straight in the face; You are trying to Get Me, aren't you? This is a test, isn't it? I want to pass this test! And so I chilled. And learned some big lessons today.

Illusion #5: Sexual harassment. How does it feel when all the men in the room start talking about titty bars and strip clubs in front of you? (everyone except the neuro monitoring tech). Bad, at first. But then, I lifted the curtain and saw--Illusion! On closer inspection, these overworked, overcommitted males were enjoying the freedom of being together...and happy for once. Who cares if it was icky--everyone was laughing and being real. I laughed when I thought how opposites attract, like beauty and the geek, literally! Illusion tried to get the best of me. But I stepped aside.

Illusion #6: Time for family. My neighbor in the room next door yelled at the relief person for not relieving her. The patient was too unstable, and it was not in their interest to have their name on the record. Yes, we handoff cases. Up to a point. She missed her kids. I missed mine, too. But I knew he was safe, and my patient was not the most stable. So I stayed. The 'I miss my kids' Illusion used to get the better of me. At three o'clock every day I would long to go home, and every minute seemed like and hour beyond it. Today I thought like a man. What progress that there is for me.

Illusion #7: The Low Fat Diet: Diet recommendations are given by the Heart Doctors. Obesity is an Endocrine Problem. The Low Fat Diet we are supposed to follow, is not recommended by the Endocrine specialists. It makes you hungry and you eat too much. Otherwise there would be MORE fat in the diet. Similarly, Hyptertension is a Renal problem. But the Heart Speicialists have taken over that condiition as well. And lastly, Stroke is a Neurological condition, but the American Heart Association is behind the Stroke Association that has made all of the recomnendations, not the Neurologists. (overheard from surgeon to surgeon conversation in the O.R.)

In each of these seven examples, I pushed past the obvious to see the lesson inside the situation. My reaction was measured, chosen. And each situation taught me a little bit more about who I am, really, deep inside, and what resources I have in my heart, body, mind, soul and Spirit.

Things are going to be like this for a bit, I imagine. When my snake goes to shed his skin, he looks awful for a few days. The eyes get all cloudy. And the skin pale. Then he works and works to get that old skin off. Sometimes I have to soak him in water to help make the process easier. But when he is done, the skin is more glowing and bright than ever before. (he is a ball python, a little over one year old).

Our Universe is going through some changes, starting here with Planet Earth. Try to remember the healthy new look Gaia is going to have. Assist her with your thoughts and hearts like I soak my snake to help shedding pass easier. She is going to appreciate it. And it will be good for you.

Have patientce when the fabric of Life As You Know It stretches and breaks. Something will reform that is vaster and more expansive, more wonderful than you could imagine!


Reiki Doc

P.S. Human disc from the spine looks like annular and breaks into small shreds just like tsurimi, the fake crab they put into California Roll.

Cardiovascular Surgeons versus Anesthesia

There are two docs in my hospital I do not like to work with. One, who bullied me in the heart room so much that I am loathe to work with him, had booked a case in the Main O.R. instead of the Cardiac O.R. My heart and breath quickened, and I hoped I would not have to work with him.

Sure enough, it manifested. There was a case switch to another room. I arranged for a colleague and I to trade so I would not have to take the case.

At the right moment, I realized I would not be able to 'get back on the horse' after falling if I did not take what was coming.

I looked at this case through Reiki eyes.

The patient was a technical challenge. For these cases, thoracic ones, a big tube needs to be placed. It is  hard to fit in people whose mouths don't open very well. There was a struggle, but I got a smaller tube in, with a bronchial blocker as the plan. But it had trouble going in to the right mainstem bronchus.

I saw firsthand how cardiac surgeons think. They think they are better than the rest of us. They jump to conclusions. And they want to  'see proof'.  Instead of seeing a board certified cardiac anesthesiologist and trusting her judgement about what is going to work and what doesn't, the Minor one said, 'do this it will work!' Well, maybe at another hospital. But in mine, with our equipment, guess what? It didn't. Back to what I had in, with a bloodier airway.

The Major on went behind my back and brought in another anesthesiologist. This one pulled out the airway, which is not good because you can lose it. And he tried a bigger one. It would not fit. (Duh! I was thinking.). Then another, smaller one would not go in. He had to shove it. There was trauma. But it worked.

Did I get angry? No. I fought back with higher principles. I 'learned'. I 'learned' about the attitudes of my surgeons. I 'learned' a fully-grown man has to lift a head one foot off the bed and shove a breathing tube forcefully to get it in. I 'learned' it was perception on their part, and not me. I also 'learned' that by doing my work, with Purpose, and then doing my Work--asking for Divine Peace Healing for the room--AND asking my angels, guides and deceased Loved Ones, to 'fix it' from The Other Side through me as a channel, a GREAT DEAL of energy flowed. I was Tingling the whole time I worked. And my 'Partners in Healing' let me know when it was time to 'close the circuit'. Job was finished (it was before the end of the case).

The level of Consciousness of your typical Cardiac Surgeon is on the Lower End of the Spectrum.

Yesterday I made a stand, in Spirit, with Spirit to back me up, to REFUSE to play the I AM THE CAPTAIN OF THE SHIP AND I CAN BULLY YOU GAME. I learned to hold my ground, on a spiritual level, and change the tone of the whole room. Without saying a word. It takes TWO to play. And everyone has a choice whether to get 'sucked in' to that Drama, or to withstand it like the rock on the beach that is like a boulder in the crashing waves.

Due to my telepathy, I knew that my Heart Center was connected to everyone in the room including the patient. And as the surgeon went to leave, the man I refused to acknowledge outside the OR for one year, and who stubbornly refused to acknowledge ME, thought, 'I was kind of hard on her.'

I felt it. I knew it. And when he saw me eating my Hawaiian Caramel Corn in the Doctors Lounge because I was starving, he approached me and asked it the patient was extubated and did all right. I saw that he had been setting others up to fail, by not being proactive on explaining the needs of his patient. I also saw, on a deeper level, that this man had been coddled so much by his O.R. Heart Team of nurses that he did not KNOW how to interact in any other way like 95% of all other surgeons do on behalf of their patient. I reassured him, keeping my energy GROUNDED, and directed him to the right bed in the recovery room and nurse who was taking care of him just in case he wanted to see the patient himself.

I have to admit, this was a hard thing on me. It was painful. It was a challenge to my well-being. And a choice. Looking back, I saw that this 'surgeon' is a vehicle to help me 'Dissolve' illusions about who I am, and what my skills are in the Operating Room. Nasty as it was, it was a gift from God and Spirit, in order to help me grow.

So, if YOU have one of those surgeons in your OR, or one of those Major or Minor Nasty people in your life, take the chance and ask the Guides on Earth and Heaven, to back you up, and help you Heal your World one A**hole at a time.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Status Quo: Reiki on Living in The Moment

This morning I woke up at five o'clock in the OB Anesthesia Call Room. I had slept all night. I had wondered why they called the CAT team to the OR earlier. I thought of a CT Scan team, not the Emergency Response Team, at the middle of the night.

I set the alarm for ninety minutes. A full other sleep cycle. But at six fifteen, I was called emergently to a woman in labor who was going fast. Because of change of shift, I had to put away my iPad and Pillow, find my phone and wallet, stethoscope, pen, badge, and void first. I took the elevator up. Once at the room with my cart, it was too late. Back down.

Still in the moment, the new anesthesiologist came. We talked. I found out a lot more from this one, who is joining the group, about the politics in my group than I did being in it! Instead of being surprised, I stayed in the moment, and took the opportunity to inform myself of what was up. After, I ate my breakfast.

On the way to my parent's house, which is the opposite direction from the hospital to my house, I called ahead to ask if they would like some breakfast. My son enjoys McDonald's egg sausage biscuit and hash browns. No one picked up the phone. So I came over. Ever still in the moment, I found out my parents were not near the phone, and my son, on the computer, didn't bother to pick up. 'I'm sorry you made that choice,' I said to him, knowing that he heard my voice. 'I am not turning around and going back to Mc Donalds right now. We are going to have fresh strawberries I brought home with me first.'. So together we ate a whole carton of fresh organic strawberries.

When it was time to go to Mc Donald's, I could not stomach their coffee. I know I should drink 'the right tea' but I still enjoy my morning cup of coffee. The headache was coming on. For the first time in my life, I went across the street to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. I bought a cappuccino, in a big cup. A little machine caught my eye. It was a single-serve espresso machine, with beautiful design. A man saw my quizzical expression, wondering what it was and if it was any good. He made me a cup. It was quick and cute, and very much like the machines they have in France. I have not been amazed by anything new for a long time! Next month they have forty dollars off for one week. I think I just might wait for that event!

Back at my parent's, we ate. And mom was ready to 'give me the tour'. We are a plant family, with much more care to the garden than most. I saw amazing flowers, taking lots of pictures, and got to take seeds. I also made a bouquet of seafoam and sweet peas. Mom didn't want me to go home, And my son wanted to spend the day with his cousin. It took a lot of diplomacy and tact to get myself and my boy out of there in time for his baseball practice at noon. We almost didn't make it. He had to change in the car. My blood pressure did not go up. I lived in the moment, leaving all expectation at the door.

What is my point?

Where you are is the one thing that always stays the same. You and your attitude. Everything else, all the situations, flows around you,, and you get to pick and choose your reaction to all of it.

Staying in the moment makes your communication better. It helps you reach deep inside, during that pause before you think how to react, and to know what you want and how you truly feel. Sometimes, like my son, you have to push a little. But for most situations, a simple explanation will suffice.

'Be Honest!' the director of the first preschool my son was ever at once told me, as I got all flustered over how to deal with the father of our son. We were in court then, and I was pushed to my limit. He has a temper, and I didn't want to set it off. I think she helped me more than the school ever helped our boy! I miss that school very much.

Be honest and direct in your dealings with others. It will take you far and keep you in the present time.

One day, that is all that will remain: NOW. Time is going away.

You heard me right. Time, if you haven't noticed, has been speeding up. And once it hits a critical state, it will cease to exist. Everything will be one great big moment NOW. How that will spell out is a mystery to me. Will our watches stop? Will planes get stuck in the sky? What if you are sitting on the toilet? Making love would not be so bad, I guess...but either way, our usual way of life is going to have significant differences from how we are used to it.

I was in a big crowd most of the afternoon. As I looked, the sheer number of people who are going to 'wake up' astonishes me. Each and every one of us that reads this, is going to have an effect on a number of people around us who are going to be confused by all the changes in their environment.

Someone has to explain them! There is a very good chance that if you are on this page, that when the time is ripe, that someone shall be you.

Live in the Moment. Just like I described in my day from waking up to the ball park. Then and only then will you have the strength of wit and soul to guide others on their Path. Reiki Doc is counting on you.


Reiki Doc

Dear Patient: your Vibration affects my Ability to Heal You

Dear Patient:

You have come to many places where I work. Anesthesia goes everywhere in the hospital. My Vibration is very high, very Light, and healing. Because of my Reiki, I have come to notice how your Mindset, your Heart, your Belief, your Energetic state (vibration) interact with basic conventional medicine. Let's take a tour of the hospital and find examples of where it happens the most.

Labor and Delivery:

The interplay between your outlook and your outcome is SO obvious in this part of the hospital, that even nurses who are not into Metaphysics are 'on to it'.... 'we should start stapling the surgical consent to the Birth Plan!" they say at the front desk. It is true, my friend. Your fear and non-acceptance of conventional birthing techniques, for whatever reason, puts it on your mind. A lot. What you don't know, and what the nurses can see but can't explain, is a simple Law of the Universe: we create what we think of and expect to happen, and the Universe deletes the word 'not'. You constant worrying about the method of birth sends a stream of requests to The Universe: I want c-section, I want c-section, I want c-section. And nine times out of ten that is exactly what you get. Without an epidural in labor,when we get to that point of calling a c-section, there is not enough time to wait for a block to be placed and take effect. So guess what The Universe gives? A RISKIER one under General Anesthesia!

Another area of Obstetrics where the interplay between your energetic system and my ability to care for you I tract is in placement of the Epidural. People who store a lot of anger in their lower chakras,and possibly harbor negative or dark entities there, the needle won't go in. Remember, dark entities like to make their host suffer. Sometimes I swear on other patients, it's like the needle jumps in place as if an angel guided it. The opposite is found here when I work. The negativity is repelled by my Vibration and Intent to heal. I would suggest practicing forgiveness and asking Archangel Michael to clear you if you have a lot of trauma, especially sexual trauma, in your past.

The Cardiac Suite

I have spent more time than I care to admit in The heart room. It just gets spooky: there are some patients, who out of fear or whatever, do NOT want to be there. Like the patients with the epidurals that won't go in, these ones have the ability to block interventions ALL OVER their body. The I.v. Won't go in. The arterial line is a challenge. You try and try and try to get a central line. When it is time to put the breathing tube it's hard to see the glottis, the opening between the vocal cords where the tube goes in. The saw breaks, the sutures snap, and the vein graft is poor quality. The surgeon struggles. The negativity is pervasive. Other anesthesiologists, who are more financially motivated and on lower vibration, do just fine. But I struggle. And as I advanced in psychic development, the entire room got uncomfortable. Heart surgeons, in private practice, are very egotistic. They want power, money, and success. We are incompatible, for I want Heaven Dollars I can 'take with me'. My kindness and ability to heal on a different level are not a good match for the worldly ones that work I the cardiovascular suite.

Back to the Labor and Delivery

The Very Fast Parturient deserves a special mention. Something is taking over them. They are usually multips, and go so fast there is no time for anesthesia. They are under a force of life all it's own. And I don't understand it yet. We all stand back and watch and do what we can, all of us on the labor deck.

In Pre Op Holding

I see those that want to die. They are 'done' and want an easy way out of the family, and all of their commitments. They do just fine. I have seen people who due to brain disease aren't really 'there', they do just fine. The morbidly obese, although a technical challenge, are open to healing. Cancer, all types of cancer, are okay. The gynecological cancer patients show the most appreciation and are the sweetest ones on the planet. Everyone in the hospital notices this, not just the ones like me. Inflammatory bowel tends to be a little more on the controlling side than the rest, but not enough to impede medical care.

The worldly don't talk about their success. I have had some very important people, they reflect on the great equalizer, the hospital gown and bonnet for surgery, and they know. I usually am guided to ask them what they do, that's how I learn, and my matter of factness is therapeutic for them. I see through all that fame bullshit, and it dawns on them that perhaps they might want to start looking at it that way too.

What about the reverse? The metaphysical famous? I have worked on two. I did not know it at the time when I worked on them. One frankly annoyed me with his affirmations I pre op. her I.v. Was hard, and his blood pressure sagged with induction of anesthesia consistent with age and disease burden. I also worked with a person whose last name was so freakish 'Attitude' I had to ask on the pre-op call before surgery, " is that your real name? Yes? What to you do?'

'I am a writer.'

'do you write romance novels?' I asked, for my last writer did and I don't like romance novels.

'no, I don't

'we are going to be okay then.'

This last one is an open channel for Michael the Archangel. I found that out ten years after taking care of them. So no, I don't feel 'angelic presence' when someone I am with is more spiritually advanced than me.

The Future

What will come to pass is healing that is more vibrational, with light. There will be healing chambers and light chambers. Many will find cure in one session. Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and the entire Healthcare industry is going to tank. And I can't wait. The way the system works is not sustainable. It is not fair equally. And the pressure has been p,aced on the providers much the way the education system has turned on the teachers. Last night I found out about a friend's experience with a malpractice attorney. I was shocked at how unscrupulous these people could be!

Everything is going to get better. If you find yourself anywhere near a hospital I the next few weeks to months, try practicing these steps:
Release hatred
Release anger
Release sadness
Create happiness and joy
Divine knowledge
Reflect of the circle of life and it's cycles


Reiki Doc

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Reiki at the Steakhouse

'Last night when I came home, my boy wanted 'a steak'.  I invited his sitter and her son to accompany us to our local steak restaurant. It was rush hour, and we needed to wait over half an hour to get seated. I held the 'pager', a big square piece of plastic that buzzes and flashes when the hostess is ready to seat you.

As we sat on a small bench in the entryway, I noticed several things that are worth discussing today.

First and foremost, we do not go very often. We go every other month to keep my iron stores up. We always order the smallest piece of meat, with the same side dishes, and potato. From his dad, my son developed a taste for red meat. His friend, who also is from a split home, said proudly, 'I am a CARNIVORE!' and bragged that he does not like to eat his vegetables. My son enjoys his carrots, and when asked will take a 'taste bite' of just about anything else that I serve. (We have the organic produce box delivered to our door every two weeks, so now we get quite a mix of produce in our diets.)

'I am a CARNIVORE!' What kind of assertion is that? My mother is like that, too. She basically lives on cheese, bread, and hamburgers. Every once in a while she says, 'I need some RED MEAT!'.  I wonder if that is a conditioned response to advertising ('Beef. It's what's for DINNER!') or a genuine physical need? I think with the boys, the men teach them a sort of 'bonding' over enjoying a steak together.  I am not sure if it is an attitude that is passed down from father to son, or a vestige of our cave-dwelling past that is in our gene code.

I remember being served my first piece of meat as a child, at three or four. "What is THIS?!?' I recoiled, thinking it was horrible and barbaric. I didn't know the food was from dying flesh, technically, but I felt the vibration from it. With my parents being 'pro-meat', I was  expected to eat it. I had to force myself to learn, and I didn't really like it  much until I was a teen and my body was growing rapidly. With enlightenment on the agenda for me now, I try to eat as little of it as possible, and only organic, free range when I do. Eggs are almost none-existent in my diet now. Those took me over ten years to eat, I never really enjoy them, and I have to put a lot of stuff on them like tabasco in order to make them go down. My boy was the egg lover, eats them plain, not even with pepper or salt. But I have gotten him away from that.

So here I am, almost vegetarian, at the lobby of a steakhouse with my three guests. Both of the boys immediately got out their electronic devices. The friend had a PSP, which I had never seen before. And mine had an iPod Touch. There was no talking to these boys. They used them at the table until the food arrived and we mothers asked them to put them away.

Our children are addicted to video games. It is a right of passage for the boys. If you look at the games, they involve two things, speed and destruction, most of the time. Somebody somewhere has decided to  start mind control through electronics on our youth. Mine won't read unless I force him, gets 'bored' all the time at home when he is not on a game, and never even thinks to play with his toys unless I threaten to throw them out. I think the developing male ego has been kidnapped by the electronic device, and the love for nature that naturally develops from playing outside with friends has been threatened. What is a mom to do? I need time to do housework, and I let him watch a movie or play a game. I don't have the energy to fight that battle with him, when I am working full time and raising a kid alone. He likes it, and for  discipline I can 'take it away'. He is too old for 'time outs' and almost as big as me. Sadly, I perpetuate it too. Like the meat.

My son really likes the meat. And so do a lot of people. The restaurant was PACKED. But who was coming in? Not the young people. It was the fifty and up crowd at five-thirty p.m. And you know what?Just about every one of them was an 'apple' physique--central obesity. The customers were coming in with expressionless faces, barely talking to each other, two by two like on the Ark through that front door. And I thought, 'there go my patients'. Diabetic, hypertensive, with the prostate starting to act up. They have been fed this great lie that meat is good for you, bought it hook, line and sinker, and have ruined the health of their bodies for they do not eat meat in moderation. You can tell these people eat meat every night, and have done so for years. Another marketing win, on the same level as that of the video games for our children.

So why do I even bother to go? Because of the manager. He has a heart of gold, and has no clue about the meat industry and enlightenment...yet his business is a bustling 'harbor' for a lot of good.

All of the employees are 'nice kids he has known as they were growing up, or the younger brothers and sisters of them.' He has taught them that the business is 'theirs' and that every outcome is a reflection on their efforts. I learned this because I noticed both times that the servers were excellent, and stopped to ask him how come they were so good here, and not just one but all of them?

There also are plaques of all the community support the business has done over the years. Sports teams for youth. The Lions Club. And awards from Zagat and other business clubs in the area. Through this philanthropy, as well as the source of employment, this manager has taken a chain steakhouse and made it a shining Light in a very dark economy.  We have grown to love the place, and support it when we can, but not so often as to lose the 'special event' magic of our trips there.

Dietary choices are as private as religious ones. Try to respect them. Everyone has their choice as appropriate to their level of spiritual development. If you are advanced, and on the vegetarian or organic or raw dietary track, stay that way. Stick with what keeps your vibration UP. And by that vibration, you will affect others, and have a positive influence on their vibration, so that in the future, they may reconsider their choices and elect to distance themselves from cruelty to animals.

My sitter is  an pentecostal christian. She believes that tarot cards and ouija boards are from the devil. She has 'spiritual meetings' with 'evangelical christians' in the day, at luncheons, and gets to spend time in the 'prophecy room' where 'Spirit' talks through a 'Prophet'. And many of these metaphysical experiences are accurate predictions and assessments of her mental state. She acknowledges I am Catholic, and although I have had her watch my boy when I go to take my psychic development classes at night, I have called them, 'my night with my girlfriends' instead of being open about what exactly they are. What I have found is that both of us are aware of the metaphysical, but in different contexts. And the Christian misconception of traditional metaphysical pursuits (for example, voodoo or the Tarot) is very condemning. I do not know how they are going to take it when we all 'wake up' when the 'veil is lifted'. As a former very strong Catholic myself, I gradually discovered that like the 'meat' and the 'entertainment' industries, religions paint a picture that is not quite the healthiest for you.

Instead of 'going straight to Source' they want the believer to 'go be together with others to a place where someone can help you worship' with them. It's not bad, in that context. But there could be more, so much more. And soon, everyone is going to be made aware enough of it to have a choice to move on up to the fifth dimension or to remain in dense three D.

The news I have been getting on my alternate sources of information has been astounding. Photos of aircraft. Going aboard ship. Excellent philosophical quotes and advice. Things are moving at a very fast pace towards what I described in the paragraph above. When your choices become more clear to you, as a Reiki Doc and friend, I ask you, not to concern yourself about others and where they are. Everyone is PERFECT in their current state of development. Focus on YOURSELF. It is then, and only then, that your vibration and open heart have an opportunity to awaken those around you, and give them the best chance possible to help themselves UP. Everyone deserves a chance on the fifth dimension. It is a party that EVERYONE is going to want to experience!


Reiki Doc

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why Hand Holding is Fun

Reiki Mystery explained:

During a MAC case (monitored anesthesia care, patient in 'twilight sleep') something painful was happening but the surgeon needed the patient to localize the site of pain so the surgeon could fix it.

As I adjusted the depth of anesthesia with my right hand, instinctively I reached for the patient's hand with my left hand. As I did, I sensed an energy flow, and a calming in the patient. And I noticed, like I had on the newborn getting a shot, hand-holding is a very basic, comforting, human thing.

And I wondered about it. When is it we enjoy holding hands? When we are with friends. And those we love. When we are afraid! When we seek comfort. And when we fall in love...

It dawned on me in a flash the Reiki explanation for all of this: hands are energy emitters and sensors. They do both at the same time. Energy work is done in the aura through a healers working hands. There has been 'laying on of hands' and 'theraputic touch' and other forms of tactile healing therapy in the medical field. Even infants in incubators who are very premature, thrive when given touch and do poorly when they are not cuddled and held.

It is the energy in the human hand to body experience that is 'Reiki without you knowing it'...a fundamental human thing we take for granted, it is so commonplace. But common it is not--it is theraputic, healing, and comforting. What better way to stabilize a shaky energetic pattern in fear than to reach out and seek the hand of another? The energy flows from the stabilizer hand to the scared one and helps them out.

'Reiki without you knowing it' happened twice in the O.R. today. One patient, 79 years old, had never had an operation. This was the first, and there were silent tears going down her cheeks. I would do anything for a patient that is afraid like that. No, I did not hold her hand (in Pre Op--I gave her a bunch of versed!) But in talking about 'almost having surgery--when I was in the Military, I almost lost a toe, I broke it so bad. They wanted to amputate. But I said, no, God is going to heal it' They put it in a cast. It took a long time, and it bends funny. But it is still there. "Whoa!" I thought to myself! "This lady is doing manifestation and energy healing on herself with Faith and not even knowing it!"

And another lady, in for a minor surgery, but having survived a major one for cancer of the neck, shared, 'My ENT surgeon saved my life! He really did. I had been in another career in food service, and got into acting on stage after.' This lady was a busy, although not famous, actress in her time. As soon as she said it, I thought, 'Of course. Light blue chakra stifled. Body tries to get attention. Body generates cancer and patient undergoes radial, appearance altering surgery to save life. Entity heals, and goes forth to a career in using the blue chakra of communication for a successful career! Did that body know how to throw a wrench in the plan for something that was  off life course goals or what?' Through illness, and imbalance was recognized and made right without the patient ever realizing it at all.

Everything is connected. There is a vibration now that is in EVERYTHING! And it is new and fresh and Light. This is going to be the finest Spring every!


Reiki Doc
During my next-to-last case, I got a call into the room from Pre Op Holding. The nurse, an experienced nurse, could not place an i.v. This patient was scheduled for dialysis access. I know a lot of nurses don't really try as hard as they could, and give up to let me take the hassle for them. But this one had never complained, and I was not sure  why, but I agreed to do my best after this case to place the i.v.

According to the R.N., this was a geriatric Helen Keller. Many organ systems were not functioning, including the mind, and the patient was on tube feeds, and diapers. And after being bed-bound for some time, contracted up like a pretzel.

When I came at the bedside, after I had carefully reviewed the problem list and wondered what was NOT wrong with this patient? The lungs? I saw plenty of veins. And the nurse, bless her, had placed a preemie size i.v. (24 gauge) in the right thumb. Since the site of surgery changed from the left to the right due to infection, "Helen" needed a new i.v. I started trying. The patient withdrew to painful stimulus. The i.v. got flash but would not thread. I blew three sticks on the left foot, two on the right, and three on the left arm. I went smaller and smaller on the i.v., from 20 GA to 22 GA to 24 GA. The last one was on the distal joint of the left index finger. I took a picture of the splint I had to use to keep it in position and running.

The whole thing took one hour. I prayed. I started Reiki. And I wondered WHY there was so much trouble. I asked myself WHY the family would put their loved one through all this--Ow! Sorry. That didn't work. Here's another poke. OW!--when there was a perfectly good permacath access in place (a tube in through the chest) and the operation on the left side had failed due to the bending of the arms blocking the blood flow. "Helen was eighty-three!" What I picked up, as I worked, was 'Learn! Learn! I incarnated in this body to help others learn!'. I also picked up that this patient got some kind of money from the state, and the family did not want that supply to dwindle.

Everything went fine in the O.R. But I tried to do my Reiki, and it felt very different. Kind of fluffy energy, not strong, all over. It was like fog when you are trying to drive. I looked at the chakras, and they were all very weak. But at the Crown chakra, it was a wide open vortex in (we all have them, like a hollow tube of energy in the middle) and the Light was blasting down into it. It is curious how the light is always flowing IN on all of my patients. No matter what type of life they lead. But this one was the most extreme example of 'what comes in does not match what comes out'.

Was it Negative Entities? Dark Entities sucking the Light out of the patient? Was it a pattern of existence--no, it could not have been, for the problems were congenital. Then I thought about the parents, and their testament of love to not only raise this malformed child to adulthood, but for the family to continue to care for her today. Perhaps that was an example of the 'Learn' the patient's spirit tried to communicate?

I was sure to give her the Transition Symbol, as the next organ system compromised would surely lead to her death. Everything else was all worn out.

You know what, though? After all the frustration with the i.v., it was like, Wow! I got it! Even the nurse was glad we got it in. It took two of us to tape it so it would still run.

Maybe that is how it is in this Life--we go through the struggle to gain the benefit of having learned something useful...


Reiki Doc

Have a Nice Day

: ))))

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Reiki Day

This morning I didn't want to wake up. I am still sleep-deprived after my overnight shift on Monday.

I hit the snooze button twice, got out of bed, and started my day. I packed lunches. I made Organic Buckwheat cereal, and put Organic Milk on it with Organic Natural Raw Sugar. I had coffee from my press pot, the last of the Kona.

Waking my son up is not easy. I find humor tends to make it flow a little better. Yesterday he had been nagging me 'Mom, Teacher says I need to bring twenty dollars to school. Mom!'. Last night before bed, I started nagging him back,' Look! Here is twenty dollars for your class activity. Look! Look!' waving the bill in front of him. I woke him up with the bill, saying, 'Mom! Mom! Where is the twenty dollars? Here it is! Here! Look! Look!' For the first time in seven years he woke up with a smile.

I drop him off at school on the way to work. He is the first one there. We were sad today because our Betta died. (His spirit actually came to me, as I was making breakfast and lunches). I didn't want to tell the bad news, but my son took it well and paid his respects to Fishy before we got in the car.

He was the first at daycare. And I wasn't late. On the way to school we noticed that the clouds were not very cloud looking. We always guess if they are UFO's or not.

On the way to work, once I hit the onramp, I start my Divine Peace Healing. I did for Countries and Locations and also for Groups and Organizations. I enjoy this time to transition between home and work, and to connect to Source.

At work, I got ready and introduced myself to my patient. Everything went well, a little faster than expected. In the OR, we had a female surgeon, tech, nurse, and anesthesiologist. It was interesting--the conversation sounded more like something from the View instead of the OR. I found myself enjoying it.

There was a cancellation, from my favorite surgeon, and I got assigned to my least favorite one as a favor to a friend with a back  condition who wanted to go home.

As I brought my second case in to PACU, I had my back turned away from a conversation between a Head Nurse and the Lead Nurse for PACU. I overheard the boss tell the other RN, 'All of your nipples are too old!'. Quickly I turned around to see what in the world they were talking about! They were going over the contents of the Pediatric Crash Cart, and the nipples from the bottles were expired! We all had a very good laugh about that. The RN said, 'Oh yes! They are all worn out and droopy!' just to make us all laugh a little more.

The last patient took an enormous amount of narcotics every day. I understood why spirit had taken me to him. (And the surgeon, who had undergone a neck lift to look more 'camera friendly' last week, actually DID look better!) During the case, I gave Deeksha to the patient, and he REALLY soaked it up. Everything else was quick.

The sky outside the hospital had very atypical cloud formations. There were three cylinders to the North, and a wedge and a disc to the South. I communicated to them with my heart, saying, I am not sure, but if you are, thank you for looking out for me and my community. I felt Love from them back.

On the way home, I stopped by one of my favorite crystal stores. The inventory was low. But I was guided, and bought a bowl to put prayer requests in, an angel box to put answered prayers into, two bumper stickers that say 'Love Everybody' and all the religions together, Lily of the Valley fragrance oil, a lavender travel candle, and a small crystal rock of beautiful purple amythest.

Before I went to the store, I was called in for a surgeon's request for a case as they did not like the one assigned. I contacted the anesthesiologist, before and after the store. They didn't call me back. I am not one to step on toes. But in the meantime, another doctor agreed to switch assigned cases. So I turned around on the freeway and went back towards home again. Lesson learned: things work out on their own, you don't always have to play the hero.

I also stopped off at the local Health Food Store. It was bustling! They had put in all new refrigerator cases in the produce section and end caps. I bought bottled water from Canada and Hawaii (two places I have strong ties to). Spirit guides me when I shop. I was dumbfounded why Spirit would ask me to buy a gallon of Organic Maple Syrup, of American Origin. It was Grade B and cost fifty dollars! I checked. I double checked. I used my hand to feel the energy of all the brands. Sometimes being like me requires a leap of faith. Opportunity like this always is a choice. There is free will. In the past, I have found out that I missed out, and regretted it when I didn't accept the guidance. So I bit the bullet, and put it in the cart. I sensed I was helping out someone who needed financial support back in New England. (I have strong ties there too.)

Between the store and the gas station, I thanked the Guides for Reiki. They perked up and said nobody ever thanks them. They just go out and use it as their tool, or to make money like a doctor without going to medical school, laughing. I said it again, 'What is there not to thank? Reiki is like a beautiful flower, a gift from God. And also like a medicine you need when you are sick, like antibiotics, and you are always so grateful for the help in getting well!'. They were glad I expressed my gratitude to them. It was hard work discovering it and keeping it alive for us today.

Now I am home. I stopped by the garden. My Hawaiian Queen Tree Plant is coming back. I have been giving it healings. Now the pink hibiscus is in need of help. White flies infestation. The sweet peas are so lovely I think I shall bring a boquet of them in to PACU. The nurses share their roses there, from their yard.

Soon I must leave for my son's ball game. I always enjoy watching him. He is there with his father. Boy, that man has been a life lesson and a half! I am proud of my accomplishment in forgiveness and choosing what is best for our son in all our interactions.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The End of the Nightmare

Reiki and Sports Bars? Are they not two opposite ends of the spectrum? ; )

Today I had the chance to go to our local neighborhood sports bar and micro brew family restaurant. Right away, my kids asks me for money to go and play the video games. As I sit with the menu, I experience sensory overload. There were eight flat panel television sets mounted around the room over our heads. There were three in the bar and two in the special events room.  At one moment, there was Joan Jett's old MTV video blaring, a hockey game next to a baseball one on side-by-side screens, video games blinging away, people talking, the bar being loud across the restaurant, and the shiny plastic menu with the spiral binding.

In my mind's eye, I flashed forward in time. Those screens are going to be having information non-stop about the Big D.

So for the waitress talking on the phone in the restroom stall next to me, talking about who said what to whom and who likes whom, and all about her appearance and her hairstyle, Wake Up.

For the divorced dad taking his son out to dinner and having to close a tab on the bar for all the beer her drank as his ten year old boy tried to make emotional contact with him--WAKE UP!

And for the manager/owner with the special remote, fixing all the stations and thinking 'hey this is a pretty good niche I've found in business'--WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!

That missile in the 'axis of evil' with son of a son of a leader posturing and having the dang thing fail two minutes into launch? Sorry  newspaper reporters and editors--that was NOT a 'missile that was not made right'. That missile was fine. Something stopped it in its tracks. Something smarter than you. And more technologically advanced than you could imagine. You couldn't even describe it if you could.

The veil is rapidly thinning. I am picking up psychic information at a rapid pace. My pets are way more communicative now, this past week we started communicating telepathically instead of the old empathic way where I felt what they were trying to say. Thought pictures. That is telepathy. Like television of the mind. The snake said, 'I'm full'. I was taken aback. But the turtle and fish are doing it too.

Time is going to keep advancing at a faster rate. It is going to be like the propeller blades on an old airplane. Now you see them, now you don't. When they spin fast enough, you don't even know they are there. Are world is accelerating. And it is going to be great.

Earth is much more settled. Look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful and clear? Look at the grass and the trees. Isn't it peaceful? I found myself looking out the window from our booth at the sports bar family microbrew restaurant, looking out longingly, for what 'made sense'. And I gave thanks. For the science of marketing has figured out the male brain. The information overload with cool commercials and popular music and beer and burgers appeals to every pleasure site in the masculine mind. And occupies it so much, it cannot think. Its consciousness is dulled. And the soul is not nourished by healthy things and Light.

The third dimension, the experiment of duality, is a nightmare.  Soon, very soon, that nightmare is going to end. The transition might come as a shock to you, and it definitely will to all those sports bar types. Your role, along with mine, is to help in the transition. Open yourself and ground yourself when all those around you all of a sudden 'wake up'. There is no fear. This is only what has been meant to be. Every question will be answered. For some, you may be the right one to answer all their needs. Remember, when faced with something extrasensory, ordinary people prefer their answers to come from a human they trust: someone open like you. Although angels are messengers, not many people believe in them. And when faced with one, would likely shut their minds down. Same goes for extraterrestrials. The only people who are going to be able to help are going to be the awakened ones like you.

What will seem a minor inconvenience shall lead the way to a greater life. The water and sewage shall work as always. But the electrical and oil-based technology of our society is going to go through an 'upgrade or sorts. It will last a few days to a few weeks. And then after, no more dependence on petroleum products. No more pay at the pump. No more cell phone bill. No more electricity bill. Everything will be gratis through new technology.

Save up some food and some water. Get a camp stove and know how to work it like me. Get set for a whole new life that is about to begin.


Reiki Doc

Free Your Heart, conclusion

Yesterday we went over 'why we are here', basically, 'what doesn't kill you makes you stronger'.
Now we are going to talk about extra credit, bonus points, and balm for the aching soul.
I saw a quote online today. It was by somebody famous. Let me find it for you:

‎"It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless you live so cautiously that you might as well not have lived at all." ~ JK Rowling
Here is the crux of the situation--we live in a world where failure and heartbreak are commonplace. This is how we advance ourselves as souls. But the beauty of it is, WE live in a world where failure and heartbreak are COMMONPLACE. And NO ONE LIKES TO FAIL OR HAVE THEIR HEART BROKEN.

So what do we do when we have failed, or had our heart broken? We reach out to others. Others reach out to us. We get what we need to prepare ourselves to attempt the painful situation again and risk failure to achieve SUCCESS.  Hence the old adage, 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'. And Winston Churchill advised us to, 'Never, never, ever give up.'  This is truth. For 'where your mind goes, there your A** will follow' (I saw that on an old bumper sticker'. Churchill's advice to have a hope and stay calm, and to persevere are one-hundred-percent correct.

Not only do we grow by our successes and by our failures, we GROW also by helping others up on their paths. This is the Miracle of COMPASSION. Compassion would not be born of its own without having suffered ourselves.

And when you allow Forgiveness to flow, between yourself and others, the growth is limitless, and full of potential.

The system works! It has its own checks and balances. Keep trying. And keep extending that helping hand out to others along the way.


Reiki Doc

Monday, April 16, 2012

Set Your Heart Free

Today I saw a newborn come out. This child was shrieking. You could hear the distress in its voice as the team did the drying and newborn exam in the warmer across the room. This child was not like the others, who are wondering what is going on, with some intermittent protest.

This child did not want to be out of the womb. It had terror.

My Reiki ears heard the soul of this child I it's transition. I gave it the transition symbol (it works for birth too). But I sensed this was an old soul with some Karma to balance. I sensed the old Karmic Wheel giving another rotation.

What struck me, and the reason why I am writing, is the child was still screaming in the warmer in the recovery room as we rolled in with mom. As I hooked mom up to the monitors, I saw the baby nurse warn the baby about a shot. Vitamin K. All newborns get it. The infant recoiled in pain, flexing, getting red, completely immersed in a world of hurt.

And the nurse was cooing, that's okay. That's all...and amidst the ludicrousness of the scenario, I had a gestalt, a huge flash of insight: that is why we are here! To feel pain. Chaos. Agony. Confusion. Bewilderment. Strife. Conflict. Jealousy. Rage. Sorrow. Grief. Betrayal. Anger. Everything that we feel in our bodies, that we accept as a part of life, is really a gift. The body is an instrument that allows us to experience the lower densities, and this facilitates fast track spiritual development. We learn who we are, and what we are capable of, by measuring what we have overcome.

It isn't easy. The challenges are great ones. We are here in a lower dimension from our state we are in during our lives between lives. There we cannot feel pain. Time does not exist. There is no lack, no poverty. Only abundance and joy.

That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Nietzsche hit that nail right on the head. Bingo! Third dimensional reality in a nutshell

Enjoy it while it lasts. Life in the third dimension is has a Best Is Used By date on it, and it's getting closer as each day passes.


Reiki Doc

Holo Holo: The Importance of Having Good Time

Holo is the Hawaiian word for 'to go out and have fun' or 'go outside'. Holo holo is 'to really go out and frolic'.

Sometimes you just need to get out of the house and enjoy yourself. And by house, it could be literal, or it could be figurative. For example, if you go out of the house, and think of things you can do to cross off your 'to do' list, you are not able to relax and have fun.

Fun is important. First, it raises your vibration. You get more energy. You stop feeding negative or destructive thought patterns. You can 'reset' that part of your brain by changing your environment if only for a little while.

Second, the higher your vibration, the more open you are to Divine Help. The helping forces in the Universe are able to 'reach you' better. You may get a fresh idea. Or the time you 'step away' from your problems might help them 'move around' so they are easier to solve when you get back to them. Fun is like meditating to the Other Side. Your brain is relaxed so they can connect with your consciousness more.

Last, fun is something worth scheduling into your calendar. As time increases faster, it is going to be more difficult to get chunks of time for relaxation. You have to factor that in, and make time for it.

I am an expert in 'mini-fun breaks'. Spontaneous trips out to frozen yogurt. An afternoon at the water park. Spending an extra day at a theme park. And overnight camping weekend a couple of hours away. 
I am not so good, however, at planning vacation. I have to find someone willing to work for me, to be at the hospital instead of me. It takes negotiation, and also, loss of pay on my part. There is no paid time off when you are in business for yourself. But if you think about it, with the significant number of overnight and late night shifts in my line of work, time off is essential.

On my last vacation, it took me until Wednesday to truly relax. I had fun, but I was so wound up that the travel on the weekend, and adjusting to the new time zone/vacation routine was not enough to deeply relax me right away. Other places of work have eight weeks paid vacation. They know how hard it is to be vigilant all the time in our work. 

This time I am going to ask for help, from my Guiding Entities, in figuring out how to schedule time in for fun. Over the past year, I have had to give up moonlighting in the ICU for fun, psychic development classes, and my season tickets to performing arts events. There is just no time. I have conflict over the quality of parenting time available for my son. I can't see where to get the time 'back' in my schedule. I am going to ask for help in making the right choices so I can set the right amount of time factored in advance, for both of us to learn and grow by good times. Celebration is important.


Reiki Doc