Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Energetics of Abortion

A friend of mine had an abortion today. She is 'relieved to have an empty womb'. She is an advanced soul. I do not question her right to her choice. But I am saddened by it.

I saw her child's spirit three years ago at her house while I was there to visit. She was destined to carry a girl to the world, and name her Hina. I mentioned it to her at the time.

The Universe delivered. And my friend declined.

When you are pregnant, at the moment of conception, a little light, a ball of light is at your shoulder. It is the soul of the baby that is going to grow within you. It is connected by a little silver cord, like the one that connects your soul to your body. If you feel with your Reiki hands at your womb, you will pick up the energy of the soul and you will find it matches the energetic pattern of the child through all its life. It's energetic 'vibration' as a spark of the Divine has been made already.

Mothers have an incredible sense of their children because of this invisible silver cord of spirit energy between their hearts and the mother's. Birth does not separate it. It is there for a lifetime, and only cut by death of one or the other.

Last night I watched a woman giving birth. Her blood pressure had been down, and I was in the room helping it and managing the epidural when it was time to push. As I watched I realized what my mother had done for me. To give me life. That struggle to get it out into the the expense of her own body...

I chose her.

Out of all the options that were presented to me, before birth, I chose the family and the place where I was born. I chose my eyes, my hair, my physical characteristics. I chose my temperament and my lessons. All of us do. That's why when life throws me a curve, I chide my self for being 'foolish enough to manifest it', while at the same time trusting my inner guidance and higher self for the lesson that is being given and vexing me so.

My womb is empty. I would adore the chance to have another 'passenger' to carry through this Life. And prepare it for the next. I am teacher, guide, parent, friend.

And all the empty wombs and full ones do not match the hearts of those that have them.

How sad.

The energetic damage from abortion leaves an imprint on the mother's heart. She may or may not be insightful enough to know it. I wear the tiny twelve-week gestation size feet pin on my white coat, in support of an organization that gives support to survivors of abortion, the mothers who can't forget and forgive themselves for what they have done. Those mothers know the energetic scars all too well.

Another patient last night had four abortions. At 16, 18, 22 and 25. She had her first live birth at 19 and her second at 28. In some countries, abortion is commonly used as birth control. The husband also chose to bottle feed their newborn, and not even try to offer the breast. As he went on about the convenience of her choice, and how good the formulas are these days, and how they are as good as breast milk, I had to speak up. Respectfully, I disagreed. "It is not the same. This is something species specific designed for their baby's nutritional requirements in real time, and  basically that powdered non-dairy creamer that goes in coffee with a few extras thrown in." And I paused, adding that "I was a chemist, and I knew what goes inside those baby formulas".

I wanted to ask them to promise to always keep three day's worth of formula with them. Why? Because  what happened to the babies in Hurricane Katrina. God Forbid it should happen to anyone else!

Energetically, that child is going to lack it's mother's energy from her heart center to nourish it. The love that only the green chakra can give. She doesn't know you can't get that from a jar, compassion and tenderness from the heart. In holding and feeding from a bottle, the energy is not as concentrated, and the little green chakra and the big green chakra do not line up for the exchange from one heart to the next.

'My older son is wonderful!' the father bragged. "We fed him formula and he turned out just fine!"

That is because he can't see with his heart center. Only his Mind, and not his Spirit.

My best friend from college finally married and had a child about ten years ago. It was a special needs child. Because of this, his wife had her tubes tied. She wanted to get on with her life after the intense demands of her little one, who had finally gotten somewhat independent. Not much long after, they discovered she was pregnant. Without her husband's consent, she decided to abort. He went to a lawyer, to find out his rights. His betrayal and sorrow at her action made for a lot of time with him on the phone. He had no rights. His parents supported the wife, as she had already made the decision against fertility, and it was her body. But in marriage, is it truly her body alone? Here he was thinking 'it was a miracle', and loving that child. And she got rid of it. Solemnly, he said, 'I have another child waiting for me in Heaven' after she had the procedure and there was no turning back. Because of his daughter, and because of his 'for better or worse', he took his wife back. They had counseling. And truly, they are happy. Except for having to act all surprised when she confided in me what she had done, I understand her point. She didn't know. She was afraid. And there was no way for her to trust perhaps this time, it was her chance to Do It Right, Do Over, and have a healthy child, a sibling for their only, and someone to bring her joy in her old age.  She had no long-term hope in this situation. Only short-term fear. It is my hope that one day fear such as this will go away. The Universe provides! The Universe provides to those who say Yes! Just like the doorbell rings thirty minutes after you order a pizza. : )

One day we shall see all as One. And know the Truth, that kindness to another and the sacrifice of self is what matures the soul in Growth. Until then, listen to your heart and try to Feel It.

When we meet in  Heaven, all of our miscarriages and aborted ones are going to get a chance to meet us, after having watched us and followed us and blessed us throughout the rest of our lives. I know I have had one miscarriage. I felt the signs of pregnancy and I felt it go away before I ever had a confirming test. I await with great happiness the meeting of this unborn child.

Abortion is a polarized politically charged issue. Only for now. Until the time that everyone can See and Know What Is,  energetically. All the compassionate care from Planned Parenthoods and Abortion Clinics, all the good intentions of folks who support Roe vs. Wade in remembrance of coat-hangers in back alleys and unintended maternal deaths, can not take away the fact that What Is, and Always Shall Be, stands alone.


Reiki Doc


According to Spirit, Abortion is a complex issue. The soul coming to incarnate is fully aware of the choices and risks of being aborted, unloved, and unwanted. The soul agrees to wait for the mother to conceive. The choices are made on a higher consciousness level between all parties involved, so that the soul wishing to incarnate has the opportunity to work out life lessons. From what I read, the soul is not in the unborn child until five month's gestation, so technically abortion is not 'murder'. It is a choice on the part of the mother.

From what I understand, we are all 'choosers'. Our life is made up of one choice after another. All choices result in the growing of the God Source Spark within us, or diminishing it. Each has their Karmic Consequence. I do not know what the Karmic Consequence is, for abortion, but I suspect it is on a case per case basis, and there is no 'blanket approach' to this subject.

As for me, personally, I felt it and I knew it each time I was with child. Before the first missed period. And I was overwhelmed with love and responsibility for the well-being of this 'little passenger' within my body. I cannot speak for others, however, and in no way judge anyone for their choices not to carry on with an unplanned pregnancy.