Sunday, April 29, 2012


I have always loved the Pleades. They were my favorite constellation ever since I was growing up. The 'Seven Sisters'. I am drawn to the number seven, and the idea of seven sisters was so lovely!

I liked that they were small. They looked in formation like a small diamond to me. And I felt connection, like seeing it made my heart have peace.

When I was in high school I always felt a little different. More than the usual gangly growing-up kid. I was smart as a whip, with perfect grades, and I studied! Because of this, I thought, 'there isn't anyone who is a match for me at this school', romantically speaking. And I knew it. That was Truth. But what did I do? Latch on to my high school boyfriend, tight. Go to University together. And not understand why we did not get married like I'd hoped. (His wife is my doppelganger, for sure).

I had a hard time in medical school. Deep, aching loneliness. Not for home. Not for a partner who would be my companion and friend. I hated it, life on this Earth! It felt dirty, icky, and I wanted to go HOME! Someplace far from here, where I belonged, HOME! My greatest relief was in Church. There I could let my guard down, and feel connected to Source, where outside of Church I did not. I couldn't explain it. I had terrible nightmares, night after night. Home invasions, watching myself get stabbed or shot. I almost did not want to fall asleep.

In internship and residency, the dreams went away. By that time I had married. But it went sour. I remember asking my guardian angel to take care of my soul at night, so that my husband's soul could not torment it. I prayed for reconciliation, for a miracle. It was not to pass. By Boards we separated, and one year later had filed for divorce. I remember standing in Court thinking it was strange that some judge could decide on my whole life, and that the lawyer interceded on my behalf. It felt freakish that society would come to that.

Each time, these signals, loving Heaven, smiling at the stars, hating the filth and corruption of Earth, and not making lasting connections, went over my head. I had no clue what they were trying to explain.

Until I took Reiki. At the higher levels, Karuna Reiki (TM), most people have a hard time upgrading to the higher vibration. They have all kinds of physical symptoms, especially bizarre sensory disturbances and problems with three dimensional space and the concept of time. I had none. Only a great sense of I was coming home. My teacher said there are a few students, very rare, who have a sense of normalcy at this level of energy. Let me remind you that Reiki 1 is a light bulb, and the amount of energy flowing through a practitioner keeps increasing, until Karuna Reiki (TM) which is like a power plant!

This analogy, sprang out of the mouth spontaneously by a non-Reiki sensitive, who met me at the front door of my ex-mother in law's house while picking up product. He stepped back. He said, 'Whoa! You have enough energy to light up Las Vegas!'. I demurred thanks, and mentioned I had worked on my vibration and thought it kind of him to mention.

I also had a strange feeling come out of my soul when I learned Divine Peace Healing and volunteered for the DNA project. I started bawling, the kind of tears I have when I sense the Divine, and my soul spoke for me, and said through my tears, 'I want to HELP (with the cause/transition/ascension)!' I did not know this at the time I took the course.

So where are we now? As you can see by my post on SaLuSa, I have been waiting anxiously, for It. I am not sure exactly what It is, but from the UFO's I have seen uncloaking, and the messages on YouTube and on my own, there are exciting times ahead. My study points in the same direction as the news I get from alternative sources. My excitement has been building...and you know what?

I got a great big knock on the head! Basically, the message is, 'we are taking care of this fine ourselves, go enjoy your life, you can relax now'. It felt like the T.V. turned itself off during a ball game! But it was right. Anticipation, in an eager sense, throws off the wrong energy. Anticipation, in 'something good is around the corner and I am excited' will enhance the energy flow. I have shifted to pretending that everything has already happened, that I enjoyed it, and that everything worked out for the best. It calms me down. And the messages I used to get every day, sometimes more than one a day, have dwindled to a trickle on Komurosan YouTube.

Whatever happens, always know I will be here for you on this blog.  That part is loud and clear. Everything else, putting it together, the 'funny things I have noticed all my life', point right to It. The PUSH I felt for so many years, to read, to learn, to grow, is noticeably absent for about six weeks.  Even now the urgency to write this blog, is more of a mellow glow. The guidance and call to write is there, but the need to comprehend the big picture and explain it is fading. I have a sense that there is little Time. That all is well. And that peace you feel while walking towards a big exam at school, knowing you have studied your best, is here once more.

I do not know who I am, in a deeper sense, and why there is a connection to the Pleades that is so strong and has lasted many decades. I know I have a high vibration, probably naturally, and that I am learning how to manifest much better than I have in my life. There is a mastery to it, and I am working toward that goal. I look forward to Peace and the Earth Changes, with my heart, and I send love to Unseen Forces that are Helping from the Universe for us and for Gaia.


Reiki Doc