Monday, April 2, 2012

The Birthday Party

Last night we went to a birthday party at the home of a friend.

There was such a wide range of personalities present. The child wanted an xbox 360 so bad they had a meltdown. Grandma had been through the war in England and refused at the store to buy the gift because of the meltdown. The 'friend' who was not the 'boyfriend' but wanted to be of the host was both on his best behavior, trying to be charming, while plying the host and guests with too strong drinks. I had never seen the host drink, ever, in the five years of friendship. And the 'friend'-who-was-not-boyfriend was dropping hints about how good a Christian he was. He had printed out a million dollar bill from a Christian website and given it to the birthday boy. My kid saw it. After much questioning, he realized it was a fake. And his dreams of being a millionaire ever since my mother had given him a similar one when he was two and thinking it was real, were dashed. (Apparently there is a gospel message in fine print on the edge of the back of the bill, and you hand them out to people in order to convert them.) The Uncle barely socialized or moved away from the computer. And the children watched movies blaring on the T.V. the whole time, except at the table for dinner. The food was carrots and ranch dip, salad and Domino's pizza, soda, and cake. At time to sing Happy Birthday, three candles were the kind that light right back up. Two of theme worked, it was funny. And one gift was a device that reads your mind with twenty questions, kind of like a red digital billiard ball. It worked on me. I thought of a rabbit and it guessed a hare.

I have been trying to come to grips about Ascension and what it will mean when the steps to it are out in the open on Earth.

I have been preparing myself and my son for about a year now, raising our vibrations, and thinking good thoughts. I pluck out the bad ones. My latest push is to let the Yoda quote work on my inner spirit, 'Do. Or do not. There is no TRY.'

After last night, which was pleasant enough, I figure that the average home and family is going to freak out when the news gets out.

What can we do to increase the chances of this not happening to those around us?

Raise your vibration. Just like at a sporting event when the crowd goes wild. Someone has to start it. It catches on.

Raise your vibration. Increase your frequency of Love and Light in your heart. It will affect others. Do not trust your five senses. Add to it your 'feeling center' in your heart. That 'sees' accurately too. Value all the information it gives you.

Let me state the number of means of 'putting to sleep' your higher consciousness and making your a prisoner of the mind in the birthday party scenario:
1) video games
2) family conflict
3) fast food
40 organized religion (it depends on who organized it and why)
5) movies and television
6) alcohol
7) money

Do any of these enhance the connection to Source?

Do any of these lead to spirituality and growth?

Do any of these keep the focus on the present moment? Or do they take your attention away from Here and Now?

The fact is that the more you are entangled in those seven things on the list, the more difficult your chances to adapt and rise up with the coming changes.

I encourage you to think about it. Sometimes our connection to those items is automatic.

Ponder this today.


Reiki Doc