Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dear Dr. Breslow

My mother sent me an article titles 'Math proved healthy habits, long life tied'

It was the obituary for Dr. Lester Breslow, who passed recently. He lived from 1915-2012.

He was a public health specialist, who studied 6,928 people from Alameda County, for their behavior and life choices for up to twenty years. He discovered that people who did the following things had a life expectancy eleven years longer than someone who did not.

Mormons, typically, live ten years longer than everyone else. Many of their life choices are recommended by the church.

Let us put the list together, with some Reiki thoughts to describe the energetic implications of those decisions:

1) Be a NON-smoker

smoking damages the lungs. It also has nicotine, which is a very powerful vasoconstrictor. I have seen nonunion (bones that do not heal) in smokers but it almost never occurs in nonsmokers. I tell the smokers the tiny little blood vessels in the brand new healing bone tissue constrict each time a cigarette is smoked, and that the new bone doesn't stand a chance to keep growing cigarette after cigarette. (On the plus side, smokers DO have a lower risk of post operative nausea and vomiting).

Cigarettes are the most addictive substance on Earth. Nicotine is both a stimulant AND a depressant. Cigarettes bring you 'up' if you are down, and 'calm you down' if you are too 'up'. Quitting this addiction is a challenge.

Energetically, smoking lowers the Vibration. It sucks the Life Force out.

2) Drink in Moderation

Again, an addictive substance that lowers the vibration and damages the body. I notice that Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Availability goes down when one had alcohol on board, as well.

3. Sleep Seven to Eight Hours

Sleep is regenerative. It repairs the body. Metaphysically, I think sleep is when we 'go home' with our Spirits, to take notes on the day and plan life Events for us. Whenever I wake up, I get a message, like someone telling me 'one last thing' as I go out the door to school to start my day.

Sleep is important. In Anesthesia, the patient is vulnerable to energetic imput. The aura is weakened. That's why I do Reiki at a time where it can help the most. Instead of making choices that might not help the patient's aura that much.

4. Exercise at Least Moderately

Our bodies were made to move. Look at Jack La Lanne. Exercise also raises the energetic Vibration.

5. Maintain a Moderate Weight

Again, moderation, that is neither too fat or too thin. It also takes the struggle off, emotionally and physically, from excessive eating or dieting. As well as prevents body-image issue. The soul is more free.

6. Eat Breakfast

I think this ties into #5. There is just too much strain on the body when you starve it. Breakfast is like filling up the tank in your car for your day.

Also, energetically, people who take the time to eat breakfast are not in a big rush or anything. They are organized and on time.

Notice that it did not say WHAT you eat. However, if you want the highest vibration possible, eat fresh fruit and drink herbal tea. If you are still hungry, have another piece of fruit.

As a mom, my family won't do that. But I have added a piece of fruit to each breakfast to eat first. And I have yet to give up my morning cup of coffee. ; )


Reiki Doc