Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear Patient: your Vibration affects my Ability to Heal You

Dear Patient:

You have come to many places where I work. Anesthesia goes everywhere in the hospital. My Vibration is very high, very Light, and healing. Because of my Reiki, I have come to notice how your Mindset, your Heart, your Belief, your Energetic state (vibration) interact with basic conventional medicine. Let's take a tour of the hospital and find examples of where it happens the most.

Labor and Delivery:

The interplay between your outlook and your outcome is SO obvious in this part of the hospital, that even nurses who are not into Metaphysics are 'on to it'.... 'we should start stapling the surgical consent to the Birth Plan!" they say at the front desk. It is true, my friend. Your fear and non-acceptance of conventional birthing techniques, for whatever reason, puts it on your mind. A lot. What you don't know, and what the nurses can see but can't explain, is a simple Law of the Universe: we create what we think of and expect to happen, and the Universe deletes the word 'not'. You constant worrying about the method of birth sends a stream of requests to The Universe: I want c-section, I want c-section, I want c-section. And nine times out of ten that is exactly what you get. Without an epidural in labor,when we get to that point of calling a c-section, there is not enough time to wait for a block to be placed and take effect. So guess what The Universe gives? A RISKIER one under General Anesthesia!

Another area of Obstetrics where the interplay between your energetic system and my ability to care for you I tract is in placement of the Epidural. People who store a lot of anger in their lower chakras,and possibly harbor negative or dark entities there, the needle won't go in. Remember, dark entities like to make their host suffer. Sometimes I swear on other patients, it's like the needle jumps in place as if an angel guided it. The opposite is found here when I work. The negativity is repelled by my Vibration and Intent to heal. I would suggest practicing forgiveness and asking Archangel Michael to clear you if you have a lot of trauma, especially sexual trauma, in your past.

The Cardiac Suite

I have spent more time than I care to admit in The heart room. It just gets spooky: there are some patients, who out of fear or whatever, do NOT want to be there. Like the patients with the epidurals that won't go in, these ones have the ability to block interventions ALL OVER their body. The I.v. Won't go in. The arterial line is a challenge. You try and try and try to get a central line. When it is time to put the breathing tube it's hard to see the glottis, the opening between the vocal cords where the tube goes in. The saw breaks, the sutures snap, and the vein graft is poor quality. The surgeon struggles. The negativity is pervasive. Other anesthesiologists, who are more financially motivated and on lower vibration, do just fine. But I struggle. And as I advanced in psychic development, the entire room got uncomfortable. Heart surgeons, in private practice, are very egotistic. They want power, money, and success. We are incompatible, for I want Heaven Dollars I can 'take with me'. My kindness and ability to heal on a different level are not a good match for the worldly ones that work I the cardiovascular suite.

Back to the Labor and Delivery

The Very Fast Parturient deserves a special mention. Something is taking over them. They are usually multips, and go so fast there is no time for anesthesia. They are under a force of life all it's own. And I don't understand it yet. We all stand back and watch and do what we can, all of us on the labor deck.

In Pre Op Holding

I see those that want to die. They are 'done' and want an easy way out of the family, and all of their commitments. They do just fine. I have seen people who due to brain disease aren't really 'there', they do just fine. The morbidly obese, although a technical challenge, are open to healing. Cancer, all types of cancer, are okay. The gynecological cancer patients show the most appreciation and are the sweetest ones on the planet. Everyone in the hospital notices this, not just the ones like me. Inflammatory bowel tends to be a little more on the controlling side than the rest, but not enough to impede medical care.

The worldly don't talk about their success. I have had some very important people, they reflect on the great equalizer, the hospital gown and bonnet for surgery, and they know. I usually am guided to ask them what they do, that's how I learn, and my matter of factness is therapeutic for them. I see through all that fame bullshit, and it dawns on them that perhaps they might want to start looking at it that way too.

What about the reverse? The metaphysical famous? I have worked on two. I did not know it at the time when I worked on them. One frankly annoyed me with his affirmations I pre op. her I.v. Was hard, and his blood pressure sagged with induction of anesthesia consistent with age and disease burden. I also worked with a person whose last name was so freakish 'Attitude' I had to ask on the pre-op call before surgery, " is that your real name? Yes? What to you do?'

'I am a writer.'

'do you write romance novels?' I asked, for my last writer did and I don't like romance novels.

'no, I don't

'we are going to be okay then.'

This last one is an open channel for Michael the Archangel. I found that out ten years after taking care of them. So no, I don't feel 'angelic presence' when someone I am with is more spiritually advanced than me.

The Future

What will come to pass is healing that is more vibrational, with light. There will be healing chambers and light chambers. Many will find cure in one session. Hospitals, pharmaceuticals, and the entire Healthcare industry is going to tank. And I can't wait. The way the system works is not sustainable. It is not fair equally. And the pressure has been p,aced on the providers much the way the education system has turned on the teachers. Last night I found out about a friend's experience with a malpractice attorney. I was shocked at how unscrupulous these people could be!

Everything is going to get better. If you find yourself anywhere near a hospital I the next few weeks to months, try practicing these steps:
Release hatred
Release anger
Release sadness
Create happiness and joy
Divine knowledge
Reflect of the circle of life and it's cycles


Reiki Doc