Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The End of the Nightmare

Reiki and Sports Bars? Are they not two opposite ends of the spectrum? ; )

Today I had the chance to go to our local neighborhood sports bar and micro brew family restaurant. Right away, my kids asks me for money to go and play the video games. As I sit with the menu, I experience sensory overload. There were eight flat panel television sets mounted around the room over our heads. There were three in the bar and two in the special events room.  At one moment, there was Joan Jett's old MTV video blaring, a hockey game next to a baseball one on side-by-side screens, video games blinging away, people talking, the bar being loud across the restaurant, and the shiny plastic menu with the spiral binding.

In my mind's eye, I flashed forward in time. Those screens are going to be having information non-stop about the Big D.

So for the waitress talking on the phone in the restroom stall next to me, talking about who said what to whom and who likes whom, and all about her appearance and her hairstyle, Wake Up.

For the divorced dad taking his son out to dinner and having to close a tab on the bar for all the beer her drank as his ten year old boy tried to make emotional contact with him--WAKE UP!

And for the manager/owner with the special remote, fixing all the stations and thinking 'hey this is a pretty good niche I've found in business'--WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE!!!

That missile in the 'axis of evil' with son of a son of a leader posturing and having the dang thing fail two minutes into launch? Sorry  newspaper reporters and editors--that was NOT a 'missile that was not made right'. That missile was fine. Something stopped it in its tracks. Something smarter than you. And more technologically advanced than you could imagine. You couldn't even describe it if you could.

The veil is rapidly thinning. I am picking up psychic information at a rapid pace. My pets are way more communicative now, this past week we started communicating telepathically instead of the old empathic way where I felt what they were trying to say. Thought pictures. That is telepathy. Like television of the mind. The snake said, 'I'm full'. I was taken aback. But the turtle and fish are doing it too.

Time is going to keep advancing at a faster rate. It is going to be like the propeller blades on an old airplane. Now you see them, now you don't. When they spin fast enough, you don't even know they are there. Are world is accelerating. And it is going to be great.

Earth is much more settled. Look at the sky. Isn't it beautiful and clear? Look at the grass and the trees. Isn't it peaceful? I found myself looking out the window from our booth at the sports bar family microbrew restaurant, looking out longingly, for what 'made sense'. And I gave thanks. For the science of marketing has figured out the male brain. The information overload with cool commercials and popular music and beer and burgers appeals to every pleasure site in the masculine mind. And occupies it so much, it cannot think. Its consciousness is dulled. And the soul is not nourished by healthy things and Light.

The third dimension, the experiment of duality, is a nightmare.  Soon, very soon, that nightmare is going to end. The transition might come as a shock to you, and it definitely will to all those sports bar types. Your role, along with mine, is to help in the transition. Open yourself and ground yourself when all those around you all of a sudden 'wake up'. There is no fear. This is only what has been meant to be. Every question will be answered. For some, you may be the right one to answer all their needs. Remember, when faced with something extrasensory, ordinary people prefer their answers to come from a human they trust: someone open like you. Although angels are messengers, not many people believe in them. And when faced with one, would likely shut their minds down. Same goes for extraterrestrials. The only people who are going to be able to help are going to be the awakened ones like you.

What will seem a minor inconvenience shall lead the way to a greater life. The water and sewage shall work as always. But the electrical and oil-based technology of our society is going to go through an 'upgrade or sorts. It will last a few days to a few weeks. And then after, no more dependence on petroleum products. No more pay at the pump. No more cell phone bill. No more electricity bill. Everything will be gratis through new technology.

Save up some food and some water. Get a camp stove and know how to work it like me. Get set for a whole new life that is about to begin.


Reiki Doc