Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pule 2

I was at a luau the other night with my family. There were vendors there, with stands selling their wares. This was before the food was ready.

I was interested in a gold heirloom bracelet. I looked at the jewelry stand, and could not see any gold. I had to ask. There was one, a plumeria one. No name on it. I asked why there were so few choices.

The woman said, 'with the price of gold rising so much, it is hard to push this type of product'. I was referred somewhere else, Maui Divers.

Then I Saw.

There are two Oahu's. The one the Tourist industry wants everyone to see. And the Real Oahu for the people that live there.

I saw it at the church. We went to Mass. Very quiet, very subdued energy.

I saw it at the grocery store. Many empty carts.

I saw it in the face of my maid, who delighted in the five dollar tips I left each day for her in her room. She was hungry. I knew it. And my mother said, 'she works six days a week. On her day off she has to clean her own home.' This woman was lucky to have a job at a good hotel in this economy.

I saw it in the face of the Samoan traveler, who on the Wiki Wiki shuttle at the airport, said she, 'gave her food voucher from the airline to her local friend that gave her a ride so he could have something to eat.'

I have visited Hawaii many times. But this time I saw beyond. I saw the traffic on the roads. And in town, there was no joy. Desperation on everyone's faces. No fancy clothes. The woman that owned the cookie store had terrible teeth, many missing. And she still smiled! Bless her!

There is a tendency to occupy one's thoughts on money. And the lack of it. Universal Law says that we create that which we think. What do we get with thoughts like this? Downward spiral.

Out of compassion, I spent a lot of money on this vacation. I chose to help. I bought that bracelet from the luau. I tipped everyone for just about everything. I bought extra. I sunk dollars into the economy of my Hawaiian brothers and sister who are not doing so good right now.

The nice hotel on Diamond Head where I once stayed has changed hands. All the heirloom gold is gone. It is now in silver, and does not look as good. They sell 'beads' for bracelets to mark major life events, now. The Hawaiian gold was once a sign of community like jade bracelets are in the orient. I saw none on the arms in town. Not one. Only many, many signs for 'we buy gold'. But as a healing for my islander patients, who relax at once at the sight of Hawaiian gold on me in pre-op holding, it is priceless. I become 'auntie', ohana, and they know everything will be all right.

In choosing to help, from my heart, this wonderful community, I brought Aloha to the place I learned it from so many years ago. 

We are family, all of us. When you can help, please make the choice to do so. By a smile, a kind word, or supporting business. It is only for a while until things shall get better. St. Germain is taking care of this.


Reiki Doc