Saturday, April 14, 2012

Why let Someone Else put thoughts in Your Mind?

Yesterday I manifested extra hours on vacation. At the drop of a hat. I had not done all that I had wanted to do. In my heart of hearts I was torn, as I drove by the mall towards the airport. Something deep inside said, 'trust. and let go. we will take care of it.'

After dropping off the rental car, there was a delay for the flight. I was not sure what to do. I wanted to take  a taxi, but my son wanted to wait  in case the airline changed their mind. The woman sitting next to me had gotten a hold of her husband before he dropped off the rental car, and chose to drive the family back to the hotel.

Aha! Rental car. I rented one at a low rate, and was able to finish my business. I got the delay and was able to finish the errands I had not been able to do.

I manifested! : )))

All of us have the power to manifest. It might not be instant, but we can do anything that we set out to do. I am serious.

G.I.G.O. stands for 'Garbage In Garbage Out'. It is a computer term, used in programming.

Do you not program your minds as well? If you are not actively programming it, trying to think positive thoughts and raise your vibration, then who do you think is?

My niece went crazy over American Idol this week. Did you know the most serious addiction is triggered by the biological response to the reward with uncertain intervals? Gambling is one. Sexual addiction is another. The paycheck with an annual raise has a thrill that goes away. We adapt to this pleasure stimulus. But not knowing when the slot machine is going to pay out? Very compelling to our psychological self.

The people behind the screen know that. Television. Movies (see the lines for the Hunger Games at the theaters?). Computer gaming. Radio. The music industry. All of this was available, at a price, on each individual screen on the seat in front of you on the flight. Right above the food tray. And on the flight, everyone was locked in to some form of entertainment or another. The in-flight screen, or the cell phone screen, or the iPad/computer screen. Unless they were sleeping. The only one that wasn't was doing the crossword puzzles in a book.

People, the internet is a two way street. The people who make the web design know who hits their site (referring URL, not your personal computer), when, and how to adjust it to get more hits. The news is designed to sell ratings and to sell newpapers. Television is designed to sell air time. Radio sells commercial spots. And movies are designed to get you to buy the merchandise (available at McDonald's!) and to watch again and again.

So what do you want to do? Do you want to Ascend? Do you think you are going to be able to with your mind focused on a big screen? Or a little one in your pocket?

Think about your choices. Get to know the internal guide within. It works when you are happy, quiet, focused and calm. Meditation is one way to get to it. The passenger with the crossword puzzle book was on the right track. Sleep too can help strengthen it. Nature can refresh it.

Wouldn't you prefer to write your own script? Instead of concentrating on someone else's?


Reiki Doc