Saturday, March 31, 2012

News about the News : )

The front page had a story about a heron that was rescued by a surfer. It had a hook and old fishing line entangling it, and it hung off a pier. It was a beautiful read, inspiring, and with hope. The surfer used his board to free it, and then let the bird ride in to shore on the nose. The rescued bird understood the surfer was trying to help it, and gave him trust.

Yesterday there was a story of a young whale that had been entangled by a line of crab pots and lobster pots. Specialists put tracers on it as it got dark, found it again in the morning, and set it free. 

The day before that, there was a story about a Medium, a specialist that talks with the dead. A reporter had a reading. It was accurate. Hauntingly accurate. The Medium says he is like a 'wifi scanner, and is able to transmit messages from beyond into language that is understandable here.' Yes, that is what it is like. I consider myself to be a radio dial...I can adjust to match just about any vibration that is out there (everyone has their own unique vibration, some higher, some lower, some altered by chemicals such as drugs and seems 'muddy'). Been that way all my was encouraging to hear of this article.

Last weekend, there was another front page article about a whale that took seven hours to free from gill net. In the gill net was a dead seal, three sharks, and dead crabs. 

And last week there was a question from a psychic to Dear Abby! (please see blog about that).

Where is the fear? Where is the doom and gloom of days past? Why is it the only one getting the news these days is the president, with his daring to be away 'from the pack'?

The answer is simple: The Galactic Federation of Light has their hand in it.

Fear is going away. Prosperity is coming in. Everyone will have enough. It is over.

The battle has been decided. The only question is when all the news will come out. Soon you shall be able to see it for yourselves, the news can be trusted. And in time, there will be continuous live coverage of the changes that are going to begin. Weeks, months, but in good time.

Heaven is going to help. We will have to fix the mess that we have made of this place. But we will have the assistance of far technically advanced beings to help us bring this place Light. Darkness is over. 

You will see.

P.S. About the mega lottery. You will not win if you focus on the dollar amount. The Universal Laws do not work like that. Imagine what you want, for example, a new car. Look forward to it. Imagine it every day. Smell the new car in your mind. Push all the little buttons and enjoy the features. Give thanks for it.

In doing so, you raise your vibration to allow yourself to have it.

The Universe can connect like this, to a happy vibration, and make the needed changes to get it to come to place. 

Then, and only then, it will come to you. The means to buy it will arrive just like when you order a pizza. In the time needed to make it and deliver it to you,  it will show up.

Because money is a symbol for the exchange of energy, it is not an end in itself. Only a means.

Do not focus on the means! Do not count on man to bring the lottery to you. Don't you think a lot of people are making a LOT more money behind the scenes that run the lottery establishment? Keep your dollars to yourself. And dream! It can't hurt. It's free. It's easy. And it brings results!!!

Meditate on this!


Reiki Doc

Friday, March 30, 2012

Uber Advanced Reiki

This is a light switch. It is from my grandmother's house. It is classic, functional, and decorative.

In MY house, all the light switches, except for one in the garage, are wide tilting switches. The kind that has two electrical outlets and a ground fault circuit interrupter incorporated within.

My son's room, and the dining room, have a circle that is plastic. You push it in to turn it on, and can twist the knob to permit any amount of light you want, from a little to a lot.

In some rooms, I have switches that are connected to a plug on another wall, so a light will turn on in the room when I flip it.

And the most advanced? It has a dimmer without a knob, ann electronic dimmer, that has little buttons. The light goes automatically through a range of intensity to turn on or off. It has taken me a while to figure it out, and I only know enough to get the lights on or off. I don't know any of the advanced capabilities it probably already has. It is beyond me.

Reiki is like a Light Switch. Once you learn it, you consciously turn it ON and then OFF. When I was learning, I would practice every night on my son, in addition to his bedtime story. I got good at it. He enjoyed it. And I could sense little events that happened on the playground, either small injuries or painful slights. And remedy them.

With my patients, I would take some time to go through the steps.

In some ways, I still do. Especially if I can tell the imbalance. There was one yesterday I for some reason didn't want to do Reiki to. But due to the severity of the disease, I did. Just enough to get the transition symbol in. This patient's energetic system was uncomfortable for me, once I got in it enough to provide Reiki. I couldn't understand why. I asked my guides. They said, 'Pull Out!' so I closed the Reiki off.

This patient, a highly respected professional, but not a healter, was an illuminati. Not the big one, but a 'minion' of sorts. Bats for the 'not-so-Light'. I immediately understood. I had felt the fate of all the souls this one had affected in this patient's energetic system. And I thought, whoa! I felt compassion. In another lifetime, I may have played that kind of role in Duality and Life. So much to learn, this one. So far to go. A lot of adjustments and reparation are going to take place. 

The light switches' technology parallels Reiki. Reiki one equals grandma's light switch. The twist dimmer is maybe Reiki two or Reiki Three. There are some nice features. Karuna gets you to the fancy light switch. You don't always understand it, but if you work with it enough it makes sense enough to get the job done!

Now, at night, when I read bedtime story, I give Reiki at the same time. I don't need to know all the little lumps and bumps he's taken on throughout the day. All I need to know is that Reiki can fix them. He falls asleep peaceful the same way.

'Pray without ceasing' the apostle Paul once wrote. This is happening to me with Reiki. It is always 'ON', just sometimes more than others. The intuition. The sensing. The intent to heal. I add traditional Reiki on top of it when necessary, for example, with a patient or a client. But the Reiki way of life changes you into a continuous source of Reiki. It affects you and everyone you know. Change the world--take a Reiki class today! You can't get it from a book or a video. The attunement won't stick. 

It's worth it!


Reiki Doc

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The No Blood Army

Yesterday I took care of Jehovah's Witnesses.

The Jehovah's Witnesses are fascinating, medically. They do not accept blood. Well, each one is different. They have a form with boxes that are checked. One said, ' no blood products except: platelets, and plasma, and cell saver red blood cells' this basically was interpreted as not taking somebody else's red blood cells. Quite literal. The other had no form...and said no blood products whatsoever to me before the case.

Sometimes a parent will reject a child that is transfused intraoperatively. The courts decide for children, until they are eighteen and able to decide for themselves. Because of this we often change the tubing so it doesn't look like transfusion took place.

And even more fascinating is what the patients themselves will say after leaving the family and preacher in pre op holding and on the way back to the OR. They will accept but don't want anybody else to know, for they will be shunned.

The religion truly is a lifestyle. You don't celebrate Christmas or your birthday with presents for you. The only celebration is for Jesus. If you have a high powered career, you quit it. (But you accept governmental assistance). Many become gardeners in our area. You spend your free time knocking door to door trying to get new church members. And acceptance into the church takes effort and persistence, the passing of a test like a quiz, and knowing your family may reject you but you will always have a family in the church once you join.

What is this, on a spiritual level?

Yesterday I felt it, when I worked with them. It is the religion of the mind. It sounds so logical. It is the work of man's perception of Spirit, which is limited. It emerges out of the need to have parenting figure still in your life, both Jehovah and the church. Other churches might trigger this reaction of faith too. You are lulled into believing the religion by familiarity, repetition, and the desire to please. This reinforces the mental aspect of belief, which in turn affects the heart.

Is this Truth? Is it real? There are many weekend warriors of the faith. The LDS, the Protestants, the Catholics, the Jews, the Hindus, and the Muslim all share the same logic and mechanism of belief: what someone tells you is right. Someone else has figured out the answer, you accept it, and relax because your salvation is set. And then you try to get other people to 'buy it'! Yours is the ONLY TRUTH! The only faith that differs is Buddhism, that teaches you to go within, detach from all attachments, and follow your inner guidance. Wicca is somewhat like this too, with going into Alpha state for the casting of spells, and doing magic.

No religion truly has it all. And for the mystically inclined, there are not many places to go in day to day life on earth to help you experience and interpret your gift. The tradition of the Saints is what led me to take my experiences to a priest. I sought guidance and understanding, and hoped for a confessor who could act as a spiritual guide. Instead, I got sent from one parish to another, priests passing the buck, and the last sent me to a psychiatrist. But the psychiatrist said, "we don't talk about things like that".

I have been alone ever since. And if it wasn't for the psychic development classes a medium guided me to take, I would not understand the world of spirit enough to share it with you. I would still have helped souls cross over, instinctively I knew how to do that. But I would not be the capable worker and healer that I am now.

Reiki changes lives. Yours and those you heal. The anti-red-blood-cell patient got Karuna and the transition symbol, and deeksha. The no-blood-products got nothing. It would not go in. It was rejected, the Reiki. In those cases, you give it to their guardian angel instead. The patient was very quiet, almost dead energetically. The Life had been sucked away by the organized religion.

That is what they do. In the name of helping you they suck your time, creativity, spirituality, and money. Your heart center gets altered, and shut off. ( Bigotry wrapped in prayer is still bigotry, a church marquee said).

Open your Life. Connect in mind and body to Spirit. Think of your church as a gym to exercise your Spirit. You do the work. Not them. Exercise your higher self.

In truth, you can't take it with you, except for your spark of the Divine within.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sanctity of your Heart

When you are on the path to Ascension, at some point, your Sacred Heart wakes up. What is a Sacred Heart? And what does it feel like?

Traditionally, in the Catholic Faith, there are symbols of Jesus and Mary with their sacred heart visible on the chest. It looks like an ordinary heart, but it is pierced by swords and thorns. Emanating from the hearts, however, are rays of light like giant sunbeams off the sun.

To Catholics, this means that through suffering, the heart has so much love in it, it continues to love despite the terrible trials. And in some ways, this may be so. One of the saints I read about, said, 'It feels like my heart is aflame with love for Jesus, a fire that never exhausts itself.'

What does this mean to you?

Once your chakras are all opened and balanced, and you have mastered your ability to think (thoughts are things and have heavy influence on those around us and what events come to pass. Being able to be hopeful and helpful in all circumstances, and the mental savvy to 'pluck them out' as soon as negative thoughts cross the mind is mastering the ability to think), the heart center opens up.

There is a new site of consciousness. 'You know in your heart' and 'You're heart's desire' are common phrases that reference the hearts ability to do this. We cross this in our daily lives.

Now, put it on steroids.

Your heart becomes a way to make decisions. It has a mind all its own. And a wisdom that you never in a thousand years could match with the mind, logic, and dogmatic tradition. It is mind-blowing, the having-your-heart-center-open-up experience! But once you get used to it, it is pretty great. And great fun. It is kind of like having navigation system when you drive. A whole level of 'getting' there better than what you had before.

When that heart connects to another, it feels just like the Saint said, like an enormous jolt of electricity flowing from one heart to the next, and back. It is not of this world and strong. Almost uncomfortably strong.

There lies the dilemma of the Ascent: three dimensional people with traditional three dimensional hearts are going to get their circuits 'blown out' by all this powerful Love Energy when Gaia ascends.

That is why now is a special time. You have the opportunity to raise your vibrations just enough to make the cutoff, where your heart can accept this powerful energy of Light. If you do not wish to do so, and want to make another round or two or a thousand in the dense three dimensional existence, that is fine. You will at some point want to make the quantum jump up and out of 3 D. But right now, and only right now, in all the universe, are there guides and help to allow us to Ascend along with Gaia, all of us together, at the same time.

People are coming from all over the Universe to watch this. Extraterrestrial people. Ascended beings. They are on their way. Time travelers have been blocked from jumping to this time. Everyone who is on Earth is fortunate to have 'won the lottery' to see it take place, live.

That is the way it is. You do not have to decide just yet, exactly, But if you are interested in making the jump, start doing things to raise your vibration. That way you will not get 'blown out' by all the energy that is going to take place on Earth with Gaia and her transition.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Remarkable Saint: Therese Neumann

Therese Neumann
Age 64

Here is a link to a remarkable saint:

You be the judge.

1) she developed the stigmata of our Lord. And bled. A lot. It was real blood, it was tested. She bled from the wounds on her hands, feet, heart, head, and eyes.
(medically speaking, trauma patients, once all clotting factor is used up, go into DIC, diffuse interstitial coagulopathy, and bleed out every wound, puncture hole, and mucous membrane. But they don't come back without a lot of transfusion, rapidly given, and luck.)

2) for forty years she only took the communion of our Lord. No food. No water.
(metaphysically speaking, advanced souls in higher dimension do not need to eat)

3) She went into trances and spoke aramaic, hebrew, and one more ancient language.

4) The Nazi's did not harm her, but did attack everywhere she lived and went, including her home. And the person she encouraged to protest the Nazi actions was killed.

5) She could recognize priests, even if they wore civilian clothing, and genuine relics.
(This makes sense if she is a higher-dimensional entity. She would recognize the vibrations and also have clair cognizance.)

This story is very thought-provoking indeed.

I think the lesson of the saints is two main things:

1) They believed in their faith, wanted to be Saints, and manifested a Saintly life. They were different enough to have raised their vibration enough to perhaps have ascended to a higher dimension on their own.

2) They raised the level of consciousness to a large extent to those around them. Calm, organized, cheerful, not complaining.  They knew something others didn't, and their vocation was to help others with the work of their lives.


Reiki Doc

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Way Earth Has Been Made

I am an active learner. I am always reading something about the metaphysical. It interests me.
On my reading list right now, are several books. Some of the topics are starting to coalesce...

The saints. I have a book I borrowed from church. I have one month to read it. I am starting to think that the saints are not three-dimensional people. They either used their faith to ascend, or through  suffering they simply remembered who they were, higher-dimensional souls incarnate to help others' souls.

They devoted their lives to building organizations to help the poor, help educate the masses, and to build the faith of others. The common story is a beautiful, rich, and headstrong child lost their parent at an early age, had a burning desire to enter the religious life, was not initially allowed to do so, had a lot of petitioning to do, and then got their way. They would suffer great indignities and hardship without complaint. And when they died, their bodies did not decay (are 'incorrupt'). Proof of Sainthood is by exhumation and discovering this fact.

The vibration of these individuals was quite high. They displayed multiple psychic gifts--premonition, visions, intuition of the heart/intent of another (giving them the right words to say), even in some instances, bi-location (the ability to be in two places at once). As a psychic development insider, this sounds like a very advanced adept.

Another reading was the manifest of the Essenes. They were a secret society based on Enoch's discoveries. Outside the church.

There were many secret societies. And one of them, I knew nothing about, I researched last night. The Masons (The Builder's, I will call them). They have very advanced symbolism built in to their practice, using simple tools and images to mean a whole lot more about creation. One of them is the skull and crossbones.

The skull and key is a secret society out of the Ivy League. It is still going on today. Less is known about this organization. What I know is from a book called Area 51. The founder of M.I.T. who has a building named after him, was the head of the C.I.A.'s secret espionage development programs. They were outside the budget, under very innocent sounding bureau names. And they dealt with things from this world and beyond. Reverse engineering from extraterrestrial vehicles. And also the rumor that the bodies found in Roswell were the surgical 'studies' of a very twisted former doctor of the Third Reich.

What I took away from that book, which is a very thick book, is that the informer to the author insinuated that there was 99% more for that author to know. Although the secrets were many that were out, what was not disclosed was far more vast.

Putting all this together is the Glastonbury Tor. There was a HUGE knock on the wall when I read about it briefly last night. (These knocks are ways for spirit to communicate to us in the living. Knocks and creaks in the house, and pendulum divination, as well as direct telepathy.) It is important. I don't understand why, exactly, but it is. It is said that Arthur is buried there. And the gates to Avalon exist there also.

Lastly, I bring up Onward, the book by the head of Starbucks. When he came back to be in charge, after voluntarily passing the CEO to someone who was not right in running the company, all the negotiations were from within. There were weeks and months of  maneuvering to try to get things right for him to come back. The not-so-good CEO was the last to be told of his ousting. He was told on a Sunday morning at his home about the announcement on Monday.

So just because you don't see anything or know much about Ascension, chances are, there is a lot going on behind the scenes, where the secret societies are 'duking it out' to establish control, and once this settles, we are going to learn a lot of secrets. Like, that 99% related to in the book Area 51. These secret societies know a whole lot more about our life as we know it than they let on. I do not know myself, but I have a high index of suspicion to where the knowledge it. I await like you. Hang on for the ride! It's going to be bumpy but terrific like a roller coaster when we learn all the facts!


Reiki Doc

Saturday, March 24, 2012

I have a Halo

Tonight, when they took a picture of us after a concert, it was someone from the back row, taking a photo of four adults and one boy with the the stage in the background.

'**Reiki Doc*** has a halo!' one of my friends exclaimed!

'I do not! Let me see!' I chided, knowing full well there was a possibility it might be true due to my energy work.

'my other friend, the one with the camera, said, look!' and pointed to the picture on the screen.

There is was, bright pink and white, a circle about one to two feet outside the perimeter of my head. It was only on me, not on anyone else. There was no shadow from that light, either.

I have a halo. And I never would have experienced it or known, except for that picture.

I didn't say a thing. Not to my friends. They call me by my first name, not **Reiki Doc**. They have no clue that I am **Reiki Doc**. None whatsoever.

Let me tell you something. Those digital cameras pick up a lot of things. I have seen them on images I took at night in New Orleans. I have seen them on the Facebook page of a friend, at her grandmother's house, she posted for all to see.

They are blobs of light. The proper term for them is Orbs. They are spirits. Possibly angels. Or loved ones coming back. On film, they look like blobs anywhere from a few inches to about a foot in diameter. They float up anywhere from the head to above it.

So watch your films taken carefully. The next one with the halo might be YOU!

Keep up the strong work coming awake and full consciousness.


Reiki Doc

Friday, March 23, 2012

The Doctor as The Patient

This story is about the Reiki in a colleague. There is a technical discovery about Deeksha, as well.

My patient for robotic surgery was nervous. Had a lot to say in pre-op, about their anesthetic, and I listened. I saw my patient at ease and relax in my care. Just speaking, I had won trust and established a healing alliance.

This patient, as the surgeon shared before surgery, was a doctor. And a sibling had stage four cancer recently discovered. Since the patient was gene positive, they wanted all risk of cancer removed.

It struck me as odd that two siblings would have the same problem, in a metaphysical way.

In the OR, everything went smoothly. But as I did Deeksha, the BIS monitor beeper alarm went off. I wasn't touching the probe. It gave interference.

But as I worked and did the Reiki while my patient was asleep, I saw the past. The mutual shared past tormented by a common family member that was a predator in their youth.

I did what I could. Reiki. Deeksha. Karuna Reiki.

I went to check up on this patient today. Already out of the hospital. Had been eating regular diet after surgery. PONV problem? Avoided. I called at home to check. Only one extra dose of dilaudid early in the afternoon yesterday following surgery. No pain since.

Little does this patient know there was more to anesthesia than meets the eye. And it worked!


Reiki Doc

My Wish : )

I made a choice the other day. I decided if all this Reiki and Energetic Healing were to take off, I would probably need to find other lines of work than being an anesthesiologist in a hospital.

I thought about my love for animals. I hoped perhaps I might find work taking care of them. It wouldn't seem like work at all.

I adore animals.

This thought was in the last two weeks.

Here is a link to a YouTube I saw yesterday that said I am going to have a chance at that dream come true:

Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Doctors Watch On TV in the Doctor's Lounge

I dedicate this Post to HFR, the physician father of my first boyfriend T. A busy internist who spent most of his time reading Journals and catching up, he had an obsession with all things Godfather. Could not get enough of it on TV.

Doctors are by and large a very Television-y type. They like to watch it to 'relax' or in my thinking, 'space out'. In the OR we talk of shows they like, such as Dancing with the Stars and American Idol. Survivor was really big a few years back. They look forward to watching these shows like children, and TIVO them, and look forward to catching up.

The residents in anesthesia a few years back, were very into 24 with Jack Bauer.  When that show was cancelled you could feel the pall in the group.

As a not-TV watcher, I don't 'get' any of it. I go along and act like I know, but I really do not enjoy this pastime.

Yesterday, in the breakroom, I made a comment. I was looked at like I was from Mars. I questioned the intent of the news.

"How can you fake it? These things really happen!" my colleagues defended.

I countered back, 'The purpose of the News is to sell airtime and get ratings. Don't you think that the folks who sell it are going to skew what they present so you will watch? Isn't it possible for them to show things that happen in such a compelling way that they ignore ninety percent of the other stuff that is actually going on in the world? All the encouraging things, and helpful and hopeful ones?"

You could have heard a pin drop. I connected the dots. I had a point. I was helping them to think something that they had never thought before. Question Authority. Even the folks that make entertainment.

So what do they watch? Old guy that is engaged but probably never has sex: CSI and all those crime shows. He watches them to the exclusion of saying hello to anyone that walks buy. A surgeon from the old school, who cuts and tears the flesh while his competition has a more gentle touch. He's fast. Insurance likes that. And 'accurate enough' shall we say? Gets lots of business. But those of us in the OR with him, we cringe during his case.

'Old person news stations that talk about the kind of things that make you cringe' said a lady urologist about the non-stop Fox News that is on when Old Guy isn't in the Doctors' Lounge. That pretty much covers it. There are occasional ESPN Sports news for the younger Ortho Docs. But More doctors than not are on the computers, or dictating cases, getting ready for their next case.

(The Nurses' Lounge, has a microwave and also constant CNN, or lately, Pickers)

You are what you eat. That goes for media too. Think about it. Question everything and let your heart decide for yourself if it is from the Light of not.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

That Little Bit of Grey

I looked in the mirror today. I saw it. The thing I notice on everybody else but hope nobody will see on me: that little stripe of grey at the roots of my hair.

I color it. I started when I was twenty-eight. When the stray grey hairs came in, I threw in blonde highlights. Now it has gotten to the point where I have to do something about it every three weeks. I used to go to the hair place when I worked part-time. Now I put the stuff in my hair because of my schedule at work.

We are going through a change every day we wake up. Although the gift of days in a lifetime are generous, the fact is that we are never going to live the same day twice. It is over. Completely.

This is a good thing of sorts: we get the chance to try again at our lessons.

This is a bad thing too: our children grow up, and we decline. I have already hit the age where I need my reading glasses to see.

What does Reiki say about the maladies of aging and the progression of time? Nothing. Reiki comes from a society where age is highly valued, an honor. But with many patients I work with in the O.R., I have noticed a trend psychologically that is reflected by the chakras and energetic system I thought I should write about--about being ready to let go of life itself entirely.

A great many people are 'done with their lives' but are afraid to say goodbye to their relatives. That's when the disease comes in. It gives them a rational 'way out' that helps prepare the family for their impending death. Who gets it? Well, across my last few weeks, there was the dialysis access patient who said, 'I don't care' to just about every question. 'Just get me out of here this hospital'. There was an inoperable tumor that was sent to radiation oncology that was sent back to surgery 'because it was too dangerous'. There was the ninety year old patient with dementia and a GI bleed to check out. The energetic systems were unbalanced severely in all those cases. I did my best to balance them, but they did not respond that well. And I made sure to get the transition symbol in just in case. These folks had made up their mind on what would happen. There was not much room to move anything around.

But the kindness that I showed on them was not lost. Nor the healing. Being able to help one get the most out of the end, for patient and family, is what Reiki does that palliative medicine can't. Palliative treats more than most other areas of medicine when the 'whole patient' is involved, and the whole patient-family unit. But Reiki targets specific areas of thought, and can balance individually where the palliative care 'blanket treatment' approach can not.

The other thing to write about today is the concept of our own mortality. Decay and death. That's the option for us all, except the decay part can be short-circuited. I always thought I would allow myself to let nature take its course. But when it happened, I fought it. I fought the hair greying. I fought wearing glasses until there was no choice. I did not welcome age.

Why? Because I was not done yet. I wanted to remarry, and have another child in love and joy, not sadness like a single parent I did before. I wanted to 'do it right'. I wanted to be a camp counselor, and ride horses and take gymnastics. The things I once did but I can't now make quite a list. I never said goodbye to those things. I was not ready to give them up. 

Once of the most shocking things in my career, which has spanned decades, is that the nurses I trained with, started showing signs of age. I saw it in them first before I saw it in myself. The young ones started to look like the older ones. Wrinkles. Weight. Glasses. More tired and grumpy...

Reiki is a good thing for that. It hooks  you up to Source. I tell myself I can appear any age I want to. I am losing weight on purpose. And I have more energy than I did before. I am in tune with my body and I listen to it when making choices about my diet or activity or thought.

Think about the years you would drop by omitting negative thoughts! Think about what harmony and peace from within will do to your wrinkles! Think about your ability to interact with others with grace and warmth? Isn't that the kind of old person you would like to be?

Now is the time. It doesn't matter what your age is, inside or out. The best defense against old age is not aesthetic surgery. The best defense is in the mind and in the heart. Lift it through Reiki today.

Meditate. Find your Purpose. And help  spread Source wherever you are at. Find Beauty in all Life.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Changes That Are Happening to Your Body

Your body is an energetic system of light. What you see in the physical form is only half of the picture.
Everything happens from the vibration.

For example, when my friend, a prominent Trauma and Burn Surgeon passed unexpectedly, she found me. Right away. Had lots of questions along the gist of, 'why am I not there and am instead here?' and pointed to her former body.

'You lost your energetic system. You need it to live. There is no Life as we know it without it. I showed her an image of the chakras in my mind.' It was new to her, but she was brilliant, and understood the point right away, saying, 'Oh.'

(Her advice to me? 'Have more fun.')

Your body has a Higher Self. The Higher Power concept is not far from the truth. It is your Higher Consciousness. It is connected to you, but you are not aware of it. Many people who do automatic writing are in touch with their Higher Consciousness.

Everything comes from Source. That is why we are the same, are One. We are all a part of a great big energy called Source. That energy comes to us in the form of Life Energy. We each have our own particular Vibration. There is a Personality Vibration, and on top of that is a Life Force/Vibration that we choose to inhabit. They are like superimposed waves.

This energy comes through somehow into the Chakra System. In death everything stops Chakra-wise. It goes black/quiet.

Chakras are what makes the body go. The Soul if you will, is a name for this consciousness/entity that is us.

Our Mind determines the relative balance of our chakra system. That, and the presence of parasitic Life Forms such as Negative Entities and Dark Entities and Implants (see Margaret McCormick's work on this).

Anyhow, those of us on the Ascension Track are having our Energy adjusted. Sometimes in the past two weeks I have had the overwhelming desire to rest. I fall asleep quickly, and at great depth. I wake up with no recall of dreams or anything that happened. I sleep so deeply, that when our son's father brought him home and they rang the doorbell, I didn't hear it. They had to call me on the phone.

If you are getting sleepiness and changes in your sleep, it is something to know and not a concern. It is your vibration being fine tuned by experts in the Other Realms. They are good at this, like doctors in our world.

Just go along with it. Try to keep your thoughts high vibration, and keep doing everything you can to maintain your new life energy.


Reiki Doc

Monday, March 19, 2012

This is News

There you have it.

That explains why in the late 80's and early 90's I wanted to read all I could about angels. I collected them.

All of my psychic development has been on the same time frame as discussed in this  video.

These messages are on the internet. This is okay within Universal principles because we still have the option to believe it or not. Openly showing themselves is for some reason against the 'rules' of the Duality we live in on Earth.

Anyhow, we are fortunate to be at the doorway to a great adventure!


Reiki Doc

Dear Abby Gives Advice to Psychic Social Work Student

We made it!

We made mainstream media with a request from a student in New York.

I responded.

I am not sure if it will be published or not.

Either way, I am delighted to know we are not 'in the closet' as working psychics who work outside the psychic profession.

All last week I was thinking to share to a coworker who has a chip on his shoulder that he is a minotity to shut up because MY minority is reviled so much across the world that those like us have been put to death!

The witches in Salem were nice people. They happened to be fifth dimensional, and got a little unguarded about sharing with others their ability to Manifest. Their third dimensional neighbors were threatened by this. And so they died horrible deaths, and blended in best they could to avoid it. That is how the traditions were passed on, in the family. For example, the magical spoon was in the kitchen and could be used in everyday life as well.

Then again, my coworker who is 'Indio', a dark-skinned Mexican, who is actually in the majority in the area if you follow the birthrates technically, might be a Toltec in disguise! Don Miguel Ruiz is a surgeon trained in the same system of allopathic medicine as me, who has magical roots and went back to practice the ancient wisdom of his grandfather in his work. The Four Agreements and other books by him are wonderful.

You can't tell by looking!


Reiki Doc

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Discovering Past Lives Through Your Favorite Foods

Have you ever had that happen? You taste a new food and you love it so much you wonder where it has been all of your life? Or perhaps something repulses you so much you totally avoid it?

Your soul lingers in the memory of past lives.

Sylvia Browne noted that birthmarks often are at sites where fatal injuries had struck in the past lives of some of her clients.

I noticed it the first time I had Indian food. I absolutely, positively adored it! I was in college, and at a local place with my roommate. I had never tasted it. It felt like coming home, all the spices and the warmth of the curry. After my acupuncture appointments while I was in medical school, I would always stop by the local takeout Indian place for a special treat. I loved everything they made, and gravitated towards the vegetarian and away from the Tandoori meats...

As a child I did not like meat. I did not understand why we ate it. And eggs made me sick. I had to learn to eat it. I never truly enjoyed it, except perhaps when I was growing rapidly as a teen. Once I couldn't get enough of mom's roast beef. Perhaps my life as a Brahmin still echoes in my tastes and dislikes?

Another way to know you are remembering a past life is to experience a connection to a particular location. I adore the land of my roots, New England. I know for sure I was my Grandmothers' mom, Emma, who died when she was four. She died in her bed, and my grandmother saw the undertaker yank her by the arm to move the body so they could take her away. My grandmother attacked the undertaker for 'hurting' her dead mother and never forgot the desecration of her corpse. And my Aunt Edna was my mom before that. The three of us were at a cousin's house when I announced my plans to make a visit back East. My Grandmother gasped and you could feel the electricity in the room. At that moment, a huge branch of an Oak tree broke off in my cousin's back yard. Grandma wanted to go with me. Aunt Edna agreed to come  to help me know my relatives better and care for Grandma, who was in a wheelchair and frail.

It was the last time my Grandma ever set foot in her hometown. She died two years later.

I distinctly remember standing on my own grave when we visited the cemetery. I knew. And I didn't feel sad or anything. But there was great energy flowing through me as I stood there and looked at my old name.

Past lives give you lessons. I found the life before that on a short trip to Victoria, British Columbia. I was the daughter of a Chief. I was brilliant and brave and had absolutely NO credibility in the tribe since I was a woman. A tomboy, and a daddy's girl, if you will.

I had a terrible accident in childbirth that destroyed my ability to ever have children again.

I almost died.

I saw my chief father in my hotel room. And my son remembered the basics of our lives together there. he was the son of my best friend. He chose to come back in this life because he liked me and wanted me to be happy.

I remember feeling hatred, anger and distress as our small ferry taxi passed the dead man's rock with the inuksuk in the bay. It was not a good life for me.

As Emma, I had four girls in quick succession, and died shortly after childbirth with the boy, that lived. I over did it. My body was so weak I died of tuberculosis. They were so poor my grandmother was sent to convent for many years. They could not afford the children after her death.

Now, I am an Obstetric Anesthesiologist and single mother. I have education, social standing, and independence. Does this make sense, how after lives we try our best to 'get it right?' To learn lessons for the growth of our Soul, which is eternal?

I think of our lives like Rental Cars. We go to the Airport, take them out, use them to meet our needs, and give them back. Our bodies are borrowed from Source for a short time on Earth. We kind of rent them to be exposed to our lower chakras and learn the lessons to help discover our inner nature.

We are one in Life because of it. We have played every part, from murderer to victim, male to female, rich to poor, white or black, servant or master. We have our karmanic debt that we have to reduce in farther lifetimes. If the memory of a past life comes to you, REJOICE! There is karma you don't have to learn again!! And the lesson is not lost in time...


Reiki Doc

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What to Expect In Catastrophies

You are psychic. You may not know it, but if you are reading this blog, you must have been guided to it. I ask the Universe to sort out the type of people that click on this link, for the good of all and harm of none.

Let's face it: by the end of the year, just about everyone on Earth is going to be psychic. Ascension is awakening.  And soon we will be able to read auras and be informed about intent.

Our family is psychic. Not like the family business, but we are. Mom is the disaster predictor. For a few days before a big event, such as a plane crash or large earthquake, she knows. She feels it, like there is pressure in her chest. Sometimes she sees fleeting images of a plane in flames and people dying.
She knows. We all wait together to see what it is that will happen. But she knows.

For me, I am not as sensitive on a global perspective. But when my family is in danger, I know.

Last Sunday my boy wanted to go out of the house to ride our bikes. He had been cooped up, and I get it, his need to exercise. But for some reason, I felt doom. I did not want to leave the house. I was afraid I would get into an accident. I was not able to think, in a funk, like my psychic circuits were jammed. I depend on them, my intuition and my connection to Source. It felt blank.

My youngest sister had been in an accident that day. Her car was totaled. She was okay. But secrecy exists in our family. She told my other sister, who waited to tell my mom the next day. And the day after that mom told me. The accident was when I was all slowed down by confusion and eerie quiet on the intuition.

The day my father passed, I could not get it together. I wasn't sure to go to my yoga class, just sit, or job hunt after I dropped my son off at preschool. I did the yoga class, and the words at the end for an encouraging quote hit me like something my dad would have said. Then I was okay, and did the job hunting. At my new hospital, in Medical Staff, as I handed in my completed application, I got the call. Come home, you dad is not doing so good...

The day my grandfather passed, it was the same. I went roller blading at a lake with some retired physicians in their eighties who bladed faster than me. I was in a fog. I shared with them that 'something was not right but I couldn't put my finger on it'. Again, massive heart attack early in the morning at home, and the family took him to the ER, where he was pronounced dead. My family had to come get me because they didn't want me to drive in my grief. It was a one hour trip each way between medical school and my parents home.

As you open up, and become more sensitive, do not take it personally when you're feeling 'off'. You may be picking up something greater that is hard to figure out. Be kind to yourself. Be patient. Give it time. It is only afterwards sometimes you know the whole story.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Old News...

What I am about to say is controversial. This is a disclaimer. If you are Christian, this is going to shake things up. Bear with me, and read on.

Part of Jesus' work was financial. Through his intervention, the groundwork for the banking systems of Europe began. The intent was to move from a feudal system to land ownership much like we see today.
I read this in a book that was channeled to an anonymous Buddhist writer. It had messages and descriptions of dying for each Saint and Mary Magdalen.

Incidentally, Jesus and Mary Magdalen were secretly married. They had one son, a boy, that they named Benjamin. Due to the circumstances of Jesus' life and death, Benjamin was sent to grow up in a land far away, and that is England. That is why the banks originated there. Because of Benjamin's work when he grew up.

The Essenes are a group that have been on Earth since the time of Enoch. They are a secret society that has had many important historical figures as members. The Essenes understand the working of the Earth, and of Life, and work in partnership with Spirit to protect the Earth and mankind.

The important writings about Jesus' healing methods were with the Essenes in Europe, but due to war, they were taken far away to Tibet. The very first Dalai Lama was an Essene.

Mikao Usui studied and taught himself many languages to find the secret of Jesus' ability to heal as recorded in the Bible. He went to America, then back to Japan, and taught himself sanskrit, and found the answers in Tibet. Usui brought Reiki to the modern world.

In my studies, and in my experience, I come across things. While I was looking up the Missionaries of Charity for an address to send a donation, on the Google list came up a former nun's complaint: they put all the donations in the bank. They did not spend it on themselves to make life better for the nuns. And not much on the people. Her concern was that there was a secret, and could not understand why she was writing thank you letters for large donations that could easily helped make their lives and that of the poor a little easier.

I suspect that the Missionaries of Charity were contributing to the St. Germaine Fund.

The St. Germaine Fund is the source of the Prosperity Funds that are going to be disbursed in the near future. An entire system, just as complex and well-thought out, is being negotiated and put in place before it hits the news. The St. Germain Fund and the Prosperity Fund will bring abundance and never-ending supply of Heaven to Earth. The financial debacle we are in now is going to be addressed, righted, and made so it could not come back.

The people who are behind the status quo are the same group of twelve people that rule the world that did back when my mother was a child in the Old Country and her father explained to her that they decided what wars would happen when. One of them is has her face on money and stamps in three continents. Another family sounds like an expensive butterscotch candy. They are fighting tooth and nail, and dragging their feet, to hang on to their eighty percent of the world's wealth. The more we think Prosperity, the more it will Manifest.  It is so close, I can taste it.

My sitter has been out of work for two years. She left her condo in my neighborhood and was almost without a place to live in July. She put her trust in God, and at the last minute found a place to live. This place has a school her kid has learned to thrive in. And it is very close to roads to help me on my way to work when I drop my child off. (We are both single mothers).

Yesterday, she gave up hope of ever buying a home. She has been renting. Her family is helping her, but the loan fell through even though they had an offer that had been accepted. She went to her prayer luncheon today. She is very Christian, the Pentecostal kind where there are prophets with the Holy Spirit that give Word over lunch to each member. Her message from the Holy Spirit she picked up was verified by the prophet that did not know her from Adam. That message is, 'Now is the Time' and 'Everything will be big changes in July'.

She is thinking that her lease will be up.

I am thinking it is going to be bigger than that. I think the funds are going to kick in. People will get their pride back, and have home ownership be possible again. Technology is coming that will eliminate the need for fossil fuels. Being slaves to our employment is going away. We will still work, but as a physician, the entire Health Care System is going to be superfluous several decades, if not sooner.

Shake it up.

Sit back and enjoy the show.

Have a cup of coffee.

I saw a UFO shaped like a cloud the other day. I looked at the cloud and said, in thought, 'You guys are not fooling ANYBODY with clouds like THAT!'

The response, telepathically, was, 'That's the point.'

We are fortunate to be alive in 2012.

If Jesus could set up the banking system--remember how mad he got at those money changers? If Jesus could set up the banking system, and if man could jack it up beyond repair as it is in our Global Economy, Jesus can set it back in justice.

Believe. And Namaste,

Reiki Doc

What's On my Neck


I have several necklaces on. They give me great comfort, energetically. They remind me of who I am.

The one everybody sees, on a sixteen inch chain: a star pendant made of tiny diamonds.

This one reminds me of my Wiccan roots. I come from good New England stock. The star represents man in universal balance with the elements. The Witches in Salem and elsewhere were nice people. They also happened to be Fifth Dimensional people who discovered the ability to Manifest what they desire. They started sharing it, in public, and it freaked Three Dimensional people out. And they died. As a solitary for most of my life, I adore all things Nature. Blessed Be!

An enamel Ladybug from Italy is next on and eighteen inch chain. I am Italian and Lucky at most things. I win drawings and contests. Never cared much for Vegas. When I was in Laughlin once as a young teen with my Uncle and Dad, I told Dad how to bet on a video horse race game. He won like a hundred dollars. That was like the happiest day ever for my father. He wanted me to do it again and again. But psychic does not work for personal gain. Only to help others. I had helped enough!

On a twenty inch adjustable chain is one I can choose to let others see, or not. An  Om pendant in white gold with diamonds on it. This is my promise with the Universe about my job in the current times, not being a doctor, but bringing Reiki and Higher Vibration to the world. I view that as my Purpose. And I am grateful to be of service in this way on Earth at this time.

Very long silver chain with many medals that clink together when I walk: Lourdes medal in silver and blue, St. Benedict (helps scholars), St. Anne de Beaupre with the silver plate wearing off, and the celtic knot of snakes for St. Patrick. I am Catholic. I always will be. I have great connection to the Saints and Jesus and God through this. Although I think instead of blindly follow the faith like I did in my past, I am thankful for a place to go that is of God. I call it my gym. My spiritual gym. It's not the equipment or the music, but the workout you can get when you do it right. The Lourdes medal was a gift from a friend, and it was a gift to her from a Visionary who saw the Virgin Mary who was married to a non-believing psychiatrist. There is a lot of soul growth and challenge in that medal and chain. I wore this all through Residency in medical training. I added to it too.

My little bag of crystals: I have phenokite, Lemurian quartz, and turquoise. They really adjust my aura for me. I wear them always except when in the water. Crystals are your friends. The right one can really open things up for you. My phenokite sparkled in the light when I was selecting it. The saleslady gave me a discount because that only happens when a crystal is meant for you and you for it. It chose me. All of them did. And the turquoise is from my mother. I remember our fabulous trip through the Southwest growing up with it. Sedona was the most wonderful place. We had family running a store there.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

First Things First

Time is speeding up.

There are new pressures everywhere. The news is really trying to pull your chain.

Work is also coming up with new restrictions. I have had to stop Facebook, come in early for an early case two hours before normal start time (and take care of my son safely first), and give a talk to a different department about the use of propofol. I also am not allowed to take my bag into the O.R. (all my reading and billing and extra pens).  

We are sleeping in our clothes to save time.

I have to keep it short here, as well, to make it on the new earlier, unpaid start time, at work. They are going to call you if you are not there by a certain time before the scheduled case start.

The cases are so hurried, I do not have time for Reiki. Except the one long one, that took four hours and delayed two cases when I got called early.

That one was cool because I got to read about the Essenes on my phone. I read forty-nine pages of text.

What do I think of all this?

Earth is changing. The energies are incredible. Mercury is in retrograde on top of it. And all I have on my mind is the end goal: ascension. It is going to happen. And until then it is going to be a roller coaster ride upon the energies. I am hanging on with everything I've got.

Time IS going faster. You are not imagining this. It is going to keep going faster still until BOOM! Time just stops. Everything will be in the NOW.

My sleep cycles have been radically disrupted. I am  a good sleeper. I finally fell asleep at one a.m. two nights in a row. And I wake up at four ten a.m. 

My food intake has been affected. Yesterday, due to the rush to get out of the house and start the case, I skipped breakfast. Usually the case takes an hour. It took longer. I wanted a graham cracker. I asked for crackers from a colleague who was supposed to relieve me. He gave me three packets of saltines. That was my breakfast. Six crackers. No coffee. 

If you notice things like this coming up in your life, you are not alone. We are under great pressure, physically, emotionally, psychologically, and psychically. 

Ground and shield. Go within. It is the only place that is safe. I play Sudoku in the paper. And bookworm on my screen. I made it to level 27. These things allow me to focus and relax and feel safe.

I also have  a 2012 Journal I bought from a metaphysical shop. You know, the gaps are the most telling.
I hardly ever write in it. But last night, I did. That helps, too.

So buy some pens. Slow things down. And when you can't, hang on as best you can. Know that with the Reiki, you are the Light. And when the end goal is clear, you can hang on with just about anything.


Reiki Doc

Monday, March 12, 2012


I was there. At the End. In another life. I remember dying, when a horrible huge wave crashed upon the shore. It was bigger than anything I could imagine.

I remember choking and trying to breathe.

I felt frustrated. Everything I had been trying to work for, to rouse my fellow citizens to Light, did not work.

This time is going to be better. This life, it is going to be just the way it has been planned.

Stand by for further information.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Eyes of the Saints

"She was conceived without sin".

What does that imply? Well, to me, she was without the separation from God that most of us have. 

I am reading a book, 'Modern Saints--Their Lives and Faces, Book Two' by Ann Bull.

The stories are again, much the same. Early love of God. Wanting to serve Him above all else. Not being afraid of martyrdom, 'They can kill my body but I will not kill my soul.' For many, their visions were clear as day,  Saint Catherine Laboure kept her visions about the Miraculous Medal of Mary a secret, except to her confessor. But in later life, to a doubter, she said, "Sister, the sister who saw the Blessed Virgin saw her in flesh and bone, even as you and I see each other now."

What filled these souls with a burning desire to love God and their fellow man above al things? Often plagued by poor health, these individuals did not complain. They suffered for souls, gladly, for their joy was in helping others get to Heaven. They suffered persecution as children, such as Francisco, Lucia and Jacinta being put in jail. Why is this so?

They were of a higher dimension. Their ability to see was based on their vibratory rate. There may have been something in the DNA that was different. Or perhaps their soul purpose was such that they would see what others can't. For them, the presence of God was a normal fact of life, a consolation. It was real.

"I so like to tell Jesus that I love Him! Many times, when I say it to Him,  I seem to have a fire in my heart, but it doesn't burn me." said Jacina Marto. Her heart center was open. We can think with our hearts. They are our center of consciousness. Once someone Ascends, their Higher Self superimposes itself on the physical body. The heart center 'wakes up', 'comes alive' and feels like is it aflame with pure Love and Compassion. 

I think this is why the bodies of the Saints do not decompose after death. Jacinta passed away at the age of ten, in 1920. She was exhumed in 1933, and her body was incorrupt.  There are pages and pages of saints' pictures lying in repose, totally as in life, in glass coffins on display in the Church. My mother knew about it back in the old country, 'Saints don't decay'.

And the eyes. In all of these pictures from life, there is an intensity to the gaze. A knowing. A love, really. For God. 

I had a walkabout from the Church. I have been Catholic my whole life. In the Fall I stopped going. I stopped watching the Mass on T.V. I stopped making donations. It was the time and the commitment to the Church I needed a break from. Who are these people who say I can only pray through a priest? Why do I owe them money? It got to the point that my son, who was raised in the Church, said, 'we hardly ever go any more!'. For the first time in my adult life, I missed Christmas Mass. And Ash Wednesday services. I honestly made the decision to give up giving things up for Lent.

Yesterday I closed the loop. I came back aware to a Lenten Friday dinner function at the Church. My heart was open for these poor people who know nothing better than what has been spoon-fed to them by the church. They do not know Reiki. Although there is a nun who was an early Reiki pioneer and wrote a book on it, and I think there are other religious Reiki practitioners, the Church frowned on  it.
That makes sense, the Church frowning on independence on a spiritual plane. That makes sense.

I stepped back in to the chapel for the first time when we were walking about the old church before they built the new one. My love for the church came back. I had spent much of my life there. And seen many things while saying the Rosary. Good things. After all, I also knew a Visionary! In my brief meditation, I learned that as long as you don't think the Pope is infallible and follow the Church without conscience, it is one of the best places to go for organization on earth for God and fellow man. Where would angels go, if they were on Earth? Nature? And perhaps the Church? There aren't many places to be 'yourself' when you are of that higher dimension...

Amidst the fun and the service at the dinner, I was struck with compassion for my fellow Catholics: who is going to explain it to them when the changes strike? Who is going to help them adjust to the New? I had just seen two clouds that were 'not normal' with my son's teacher yesterday, while walking to the office. 'They look just like UFO's hovering and are colored like clouds!' she exclaimed. 'I hope they are UFO's' I shared. Then they disappeared. I saw one again in the car with my son. Round, like marshmallow Moon Pie treats on their sides in the classic UFO configuration.

It is coming. They are here. Jesus is here. On the planet. Since medical school, I have seen him after communion, during the meditation. He wears a white space suit, and would talk to me. About my life. I saw him sit at a console that looked highly technical. I have seen views from inside, looking at the ground below. But about eight weeks ago, They stopped. He wore his robes. And he was not in the same place. He is here. On the Earth. No one would believe it. But He is. There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes in preparation for the New. And I am sure He is being a part of it.

And things are going to get better. They might be challenging before the better, kind of like how in a remodel you have to clear out the old before making the new. Know that you are loved, cared for, and guided. You would not be reading this unless your soul had a Divine Purpose. You would not have been led to this post otherwise.

Everything happens for the best. All is well. All is well. All is well. Namaste.

Reiki Doc

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Nightmare

Last night I was having a nightmare. My son woke up. He was having one  too. I told him, 'we are okay. maybe it was something that we ate.' The only thing we ate was a Johnsonville Turkey Kielbasa and also Strawberry shortcake. He did not have any saurkraut or collard greens.

We are connected. Energetically. We can share thought. All of us. Not just my boy and me. That is why it is so exciting at a sporting event with the crowd. This phenomenon happens. 'Team Spirit' may be more than just that. It is one socially acceptable way we 'connect' energetically and accept it.

The whole thing about this Life is our ability to think something is true or not true. 

Furthermore, your core personality and life experience is set by age six. The rest of your life is spent trying to deal with your personality, and to find out for yourself if what you think is true, is actually true.

Unfortunately, in this Earth, if you Think it, It Is So. If you are looking for proof in  either direction, you will find it. Guaranteed.

I am working on my 'sore spot' and that is interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex. I had a talk with someone I am attracted to about peanut butter sandwiches. I was eating lunch, he sat next to me, and made himself one with stuff from the cafeteria. It took everything I had to make that conversation. For you see, my nightmares have affected my days and nights. I had Night Terrors growing up. And also PTSD. I am learning to trust at a level much younger than me. The scars on me, emotionally, would look like the scars on a burn patient that lock them into positions called 'contractures'. 

Anyhow,  let's say you experience a nightmare. If it is in your dreams, it could be something you ate, something you watched on a screen for entertainment, or trouble at work or home. I could be something psychic, metaphysical. That happens. I won't go into it. But Padre Pio used to wake up with wounds and scratches from 'fighting the Devil' at night.

If you have been in abusive relationships like I have, what do you do? What about a hostile workplace? They are not getting any friendlier with this economy? If you have financial troubles that are insurmountable, what do you do? If you are under psychic attack from another in your life, how do you respond?

Even if there is something awful in the news, like you hear every day--just because you hear it every day does not make it any less awful. If there were another 9/11, what do you do to protect  your vibration from this shock?

Here are some tips:
1) St. Michael The Archangel:
He exists. Only if you believe. You have options. The first is to ask him to 'cut the cords' between you and the problem. He can do it. He cuts the energetic cords so you can be free.

He can get rid of demons. Pray this: 
St. Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray,
and do thou,
O Prince of the heavenly hosts,
by the power of God,
thrust into hell Satan,
and all the evil spirits,
who prowl about the world
seeking the ruin of souls. Amen..
You don't have to be Catholic to say it. St. Michael is an energy that is out there for the Good.

You can also ask Him to be like a vacuum cleaner for your energetic system. You ask him to suck out all the bad/negative energies and entities out the top of your head. And then have him squeeze toothpaste like white light back into the hollow space left to protect you.

2. Black Tourmaline. 
This crystal is very protective. It is good for clearing. I held a big chunk of it last night before I went to sleep. The energies out there right now are very frenetic. I have work and coworker death conflict. The tourmaline absorbs all the negativity. Kind of resets everything energetically. If you are under extreme duress, wear a little black tourmaline jewelry. It helps.

3. Weed out your Thoughts as they Happen:
Don't let yourself think bad thoughts. Pluck them out as they happen. Constantly edit yourself. Byron Katie is a Godsend on this. If you find your thoughts are affecting you, check out her website or her work. 

What you think, IS. You want to get yourself to the point where you feel like 'you are on a roll' every day, and everything is happening in a good way.

4. Scream into a stone at the beach and throw it into the sea:
This is another way of clearing that is very effective. It probably works with all bodies of water.  Just be sure to throw the stone good and far in there, because anyone picking that stone up is going to get a lot of negative energy. The stone will need to clear itself in Nature first.

5. Reiki Reiki Reiki:

Energetic healing. Of any sort. Get it or give it. I am giving Reiki right and left in the Operating Room to my patients. I have been attuning one patient a day. That is a LOT of Reiki. And it helps.

Remember you have God in you. You have the Christ Consciousness. You may have it even if you do not believe in Christ himself. The Christ Consciousness is the perfect balance between male and female. It is the achievement of learning enough from this existence called Duality. You WAKE UP and SMELL THE COFFEE. : )))

And when you do, you have the ability to Manifest.

We will go into that more later.

Hold the Space. Ground and clear your energetic systems. Keep your hopes high. Smile. Learn the lessons and take it on the chin. Keep your pecker up (that's for the Brits). Everything will happen for the BEST. And you will have Light and Peace and Happiness when you do. The kind that nothing can shake--maybe just a wiggle or two--but that's it.

Love and Light and Heaven,

Reiki Doc

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Friend who Died in the O.R.

This is something we who work in the O.R. don't talk about: sometimes caregivers die at work. One of my colleagues just passed unexpectedly while doing a case.

When I found out about it, I was in the O.R. Someone called to let me know. I started crying. I excused myself and explained the situation to the team who was operating at the time. The whole room got sad. I apologized, and everyone understood.

And of course they wanted to know all about why he died...we ARE medical.

Later, I felt his spirit.

'You can TALK to me?'
'Yes. Just like before.' I smiled.

He said it was his heart. He didn't know it was that bad. I asked him if he had been having any symptoms. He said, 'not really.'

He thought it was cool that I could talk to him like always. He was fresh and just starting to get oriented to The Other Side. I gave him some tips. And of course I said, 'You can go and help (your family)'. He gave me a nice compliment. He said he would have liked to go out on a date 'with the coolest girl in the world'. I said, 'you did, your wife, you are married!'. And he smiled. He meant me. He was that impressed by my intuitive gift I never told him about. I was flattered.

He is the second of my peers to have passed. The first was in Iraq.

And the old doc who I always thought was going to drop in the OR? He died on a fishing trip in Alaska! Massive heart attack. We have had a urologist die suddenly at home (he was sweet). And a hall cleaning guy died of a massive heart attack two years ago. At home. And there was Porphy. That about covers it.

We save lives. But we are human just like our patients. And we are patients too. A close colleague never said anything to me, but had surgery this week. I saw her on the schedule, and I prayed for her and her surgeon, who are both my friends.

Think about it.

Life without disease and death. All us hospitals will be out of work! When that happens I want to work with animals at the zoo.


Reiki Doc