Sunday, March 18, 2012

Discovering Past Lives Through Your Favorite Foods

Have you ever had that happen? You taste a new food and you love it so much you wonder where it has been all of your life? Or perhaps something repulses you so much you totally avoid it?

Your soul lingers in the memory of past lives.

Sylvia Browne noted that birthmarks often are at sites where fatal injuries had struck in the past lives of some of her clients.

I noticed it the first time I had Indian food. I absolutely, positively adored it! I was in college, and at a local place with my roommate. I had never tasted it. It felt like coming home, all the spices and the warmth of the curry. After my acupuncture appointments while I was in medical school, I would always stop by the local takeout Indian place for a special treat. I loved everything they made, and gravitated towards the vegetarian and away from the Tandoori meats...

As a child I did not like meat. I did not understand why we ate it. And eggs made me sick. I had to learn to eat it. I never truly enjoyed it, except perhaps when I was growing rapidly as a teen. Once I couldn't get enough of mom's roast beef. Perhaps my life as a Brahmin still echoes in my tastes and dislikes?

Another way to know you are remembering a past life is to experience a connection to a particular location. I adore the land of my roots, New England. I know for sure I was my Grandmothers' mom, Emma, who died when she was four. She died in her bed, and my grandmother saw the undertaker yank her by the arm to move the body so they could take her away. My grandmother attacked the undertaker for 'hurting' her dead mother and never forgot the desecration of her corpse. And my Aunt Edna was my mom before that. The three of us were at a cousin's house when I announced my plans to make a visit back East. My Grandmother gasped and you could feel the electricity in the room. At that moment, a huge branch of an Oak tree broke off in my cousin's back yard. Grandma wanted to go with me. Aunt Edna agreed to come  to help me know my relatives better and care for Grandma, who was in a wheelchair and frail.

It was the last time my Grandma ever set foot in her hometown. She died two years later.

I distinctly remember standing on my own grave when we visited the cemetery. I knew. And I didn't feel sad or anything. But there was great energy flowing through me as I stood there and looked at my old name.

Past lives give you lessons. I found the life before that on a short trip to Victoria, British Columbia. I was the daughter of a Chief. I was brilliant and brave and had absolutely NO credibility in the tribe since I was a woman. A tomboy, and a daddy's girl, if you will.

I had a terrible accident in childbirth that destroyed my ability to ever have children again.

I almost died.

I saw my chief father in my hotel room. And my son remembered the basics of our lives together there. he was the son of my best friend. He chose to come back in this life because he liked me and wanted me to be happy.

I remember feeling hatred, anger and distress as our small ferry taxi passed the dead man's rock with the inuksuk in the bay. It was not a good life for me.

As Emma, I had four girls in quick succession, and died shortly after childbirth with the boy, that lived. I over did it. My body was so weak I died of tuberculosis. They were so poor my grandmother was sent to convent for many years. They could not afford the children after her death.

Now, I am an Obstetric Anesthesiologist and single mother. I have education, social standing, and independence. Does this make sense, how after lives we try our best to 'get it right?' To learn lessons for the growth of our Soul, which is eternal?

I think of our lives like Rental Cars. We go to the Airport, take them out, use them to meet our needs, and give them back. Our bodies are borrowed from Source for a short time on Earth. We kind of rent them to be exposed to our lower chakras and learn the lessons to help discover our inner nature.

We are one in Life because of it. We have played every part, from murderer to victim, male to female, rich to poor, white or black, servant or master. We have our karmanic debt that we have to reduce in farther lifetimes. If the memory of a past life comes to you, REJOICE! There is karma you don't have to learn again!! And the lesson is not lost in time...


Reiki Doc