Monday, March 19, 2012

Dear Abby Gives Advice to Psychic Social Work Student

We made it!

We made mainstream media with a request from a student in New York.

I responded.

I am not sure if it will be published or not.

Either way, I am delighted to know we are not 'in the closet' as working psychics who work outside the psychic profession.

All last week I was thinking to share to a coworker who has a chip on his shoulder that he is a minotity to shut up because MY minority is reviled so much across the world that those like us have been put to death!

The witches in Salem were nice people. They happened to be fifth dimensional, and got a little unguarded about sharing with others their ability to Manifest. Their third dimensional neighbors were threatened by this. And so they died horrible deaths, and blended in best they could to avoid it. That is how the traditions were passed on, in the family. For example, the magical spoon was in the kitchen and could be used in everyday life as well.

Then again, my coworker who is 'Indio', a dark-skinned Mexican, who is actually in the majority in the area if you follow the birthrates technically, might be a Toltec in disguise! Don Miguel Ruiz is a surgeon trained in the same system of allopathic medicine as me, who has magical roots and went back to practice the ancient wisdom of his grandfather in his work. The Four Agreements and other books by him are wonderful.

You can't tell by looking!


Reiki Doc