Thursday, March 15, 2012

What's On my Neck


I have several necklaces on. They give me great comfort, energetically. They remind me of who I am.

The one everybody sees, on a sixteen inch chain: a star pendant made of tiny diamonds.

This one reminds me of my Wiccan roots. I come from good New England stock. The star represents man in universal balance with the elements. The Witches in Salem and elsewhere were nice people. They also happened to be Fifth Dimensional people who discovered the ability to Manifest what they desire. They started sharing it, in public, and it freaked Three Dimensional people out. And they died. As a solitary for most of my life, I adore all things Nature. Blessed Be!

An enamel Ladybug from Italy is next on and eighteen inch chain. I am Italian and Lucky at most things. I win drawings and contests. Never cared much for Vegas. When I was in Laughlin once as a young teen with my Uncle and Dad, I told Dad how to bet on a video horse race game. He won like a hundred dollars. That was like the happiest day ever for my father. He wanted me to do it again and again. But psychic does not work for personal gain. Only to help others. I had helped enough!

On a twenty inch adjustable chain is one I can choose to let others see, or not. An  Om pendant in white gold with diamonds on it. This is my promise with the Universe about my job in the current times, not being a doctor, but bringing Reiki and Higher Vibration to the world. I view that as my Purpose. And I am grateful to be of service in this way on Earth at this time.

Very long silver chain with many medals that clink together when I walk: Lourdes medal in silver and blue, St. Benedict (helps scholars), St. Anne de Beaupre with the silver plate wearing off, and the celtic knot of snakes for St. Patrick. I am Catholic. I always will be. I have great connection to the Saints and Jesus and God through this. Although I think instead of blindly follow the faith like I did in my past, I am thankful for a place to go that is of God. I call it my gym. My spiritual gym. It's not the equipment or the music, but the workout you can get when you do it right. The Lourdes medal was a gift from a friend, and it was a gift to her from a Visionary who saw the Virgin Mary who was married to a non-believing psychiatrist. There is a lot of soul growth and challenge in that medal and chain. I wore this all through Residency in medical training. I added to it too.

My little bag of crystals: I have phenokite, Lemurian quartz, and turquoise. They really adjust my aura for me. I wear them always except when in the water. Crystals are your friends. The right one can really open things up for you. My phenokite sparkled in the light when I was selecting it. The saleslady gave me a discount because that only happens when a crystal is meant for you and you for it. It chose me. All of them did. And the turquoise is from my mother. I remember our fabulous trip through the Southwest growing up with it. Sedona was the most wonderful place. We had family running a store there.


Reiki Doc