Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cheesecake Weekend

Today I woke up late. I slept in. I had the day off. And I am still recovering from an all-nighter at work on Obstetrics doing Anesthesia Friday day and night.

I find there is a greater difference between what I need to do, what I plan to do, and what I actually get done. Part of this is because I am still recuperating from a pneumonia of my bronchi. I am on antibiotics, and still coughing things up. When my lungs are healing, I crave fat. Sugar and fat. So that is why I had a slice of cheesecake for breakfast. In the hospital, when patients are on enteral (tube feed) nutrition, people with COPD and lung problems get extra fat and less carbohydrates in their mix. It takes less work to get the CO2 out.

What I need to do is housework. Laundry. Vacuuming. I clean my own house after a maid service wrecked it with a flood five years back. What I want to do is garden and maybe go for a ride to the beach with my son when he gets back from his weekend at Dad's. What I should do, is go to dinner for my brother-in-law's birthday tonight. My sister is considering making plans for tonight to celebrate his birthday which is tomorrow. 

But I have tickets to see a play. I am driving my friends all the way to the theater, which is about an hour away. And I have a friend coming to the house to be here when his father drops our boy off so his father can go to work nearby. I have bills to pay, tax forms to put together, and projects to complete.

But I don't want to.

Late last week, this lovely energy has been out there. The sun was magnificent the other day while I was going to work. Big, bright, and clear on the horizon as it came up. It was alive with an energy I'd never felt since youth. 

And as I pray for Divine Peace Healing, I feel this wonderful glow in my chest. My heart center. All I want to do is just BE.  When I am at work, I don't fight it. I just do what I am told and asked to do. I used to say I am tired, or I want to do my thing. But now I see the need, and I just fill it. I know there are so many hours in a day, and I can go after I am done.

I am reading people's minds right and left. It is humorous. Yesterday I was at the mall. My neighborhood is not very diverse. And as I sat on the counter eating my sandwich, I saw a black lady walking by herself. 'I see...WHITE PEOPLE!' I heard her say to herself. And I sent love and humor to her in her plight. We are all ONE. She can't see it. We are ONE inside these wondrous vehicles we call bodies. They are our temples. I repair them, in my work. They are machines. Giving anesthesia to somebody is a lot like driving a rental car. Everyone responds differently to their anesthesia, and just like a rental car, I have to figure out what makes it go and do it pretty quick. : )

I saw my pendulum out twice in the last two weeks. Once in my pocket in my scrubs, someone had to fish it out of the laundry scrub collector  part of the scrub dispensing machine. I smiled and said it was from an old boyfriend at the Renaissance Faire when they said, 'it is some crystal thing on a chain'.  Yesterday, my pendulum pocket was stuck in the zipper on my wallet. The lady at the jewelry counter set it free. She thought it could be a bracelet. I said the same thing about the RenFaire. She didn't buy it either. They all knew something was up. But I didn't want to show her how it works, either.

With all the changes in the Earth, and in the News, take a moment to reflect: now is demolition. When you remodel part of your house, the demo always comes first. The demolition is ENERGETIC. It is not exactly the part of the Earth we can see. The destruction takes out unhealthy energetic patterns. Some of the earthquakes are from the destruction of underground tunnels and bases used by the Illuminati. The Federation of Light is taking them down. Old, unhealthy, fear-based society is on its last gasps.

Make way for the New. Embrace change. Don't try to understand it. Feel it. Everything happens for the BEST. Everything is right. When everything is going CRAZY, take a breath, and pause. Don't buy into it. Not fear. In this moment that is NOW there is everything that is right. Enjoy the NOW that is inside of you. THAT is, in itself, what FOREVER is all about.

Now, on to the Laundry! ; )


Reiki Doc