Saturday, March 17, 2012

What to Expect In Catastrophies

You are psychic. You may not know it, but if you are reading this blog, you must have been guided to it. I ask the Universe to sort out the type of people that click on this link, for the good of all and harm of none.

Let's face it: by the end of the year, just about everyone on Earth is going to be psychic. Ascension is awakening.  And soon we will be able to read auras and be informed about intent.

Our family is psychic. Not like the family business, but we are. Mom is the disaster predictor. For a few days before a big event, such as a plane crash or large earthquake, she knows. She feels it, like there is pressure in her chest. Sometimes she sees fleeting images of a plane in flames and people dying.
She knows. We all wait together to see what it is that will happen. But she knows.

For me, I am not as sensitive on a global perspective. But when my family is in danger, I know.

Last Sunday my boy wanted to go out of the house to ride our bikes. He had been cooped up, and I get it, his need to exercise. But for some reason, I felt doom. I did not want to leave the house. I was afraid I would get into an accident. I was not able to think, in a funk, like my psychic circuits were jammed. I depend on them, my intuition and my connection to Source. It felt blank.

My youngest sister had been in an accident that day. Her car was totaled. She was okay. But secrecy exists in our family. She told my other sister, who waited to tell my mom the next day. And the day after that mom told me. The accident was when I was all slowed down by confusion and eerie quiet on the intuition.

The day my father passed, I could not get it together. I wasn't sure to go to my yoga class, just sit, or job hunt after I dropped my son off at preschool. I did the yoga class, and the words at the end for an encouraging quote hit me like something my dad would have said. Then I was okay, and did the job hunting. At my new hospital, in Medical Staff, as I handed in my completed application, I got the call. Come home, you dad is not doing so good...

The day my grandfather passed, it was the same. I went roller blading at a lake with some retired physicians in their eighties who bladed faster than me. I was in a fog. I shared with them that 'something was not right but I couldn't put my finger on it'. Again, massive heart attack early in the morning at home, and the family took him to the ER, where he was pronounced dead. My family had to come get me because they didn't want me to drive in my grief. It was a one hour trip each way between medical school and my parents home.

As you open up, and become more sensitive, do not take it personally when you're feeling 'off'. You may be picking up something greater that is hard to figure out. Be kind to yourself. Be patient. Give it time. It is only afterwards sometimes you know the whole story.


Reiki Doc