Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Miracle of the Homeless

The homeless are a miracle.

It is they who can exchange money for self-worth, by their thanks to us when we choose to give it.

Today there was a homeless man asleep by the front of my son's school. I had seen him by the grocery store in the morning when I drive to work after dropping off my boy. This was the first time I saw him where he slept. He hides well.

The teacher showed him to me. She had tears in her eyes, of compassion. She is not afraid of him. She worried because 'he has no place to go' and she 'was afraid he might not be breathing, it is so cold these nights.' I asked her if she gives him food. She said, 'yes. I put bananas and apples in a bag and leave them there. This is where he sleeps. Do not call the cops. He has no place to go.'

So many feelings washed over me at that moment.
Here are some of them:
1) protect the kid. He had just run out that door to go back to the car to get his jacket, and run in, never seeing the lump in a sleeping bag by the door. I took him by the hand, and kept repeating out code word for 'danger--be alert' and pointing to the homeless man. I said, 'Listen to your teacher and do what she says.'.
2) comfort the teacher. How little she knew about the ways of spirit. Her heart was in the right place. But that man was in the right place at the right time for him. Doctor Usui gave Reiki for free to people just like him for seven years. In Japan, they had to get healed to clear their name and take part in society. Towards the end, he began to see familiar faces. Those he had healed grew tired of the responsibility of a house and family and career, and came back to the streets. Doctor Usui discovered two truths--the desire to be healed, and the energy exchange. Initially, Doctor Usui, a Christian, taught at a Christian University as Professor. His students asked him, 'Do you believe in the Bible?'. The answer was yes.

'Well then, how could Jesus heal the body, and no one else on Earth knows how?' At the time, the Church focused on healing of the spirit, not the body. So, to keep his honor with his students, in his role as professor, he set out on a many year study to learn the true answer to the question. He studied in America, he studied the bible, he came back to Japan, and studied mystical Buddhism, learning to read chinese and sanskrit texts. That is how Reiki was learned.

I used Reiki and a hug to comfort the teacher. I knew instantly, her worry was not to have a home. And that she had seen rough times growing up, possibly because of war.

3. Annoyance at being late for work. What was I supposed to do, call in and say I was late because I stopped to help a homeless person?!? What a sad state for our society to be like this. Me and everyone else.

4. Not wanting to be bothered. Going into Doctor Mode. The probability and statistics of the outcome of intervention. Again, sad. I have seen too much. Two weeks and three days of vacation is NOT enough. I am getting burnout.

5. Familiarity with homelessness. I went to college in Berkeley. I saw the homeless everywhere. I volunteered to help. I also have taken care of many in my career. 'Three hots and a cot' are the ER doc's description of the homeless who come into the E.R. on the coldest nights and complain of chest pain. They know the drill...

Anyhow, this lesson has a lovely moral.

If it wasn't for the homeless, we would not know how regimented we are by the industrial military complex we call society. They are our wake-up call. If it weren't for these lovely souls who just 'don't fit' the system, we would go on paying our bills and buying things and pairing off and having babies and dying to know we have been brainwashed into what NORMAL is all about. They survive without the everyday things. Yes, there is addiction. Yes, there may be psychological impairment. But for what it's worth, they raise the question--is fitting into society a choice? Or a means of survival? They live our deepest fears every day.

What did I do? I added 'The Homeless' to my Groups and Organizations list on the Divine Peace Healing. And recently, we practitioners linked lists. So now it is on all of ours.


Reiki Doc

Mom's Secret Entrance

This is Something Big.

It came to my attention yesterday.  A Brave Russian Cosmonaut is telling the truth about Mother Earth.
She is hollow. This is a video taken from space over one of the Poles.

As you can see there is a hole. And something like aurora borealis coming up through it.

You can see.

When an egg is fertilized, it starts as one cell.  It keeps dividing. It forms a blastula, sort of a glob, and then a morula, where the cells become a hollow ball of cells. It looks like a raspberry, but with no big hole at the top. Then later it goes on to become an embryo, and something that is born or does hatch.

Earth is hollow. Not like an egg, but more like a raspberry or an olive with the pit out. There is a firm crust filled with ocean and Tectonic plates that glide against each other. That is 3D we currently live in.

Inside the hole is another world. Perhaps like peeking into an enchanted egg? Except the scenery is lining the inside of the shell. This world is in the fifth dimension, of 5D. There are entities living inside that are our brothers and sisters. This world is called Agartha. It has a central sun, and the earth of Agartha looks very much like our own. Except the technology is very advanced. They can fly in aircraft.  And can manifest things they need to live, such as food, and energy. They look very much like us, and are telepathic.

Can you imagine a world with no gas stations? And you can travel almost instantly, like thought? Possibly travel through Time?

See for yourself. Look it up on Wiki. AGARTHA.

It is my fondest wish, to meet my Agarthan brothers and sisters. The secret has been kept on them--by you-know-who--for far too long. They have been working tirelessly to help us in our situation up here on the crust. With advanced negotiations. With technology, With the intent to set us free from the shackles that cut and bind us, like taxes and restrictions and want. And someday soon, we may officially acknowledge them at last.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I skimmed the Wall Street Journal today.
No news on either the world or home or business fronts.

On YouTube, there was a chat room type of thing made to unite Lightworkers. And Also a silent model demonstrating a magnetic pole reversal, I think. The red streamlines and the green ones switched.

I give myself three days to learn 'what something big was' that happened.

Perhaps it is in the Ether and must filter down to here. That takes three days.


Reiki Doc

Monday, February 27, 2012


As we move into more spiritual life, our lower three chakras have less of an influence on our daily lives.

Recently, I have been put into situations with others who are so Earthly/Of the World that I have been uncomfortable.

Little League 
Organized sports. My boy has been a swimmer since he was two and a half. But now his dad wants us to try AAA ball. Yes, the team spirit is new. Yes, there are many male role models. Yes, I enjoy meeting other moms.

But the competition? The need for the kid not to wear the green bracelet for organ transplantation/gift of life and the blue one from his birthday party to practice? All the practices? And the other moms and dads being so 'into it', that their little one does well and wins?

It's a little hard to take. Fortunately, the Universe has a sense of humor. I have the clerk at the local metaphysical bookstore as the mom of another teammate. We talk. And not about worldly things!

International Charity League

My sister is heavily involved in this organization. They had the first fashion show I went to this year. My niece does not enjoy it. You can tell. But our cousin who doesn't talk to anyone in the family but my sister got her into it. It boggles the mind.

I was greeted by my sister at the door of this place that used to be an Elks Lodge. The Lodge had been razed and a huge building and parking structure built. The whole point was to raise money for some cause. Vendors were there in ugly dresses with weird merchandise and they were in too much makeup. I was so bewildered by the energy, the female clique-y, social ladder energy, that I bought a plant. A forty-five dollar orchid plant, a dendrobium that has beautiful fragrance. I wanted to support nature.

People with the trays of appetizers walked around. I figured I had better eat. I bet there was no sit-down luncheon. There wasn't. The line at the bar was huge. All I wanted was water. My sister was kind and got me coffee. My niece and my sister did well. My mom was there. She is so into her image, unfortunately, she is thinking of carrying around a picture of her in her bathing suit when she was younger and looked good. She can't handle he present appearance. And my other sister? She is caught in a cycle of breakups. She does not pick up on her desperate vibe. She is losing her looks she had in her twenties. And is still without a man. So she drinks.

How many people are like my family? How many are like the charity mothers and daughters? How many are like the vendors? Or the DJ? And how many are like me? VERY FEW. 

I don't know when this cycle of duality is at a close. But many many people, especially my cousin and her child I never knew, and met maybe once, are in for  a BIG surprise. 

Guess what? When the vibrations of the planet ramp up--my sister and niece are going to make the jump. My mother, a life-long psychic, most likely. My other sister? I hope so, but I am not sure. The higher frequency vibration which will be like 'coming home' to me, is going to blast the others out of the water. It will make them uncomfortable not to be able to lie. It will make them uncomfortable that we are the same, no one is better, that we are one. And that they will read each others' thoughts.

 I have been trying everyday to wake up my coworkers, my patients, my family, my fan the flames on their divine spark. To raise the awareness. To encourage to raise the vibration.

If people don't want to make the jump, that is okay. But they will have to wait a long time in 3D Duality through many lifetimes to be able to make the jump again.

The Oscars

I just can't watch it any more. I used to stay up late. With mom. Watched and old video of Anaconda with my boy instead. This is one of the biggest areas of change in me. My entertainment. And my interest in sports. They just have withered.

Take care, and know, no matter what, you are on the right path for you. I only bring these topics up to educate you. To raise your level of awareness. To see what options are before you.

Something big is supposed to happen today. David Wilcock said.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Extra Credit

Everything I wrote yesterday, I thought about ever since.

I read the inscription from my Mormon friend in the Book of Mormon he gave me. It said, and I paraphrase, 'I follow these wonderful things in my life. Here are the things. Read here. Pray on it.'

That was nice. And heartfelt. In my opinion, it is the product of a horrible twist of the mind. Yesterday I spoke how this twist is by religion to control Man.

Let us take the logical next step.

The power of a woman to give birth is a sacred mystery. This mystery, in the past, led to Matriarchal societies. Women held the power. Women held the land. Women used the intuition God/Goddess had given them to create Magic.

Along the way, men figured out that by controlling the women's reproduction, they could establish a Patriarchy. How women got into this in the first place, I am not sure. There were chastity belts, marriage, all kinds of societal bonds to keep the women in check.

Women became chattel. Property. In some arabian societies, women cover up their beauty outside the home. They can't drive. I have read a book by a Saudi Arabian Princess. It made me sick. People sold their eight year old daughters to the King for sex, all the while knowing that the daughters, without their virginity, would never stand a chance at proper marriage and place in their society. I read a book about a Thirteen year old girl in Yemen, who was the first to ask for a divorce. Her book was supposed to raise money to support her, and her family. The horrors are abundant.

Even as  a physician, I still sometimes am confronted with this in patient care. Where I used to work, they LIKED Saudi insurance. They paid for EVERYTHING. A prince came, and took over a whole wing of the hospital. The couch from the CEO's office went into one of the rooms. I did anesthesia with my teacher, also a woman. They didn't want us to touch him, but due to the circumstances, we did, for medical care. Guess what? Surgeon and chief resident, both male, got watches. Nice ones. We got JACK. Nada. NOTHING. On OB, it is the opposite, they WANT a woman only for the medical care. Go figure.

I got thinking about the Mexican and the Mormon. Their wives partied. They DIDN'T BUY IT. The men were wistful, following their mind, what someone had told them. And the women did not.

I had a Mormon mom with tattoos as a patient once. She said she was a 'good Mormon wife--she drank her margaritas out in the garage after the children were asleep.'. I want to talk to you about the Mormon women. I went to the California-Utah Women Luncheons for about five years, at the invitation of a friend. There were crafts to buy before, and then a Lunch at the Disneyland Hotel. It cost about fifty dollars a ticket. It was nice to be with the women. There would be awards for the woman of honor. There would be raffles and prize drawings. I won once, a two-hundred dollar gift certificate to Nordstrom.

But what I felt? The women had no confidence. For some, it was a chance to serve, to organize the function. For others, it was a duty. Conversation was hard with some of them I sat next to. It was all about kids, grandkids, and operations. They didn't understand what it is I do. Most of them stayed at home. The beauty of the Mormon family comes at a price: the freedom of the women to be who they are. There is a lot of pressure on them to contribute to the church in time and talent. There is a joke about jello salad for dinner some nights, because there is so little time to get the family ready for weeknight events.

A long time ago, a thought came to me: what if this reality on Earth is simply a test for the males of the species? Everyone else is in on the secret--Nature, animals, plants, women, the Moon, the Tides, the Spirits, the Fairies--everyone but them. They have their intuition blocked. They are given their sexuality. Their ego. Their intellect. They cannot see that which is unseen. And because of that they are tested. Their personality, their soul, what kind of person they are.

I know the Dalai Lama would pass with flying colors! He 'got it back', his birthright, his intuition, his heart. But others? I don't know. An atheist friend of mine, a surgeon, has two daughters and is very in tune with Life, more so than others. He CARES about  right and wrong. 

As women in this present day duality, what can be done?

Claim your power. Plug in to your intuition. Defend your boundaries. Care for the Earth.

Love your men. Train them. Especially the little ones. Like that salesman with that proverbial foot in the door, leave their psyche open just a bit. Perhaps they will awaken at the proper time.

Support political change. I do not go for petitions and the system myself. Lost faith in it. But if you do, support a cause for change. For me, I pray. I add to the Higher Dimension for the best for all involved. I pray for Peace, Divine Healing, and Light. That helps.

One day, we will have the answers that we seek. We will have the Truth. Until then, be patient and know this is not forever.

And for my friend, I will thank him politely for his concern for my eternal soul. And drop it at that.
I would like to ask why everyone has to be converted. Why Mormons can't be friends with other faiths. But I won't. They are of a mindset that has been like that since Polygamy, and the Church needs members to tithe. In my heart of hearts, I pray maybe there is a Secret Society helping Heaven within it. But I don't know. And know matter how hot my coworker is, I am not that lonely to change what I am to be with him.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Warning: this is going to be controversial.
Warning: this entry is going to upset some people
Warning: this is my Homework for the day

Remember how I said, 'One day I hope talking with angels is going to be as normal as talking to everybody else?'

Today we are going to talk about the opposite. We are going to talk about how Religion is used to Control Man.

Yesterday on the way to work, I was overcome with a deep sense of Peace. I had 'made it', metaphysically. And my lessons are to be changed. They will be more mental and less emotional, since I had 'moved up a level' in my Spiritual Life. They are to be interesting challenges, like puzzles.

The first one came to me in the afternoon. I have a coworker who is Mormon. Totally nice, totally hot. We both have the same training. We both are single parents.

In discussing a work conflict with the boss, and ways to approach it as a group, we went to Starbucks and talked. He had Orange Juice, I had tea. I asked him, at the urging of Spirit, 'what Bible story do you know that is close to this situation at work? What did they do? Did it solve the problem?' He shared a story from the book of Mormon. I remember that story, someone else shared it with me once.

A mother on the playground was very nice. Invited us to lunch. And then, BAM--she witnessed and gave me a book of Mormon. I had it in my bag at work, and a gay supervisor saw it right around the time Proposition 8 passed and he was still sore from the loss. Sure messed up my life after that. Totally abused me. Made me cry before work. In the hall. Total asshole. Total jerk.

Here on my anesthesia machine was a Book of Mormon from the coworker yesterday after lunch. All handwritten in the front. A message to me, about my Salvation. I didn't say anything. Then I got a text from said coworker, 'I left something for you on your workstation. If you have questions ask.'. 'Ok' I replied. I still haven't looked at it.

I felt violated. My mind kept going over and over what I should say to him. Here I am, Reiki Doc, doing my own thing with my patients. But not with coworkers. I do my Work. I do Reiki on unconscious people during their anesthetic! Who am I to get upset about somebody imposing their Belief System on Me?

The one message that came through loud and clear from my Heart Center, the one that Resonates, is 'I am perfect just the way I am.' That's how God wants me. And I knew I should stand firm in it.

I picked up my son after school and he was hungry. He has been a little under the weather, so I ask if he wanted a bean and cheese burrito from the restaurant next to his old pre-school. They used to make the box lunches for the children, and we also have spent lots of time there. It is a very traditional Mexican place.

Nick the owner is always trying to convert us. My son and I always say our grace over meals. Even at fast food and other restaurants. But behind the smile, I think Nick hates all Catholics. And the old Mexican reading the bible with him, the worn copy with the rawhide zipper cover, decided to witness to me. In Spanish.

I went into Doctor Mode. I love being in Doctor Mode. You are friendly, you are polite, and you try to dig deeper for the story from your patient. If you ever make a suggestion, that is it, a suggestion. Make it gentle, make it fast, and get BACK to Doctor Mode. Psychologically, it is like a stance in Karate. That's how you do it, work with all these people with varying frequencies of energy and attachments.

His story was that 'his wife loved idols and he divorced her'. I probed further. They both used to party a lot. He found God. BINGO! Same story with Coworker. Ex-wife 'is of the World'.

Common theme amongst the two, the Mexican and the Coworker: Jesus gives me everything I need. I am waiting for a wife. These statements are conflicting. If you had everything you need, wouldn't you HAVE a Christian wife? That is where I Spoke Up. I said to the Mexican, 'I think it is sad, your divorce.' He was surprised, like, 'Why?'.  And I said, and felt Spirit backing me, 'Jesus sent you a wife already.' And quick, back to Doctor Mode.

Here are some terms that make me want to run:
1) Obedience
2) Salvation
3) Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior/ Confessing Sins

They reek of Mind Control. Did you know that the Bible used to have a lot more stuff in it? My mother told me when I was a child. All kinds of stuff about telepathy, levitating, and manifestation.  Guess who took it out? Guess?

Right. The priests and the people in charge. This was the crucial separation between the direct connection to God/The Divine through the Heart Center, and the introduction of  the connection to an INTERMEDIARY, the Priest or Rabbi or whatever, to gain access to God.

Both people who were trying to convert me LIVE IN THE MIND. They have a pastor or elder who talks to them about what their God is. They only experience God indirectly, through what has been told to them. Through their Bible. Through their Mind. And, like good worker bees, try to CONVERT everybody in their path to their way of thinking. For SALVATION--which I read, as, 'another sheep i the flock'. 

The Holiest one I interacted with yesterday was the Strawberry Man. He was closing down his stand when we got there. We LOVE the fresh strawberries on his stand. I had my last five dollars, and my coupon for five dollars, and wanted to spend it on three little green plastic boxes of strawberries.

They were in the truck. He reached for them. We watched. My son wanted a half-flat (six boxes) but I said, 'No, I don't have the money for that, honey.' He was sad, but understood. After about a minute more, the Strawberry Man said, 'Here, take the whole box (six) because I CAN'T GET THE LITTLE GREEN BASKETS OUT'. 

He gave us charity.
He gave us DIGNITY.
He gave us unbelievable JOY and our GOOD FORTUNE.

We were perfect, just the way we were. With our last five dollars. And it brings tears to my eyes to think of the kindness that had just been extended to us. He paid out of his pocket, I am sure, to make the cash box balance. And he does not make more than minimum wage at that stand. His gift was generous.

And to Nick, I had given a four dollar tip on an eight dollar tab for the burritos.

God gave it back.

Don't let someone sit on their behind and tell you what to believe. Don't listen to that BULLSHIT that you have to believe the same as somebody else. Listen to GOD in your HEART. And pray on it. FEEL the RESONANCE.  You are a TEMPLE of GOD. You are AMAZING! You are PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!


Reiki Doc

Friday, February 24, 2012

Like a Surgeon...Cut for the Very First Time...

Break the Glass.

That is what they call it when we work on employees of the hospital. This one was a surgeon from a sister hospital that is closer to my house.

I can't tell you why we were going to the operating room or what the procedure was. I can't even tell you if the surgeon was male or female.  What I CAN share is the energetics of the whole process. They are very informative.

Pre-Op Holding:
I am sure to call the physician Dr. when I greet them. For ease of telling the story, let us refer to this patient as Dr. Song.
ESTABLISH RAPPORT. This surgeon was alone in Pre-Op Holding. That is not a good sign. Usually there is a family member or two at the bedside. Spouse was another physician. Must have been working.
I felt an urgency to establish rapport, to show Dr. Song that I was on their side. I spent more time than usual. And did a lot of talking, answering their questions. The words that popped out of my mouth involuntarily when I first arrived at the bedside were, 'I totally understand what it is like to be on the patient side of this situation and will do everything I can to make it easy for you."

With versed running in the i.v. and a smile on Dr. Song's face we were ready to go.


This surgeon was having a procedure in their own specialty. As anesthesia was being induced, Dr. Song's last words were, 'my position is not right for surgery'. Indeed, they were correct, and after the airway was established, we had to move the patient about three to six inches up towards the head of the bed.

Although the patient was stable, metaphysically Dr. Song was all over the room. Laughing, giggling, saying, 'This is FUN!'  said the Spirit of Dr. Song as Dr. Song slept.  I picked up on a disconnect between the day-to-day life, and the heart of this patient. (For example, in Pre-Op Holding, I made the suggestion 'no home shopping network after surgery. Your judgement may be off and you might buy something you might regret.' The reply? 'My spouse will thank you for it.', alluding to the spending of too much money to relieve stress habit.)

I went in. I read the aura and the chakras. Very low energy. This patient was exhausted. Running on fumes. Here was someone who, like a good daughter or son, worked very hard and became a doctor at their parent's wish. The strongest chakra was the yellow one, who had been forcing the rest to perform superhuman work schedules for so long. No wonder why Dr. Song needed surgery.

Open. Clear. Balance. Insert the symbols. Reiki. Karuna Reiki (TM). Total bringing back to harmony and Light. All the while, with the Spirit of Dr. Song talking to me. 'Whooo! Wheee! That feels NICE! What are you doing that for? Whoa! This is cool!' It was surreal. Yes, I, who have seen EVERYTHING, have never seen anything like this.

I thought about what would be nice, if in the future, anesthesia Reiki could give feedback to the surgeon at the end of the case. I hedged it, very carefully, into a gentle suggestion. "Dr. Wright? Ummm....I think this patient needs a vacation. A total vacation like the Corona Beer Commercials--someplace tropical where you lie around under a palapa with nothing to do."

And her is where Dr. Wright closed the loop and floored me. Dr. Song 'kind of stresses out'. And today, Dr. Song had to do surgery in the morning. On the day that Dr. Song was having surgery themself! The scheduler messed up and didn't give Dr. Song the day off. I was right on target with my reading.

I am the Wake-Up Fairy. I never got to be one in actual Kindergarten because I took terrible naps. One whole year of Kindergarten, and not once getting to wake the children up. But in the Operating Room? It's Spiritual Wake Up Time. 'Hello! Hello!' I think aloud, as I tap on the third eye in my mind and put opening symbols on it. 'It's time for you to wake up and smell the coffee! Times are changing and we are going to be needing you and your help!'.

I did a lot of that type of healing on Dr. Song. And trying to bring the Soul Purpose into alignment with the Day to Day Life.

Recovery Room:

Once awake, there was a great big smile. And a hello to me from across the room. All swaddled in warm blankets, Dr. Song looked relieved, almost at peace. And said, 'Thank you for being so nice!" to me.

I leaned in, touched the shoulder and smiled, saying, "We take care of our own here. We take care of our own."


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Talking to Dead People is Much Easier than Talking to Live People

See the water? Imagine you are out there, on a raft or a boat. You are out of your element, the land. There is light there, so much light you probably need sunglasses. Not just regular sunglasses, you would prefer the polarized lenses that cut the glare so you can see.

Talking to Dead People is the Ultimate Polarizing lens: There is NO BULLSHIT. Let me repeat. There is NO BULLSHIT. They know you, you know them. You communicate by feelings, 'thought-pictures', I call it. It is not clear, always. And depending on your gift in the Clairs, you might Hear (Clair-audient), See (Clair-voyant), Feel (Clair-sentient), Know (Clair-cognizant), or Smell (that is another Clair but I forget the whole name of it). When you communicate with the Dead, you are Out There. It isn't quite 'Here and Now' and it isn't quite 'There'. Communication happens when they reach out to your vibration, and your vibration 'connects' with theirs. Depending on the Spirit or Dead Person, they may only have enough energy to flip a coin and make pennies start showing up 'heads up' for you as a symbol. Or, you can have entire conversations like I do. 

Out on the boat. Out THERE. In the Light at its strongest, is why I like speaking with Dead People. They are nice. They are wise. They have something to say. And most of the time it is useful. They have a Message, either for others or for a Loved One. And often times they mix in a little message for me. They are profoundly greatful for having someone on Earth that is there to listen to them. Most people they know cannot hear. Or see. Or sense. One day in Medical School, I was studying. I was shocked at the presence of a male spirit. I didn't recognize him. He said, 'You stick out like a sore thumb out there!'. I struggled to tell who this spirit was. Obviously he knew me, was jokingly serious, and let me know he cared. I found out two days later it was a friend in high school who had graduated a year before me. We had double dated, my boyfriend and me with his girlfriend and him, but then it turned out he was gay. She found him in bed with another man in their home they shared in college. When I saw him, he had just died of AIDS. I went to the funeral. The song he wanted played was, 'Send in the Clowns'.

Remember that. And know that the Recently Dead tend to trust someone like you and me a lot more than someone who has passed awhile. Or an angel. They listen to us most. So if you are smart, on Earth, you can help those in Spirit, by giving them an assignment. "Whitney, what are you doing here? You should be helping Bobbi Kristina." "I can HELP???" she asked. "Yes. You can help. Go! There is not much time!"

Ask them to help with your problems. Ask them to find you a parking space. My Italian Grandfather always sends me two at once so I know it's him. They love to help. 

Back to the picture. See the grass and the cement in the sunshine? That is talking to Live People. You think you can see. There is Light. But people are hidden. There definitely IS bullshit. You know it. You are old enough to read, then you have been hurt by someone. One of the best ways to talk to Live People is to Know Yourself. This is implied when talking to a Dead Person. They know you, and therefore You know You. But with the Living, if You don't know yourself, it is kind of like the Blind leading the Blind in communication. I don't enjoy it, actually. I prefer out in the open like with the Dead. But, one good news: with the ascension, Telepathy is starting to take place. Think of it as super good intuition when you are in somebodies' aura. You read their 'vibe' so well, you get an impression of their actual thoughts and their motives. It is like Clairaudience and Claircognizance together. They won't know it. But you will. Keep meditating, keep learning, keep raising your vibration. Once you get to the point where you won't take it personal, and you will respond with unconditional love it will happen all the time.

You will also have people reading your mind, although unconsciously, and you can make requests like for a song, or a blanket, or some random thing in your mind, and the person you are with will start, like, they just came up with a thought! And get it for you, the thing you were thinking it would be nice to have. I NEVER say a thing about it when it happens. It would be too weird for them, for they are not Spiritually trained enough to know it is just our higher consciousnesses communicating.  But it is fun.

Now  back in the picture. Guess where in the chair in the shadow is? That is talking with Yourself. Do you know yourself? I am not talking that my right foot is half-size bigger than the left. I am not talking about how I won't sit on a warm seat because it feels icky. There is a lot of bullshit that you can't even see in there. I am talking from PAST LIVES! I am talking sum total of all of your experiences. Some things have been useful, for a time, like survival, but opening up to learn to trust again might be the next lesson once survival has been mastered. This is why meditation is so important. It is shining a little light, like a Mini Mag Flashlight, into your soul to help you SEE. "Take the Best and Leave the Rest' is a WISE starting point. Meditation can be classical, or yoga/movement, or gardening, or something like doing crossword puzzles. Anything you have fun doing, that is quiet and alone will help you find your inner spark. And when you do, LIGHT IT.

It will help you talk with OTHERS who are ALIVE. You will have compassion for them because first you have compassion for yourself. You are from the starting point that ALL are ONE. (In a past life, you might have been the bully and THEY might have been the Victim, see?) Good old Karma ensures that what goes around really truly does come around.

It will help you talk with Dead People. That is so much fun, being a Medium. Because my vibration is high, I select out the really icky people and ghosts.  I only talk with those of higher vibration. I am like chalk on a blackboard screeching the wrong way to negative energy entities. And they are the same to me.

How do you get to learn about yourself? with Evita Ochel. I love her and her courageous series on YouTube. Every week she comes up with a new topic that is about thirty minutes of Skype Interview. She really stretches the envelope for me.
I also highly recomment the work of Jeff Brown, SoulShaping. Jeff is a former lawyer who discovered his true self through a process he calls 'Enrealment'. Enrealment embraces the ego. But also embraces letting down one's armor that helped through the survival. 
I know of Louise Hay, I know of Abraham Hick's the Law of Attraction. I think, however, one can achieve what Jeff calls 'a reality bypass' through some of their methods. For inspiration, YES! But for personal growth, you would have to check what RESONATES with you in those studies. Spending precious time on Earth where you could be learning yourself enough to help others, and wasting it by trying to manifest THINGS might not help you in your Spiritual Development if all you do is focus upon that. Especially for VALIDATION. Things cannot validate you. Only you can do that for yourself.

In the Dark, we forget God.
We ARE God. We live in our own Temple, our body. It teaches us Lessons. And when we are close to our Truths, it resonates in the heart center with love and vibration and joy.

One step forward, two steps back. But keep walking! It makes you better around others. And you might one day get to talk to Spirit, and the Dead. I love it.

Tonight my son took his starlight turtle, the one that shines the moon and stars on the ceiling to help you fall asleep. He picked it up, placed it on his chest, and turned it on. The light beams from that turtle were WONDERFUL! Beaming right out of his chest into the world!!! Shouldn't we all find a way to open that beautiful heart light, our Spark of the Divine, and shine it right out of our chests? Doing that in the Darkness, the Illusion, is the greatest miracle of all!


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hi Whitney

Yesterday I went out to the local asian restaurant for some Vietnamese Pho Soup for lunch.

As I sat, I felt a presence. A presence, an urgency, a questioning, a personality all at once. It felt heavy.

It was Whitney. She was distraught.

"I never took anything that was not mine." she communicated.

I understood. Every substance was bought and paid for. It was like, 'I can do with my money what I like.'

'Okay', I communicated back. 'What do you want?'

I understood at that time that crack wages a terrible war against women. And that fortunately she did not have to sell her body for drugs like others have done in the past who were not as fortunate. I was moved with compassion for their plight.

'What are you doing here?" I asked. "There is not much time. You should be helping Bobbi Christina."

"I can help?"

"Yes. Get all of your family from both sides together, and go to her and help her!"

And she was gone.

She had said something of significance too, earlier, but I have forgotten it. About the ego. And I was struck with how blind she was to her talent and Light she shared with the world. Totally couldn't see it. And I wanted to suggest to others, 'Make sure you see the Light that you share with the world today."

Later that afternoon, I was on the couch with my mother and son, eating frozen yogurt. My mom looked at me, paused, and asked, 'have you gotten any messages from Whitney Houston?" I was startled and said, 'Yes, by the way, I did. Today at lunch." I shared with her what I shared with you.

Last night, on the way home from mom's, I felt Whitney again. She was proud. She had helped.
The message was "drugs killed me. Daughter get revenge for my death by taking it out against drugs. No more of those killers for her in her body." She was pleased at how clever everyone had been to help, and it worked.

She said she would have more for me later.


Reiki Doc

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Turn it Around: A Tribute to the Work of Byron Katie

This video floored me with its sheer power of healing and Light and Truth.

So many times we get thoughts that nag us. They go round and round in our heads. They take away our peace.

Byron Katie is a person who lived a life full of addiction. She got herself out of her addiction by coming up with four questions. Every time she had a thought that would take over her day-to-day attention, she would ask herself these four questions. Roughly, they go:
1) Is this thought True?
2) Are you absolutely, positively sure that this is True. Is there ANY chance it could NOT be true?
3) How would you and your life be WITHOUT this thought?
4) Turn it around. Tell yourself 'The Opposite of this thought is true'. Can that be true?

Then you let go of the thought and you heal.

Yesterday I was woken up at five a.m. by a nurse whose patient had a history of paralysis from multiple fractures of the back. Although the studies, that were old, were normal, this patient was concerned about the pain of childbirth and wanted to know her options. Unfortunately she did not do the studies in the MRI her neurologist had asked so that he could give a recommendation to me where it would be safe to go. (Our usual entry point is L3-4).

I was struggling. here I am an anesthesiologist. I don't want to do the procedure. It is too risky for her. But she is asking. When I walked in she was just on the phone callling her friend to tell her she was in labor and it was time to give her Reiki and come. I knew they could be reasonable. But I asked Spirit for guidance on what would be best for her.

I shared about how my way of removing pain involves numbness and weakness. And that this is the same problem she had before with her injuries. It came to me in a flash--patients with neck fractures are positioned awake first before we operate. The  breathing tube goes in awake. Why? Because someone with a broken neck will never move in a way that will make it hurt worse. It's too painful. So I phrased it--'It is in the MIND. People who do labor natural have to WANT it. For you, the options I have for pain would make you at risk of moving in a way during labor that could hurt you worse and it could be permanent. You would not know if you moved in such a way to make the situation worse for your spine. You need to be alert and clear-headed to PROTECT YOURSELF from all nerve injuries that are possible in labor for you.'

I ran into the dad, who is a nurse, in the elevator. Once inside, I shared, 'Nobody here knows this, but I am a Reiki Master and a Karuna Reiki (tm) Master. I was connecting to Source to find the right answer for your wife.'

He smiled and said, 'I kind of got that vibe in the room from you. That is good. That is the way of the future in medicine.' I said, 'I know' and was glad.

What you have before you in this video is pure energetic healing. On a Soul Level, with the Mind. Byron knows the quirks of it. And she pushes the envelope beyond that of traditional counseling and therapy. Her having 'lived through her demons' gives her the compassion and credibility to do her work.

I read her book once a long time ago. When I was adjusting to being a new mother. A new single mother. It set me free. Seeing her work on YouTube is a gift. Enjoy it. And maybe you can follow her on Facebook.


Reiki Doc

Friday, February 17, 2012

Saving Lives Times Three

Today I woke up thinking about what I was going to write. I thought about getting to work on time. And I thought about my c sections that were scheduled today at seven thirty and at noon.

I had no clue I would be involved in the care of eight deliveries. Or that I would buy time for a mother who was hemorrhaging. Or help a heart surgeon fix an emergency in the angio lab.

But I did.

I want to share more on it tomorrow.

But for tonight, I want you to know that in all this, I saw patterns. Energetic ones. Some like my own. And I saw ego. Of my own, and lots of it! I was constantly trying to keep it in check.

And last?

I saw news of things that are to arrive. Look to the skies! Look to alternative news sources! Listen to your heart for the Truth. It will resonate with you. And you will Know.

Good things are coming. The very best!


Reiki Doc

Deciphering Mom

This is a shower handle. It came with my house. The house was built in the mid 1970's. Hot and cold are controlled by movement of the handle from left to right. Movement of the water from on to off are controlled by movement of the handle from up to down. 

The handle on the shower in the Master Bedroom's bathroom broke shortly after I moved in. I used the little stick inside to control the shower.

One day when my son was about one, my mother called me in tears saying 'it was raining in the kitchen!' The kitchen is below my bedroom. One of the cleaning trainees on the cleaning crew I hired from Monster Maids, unscrewed the shower control from the wall. The smart supervisor turned off the water to the house. So here I was, with a patient on cardiac bypass in the heartroom, trying to coordinate insurance and flood  repair teams to my home. There was no one to relieve me in the O.R. The cardiologist used his smart phone to help me find the number to call the insurance. The surgeon said, nastily, 'can't you take care of this some other time, someplace else?' I assured him this was indeed an emergency that needed my attention, and that I would take care of it ASAP. And that there was NO ONE to relieve me in the O.R.

Mom said, 'this is the worst day of my life!'. She was trying to dry the house, and my son had gone out into the street due to the confusion. Each adult had thought another adult was watching him, as he loved to watch the vacuum cleaner and would follow the team. Everyone was okay. But when I came home I was faced with the emotional wreckage of my mother, who had taken this personally, was devastated, and could not move beyond the tragedy.

My mother was the center of our house. Only her opinion mattered. Having her watch my son opened up a lot of emotional wounds in me. For example, when she was trying to declutter, and bringing all her things to my house, she offered me the clock on the family wall, a huge oversized black pocketwatch with antique white face and black numbers. A wave of terror washed over me when I saw that image of the clock. Instantly I was ten and being yelled at by mom in one of her chemical rages. I don't know what the chemicals were or not: starvation (anorexia), or the guilt that comes from a binge, caffeine, alcohol, diet pills (everybody takes them! she used to go to a sleazy doctors office in a bad part of town to get them and make us girls wait in the car).  All I know is I grew up with two strong impressions of her as her child: no emotional connection, and not sure whether or not to believe what mom said.

Mom is not direct. Due to her Italian heritage, Sicilian in particular, there is a lot of 'unwritten rules' you are supposed to automatically understand. I take after Dad on this part. I was and still am always guessing. And you never know when she is going to bail after promising to help you. Every time I ask her to baby sit, I have another backup ready. 

Since we've been sick, I offered her to have the sitter watch my son during the school holiday today. She relaxed. But then acted normal. And she said, 'see you tomorrow' at the end of the play, and ran out of there like a bat out of hell. She is convinced my bird (I've had nearly twenty years) and my turtle (I've had twenty) are the cause of all our illnesses. But I had heard the same cough in a classmate at school, and my coworkers have all had what I had. 

My mother has caught pneumonia from other children in my family. She ended up in the hospital instead of taking a trip I paid for her to go with Dad to Montreal to help me watch the boy while I took my certification exam for my work. The one I had spent six-months studying full time so I could pass. The one I had failed when I first had taken it in Fellowship.  I was still breastfeeding, and it was a week's separation. It was too long for a two-year old to stay with his father. Plus I didn't want to leave him with a new sitter in Montreal. Dad ended up coming without mom, but got sick. We took him to the emergency room. He had a pneumonia. He left AMA, flew home, and got admitted to the same hospital as mom on a different floor that night.  I caught it. My son caught it.  

She has no concept of catching things from anyone except my son. When I tried to make plans with her--yes or no--do you want sitter to watch your grandson like you said? 

She said, 'It would take  me months to get better if I caught it.'

I asked again " Mom, is that a yes or a no?' 

'Well I will watch him and pray that I don't get sick'

I asked again, "Mom is that a yes or a no?", she wouldn't say. 
I said, "fine, he is going to the sitter!' 

And she says, 'I am so relieved! I was scared I might catch something". 

Do you have one of these people in your life?

If you do, here are some tips:

A) there is something in their life that is more important than You. It may change 'somethings' but there will always be a 'something' that is more important than You.
B) The Universe will send people into your life to Make Up For It. Do not be concerned about their relation to you. One will pop up and help at the right time and place.
C) You can't fix them
D) There can be a lot of damage to repair in you because of them. Just like the flood in my house and the shower knob.
E) You will have a gift of independence you never thought you could have when you move on from them. (The knob, is a Valley knob, and even though the bath supply store, Ace and Home Depot don't carry it, a plumber friend told me Lowe's did. I fixed it. All by myself, and have extras in the home.)

I also deciphered the father of my son at the play last night. At the last minute, as the curtains were going up, breezed in. Was wearing his ski hat and in an unusually good mood. I asked him after the play 'are you leaving tonight?' He said, 'No, tomorrow' and his parents were like, "Where?!?'. It was his weekend with our son. He skipped on it three weeks ago, without telling me why, except I needed to watch our boy. I learned from our son it is to attend a race car driver camp. To learn to race his car. His parents were totally out of the loop. And he just laughed it off. High. Again. On 'herb'.  A total Peter Pan. 

The real reason I do not date or seek relationship is the damage that was done to me by my mother gets played out time and again in my significant others. I do not wish to play the game any more.

Reiki helps me to be functional. And Karuna Reiki helps me to have compassion. Both for myself and for others, including my ex and my mom. But the damage in itself has been done. And my siblings haven't done much better in their relationships as far as long-term emotional connection and happiness. 

Reiki is useful for people who have been through a struggle like me. It gets you grounded and these hiccups don't rock your world like they used to. Even for self-Reiki, you should learn it. It is that helpful.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mosaic of Spirit: Looking at the World with Ascended Sight

Today was a good day. In many ways. It started with telling myself 'all is well'.

All is well--even as I scooped my kid up without breakfast to the sitters', for a 7:00 a.m. start case, and the surgeons was ten minutes late. AND, we didn't cut until 8:00 a.m., the normal cut time for our 7:30 a.m. starts. I just trusted in the Universe.

Next patient--couldn't find them in pre-op. Turns out they were a very sick SICU patient. You know, the kind with Contact Isolation and you have to terminal clean the room after operating on them? Yes, I got to wear gown and gloves OVER lead. When the patient came, I was FASCINATED, energetically. This was a patient who 'was not there': anoxic brain injury from too much alcohol and drugs. Not old. Was a resident in a care place, with a trach and a PEG for tube feedings. Very easy anesthesia for me. Just hook them up to the breathing circuit and BOOM! Instant anesthesia.  No messy airway or extubation to contend with.

This patient had the most BEAUTIFUL eyelashes I have ever seen, nicer than my son's, who are long and wonderful. Energetic pattern? Very strange. Nothing, but heart. The heart center was glowing. Everything else was near dead on the chakras. Curious, I wondered why, why this pattern? "I used up all my chips" was the answer. The time for life had been contracted out, but the way the life had been lived had used up all the 'bonus points' --this patient was left unable to make any more 'bad choices'. Wow! Take it all away and what is left? Love. And a chance for all of us to work on them and heal them.  Who is the healer there???

I saw Parkinson's today (very strange vibe. Did not have time to measure the chakras. But very strange vibe.). I cared for a Mexican National with NO insurance. For FREE! I called my boss, and he said not to ask for cash, just send in the billing slips, and I will get paid for my work out of the blended units. It works that way for everyone. So WHO paid for their care? All of my group did. It didn't seem so wrong when I worked for a big hospital before. But now? Well, I see... 

And the last patient? I got this big romantic vibe from them as I we talked  in PreOp! I was like, 'I didn't know I could feel like that any more!'  The last time I felt this was in the ICU in 1998! It is very rare to feel anything like that for a patient. Luckily, the Circulating RN got the same vibe. And she is newly engaged to her boyfriend of eight years! 'He's charming!' she said. And he was. And we were both falling for him! LOL

Once he was asleep, though, I saw. I saw all the flaws that the charm makes go away. The teeth on the bottom were crooked and loose and looked painful. The well-groomed hair and brows. The tattoo of a loved one 'in an angels' arms' on the right shoulder. No wonder why this person worked with troubled youth. There was a LOT behind the scenes of this individual. There was complexity, depth to this soul.

In recovery room, he heard me telling the nurse we all fell in love with him. He looked sleepy, but the first thing he said was, 'where's the anesthesiologist? I LOVE YOU!' I laughed and said, 'I love you TOO!'. But then he shared, 'the last surgery I woke up pretty stressed out. This one is soooo much better!' And there is was: the charm worked as a weapon to assure a safe passage through surgery. Kindness is a weapon. Everything is a weapon to be used to help you survive. We all pick our own. But he was adorable! And it was nice to help out with the anesthetic...something different from the norm.

I followed my intuition and took both of us to the doctor, my boy and me.

I knew he was sicker. I knew I had 'beat it', my illness. The chills had gone away. The pain in my chest from the coughing was burning my airways under  my sternum. But for the FIRST TIME, I knew I could get well WITHOUT ANTIBIOTICS. I had been brainwashed since my first strep throat that you need medicine every time you are sick to get well. We did get strep tests today, and both of us didn't have it. That one you don't want to mess around, because it can cause valvular heart disease like, forty years later, if not treated. But my son had an ear, bronchi, and sinus infection. We both got put on azithromax. And I took it. Only because I have an OB shift coming up sometime soon, and I knew it would wear me out. 

Today I had this incredible sense of the life that was entrusted to me. My own. My patient's. My son. My sitter (my work helps support her). My mother (she was supposed to baby sit, but is in poor health. I excused her from her time this weekend). I see the entire TEAM in the health care, from the cleaning people, to the guy that pushes the patients around. Our OR orderly is Margarito. Today, due to the contact isolation, he had to wear a green surgery gown and gloves to help transport the patient back to the unit. I laughed because he looked just like a doctor, and could have been one. Maybe back at home? Or in another life? But it looked RIGHT on him. How funny this world is. And what we think of it. 

In Reality, all it is--is a DELIGHTFUL place to learn. Life is what we make it.


Reiki Doc

The Pattern Again

I saw it again. The double cancer. This time it was thyroid first and then breast. I couldn't get an energy read on the patient. I was too sick.

Yesterday I wanted to go home. I listened to my body. Through a case cancellation and a gap, I was able to rest in the car between cases for two hours. That deep sleep is helpful.

I have suffered from chronic bronchitis/sinusitis since my surgery when I was 25. I tried healing on my own, when there was bloody purulent pus coming out of my nose. I went to the doctor, and he almost did surgery on me. That is when I started the antibiotics. Lots and lots of them.

My asthma makes it hard. Every February, I get very sick. This time it was the babysitter's sore throat that went to my son that went to me. The babysitter never needs antibiotics. Maybe half the time, I guess.

My son's cough is better. But his post-nasal drip is worse. And me, my eyes are all glassy. My cough in the OR yesterday was scary.

As if by chance, one of the surgeons I worked with was my own doctor from a place I used to work at before. He knows how sick I get. He has put me on super-doses of antibiotics to clear something I just couldn't. He was kind and asked me if I was taking anything. I said, 'no, I haven't had time to go to the doctor.' I could have asked. Curbside request for antibiotics. But it just seemed not cool.

I am listening to my body. Before, I knew that infections left scar tissue, in the sinuses and the bronchi. My bronchi are expanded from so much asthma and infection in my life. But I have listened to me body. It wants REST. And not to eat.

I feel better today. Yesterday I just sat in the OR for three hours, with the Bair Hugger on me and on my patient. It felt great. It was the first time I have been present in the OR in a long time. Usually I read the paper, catch up on paperwork, or go over my schedule. This time I self-Reiki'd. I also asked for angelic intervention with our illnesses at home. For the first time I am aware I live in this magnificent body, which is capable of self-healing. I want to listen to it. And I see like the animals, antibiotics allow us to work more, endure more stress, when we should be treated better and allowed to rest. Antibiotics are a scam for those who work too much. My body is trying to tell me the hours I work are too rough on it.

Anyhow, last night I got home at 8:30 p.m., and my son had the choice to go home with the sitter or stay with me. I have an insane 7:00 a.m. start. We normally start at 7:30. That extra half hour puts an hour on my schedule in the mornings. I have to drive ten minutes away to the sitter's to drop him off because the school is not open. I have to be there at 6:40 a.m. for a 7:00 a.m. start. 

Time to make tea, lots and lots and lots of it. And some warm oatmeal too.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday I had two energetic patterns in my patients that were worth talking about with you today.

The first was missing an eye.  One socket looked just like the one above, but covered with a thin layer of skin on all the area inside the hole. We were there today to fix something totally different.  

Learn! Learn! I got from the patient as they slept.

Here was the chakra pattern from the bottom up:

red-barely functioning
orange-functioning backwards/depressed
yellow-strong but not healthy (imposed will to balance out the others)
heart centers-barely functioning
throat-barely functioning
brow-barely functioning
crown-very quiet.

As I went over the energetic system, I asked myself, what could have happened to put this patient's survival at risk by seeing something so awful, knowing something that was spiritual and wrong?

Most people, even ones with Dark Entities and Negative Entities, are connected to Source pretty good. It just 'trickles down' funny. Not this one.

As I wondered, I realized what it must have been. A religious figure must have been hurting others, perhaps in a sexual way, and to survive this patient kept quiet. This would match. And this would explain loss of an eye that receives due to melanoma on the eyelid. And cancer of the thyroid gland.
Not talking about what is seen. In for this patient, it was a serious problem, metaphysically. Everyone is different. It is all with perception. But what one perceives as 'wrong' and does nothing about it, even to survive, can have lasting consequences.

As I worked, I thought, 'it's wake up time!'. And 'you don't have to feel like that any more'. Because I heard. The story has been communicated. Just on a different sense. Old patterns are hard to break.  But after my experience with Three Blind Mice, I noticed that Spirit was trying to show me a lesson. Three Blind Mice was the other eye. Didn't know what was coming, and was sweet. This patient saw everything.

The next was very young, younger than me, for an operation for people in their seventies. Diverticulosis is largely a preventable disease. When there are too much processed foods, and not enough fruits and vegetables. The surgeons said it. It was sad to see someone lose their sigmoid colon due to poor life choices. I thought I would share that with you.

I also made the surgeons laugh. One is very apologetic, sorry it took so long, yada yada yada. I smiled and from the heart said, 'We fixed this patient. It was worth it. Remember on Saturday Night Live many years ago, the saying, 'I've got DI VER TIC U LOSIS!'? Well this patient now can't say that any more!' And the surgeons laughed and laughed in spite of themselves. Healing goes all around in the OR when I am present.

Again, the energetic pattern was not horrible. Just imbalanced. And I thought to myself as I was working in there, 'Hello! Time to WAKE UP! Another Soul to be ready to Ascend!' I wonder if they notice a difference right away, or if it eases up on them.

For me, in my operation I had when I was twenty-five, when I woke up I heard two messages: leave your ex, and leave your place of work. I followed the advice as soon as I could. And guess what? That makes me Reiki Doc!


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reiki and The Importance of Sleep

This is Lizard. In Native American Lore, Lizard spends much of his time in sleep. Why? He is dreaming.  He dreams of the future before it arrives. He dreams me, you, everything. Most of his time is spent in DreamTime, not here in the Illusion. Lizard. When lizard shows up into your world, the symbol means 'pay attention to dreams and give yourself time to dream them.'

My mother is from Italy. She doesn't 'get' American culture when it comes to sleep. In Europe it is something to be enjoyed. It is good for you. It is healing. Rejuvenating. Important. None of this 'five hour energy' drink so you can make the need for sleep go away. Mom IS a night owl. She stayed up most of our childhood. She liked the quiet when the rest of the house was asleep. Even as a kid, she stayed up late with a flashlight and a book reading under the covers. Although her need for sleep was LESS, she respected the need for it.

My son takes after my Mom and his father, someone who has to resort to taking chemicals to induce sleep. He fought it. Ever since he was little. He did not like to cozy up and rest.

Intuitively, I wonder if he must have died in his sleep in a past life? It makes sense, doesn't it, for one to be averse to sleep in this life if they did.

That is where the Reiki part came in.  I practice at night on my son. He calls is Energy Massage. Guess what? Once I got to Reiki Three Level, boom! He would be off to sleep, a contented one, before I finished the Reiki Treatment.

One of the things about Reiki Sleep is it is Restful. My patients often wake up saying, 'I feel so refreshed!'. Of course! I untangled the knots in your energetic system while you were asleep!

What is Sleep? 

I am going to go out on  a Limb here. The Toltecs (Don Miguel Ruiz books. I love him!) call this Life, The Illusion. It is a type of Dream State. I think perhaps our DreamTime is when we Go Back Home. This is when you have the vivid dreams of your Loved One who has Passed. This is when you get ideas (I used to solve geometry problems in my sleep). This is when you tweak your game for the next day, if you ask me.

Ask Lizard. In many ways we are like Him.

I have been fighting a cold. Or allergy. Not sure what, exactly. All I want is sleep. I got one hour after work yesterday. And eight hours last night. I feel much better. I could use a day of rest. But with only two cases in the OR, each taking about four hours, I am not going to exert myself. I hope I can get some rest again tonight. I look forward to it. And yes, I go to sleep giving Reiki to myself, too.


Reiki Doc