Sunday, February 5, 2012

Equality For All

There is a certain kind of judgement that I have experienced in my life that cuts me to the core of my being: being faulted for being psychic.

The father of my son, my massage therapist who moved on to a relationship with me, was giving me a maternity massage. I laughed and shared that angels were present. They had just said, 'everything will be okay'. After I said that, he said, " I can't take this!' He bent down, kissed my baby bump, told it, 'I'll wait for you when you get out.' and walked out the door.

I ran with a sheet, screaming for him not to leave. He never turned around. I cried so much through the pregnancy, I made myself watch comedies, so the baby inside would have more of a balance of emotions as the brain was being built.

He broke my heart so completely I did not try dating ever since. I was devastated to my core. He is psychic. Sees auras. We both had memory of a past life together! I knew without a doubt we are twin flames. I knew that this time around I got the lion's share of the soul's split--psychic gifts he always had before, intelligence, and popularity I had always. There is a twenty year age gap in ,oat Twin Flames.

Having had to go to court and provide for our son completely financially made me grow up. That is the lesson that I learned from my Twin Flame. It hurt and I am much stronger. But living in a reality where angels are suspect, not welcome, is beyond my comprehension.

As are the rejection of psychic gifts. I shared messages from a dead child with a parent who is ├╝ber Christian. He was gay, and she had sent him to one of those camps. A change your sexual orientation camp. Yet her brother was gay! I still send her flowers one month before the anniversary of his death every year. He asked me to. Made me promise. But I am 'the work of the devil' to her.

I have a dream that one day all of us can acknowledge how special we are. And that NOT seeing and talking with angels will be considered abnormal.

That is my wish for today.


Reiki Doc