Saturday, February 25, 2012


Warning: this is going to be controversial.
Warning: this entry is going to upset some people
Warning: this is my Homework for the day

Remember how I said, 'One day I hope talking with angels is going to be as normal as talking to everybody else?'

Today we are going to talk about the opposite. We are going to talk about how Religion is used to Control Man.

Yesterday on the way to work, I was overcome with a deep sense of Peace. I had 'made it', metaphysically. And my lessons are to be changed. They will be more mental and less emotional, since I had 'moved up a level' in my Spiritual Life. They are to be interesting challenges, like puzzles.

The first one came to me in the afternoon. I have a coworker who is Mormon. Totally nice, totally hot. We both have the same training. We both are single parents.

In discussing a work conflict with the boss, and ways to approach it as a group, we went to Starbucks and talked. He had Orange Juice, I had tea. I asked him, at the urging of Spirit, 'what Bible story do you know that is close to this situation at work? What did they do? Did it solve the problem?' He shared a story from the book of Mormon. I remember that story, someone else shared it with me once.

A mother on the playground was very nice. Invited us to lunch. And then, BAM--she witnessed and gave me a book of Mormon. I had it in my bag at work, and a gay supervisor saw it right around the time Proposition 8 passed and he was still sore from the loss. Sure messed up my life after that. Totally abused me. Made me cry before work. In the hall. Total asshole. Total jerk.

Here on my anesthesia machine was a Book of Mormon from the coworker yesterday after lunch. All handwritten in the front. A message to me, about my Salvation. I didn't say anything. Then I got a text from said coworker, 'I left something for you on your workstation. If you have questions ask.'. 'Ok' I replied. I still haven't looked at it.

I felt violated. My mind kept going over and over what I should say to him. Here I am, Reiki Doc, doing my own thing with my patients. But not with coworkers. I do my Work. I do Reiki on unconscious people during their anesthetic! Who am I to get upset about somebody imposing their Belief System on Me?

The one message that came through loud and clear from my Heart Center, the one that Resonates, is 'I am perfect just the way I am.' That's how God wants me. And I knew I should stand firm in it.

I picked up my son after school and he was hungry. He has been a little under the weather, so I ask if he wanted a bean and cheese burrito from the restaurant next to his old pre-school. They used to make the box lunches for the children, and we also have spent lots of time there. It is a very traditional Mexican place.

Nick the owner is always trying to convert us. My son and I always say our grace over meals. Even at fast food and other restaurants. But behind the smile, I think Nick hates all Catholics. And the old Mexican reading the bible with him, the worn copy with the rawhide zipper cover, decided to witness to me. In Spanish.

I went into Doctor Mode. I love being in Doctor Mode. You are friendly, you are polite, and you try to dig deeper for the story from your patient. If you ever make a suggestion, that is it, a suggestion. Make it gentle, make it fast, and get BACK to Doctor Mode. Psychologically, it is like a stance in Karate. That's how you do it, work with all these people with varying frequencies of energy and attachments.

His story was that 'his wife loved idols and he divorced her'. I probed further. They both used to party a lot. He found God. BINGO! Same story with Coworker. Ex-wife 'is of the World'.

Common theme amongst the two, the Mexican and the Coworker: Jesus gives me everything I need. I am waiting for a wife. These statements are conflicting. If you had everything you need, wouldn't you HAVE a Christian wife? That is where I Spoke Up. I said to the Mexican, 'I think it is sad, your divorce.' He was surprised, like, 'Why?'.  And I said, and felt Spirit backing me, 'Jesus sent you a wife already.' And quick, back to Doctor Mode.

Here are some terms that make me want to run:
1) Obedience
2) Salvation
3) Accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior/ Confessing Sins

They reek of Mind Control. Did you know that the Bible used to have a lot more stuff in it? My mother told me when I was a child. All kinds of stuff about telepathy, levitating, and manifestation.  Guess who took it out? Guess?

Right. The priests and the people in charge. This was the crucial separation between the direct connection to God/The Divine through the Heart Center, and the introduction of  the connection to an INTERMEDIARY, the Priest or Rabbi or whatever, to gain access to God.

Both people who were trying to convert me LIVE IN THE MIND. They have a pastor or elder who talks to them about what their God is. They only experience God indirectly, through what has been told to them. Through their Bible. Through their Mind. And, like good worker bees, try to CONVERT everybody in their path to their way of thinking. For SALVATION--which I read, as, 'another sheep i the flock'. 

The Holiest one I interacted with yesterday was the Strawberry Man. He was closing down his stand when we got there. We LOVE the fresh strawberries on his stand. I had my last five dollars, and my coupon for five dollars, and wanted to spend it on three little green plastic boxes of strawberries.

They were in the truck. He reached for them. We watched. My son wanted a half-flat (six boxes) but I said, 'No, I don't have the money for that, honey.' He was sad, but understood. After about a minute more, the Strawberry Man said, 'Here, take the whole box (six) because I CAN'T GET THE LITTLE GREEN BASKETS OUT'. 

He gave us charity.
He gave us DIGNITY.
He gave us unbelievable JOY and our GOOD FORTUNE.

We were perfect, just the way we were. With our last five dollars. And it brings tears to my eyes to think of the kindness that had just been extended to us. He paid out of his pocket, I am sure, to make the cash box balance. And he does not make more than minimum wage at that stand. His gift was generous.

And to Nick, I had given a four dollar tip on an eight dollar tab for the burritos.

God gave it back.

Don't let someone sit on their behind and tell you what to believe. Don't listen to that BULLSHIT that you have to believe the same as somebody else. Listen to GOD in your HEART. And pray on it. FEEL the RESONANCE.  You are a TEMPLE of GOD. You are AMAZING! You are PERFECT JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!


Reiki Doc