Monday, February 27, 2012


As we move into more spiritual life, our lower three chakras have less of an influence on our daily lives.

Recently, I have been put into situations with others who are so Earthly/Of the World that I have been uncomfortable.

Little League 
Organized sports. My boy has been a swimmer since he was two and a half. But now his dad wants us to try AAA ball. Yes, the team spirit is new. Yes, there are many male role models. Yes, I enjoy meeting other moms.

But the competition? The need for the kid not to wear the green bracelet for organ transplantation/gift of life and the blue one from his birthday party to practice? All the practices? And the other moms and dads being so 'into it', that their little one does well and wins?

It's a little hard to take. Fortunately, the Universe has a sense of humor. I have the clerk at the local metaphysical bookstore as the mom of another teammate. We talk. And not about worldly things!

International Charity League

My sister is heavily involved in this organization. They had the first fashion show I went to this year. My niece does not enjoy it. You can tell. But our cousin who doesn't talk to anyone in the family but my sister got her into it. It boggles the mind.

I was greeted by my sister at the door of this place that used to be an Elks Lodge. The Lodge had been razed and a huge building and parking structure built. The whole point was to raise money for some cause. Vendors were there in ugly dresses with weird merchandise and they were in too much makeup. I was so bewildered by the energy, the female clique-y, social ladder energy, that I bought a plant. A forty-five dollar orchid plant, a dendrobium that has beautiful fragrance. I wanted to support nature.

People with the trays of appetizers walked around. I figured I had better eat. I bet there was no sit-down luncheon. There wasn't. The line at the bar was huge. All I wanted was water. My sister was kind and got me coffee. My niece and my sister did well. My mom was there. She is so into her image, unfortunately, she is thinking of carrying around a picture of her in her bathing suit when she was younger and looked good. She can't handle he present appearance. And my other sister? She is caught in a cycle of breakups. She does not pick up on her desperate vibe. She is losing her looks she had in her twenties. And is still without a man. So she drinks.

How many people are like my family? How many are like the charity mothers and daughters? How many are like the vendors? Or the DJ? And how many are like me? VERY FEW. 

I don't know when this cycle of duality is at a close. But many many people, especially my cousin and her child I never knew, and met maybe once, are in for  a BIG surprise. 

Guess what? When the vibrations of the planet ramp up--my sister and niece are going to make the jump. My mother, a life-long psychic, most likely. My other sister? I hope so, but I am not sure. The higher frequency vibration which will be like 'coming home' to me, is going to blast the others out of the water. It will make them uncomfortable not to be able to lie. It will make them uncomfortable that we are the same, no one is better, that we are one. And that they will read each others' thoughts.

 I have been trying everyday to wake up my coworkers, my patients, my family, my fan the flames on their divine spark. To raise the awareness. To encourage to raise the vibration.

If people don't want to make the jump, that is okay. But they will have to wait a long time in 3D Duality through many lifetimes to be able to make the jump again.

The Oscars

I just can't watch it any more. I used to stay up late. With mom. Watched and old video of Anaconda with my boy instead. This is one of the biggest areas of change in me. My entertainment. And my interest in sports. They just have withered.

Take care, and know, no matter what, you are on the right path for you. I only bring these topics up to educate you. To raise your level of awareness. To see what options are before you.

Something big is supposed to happen today. David Wilcock said.


Reiki Doc