Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Yesterday I had two energetic patterns in my patients that were worth talking about with you today.

The first was missing an eye.  One socket looked just like the one above, but covered with a thin layer of skin on all the area inside the hole. We were there today to fix something totally different.  

Learn! Learn! I got from the patient as they slept.

Here was the chakra pattern from the bottom up:

red-barely functioning
orange-functioning backwards/depressed
yellow-strong but not healthy (imposed will to balance out the others)
heart centers-barely functioning
throat-barely functioning
brow-barely functioning
crown-very quiet.

As I went over the energetic system, I asked myself, what could have happened to put this patient's survival at risk by seeing something so awful, knowing something that was spiritual and wrong?

Most people, even ones with Dark Entities and Negative Entities, are connected to Source pretty good. It just 'trickles down' funny. Not this one.

As I wondered, I realized what it must have been. A religious figure must have been hurting others, perhaps in a sexual way, and to survive this patient kept quiet. This would match. And this would explain loss of an eye that receives due to melanoma on the eyelid. And cancer of the thyroid gland.
Not talking about what is seen. In for this patient, it was a serious problem, metaphysically. Everyone is different. It is all with perception. But what one perceives as 'wrong' and does nothing about it, even to survive, can have lasting consequences.

As I worked, I thought, 'it's wake up time!'. And 'you don't have to feel like that any more'. Because I heard. The story has been communicated. Just on a different sense. Old patterns are hard to break.  But after my experience with Three Blind Mice, I noticed that Spirit was trying to show me a lesson. Three Blind Mice was the other eye. Didn't know what was coming, and was sweet. This patient saw everything.

The next was very young, younger than me, for an operation for people in their seventies. Diverticulosis is largely a preventable disease. When there are too much processed foods, and not enough fruits and vegetables. The surgeons said it. It was sad to see someone lose their sigmoid colon due to poor life choices. I thought I would share that with you.

I also made the surgeons laugh. One is very apologetic, sorry it took so long, yada yada yada. I smiled and from the heart said, 'We fixed this patient. It was worth it. Remember on Saturday Night Live many years ago, the saying, 'I've got DI VER TIC U LOSIS!'? Well this patient now can't say that any more!' And the surgeons laughed and laughed in spite of themselves. Healing goes all around in the OR when I am present.

Again, the energetic pattern was not horrible. Just imbalanced. And I thought to myself as I was working in there, 'Hello! Time to WAKE UP! Another Soul to be ready to Ascend!' I wonder if they notice a difference right away, or if it eases up on them.

For me, in my operation I had when I was twenty-five, when I woke up I heard two messages: leave your ex, and leave your place of work. I followed the advice as soon as I could. And guess what? That makes me Reiki Doc!


Reiki Doc