Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mom's Secret Entrance

This is Something Big.

It came to my attention yesterday.  A Brave Russian Cosmonaut is telling the truth about Mother Earth.
She is hollow. This is a video taken from space over one of the Poles.

As you can see there is a hole. And something like aurora borealis coming up through it.

You can see.

When an egg is fertilized, it starts as one cell.  It keeps dividing. It forms a blastula, sort of a glob, and then a morula, where the cells become a hollow ball of cells. It looks like a raspberry, but with no big hole at the top. Then later it goes on to become an embryo, and something that is born or does hatch.

Earth is hollow. Not like an egg, but more like a raspberry or an olive with the pit out. There is a firm crust filled with ocean and Tectonic plates that glide against each other. That is 3D we currently live in.

Inside the hole is another world. Perhaps like peeking into an enchanted egg? Except the scenery is lining the inside of the shell. This world is in the fifth dimension, of 5D. There are entities living inside that are our brothers and sisters. This world is called Agartha. It has a central sun, and the earth of Agartha looks very much like our own. Except the technology is very advanced. They can fly in aircraft.  And can manifest things they need to live, such as food, and energy. They look very much like us, and are telepathic.

Can you imagine a world with no gas stations? And you can travel almost instantly, like thought? Possibly travel through Time?

See for yourself. Look it up on Wiki. AGARTHA.

It is my fondest wish, to meet my Agarthan brothers and sisters. The secret has been kept on them--by you-know-who--for far too long. They have been working tirelessly to help us in our situation up here on the crust. With advanced negotiations. With technology, With the intent to set us free from the shackles that cut and bind us, like taxes and restrictions and want. And someday soon, we may officially acknowledge them at last.