Saturday, February 4, 2012

What Happens When I Write

Not sure: 
My children.  I hear you.  I reach out my hands not to share but to comfort you.  It is in all 
of you.  Jewels, all of you.  I give you encouragement along your path.  You shall awaken 
through each other and the world around you. 

This was when I channeled on 8/31/10. I was at a psychic development class with my friends. The person who scribed this did not know my name. Isn't it odd how one year and a half later, not having my name is of use in this blog?

I want to talk to you today about channeling. Not to try it. Just like you would not try a complex gymnastics maneuver or using a pistol without an experienced person there to keep you from harm.

I am a conscious channel. I am awake and aware whenever I have somebody 'go through me'. I am constantly connected to Source. People like this often like to have quiet when they get massage or ride in the car. That way we keep in touch with both our 'otherworldly' and 'worldy' existence.

Channeling is when you are in a safe place, protected to only connect with the highest spirits, and you step aside and let go. There was another entity coming through me when I shared in the Channeling class, like in the example above. It was Blessed Mother, Mother Mary. 

You may see all kinds of Channeling going on in the internet. On YouTube I have seen plenty. Only what you are drawn to, what resonates with you, is probably meant for you to see. There are many Spirits on Many Different Vibrations that are out there that you can't see. Anyone not on your vibration or above can cause trouble to your energetic system.

On the other hand, Channeling an entity that is of a vibration that is higher than you can 'blow you out'. That is why the Ascension process is a movement for the world to Raise Their General Vibration. Once we hit a tipping point, then the Higher Beings can be visible and offer help. It really is not 'something to watch' but rather 'something to be'.

This is something that does not need much time out of your schedule. Like a program to lose weight, you do it with consistency in everything you do, and everywhere you go.

Here is my schedule for today:

Blog--this is my Purpose. I connect to it, I resonate with it, and it is guided by Spirit.

Get house going. Get dressed, clean (I prefer 'bless') bathrooms and declutter hot spots.

Breakfast with son (a blessing, even if he is grumpy)

Feed and tend to all pets. I have a turtle who is thirty years old, a Goffin's cockatoo that is twenty-three, a betta fish that is four or five, and a snake that is going on two. It is a little snake, a ball python, who is my son's

My first and my son's second baseball practice from eight to nine.

Swim meet for my son. I will get wet as he sits on my lap between races. His dad will be there and take him home with him for his weekend.

Retirement/birthday party for a coworker of over twenty years who is rejecting his second heart transplant.

Yogurtland treat for seeing all my old coworkers, just in case any old feelings come up.

Gas for car, shopping and errands.

Finish my blog post here

Catch up on Galactic Federation of Light

Take Care of Pets


Call Mom

Pack for tomorrow, a twenty-four hour call shift at work

Where is the Reiki in all of this? Reiki is a little bit in everyone and everything I have in my day. Today, most of my Reiki went out at the retirement function. There was nothing but love there, but in everyone I touched, I gave Reiki blessing. I also blessed the glasses of ice tea as I passed them. 'I am loved', 'I am healthy' and 'I am special'. What looks ordinary can be extraordinary when Spirit and Consciousness act together in your heart.

God loves you so much! That is what I want for all of you to know and experience.  I feel it so much, right now, when I am online writing special words for you. I get help as I select them for the electronic page you have before you.


Reiki Doc