Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Receptionist

Two days ago, I met a woman at the Little League game. Her sister, who is morbidly obese, had decided to get a lap band procedure (bariatric surgery). She was in the 'watching a video and taking a seminar' phase and in the market for a good bariatric surgeon.

I work at a center of excellence in bariatric surgery. We have all the right equipment and protocols in place to handle this type of surgery with safety, and with all the right support to encourage the patient and increase the likelihood of success. One of the surgeons is female, a nice woman who truly cares about her patients, and often does follow up surgery on them if ever a gallbladder or appendix turns up. I made a referral to this group to the woman for her sister.

This prospective patient ran into 'Chelsea', on her first telephone call to the office. Chelsea was rude to her, implied she did not have good insurance to pay for it (the patient was willing to finance a loan for the surgery), and told her to 'stop reading those 800 number ads'.

Calling to seek bariatric surgery is a difficult call to make! This patient was crushed, and is never going to try for our facility again.

Time and again, in my experience as a patient, the clerks at the front desk are abysmal. Some look like they are from a gang, and scare me. Many 'forget' to call me 'Dr.' and instead use my first name. Many are flustered, and confused and overwhelmed by simple tasks in the office. I know of one surgeon who had to let go an excellent worker who had worked in the office for over twenty years. The worker had gone up the pay scale so much that the business could not afford her. 

What better place to apply Reiki than at the front desk? The receptionist on the phone? It would set the tone for the medical office and greatly increase the satisfaction of the patients and everyone working there! Feng Shui has been done in many an interior design for office space. But never a Reiki environment, complete with a crystal grid, to blast HEALING through the space. 

Why is it that the face of a business and an important point of contact with the life blood of the practice has such glaring flaws? Why is everyone so hardened?

I think a part of it is the dual responsibilities they face: 1) doctor and patient, and 2) insurance coverage and approval. Number 2 would drive anyone to the breaking point. Seriously. Insurance is a disservice to us all. Out of fear we purchase it. And the coverage is shrinking. I do not have maternity care, for example, but I am of child-bearing age. The coverage would be too expensive on my personal policy I carry for myself (I am 1099).  If you ask me, Reiki would be a tipping point in the insurance industry policy. How can they carry out their horrible rules and regulations in the face of everyone else being Reiki-wise? And knowing Truth? Everyone would call them on it. Again and again. 

So my vote for today, is for Reiki experience to spread outside the conventional Reiki session, beyond the anesthesia-Reiki interface in the O.R., past Reiki PACU, and into the medical offices themselves. 

Reiki has a place in this. You should see the love for animals at the Vet's clinic! The decor, the techs, the receptionists, the veterinarians...all across the board they share a love for animals.  Why is there a lack of love for humanity at the place where people need it the most?


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Eighty-six cents

Eighty-six cents. Eighty-six cents. Eighty-six cents.

 That is what I would have to pay Facebook for an ad for Doctors With Reiki, every time one would click on my ad on the sidebar. Or if I wanted to pay a flat rate, I could pay ten dollars a day for unlimited clicks. That would be almost four grand a year! I am in shock. Is Facebook really one great big ad? An experiment in marketing? Wow. Luckily, I don't need to take out ads.

Doctors with Reiki is be word of mouth, both the human and angelic kind. It will select out for a very specific energy, a high energy healing light energy, and will resonate with them. Today, for YOUR eighty-three cents worth of click, we are going to start expanding your knowledge of the Operating Room. Just in case you find yourself there.

First there is admissions desk. They copy your insurance card and have you sign lots of scary forms. These workers are not medically trained. Sometimes they are nice. Usually they are not very friendly.

Next you wait in the surgical waiting area. This part is unnerving. Tell yourself 'this too shall pass' and hug your loved ones a second time. Someone will call your name and escort you to Pre Op Holding.

This is where they will prepare you for surgery. Everything will happen in small steps. Change into gown. Start I.v. Sometimes an orderly will come shave you. The important thing is to check and make sure we are doing the right operation and that everything will be safe.

I have to let you in on a little secret: ninety percent of the time Pre Op nurses are really stressed. They work hard. A lot in information is scrutinized by them. If one seems grumpy, give them slack. They are looking out for you.

The Circulating Nurse makes sure the surgical consent and equipment are ready for your surgery. There is a cart of instruments and drapes set up by technicians according to the surgeon's preference card. But sometimes things aren't there. During the case this nurse runs and gets them. They make sure the table is right (there are special ones for back surgery, intraop x rays, gynecology and urology procedures, bariatric, etc.).

The surgeon you already know, and will sign your consent, answer any questions, and make a mark on the surgical site. The Pre Op nurses will have been nagging them to sign the consent and also have an updated History and Physical in the record. If you pick up annoyance, it is not you. Surgeons dislike paperwork. They are always busy, and paperwork slows them down. But that is the score in PreOp.

Then there is your humble anesthesiologist. When I do cases, I  have been setting up for your anesthetic long before I met you. You do not know. Sometimes I have talked to my buddies to stand by, just in case, at the moment I have you fall asleep (that is called induction) because I am concerned that the breathing tube might not go in. Sometimes it takes more than one anesthesiologist to get you out of trouble with an airway. Do not be concerned unless you have a very small chin, sleep apnea, radiation to the neck, or morbid obesity. I have to ask for help maybe twice a year.

When I walk up to you, I check to see how healthy you really are. I am getting evidence to show that my anesthetic plan is the right fit for you. And for the surgeon. I can numb a part of your body and make you sleepy, or have you go to sleep all the way during surgery, and I will advise you what I think is best.

Sometimes I will put in the I.v. If the nurse is having trouble.

When the room is ready, and if you are nervous, I will sedate you on the way to the O.R. As we walk down the hall with your gurney, you may see, but not remember, the clerk who answers the phone and schedules cases, the cleaning crew, the Anesthesia Tech, and the technicians who clean and prepare instruments. There are X-ray techs, with great big c-arm fluoroscopes. There are sales representatives for surgical equipment, too. Especially the Ortho ones. There are laser techs, ultrasound lithotripsy techs, nerve monitoring techs, and perfusionists sometimes too. There is not lots of time to answer all of your questions. But we make it clear that we are here for you. And that we care.

The last person you will meet is also the most special: the recovery room nurse. These nurses are ICU capable. Don't let their pink scrubs and nice hair fool you! (everyone else wears those blue caps) they are the best at treating surgical pain in the hospital. They will keep you warm and make sure you are not too sleepy when it is time for you to go to your room.

Everyone that is at work is in some way a healer. They would not be drawn to work in a hospital if they did not have the gift of helping others find balance when it is imbalanced (Health). Someone will resonate with you if you let them, and allow the healing overall to take place, not just the surgery part.

I see a lot of O.R.'s on T.V. They are fake. Real O.R.'s are fantastic places where miracles happen every day. I thought you might like to know more about them. We need dialogue between the Yoga folks and the Conventional Medicine peeps. There is so much both segments have to bring to the healing environment. I hope this post will open your mind toward acceptance of what each group has to give toward healing in general.


Reiki Doc

Monday, May 28, 2012

My Uncle, the Starseed Scout

My mother has a brother who is five and a half years younger than her. My grandmother spent a lot of time watching me, and he would play with me and make me laugh when he came home from school. We were tight, very close, all through my growing up.

When he got drafted, I was two and a half. I could not understand where he was, or why. They told me he was in the war. When  I asked when he was coming home, my mother and grandmother would not answer me, and would cry but try to hide the tears.

The home was empty without him. One day he came home in uniform. They told me not to touch him or I might mess up his clothes. I had to wait. He was on leave but I did not understand he would have to go back. He was a gunner on a Huey in Nam. When he came home for good, I ran to him and never let him go. I was about four and a half, and it was just like you see on T.V., my running to his arms with tears of joy!

My childhood was spent visiting my grandparents and hanging out with my uncle. He was changed. Quiet. Spent lots of time watching World at War and shows like that on T.V. I didn't understand the footage of death was real. War was beyond my comprehension. But out of love for my uncle, I stayed by his side and spent time with him.

One of the facts about the war in Vietnam was it was humid. Very moist and damp. What got my uncle through the war was fantasizing about someplace dry, the desert. One day, he got excited about an offer he had made to buy some land in the desert. He bought it from some man named Dee. I saw the papers with my uncle's name on it. He would own the land but have to pay the taxes on it every year. Dad went with him to check it out. I couldn't wait to go. When uncle bought a trailer, and put it in grandma's front yard, I looked in every drawer and marveled how the table could make into a bed!

Eventually the trailer and I made it to the desert. And that is where my heart expanded with love for this wondrous land that made my uncle happy, and that he was more than happy to share with the rest of us.

I learned to shoot, to ride a motorcycle, to hike, what to do around rattlesnakes, how to drive a car with a stick shift, how to cook, and how to build an outhouse. Much of the time was spent trying to avoid the heat, and relaxing with a good book. Sometimes it was cold and blustery, and it was a struggle to keep ourselves warm. Every long weekend and school holiday, we were there.

At night my uncle showed me the stars. He knew the constellations, and even ones with letters and numbers, something like M-36. We looked through telescopes, watched satellites, admired the milky way, and filled with wonder. My favorite constellation of all is the Pleades. Always liked it. Never knew why, but when I looked, I felt like everything was going to be okay. (Often times when I was on call, in my residency, when I would be called out of the call rooms and walking to the hospital, I would look up in the night, find my place, and trust that everything was going to be okay.)

Uncle is a UFO-ologist. He studied and read books and magazines. My parents and he went to a convention that was called Giant Rock. I rode on their shoulders and tried to figure out what was the draw for all those people? Mom said she saw someone who wasn't from this planet there once. She looked and she just knew. And she knew he knew she knew but she couldn't explain it.

Frankly, that part of growing up used to scare me. My sister and I hated it at the fire when the grownups would start to talk about extraterrestrials. I decided I wanted nothing to do with it, I could live my life just fine, because it made no difference on my simple life whether what they said was true or not. I was born to live my life and sought to do the best I could to live it. On this planet!

I got religion. And uncle always teased me over it. We agreed to disagree. He would talk about wanting to see other galaxies, about how eating and going to the bathroom was a total waste of time.  And how he longed to experience space travel. He talked about telepathy. And even once in high school knew of a girl who said she was from Venus. Seriously.

Just this weekend, I went back to the desert with my family. For the first time in over twenty years. Due to my training and my education, I had not been able to go. Around the fire, Uncle talked about Utopia--one where all the bad people would be put away, and where they would eventually not be able to procreate, and ultimately go extinct. He talked about free energy of the Universe and tapping in to it. And about not having to eat, instead being able to live off of light energy. 'Plants live off the energy of the sun' was his point. He is so close to what is going on, and yet so humble not to know it just yet.

Uncle has no faith in what he can't see. He wants to be psychic so badly, but it does not work for him. He is very mental. But his dreams and aspirations prepared me for my life's work, and opened my heart to the possibility that life outside the earth might exist. His credibility held the space for me to come around in my place as a starseed, at my own time, with my own work to accomplish.

Uncle has a terrible case of psoriatic arthritis, with psoriasis. And diabetes too. He asked me how to cure his psoriasis. It troubles him. By the fire, I did Reiki. I checked and balanced his chakras. I knew that the skin and a systemic disease reflects life purpose. I gave Reiki, and got the sign to attune him. I did, without teaching him just yet. I did it to 'open him up' in his psychic development. 'If your hands start burning, or you have psychic dreams or flashes, don't worry, it is okay' I advised. The next day, I sent programmed Reiki healing to him. And as we sat, I talked to him, as he said, 'let's play psychiatrist' and lay on the chaise like a patient. Gently, I probed about his past, about his moving from the old country at eight years old. And I guided him with just a hint, about what his purpose is in his mind, if he has an opinion or anything? I know. And I am honored. But the most gracious and most effective, in my experience, is the gift of letting someone 'figure things out for themselves'.

Sometimes a hint is enough to get a lot of things going. And with a healer who understands that florid psoriasis and diabetes are the body trying to capture the attention of the person, and give a message about life and how to get in balance...sometimes just a nudge is all it will take. We tend to trust others like ourselves when we seek help. He asked for mine, and I was honored.

If it were not for him, and all the time he put into my development, paving the way so many years ago, Reiki Doc as you know it would not exist. He is a stepping stone, a scout, that showed me the way.
I want you to consider the fact that your having interest in energetic healing and Reiki indicate that you are in fact a Starseed on assignment for the greater good. And to take the time, like me, to reflect and give thanks for those that paved the road as spiritual scouts for you. I want you to remember  them as you walk your path, and know that the plan is perfectly in place and proceeding without a hitch for your part in it.


Reiki Doc

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Difficult Patient

Reiki is unique in that it heals without taking out energy from the healer. It 'flows through'. That being said, not all patients are equal. Some require more handling, some less. And how they act with you on the surface may have no bearing on the state of their energetic system. There is personality, consciousness, physical state, and transference from the patient to the healer to address. Here is what I do to keep me at the top of my game in the healing arts.

It all starts with you. Are you a healer? Do you have a calling? Do you take care of hurt animals and plants and get them better? Do people come to you with their problems out of respect for your success with managing their problems in the past? Are you one of those people who, like it or not, are drawn to the healing professions so much that you likely wouldn't be happy doing anything else, like sales or marketing? Some people are healers. It is their calling, and their interest and passion will lie in service to their fellow beings in this life. You don't have to be a 'healer' to do Reiki, but if you are, it really really helps you in your practice with the public when you interact with them.

What is inside of you? What are your predominant thoughts? Are they worldly? You will know. Daily meditative practice, be it Qi Gong, Yoga, Crossword puzzles, a sport that you do regularly, playing a musical instrument..anything to take your mind off the moment and allow you to 'connect' with your Higher Power/Source/God/ Spirit will give you a foundation for healing that will stabilize you in your interactions with others. Practice such as this will allow you to process your interactions and release any issues that may have come up with earlier days at work for you. You don't want to carry those around to the next day.

Are you present? Did you brush your hair and teeth? Did you take a shower? Did you get a good nights' sleep? Do you smoke? Patients are going to smell it on you. It is not so much what kind of image you project, rather it is your level of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical comfort at work. If your shoes hurt and your clothing is tight and you are thinking about when you can take your next break, it will affect you and the patient. When I was in residency, I was surprised at how often I was sicker than my patients! They do not know, or care, and take your time anyhow. The more you can buoy yourself up, and be in a good position to take care of others, the easier it will be on both the healer and the patient.

Do you smile? To a patient that means so much--an open heart and mind for healing. If your inner state is one of joy from living with Purpose of helping others, they will catch it. It is infectious, a light heart! The healing, apart from whatever your training and why the client comes to you, begins when your aura begins to interact with theirs.

Speaking of auras, there are some things you can do with yours to protect you:
1) shield yourself. This needs to happen two or three times a day. Your choices are (pick up to three)-
     a) white light
     b) pink light (love)
     c) green light (healing, love)
     d) violet light (very high energy)
     e) gold light (archangels)
     f) lead (nothing can pass through--might slow down your psychic ability a bit temporarily)
2) Remove your own attachments (negative entities and dark entities and implants. see for details)
3) have a golden mesh shield permanently installed in your aura to prevent future attachments

I had the work done with Margaret and it gives 'insurance' that my life energy is for me, not some energetic parasite. And that no matter what my patient gives, it is going to stay that way. I am safe, energetically.

Drop your baggage. Many times a patient/healer interaction is going to 'stir something up'. Work through your past, your life lessons, and try to come from a position where ego does not play a role in the healing process. It will be easier for everyone involved. Ego is counterproductive to the healing process.

Be yourself. Your feelings, your emotions, your insights are valuable to use in the healing process. Through practice, you will learn how to play them up in their best light with the person at hand. With smokers, for example, one doc at the VA used to play hardball with them when they would give a barrage of excuses, 'what!? do you think I am stupid (to believe all that)?'. It would disarm the patient, with military-style humor and truth, and the healing discussion could start after that. This method would fail miserably in a different context somewhere else.

Take small breaks. Everything you do to take care of yourself, be it a cracker and some juice in two minutes, will fortify you to perform in the healing environment. Lately I just like to get a little sun, maybe ten minutes. When colleagues see me I tell them 'I am making some vitamin D'. Sunlight really helps to clear out the energy I pick up when working with patients, especially on L&D.

Know that your time of service will end. Your shift is a finite number of hours. You will be home to rest and recharge. But in a greater sense, your time as a healer will end. Your will wind down your career, and likely become a patient yourself. Remember that it is not forever, and enjoy your chance to make a positive impact of others through their lives.

Have a sense of humor and reach out to other caregivers. The one that 'makes your head spin' when you interact with them is likely to have been a hurricane of emotional and energetic destruction to others in their path through the hospital. You are not imagining it. Get a reality check ASAP.

You are not going to heal them like the evangelical preacher that says 'put your hand on the TV and you will WALK again!'. It isn't instant in the medical field, or anywhere else for that matter. There are factors going into it, and the energetic imbalance that led to illness did not happen in one day. You are, however, in the position to have a positive effect on the overall balance between negative and positive in your patient's perception. Try to tip it, tip the balance just somewhat toward the Light. The effect may take days, weeks, or years for the fruit of your interaction to take place. Plant the seed and trust that everything is happening for the best. Know that your work is appreciated very much, on both sides of the veil, by your patients, and by the guides that watch over both of you.

Love is the Solution For Everything. You will live this. You will learn this. And you will grow to like it very much.


Reiki Doc

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Dear Patient: what I have to say, but cannot

An Open Letter to a Patient:

You are a beautiful soul. Your spirit and I got to know you. I know your past. I know your history. I am filled with utmost compassion, because you do not understand your disease. And that you are slowly falling apart because of it.

I met you in the Operating Room. Someone had wheeled you in, without my okay. The nurse had asked, 'have you met Dr. yet?' and you said yes. You do not speak the English well enough, or do not remember the names of who you had met. That is okay. My Spanish is much worse than your passable English, for I only know the medical Spanish I was taught at school. And we are equals on forgetting. Sometimes I have to look at the name on the chart again and again as I talk to you, to wake you and to gently induce sleep. There are so many of you I cannot count. And every one of you looks different from awake when you are sleeping with a tube taped in your mouth that was put there by me...

Your Hemoglobin A1C was 12. That means that your sugar is out of control pretty much most of the time. Why do you not understand the terror of high blood sugar? Why do you not change your lifestyle? Why do you let them take apart your limbs? For infection cannot spread as fast when blood sugar is within normal limits.

Is it your lack of education? Is it suicide by sweets? What is going on with you? I have seen this pattern again and again. So have others. They have coined 'the metabolic syndrome' because of the constellation of disease that goes with diabetes. It is serious and difficult to treat.

My heart was moved by your plight. How can you be trapped inside a body, on the road to destruction  by ravage of disease, and not even comprehend how it is destroying you? It was not fair of Life to come to this! I would not wish your fate on my worst enemy. I felt powerless to assist.

And then I turned on Reiki. (Lord knows I had ample time! You were stable, hemodynamically, and there they dig and scrape and remove to take the infection away.)

I connected into your Aura. I turned the power on and helped you ground. I felt doughiness at your solar plexus, total blockage in your third eye/indigo chakra, and lots of spiky heat down towards your feet. As I cleansed and balanced your chakra system, I picked up on your story that led to this fate.

You were born a worker, to a working family. It was expected of you to work, and work you did. Your whole life. You were not content with it, but not discontent enough to propel you to study to escape your class as 'worker'. The assignment made at birth, by your choice to occupy that body--whether to learn something or to buy Karma--was unacceptable to you.

You compared yourself to others. You had 'taste' and 'high hopes' but that is all they were, in your mind. As your power center blocked, and your ego hijacked your heart center, your ability to discern  Purpose by Intuition was blocked. The more you 'powered through' to control your lack of your dream life destiny, the more you made manifest your hopes and dreams shattered.

And then you spent. And you spent and spent and lost your groundedness. You could not 'get back on your feet' . Your body, an instrument of communication to your heart center, was shouting and shouting to 'get me back to center and to balance again'. You did not hear this. Your patterns were set and you were set on your not changing them. 'That is who I am so let it Be'. And that is what you Are.

In fact, another day yields an opportunity to express yourself however way your wish! And so blind you cannot see it.

My love for you was strong, my heart made healthy by the fact I know what my blessings are; one of them is taking care of you. With your poor teeth, and smile you trusted me to take care of you. How very blessed I am to enjoy your Earth Presence in my O.R.! Your breath and life is a miracle of itself! How I wish for you to See yourself as I see you! As God sees you! As the wonder full of Life you are!

I placed the symbols and was guided to attune you to the energy of Reiki. I did the motions with my hands under the Bair Hugger warming blanket. No one could see. Your hands might burn somewhat because of me. You may not understand it. I trust in your Higher Spirit, your Guides and Deceased Loved Ones to take this gift that I have given you, and make the most of Reiki Energy. Perhaps you will have a dream that will help to awaken you out of your suffering. It all starts in the Mind, and perhaps you will find thoughts both new and pleasing, thoughts of hope and making for the best.

And if you don't, nothing is wasted. I gave your 'Happy Trails' transition sign to ease your end upon the planet, a little blank check for you to cash in whenever you wish.

You asked for juice and food as soon as you arrived in Recovery. Your sugar was 105--almost normal. It must have been low for you. And hungry, so we let you have your juice and jello before we sent you on your way. You don't know it but I thank God for you and the chance to heal your heart. For that is what healers do. That is exactly what God put me on this earth to do. And I took care of you with my head, my hands, my heart, and Reiki kindness.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Om-Purpose Driven Life

Reiki and The Purpose Driven Life? Spirituality and the Leading Christian Inspiration of our time? What on earth???

The book, A Purpose Driven Life,  was given to me at a low time in my life by a classmate. It had helped her during challenges. It is written by Rick Warren, pastor and founder of Saddleback Church in California.

The book asks for you to make a covenant with the Lord, to spend forty days going over each portion of each chapter that is assigned to you. It resonated very deeply with me, and helped me to get through my personal challenges.

It made me feel loved and that I was being counted upon by God to fulfill the Divine Purpose of my Life. Looking back, it was baby steps. But just as it is important for a baby learning to walk, to get past the falls and tumbles and to get their way on their own feet, it is important for us in our Spiritual Life to get a start on our own Purpose.

At the time ten years ago, I felt that I had stumbled upon a profound spiritual truth. Let us revisit the steps, with Spirit in Mind, and have 'something to add' to make it more appropriate for the Reiki in us today. I have taken steps to make it inclusive to our brothers and sisters who might have been hurt in some way by organized religion and possibly the christian faith. We are children of God, truly.

Pastor Rick starts the book with an Intent: "As I wrote this book, I often prayed that you would experience the incredible sense of hope, energy, and joy that comes from discovering what God put you on this planet to do." This is pure Source, and work of Spirit, setting an intention, just as a Reiki practitioner would begin a healing by summoning angels, guides and deceased loved ones to help with the Reiki flow. Intent is everything.

I am taking the highlighted box for each day that resonates, and Reiki-expanding it in the underlined text.

Day 1. You were made by God and for God--and until you understand that, life will never make sense.

you are a creature of Spirit. you are made for this. to enjoy and reap what you gather from this life to bring with you to the next.

Day 2. Long before you were conceived by your parents, you were conceived in the mind of God.

you are an eternal creature and came to this on assignment by choice. Live it.

Day 3. Nothing matters more than knowing God's purposes for your life, and nothing can compensate for not knowing them.

you came to live your life for development, to bring forward from this life to the next.

Day 4. This life is preparation for the next.

see number three. all souls are continually moving onward in their process of self-development.

Day 5. Character is both developed and revealed by tests, and all of life is a test.

our life is built up of lessons broken up by periods of time for assimilation and rest for the spirit that is within us.

Day 6. Your identity is eternity and your homeland is Heaven.

you are what you 'make of it'. no matter what you do, your origin and assignment have been set/blessed.

Day 7. When anything in Creation fulfills its purpose, it brings Glory to God.

Source is the infinite collection of All, it is holy, pure and of Light.

Day 8. Anything you do that brings pleasure to God is an act of worship.

God wouldn't assign you a nine-to-five option on experience of purpose and fulfillment. It is a 24/7 experience on this earth. Life is not 'what you make of it'. It is an eternity of getting to know yourself in order to make this world a BETTER PLACE.

Day 9. God enjoys watching every detail of your life.

You are always on 'recorder' on the Akashic records. You review this on yourself every night. Your higher self is guiding you in this test. Source is all infinity and Light, and you are a Spark of it. : )

Day 10. Surrender is not the best way to live, it is the only way to live. Nothing else works.

You can fight your spiritual nature in this realm, but you cannot escape the Karmic Debt and Universal Laws.

Day 11. Knowing and loving God is our greatest privilege, and being known and loved is God's greatest pleasure.

We are your family of spirit. We know and love you in spite of everything else, whether you account for this in your experience of life as we know it, or do not choose to acknowledge us in it.

Day 12. The more you become God's friend, the more you will care about the things he cares about.

Your higher purpose will make itself familiar to you if you experience it closely in your consciousness.

Day 13. The best style of worship is he one that most authentically represents your love for God.

There is no style of worship superior than the one that is inside of you. If you like church, that is an option. There are many options that are available to you in life experience. namaste.

Day 14. When you feel abandoned by God yet continue to trust in him, you worship him in the deepest way.

Trust is the ability to have faith in higher consciousness of you and the universal law. God is taking care of you in all experiences of life, even the dangerous and painful ones. Your trust is what will get you through intact.

Day 15. Being included in God's family is the highest honor and the greatest privilege you will ever receive.

Your family of light is there for you, no matter what. Call on us sometime and let us share our Light with your heart and your plans and your hopes for this life. And also for the next.

Day 16. The greatest gift you can give someone is your time.

We are on earth for a limited time. It is like the choices of rides to take at Disneyland--the day it passes by no matter how long we take at everything. Share your light with others on the test. It is 'open book examination' on earth.

Day 17. We discover our role in life through our relationship with others.

Everyone projects a different aspect of you to yourself for purposes of learning more about your heart.

Day 18. Every time you understand and affirm someone's feelings, you build fellowship. 

There is nothing to add on this, it is face value.

Day 19. When conflict is handled correctly, we grow closer to each other.

Absolutely, yes! That is an affirmative! try Ho'oponopono technique if you are stuck within a conflict that you can't get past.

 Day 20. God expects you to make the first move. 

There is no time like the moment to undertake a cause for peace between two hearts and put an end to suffering.

Day 21. We must passionately love the church in spite of its imperfections.

This is our humanity, our 'church'. Be respectful of the flaws and shortcomings of others and they shall be respectful of the ones in you. And yes, we have them! We all do! Even Pastor Rick.

Day 22. God's ultimate goal for your life on earth is not comfort but character development.

I like to turn this one around--your comfort will be greater in Eternity for having developed your character as much as possible while living your life as you know it on Earth.

Day 23. The way you think influences the way you feel, and the way you feel influences the way you act.

You are an energetic creature full of Light, a creative spirit. Like it or not, what you think has the ability to become a reality. 'Worry is prayer for what you DON'T WANT'.

Day 24. Many people who claim to have read the bible 'from cover to cover' have never read it from cover to cover.

Other people's opinions do not matter. They are not you. Only YOU can live your life for you. Let it go. You are not going to succeed in changing anybody without changing first your heart and spirit.

Day 25. Your most profound and intimate experiences of worship will likely be your darkest days.

Love stinks! Yeah, yeah! Love stinks! But it sure sells some pretty good music, doesn't it? My friends, challenge truly brings out the best in you. It allows you to relive your troublesome experiences to the benefit of others going through similar ones, and your ability to help makes it less traumatic on them. Namaste.

Day 26. God develops the fruit of the spirit by allowing you to experience circumstances which you're tempted to express the exact opposite quality!

Control of one's emotions is the sign of a spiritual master.

Day 27. The battle for sin is won or lost in your mind. What gets your attention will get you. 

Control of one's inner thought processes is also the sign of a spiritual master. The impartial observance of one's thinking, like in Buddhism, can be useful in this.

Day 28. There is no growth without change, no change without fear or loss, and no loss without pain.

Attachments must be severed to progress. You may enjoy them, but know that they are attachments and can be taken away from you at any time.

Day 29. Service is the pathway to real significance.

This is the basis of the highest dimensions and life experience. What you can take with you is a life that is spent serving others not expecting payment or anything in return. The sacrifice of the heart. Namaste.

Day 30.  God never wastes anything.

Everything you do, everything you think, everything you feel in your heart, has Higher Purpose and It is Good.

Day 31.  It feels good to do what God made you to do. (your Life Purpose)

Things that feel good raise the vibration, and progress is made by the soul that holds to this fact.

Day 32. You will never know what you are good at until you try.

God does not make you eat your vegetables. This is not mommy telling you it is for your own good. God says quite emphatically: Do Not Limit Yourself by Limited Thinking! The sky is the limit and GO FOR IT!

Day 33. Great opportunities often disguise themselves as small tasks.

God has angels unawares pop up in your life, kind of like on the computer. Try to be sure to click on them and see what it is they have in XP for you in this world. Namaste.

Day 34. Real servants don't try to use God for their purposes. They let God use them for his purposes.

It is the Ego that wants to use God for its purpose. Period. That is enough said.

Day 35. Your most effective ministry will come out of your deepest hurts.

It will also make you a better person for having lived though suffering and all the lower emotions. It will have opened your heart.

Day 36. The Great Commission was given to every follower...

You are not an accident. "If a mother forsake her child, I shall not abandon you." That is God, in the Essence.

Day 37. Shared stories build a relational bridge...from your heart to others.

People do not trust and do not relate to one who is not like themselves. Our ministers 'of Life' go out in the field, roll up their sleeves, and work alongside of you. Remember the part about the 'angels unawares'? That's us out there! To follow you and bring you back to God when you are ripe for it.

Day 38. It has never been easier in history to fulfill your commission to go to the whole world.

This is correct. There are many provisions for blessing and for grace. Not by the computer, but in everything. Only the desire to be a better person, and the effort spent in that direction, will one encounter the greatest return on their investment in Spirit and in Light. Rates are good these days! Seriously. You will make a killing on the 'market', the God and Love and Spirit one, if you attempt the smallest of efforts very intently.

Day 39. You owe it to future generations to preserve the testimony of how God helped you fulfill his purposes on earth.

You matter. God is counting on you to do your Task. That task, be is a simple garden or a home well-kept, shall make the world a better place for your having lived here on earth and done what you like best (your calling to the Light). And God will have an emphasis on preparing you for it. Take your time. There is no hurry. Namaste.

Day 40. When God's at the center of your life, you worship. When he's not, you worry.
 You can start living your purpose today.

God is every breath. Why not go along with it? It is lovely when all is said and done. Keep smiling. Keep shining, Know within your bosom, in your heart of hearts, you are the best at doing what you do best. Naturally!

It is my hope that this exercise will expand and build upon the beauty and truth that was brought to us through the life work of Reverend Rick Warren, a man of faith and peace and service to many on his task. His love might reach further with this blog, and find a suitable place in you.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What If?

A retired nurse visited the nurses station last night while I was on call. She was having this conversation with a contemplating-retirement nurse, a discussion about a mutual friend in nursing at an old hospital where the three worked together, who died of colon cancer at forty-six, leaving behind two small kids. It turned out that the husband had been having an affair with an old flame for two years, and decided to leave his wife four weeks after the baby was born. Because men talk, the retired nurse found out this horrible fact, and chose not to inform her best friend in the hopes that 'things would get better. the friend thought the spouse friend ' is not the kind to take such information to advantage, but instead would anger over it'. The husband left days after being present at the birth and acting like a happy father of the baby. My retired RN friend had wanted to just slap him in the hospital after the birth when she saw him acting like that. The wife never recovered. 'Do you think the anger could have had something to do with the cancer and death?' the retired RN asked us.

What do I say? Yes? With my metaphysical training and being Reiki Doc, I know! of course! There is no doubt in my mind that the anger pattern weakened the aura, until disease commenced, and the patient died. But to someone who does not know me in the Reiki Doc context? I chose to neither confirm nor deny the truth. I gave them the space to 'sort it out'by being vaguely, obliquely, supportive of her thought.

Twenty minutes later, in the OR while setting up for a c-section, the "happy nurse" on night shift joked and said she honestly did not know patients sometimes go poop on the operating table. I laughed and said we call it 'code brown.' Sure enough, at the end of the case, with uterine massage per routine, what do you know? Poop came out!

The nurse was kind of freaked out by it. After the case, she kept saying, 'isn't it unusual? Isn't it strange that the ONE TIME in her CAREER we talk about it, code brown happens in the OR?!?' Well, no, it isn't unusual at all, happy nurse. You simply manifested it. Everyone can do that these days. Next time try something besides poop! I thought it, but I didn't say it. Manifest. Hold the space. Neither confirm not deny.

Obama had a great big 'neither confirm nor deny' moment with Jaden Smith, Will Smith's boy in the White House recently. It made YouTube after a TV interview. I don't think that's an accident either. Nuance toward Full Disclosure, it you ask me. Here is the link and see for yourself.

Here are MY 'what if's' that have been on my mind lately:

1) what if the powers of agribusiness were not content with farms and ranches, and the big Interest behind it has some kind of Plan to make money off of us? Animals don't know they are not free. They exist.we do too.

2) what if the concept of the work week is totally arbitrary (on farms seasons and length of day dictated work) to maximize money for The Powers That Be behind the Plan?

3) what if Organized religion is the Mastermind Project by The Powers That Be to take one more day of our lives, and further control us? And to take more wealth? What if it is a deliberate distortion of Christ's teachings, to incorporate guilt and therefore control and seeking of an 'intercessor to God' by the masses, who are perfectly capable of access on their own?

4) what if getting sick was not an accident? That population control and behavior control functions by making people that are too weak to fight? And that stressful living conditions exacerbates it?

5) what if something fantastic is happening, something way cooler than your favorite team in the playoffs,is right around the corner from being discovered?

6) what if every Men In Black movie was the truth? And that like the Princess that didn't know it at the end of MIB 2, some are here on terra firma not knowing that their true destiny is beyond infinity and the stars?

7) what if Somebody was in the process of securing our Freedom back? And that Love is the Solution for Everything?

Think about it, and let me know how you see it. I would appreciate this very much. I am sorry it is so hard to leave the comments on this page. Maybe Twitter or Facebook for Doctors with Reiki or @Usui2102 would make it more simple to reply?


Reiki Doc

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Buddha's Epidural

The baby wasn't tolerating labor. The midwife had to come in. The patient wanted to 'go natural'.

Medical advice was to place an epidural to avoid cesarean section. I sat at the bedside, we had a nice chat, my patient and me.  She conceded, 'I want to do whatever is safe for baby.'

 I got a call half hour later to put the epidural in. There was a strange vibe in the room. I sensed it. Trouble. Energetically something is not favorable. The anxious patients are the worst because they are manifesting all KINDS of horrible complications with their flurry of horrible anxious thoughts. It is like trying to swim in river rapids upstream, energetically, when I come work with them.

The conflict is greater energetically, above and beyond the negativity of the anxious patient,  because negative energies (attachments. See Margaret Mc Cormick's work) do not like positive ones. Dark and Light repel.

As I progress towards ascension, it becomes increasingly more difficult for the procedure to have speed and ease of insertion when there are attachments present in the patient's aura. There are always speed bumps.

Think about it.  If you were a dark entity, attached to some lower chakra, imagine what a feast of energy it would be for you to have your host, a mother in childbirth, experience pain. You would have access to and incorporate high-grade pain and suffering into your energetic system. It would be so great to have such pure energy of the vibration you like best flowing into your energetic system. You are a parasite, with no energy source of your own, and you attach to a host when there is a breach in the aura of the host. You are happy there, and cause what pain you can to get by. But childbirth? That is like Thansgiving dinner on a plate with unlimited second servings! Would you want the anesthesiologist to make her comfortable? No way!

I have seen all kinds of things, from spinal headaches, to parasthesias, to catheters not going in, to the needle actually JUMPING out of position. I asked and was told by Margaret Mc Cormick it was the dark entities present in the patient that do this. So today, I was on the offensive. Even before sitting up, I started reiki. Turn on with CKR (mentally), scan, ground, SHK...sit up, position. And who was stuck in my patient's hair as I lifted it to put in the sterile bonnet for the procedure? In a silver throne with diamonds was a little jade buddha! I swear he winked at me! (Buddha ia one of my Karuna Reiki Guides).

I started with betadine prep swirls three times in CKR pattern (scrub nurses take heed!). And then it got tough. Hard technically, lots of complaining, and the usual Dark Entity crap. Totally blind insertion. But I didn't get upset. I never gave up hope. I didn't freak out over running out of local for skin, or fluid for the loss of resistance glass syringe. I calmly used air, something I hadn't done in two years! Eventually it worked. I had the strong support of an awakened RN nurse L, and together we got past the patient, the anatomy fraught with technical difficulty, and the family who watched the whole thing. I felt like I was in the hands of Source, being given a lesson on trust and faith, asking for help from Spirit like crazy through the whole episode! And with patience, Spirit guided me, through this lesson of trust and having faith.

Furthermore, this faith was transferred to the patient, with the eventual cesarean section that followed. The patient was calm, happy, and not manifesting nightmarish complications. Her negative entities, or dark entites (Only Margaret could know for sure for each patient) were quiet for the time being. Frankly, I think they were looking forward to the incision healing and my medicine wearing off down the road. This is a significant step in the care of a patient who could have been fearful and anxious the whole time. It was Reiki and the application of energetic skills that helped her to come to grips with the situation at hand in a mature, balanced way that was brought out the best in her for herself and for her infant.

 Namaste, Reiki Doc

Reiki and Anesthesia in the O.R.: a Hybrid Technique

Reiki and Anesthesia in the O.R.: a Hybrid Technique

Reiki in the Operating Room:

I am a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist in Private Practice at a Local
Community Hospital. 

How I came to Reiki is a story of its own, and I am not going to explain it.
For if I shared the details, it would place my location, and for my own job
security, I must write under an assumed name. 

Once my attunement in Reiki One began, I felt an incredible sense of 'coming
home'. My Reiki Guide was Master Usui himself, and I was both honored and
comforted that a doctor would select a doctor to assist on this Path. My
path includes Reiki Master, and Karuna Reiki Master.

I wanted to practice as much as possible. My immediate family was not
enough. There are long stretches of boredom interrupted by moments of sheer
terror when one gives anesthesia in surgery. I would like to share  my
experiences, and give hope to both physicians and the health care field, as
well as to patients, that a new day in patient care is starting to arrive.

Due to the nature of my work, I do not have the freedom to walk around the
patient undergoing surgery and place my hands in the proper positioning. I
only have the head. But what I know about anesthesia and surgery is it is
frightening to undergo, and the aura is weak enough in those circumstances
that a Reiki treatment seems the most compassionate thing to do.

How I do it, is like this:
1) do all the anesthesia and charting and computer work that is required of
2) stand at the head of the bed, and pretend to adjust something
3) open the power switch CKR.
4) scan the body as best as possible
5) ground
6) give all symbols indicated, at the crown of the head
7) scan and balance chakras
8) close and give thanks

It has to be fast, and sometimes I am interrupted. But in the spirit of
Reiki, my guides understand. It has partnership on both sides, and as the
years pass, I have come to know I can count on them to help me in my work.

What are the results? Let me say that the nurses in the Recovery Room adore
me! My patients have no nausea or vomiting, and very little pain when they
wake up. When I see my patients the next day, they share a closeness with me
I had not seen before I learned Reiki. They have a vitality that is from
Reiki. Their spirit knows, on some level, though their mind does not. I see
smiles as the patient shares their wonderment at the ease of the whole
process. And as a result, when coworkers and employees of the hospital
require surgery, they often make a special request for my services.

Only two in my work space know about my gift I give to my patients. One I
asked for permission first, if it was okay to ZAP? She agreed. She had so
little pain after her surgery, her husband, an RN himself, made her take one
Vicodin because he could not believe her lack of pain.

What I have learned, and for what I am most thankful, are the gifts from
giving Reiki from my heart:

1) my disease 'vocabulary' built up fast as I worked on so many with
terrible disease.
2) Reiki gave me another chance to help in patients with a terrible
suffering and imminent death. I love the transition symbol so much because
it allows me to do one more thing when conventional Medicine can't.
3) Reiki takes me out of the drama in childbirth, and allows me to stand
firm and allow healing into the delivery room. (I say  CKR when I start any
epidural or spinal.)
4) I have a stronger, healing presence at the bedside, everywhere I go. When
I am in a rush, I am confident that my guides will allow Reiki healing to
pass through me to my patient, through a word, a touch, or a smile on my
5) I am humbled by the amount of strength I have taken in, to allow me to be
nice and be myself in the doctor-patient relationship. For example, during a
c section, I allow my charting to wait, and simply hold the patient's' hand
as the surgeons assist in the birth. It does a world of good for the new
mothers, and allows me to enjoy the miracle of birth. I give the Transition
Symbol as well, for coming into the world is just as difficult sometimes as
transitioning out of it.

I have a deep debt of gratitude to Usui, Hayashi, Takata, Rand, Laurelle,
and all of you, my Reiki brothers and sisters, for keeping the tradition
alive. The good I have been allowed to bring forth into the world of
Traditional medicine astounds me. I cry tears of joy just to think about the
impact on the lives of others when they need it most. I thank you, and I
encourage you, like the EMT and aesthetician who have shared in the Spring
Issue of Reiki News Magazine, take Reiki to work. Each and every day....for
it is a gift that is too precious to keep to yourself.

Reiki Doc

I share my discovery each day here:

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