Wednesday, May 9, 2012

My Chosen Remnant

I have had a special devotion to Mary since 1990. I am part of a group that is called 'My Chosen Remnant'. It was in the early nineties that I came to friend a Visionary. We were at her house, and kneeling next to her while she was in her daily afternoon Vision, in a state called ecstacy.

As she interacted with someone the rest of us could not see, I put my hand up, and instead of taking from Blessed Mother, as we are instructed to call her, I made the choice to offer her as much love and appreciation as I could. I beamed it from my heart in her general direction, humbled, at how many who ask of her favors and blessings, and how very few must give back.

As I was doing this, I started to wonder where it was that I was touching Her...

"On my tummy!" I heard in my mind, along with a little giggle. For you see, when I had first met the Visionary at a friend's house for dinner, I asked so many questions! What does she look like? What color are her eyes? What does her voice sound like? Does she have a sense of humor or is she serious? How tall is she? What does she wear?

Over the last twenty-two years, I have had my answers. And I have a relationship with Blessed Mother that has lasted to this day.  I could talk about her all day. One of my patients has written a book about Blessed Mother. I wish so much I could tell this writer, who I am, and how much it is I love Blessed Mother, too! That my patient was in good hands, and that Blessed Mother put the two of us together. But I can't. There is no way to contact this person, and I trust that everything is as it Should Be all the way it is.

My task is to share with you the Three Days of Darkness. This I learned in a prayer book so many years go. It is a Catholic book that goes along with the little books of devotions, mostly a glorified pamphlet actually.

The prophecy was that in the End Times, there would be three wars:
1) Nature against Man
2) Man against Man
3) Spirit against Man

There would be great catastrophes and natural disasters, leading up to the time where the sun went dark.

It was to last for three days and three nights. We are instructed to keep plenty of food, water, and supplies ready, enough just for our own family.

In this time, there are two very disturbing predictions:
1) There will be no light. You can't see your hand in front of your face. The only thing that will light is a candle that has been blessed by a Priest.
2) There will be horrible, scary noises outside, and it will sound like loved ones are clawing to get inside. These are the demons, and we are not to answer the door. No matter what. We are to take aluminum foil and line the insides of our windows to block out anything horrible that we might see.

When everything is done, and it is safe to come outside, everything is going to be like Springtime, and it will stay that way forever.

I have known for all these years that I am to go through the End Times. I have been waiting. I have been watching. A little anxious about it, and not quite looking forward to it, but ready just the same.

But now I have been Thinking.  There is a chance that none of this could be true. If this was a guise to get us to manifest some Revelation-type disasters, by telling us it is real in the first place, getting us to believe it, then the Universal Law would make it Come to Pass. We have the power to make this world anything we want. Individually. And collectively, in the masses.

The way I see it, there are three paths the End Times could take:
1) As predicted in the little Catholic Devotionals, as I have described.
2) Something more like a New World Order imposed upon us by whoever, and having to 'fight back' with our own guns and currency of gold and the like
3) A natural and energetic phenomenon that is invisible to us initially, but then takes otherworldy form of transition, 'messing with us' by our perception of three D (just like a Karuna Reiki 'cleanse'), but is safe and without harm except to those who have chosen to skip the whole multidimensional Earth upgrade altogether and transition out of the Earth plane at this time.

Which one sounds the most in harmony with Source to you? Number two seems out, for sure. Aggression and survival are too third dimension for the Spirit Realm.  Number one seems all right, like a polar magnetic shift or something of that nature, but the foil on the windows and the scary spirits howling outside seem a little much. If I had to select one that made the most sense to me, with all of my experience and training, I would take option number three.

It doesn't hurt to be prepared, in either case. But what is FLEXIBLE in preparation is probably the best as far as what to expect is concerned. It always seems the middle approach is often the wisest one to select.

I have felt snippets of some sort of change for short intervals the past few days.  Whatever is going to happen, I think it is going to happen in a few days to weeks. And it will be wonderful!

I love you. With very much love, and hope for the future...


Reiki Doc