Monday, May 14, 2012

Have Grace

When you are aligned with Spirit, you have Grace.

Grace brings you fortitude and right-thinking when the going gets rough.

Sometimes you can ask for help--Divine Intervention--and it is given.

I know. I ask for Grace every time I take to the keyboard--that I will serve.

Who do you serve? That is a very important question. Undoubtedly, for all my life, to the best of my knowledge, I have served the Light. 'Make me an instrument in thy hands, Lord' I would pray. As an Intuitive, I always knew the right word to say at the right time, or the right gift to give, my whole life. But Reiki gave me a foundation to do work with Spirit in an interactive way. I allow Healing to pass through me, and to make everything right. 

That is not to say, 'Everything right the way I want it at this time'.  Reiki has NO placement of intent on outcome. There is acceptance of what constitutes 'Highest Good'. And Reiki practitioners learn, in time, that Reiki takes time to accomplish great things. Because sometimes the Highest Good is accomplished on a different Time Frame that anyone would anticipate.

I got to do Meditation Uphill today at work. Unhealthy patients in a not-so-used-to-dealing with them outpatient setting. I carried my weight and much of the weight of the team. It takes work to make it look easy. And today, I did not have the steadiness of schedule to factor in that prep time to make it look easy! Today, I just made it look like work. I had a lot of difficult patients, health-wise. It was a struggle.

Underneath that struggle, I found a Test. Have you felt them? Something is really trying to get at you, and you sense it, and you do not want to give the satisfaction of giving in to anger, frustration, and despair. I call that tug-of-war a Test. Today, I decided to hold my own within that test. And to stay pleasant while keeping patient safety intact. A patients spouse said a great big, 'I appreciate what you did for my loved one.' today when I explained to her specifics about what I actually did to stabilize the patient. I said, 'There is much more to giving anesthesia than giving anesthetic'.

Who do you serve?

Today, I saw the teacher who is serving Tomorrow (taking care of the children today)

I saw nurses serving their financial obligations and families by working, and doing well.

I saw schedulers serving the needs of many by coordinating the OR cases for the next day.

I saw a colleague serving justice, possibly not Divine Justice, but their version of it.

I saw sushi chefs and servers serving the hungry with a smile.

I saw my son serving himself, by reaching into the cupboard and pouring a glass of milk for the first time.

I serve patients, people who want to get better. I serve family, friends. You don't get to see all that. But know in my heart, I do my best to give a service to you. And I enjoy it so much, I do it for free!

Today we talked about five important things:
1) Understanding whom you serve and why. Ultimately it will be either a Light or Non-Light based thing.
2) Who we serve and why leads to connection. We are family, interconnected in Light.
3) God wants us to have FUN being alive. Things that aren't much fun for us often indicate our misalignment with Source.
4) Always take the time to acknowledge and love one another in our Work. Much as I love all of YOU.
5) Grace is always there for the asking. Ask, and know it is being sent right away. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it has been SENT to give you extra Grace to Overcome Something.


Reiki Doc