Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What If?

A retired nurse visited the nurses station last night while I was on call. She was having this conversation with a contemplating-retirement nurse, a discussion about a mutual friend in nursing at an old hospital where the three worked together, who died of colon cancer at forty-six, leaving behind two small kids. It turned out that the husband had been having an affair with an old flame for two years, and decided to leave his wife four weeks after the baby was born. Because men talk, the retired nurse found out this horrible fact, and chose not to inform her best friend in the hopes that 'things would get better. the friend thought the spouse friend ' is not the kind to take such information to advantage, but instead would anger over it'. The husband left days after being present at the birth and acting like a happy father of the baby. My retired RN friend had wanted to just slap him in the hospital after the birth when she saw him acting like that. The wife never recovered. 'Do you think the anger could have had something to do with the cancer and death?' the retired RN asked us.

What do I say? Yes? With my metaphysical training and being Reiki Doc, I know! of course! There is no doubt in my mind that the anger pattern weakened the aura, until disease commenced, and the patient died. But to someone who does not know me in the Reiki Doc context? I chose to neither confirm nor deny the truth. I gave them the space to 'sort it out'by being vaguely, obliquely, supportive of her thought.

Twenty minutes later, in the OR while setting up for a c-section, the "happy nurse" on night shift joked and said she honestly did not know patients sometimes go poop on the operating table. I laughed and said we call it 'code brown.' Sure enough, at the end of the case, with uterine massage per routine, what do you know? Poop came out!

The nurse was kind of freaked out by it. After the case, she kept saying, 'isn't it unusual? Isn't it strange that the ONE TIME in her CAREER we talk about it, code brown happens in the OR?!?' Well, no, it isn't unusual at all, happy nurse. You simply manifested it. Everyone can do that these days. Next time try something besides poop! I thought it, but I didn't say it. Manifest. Hold the space. Neither confirm not deny.

Obama had a great big 'neither confirm nor deny' moment with Jaden Smith, Will Smith's boy in the White House recently. It made YouTube after a TV interview. I don't think that's an accident either. Nuance toward Full Disclosure, it you ask me. Here is the link and see for yourself.

Here are MY 'what if's' that have been on my mind lately:

1) what if the powers of agribusiness were not content with farms and ranches, and the big Interest behind it has some kind of Plan to make money off of us? Animals don't know they are not free. They exist.we do too.

2) what if the concept of the work week is totally arbitrary (on farms seasons and length of day dictated work) to maximize money for The Powers That Be behind the Plan?

3) what if Organized religion is the Mastermind Project by The Powers That Be to take one more day of our lives, and further control us? And to take more wealth? What if it is a deliberate distortion of Christ's teachings, to incorporate guilt and therefore control and seeking of an 'intercessor to God' by the masses, who are perfectly capable of access on their own?

4) what if getting sick was not an accident? That population control and behavior control functions by making people that are too weak to fight? And that stressful living conditions exacerbates it?

5) what if something fantastic is happening, something way cooler than your favorite team in the playoffs,is right around the corner from being discovered?

6) what if every Men In Black movie was the truth? And that like the Princess that didn't know it at the end of MIB 2, some are here on terra firma not knowing that their true destiny is beyond infinity and the stars?

7) what if Somebody was in the process of securing our Freedom back? And that Love is the Solution for Everything?

Think about it, and let me know how you see it. I would appreciate this very much. I am sorry it is so hard to leave the comments on this page. Maybe Twitter or Facebook for Doctors with Reiki or @Usui2102 would make it more simple to reply?


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