Friday, May 4, 2012

Intuitive Mediums vs. Allopathic Medicine

Yesterday a colleague came to me flustered. A prominent surgeon had picked up the phone from a patient, who berated them at length over 'not being called by the office and the disease is going to progress and kill them!'.  Interactions like this are not typical for this surgeon, and they dug in through the emotional maelstrom to find the truth: the patient had chosen to see a psychic, an intuitive medium, instead of following up on their own care.

The medium, guided the patient BACK into the system, but said, "You are going to get stage IV recurrence and die even though you get the surgery". The surgeon, who had followed their OWN intuition, found out the truth!

Never before had this type of scenario happened in this surgeon's prominent career over two decades.

And never before has the surgeon known, that I, the one approached for reassurance, was a psychic, Intuitive medium, and Reiki Master myself!

"Who IS this medium?", I asked authoritatively, shocking the surgeons somewhat. "They should be reported." (I know a teacher in the area, and it might have been one of their students) "In talking like this they are practicing medicine without a license."

"Well how are you going to report THAT?" the surgeon shot back. "Besides the medium told them to come back and have the surgery."

"Anyhow, I think you should have your patient request me to do anesthesia for the case. I could help them in the O.R., I am good with patients who are like this." and that went totally over the surgeon's head.

"Well, they are back in the system, and the patient is happy. I don't think it's going to make a difference now."

And I shut my mouth. A big part of being a Reiki Master-Teacher is knowing when to let it rest.  This medium was not acting in the best interest of the patient. And for anyone who is considering going into  practice as an Intuitive Medium, heed this case! It is a lawsuit in the making, for metaphysical malpractice.

Now take the counterexample, also from yesterday, of the Intuitive Medium Physician at work. A patient presented with the same disease that was mortal to my father. The goal was to have a test in the CT scanner, where a biopsy was taken to hopefully return the patient to the transplant list. My experience with this disease and my assessment of this patient's clinical condition was that the outcome was not good. I was willing to give it a try with the anesthesia, but a hunch told me to double-check on the risk of a known complication of this procedure that would be deadly to this patient with end-stage organ disease of the lungs. Sure enough, the radiologist had cancelled the procedure two days ago, on account of risk, and scheduled anesthesia to be assisting with the case. The risk of this particular outcome, was over fifty-percent.

So my gut instinct was right. But how to break the news to the patient, that they were going to stay off the transplant list for good because it was not wise to do the anesthesia for this test?

This is where the mediumship came in: I asked for Divine Guidance, and I also had all of my Intuition Radar up. My approach was, you are not doing so well with two lungs, this procedure might drop one. We can likely get you through, but you might not wake up the same as you are now, or not at all. I am not a gambler. The risk to you of brain hypoxia, renal failure, myocardial infarction, ventilator dependence, and death are too high to take you through this risk. I 'get it', the importance of this test for you, and how much you put your hopes on it. But things today could go way bad in a hurry, and I am not going to move forward with anything that could do that.

And the patient understood. We were talking soul-level to soul-level, heart-to-heart on their future, and the quality of it, in the short time that was left. Both of us knew, before we ever met, how sick this one really was.

The radiologist was deeply relieved, and went to ask the pulmonologist what else we could offer.

Mediums who are aligned with the medical system have so much more to offer than those who are against them. Doctor-bashing and establishment bashing is a sport. But blinders need to be lifted.

Dear Primitive Patient--your whole concept of Allopathic Medicine is going to change. Because Reiki Doc is in the house, and going to bring the Light in, and that is going to fix it. There is a whole movement around us called Intuitive Medicine coming in. There are so many of us doing our thing out there from within the system--that we are going to rock the house! Orloff, Shultz, Oz, and more...


Reiki Doc