Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Importance of Dreams

Last night I dreamed about Elvis.  I was in his house, visiting with my mother. He was and old man now, maybe a decade older than mom. He was a kind man, a good host. And when I went to find where my son had left my cell phone, I came across a bedroom where there were pictures of us, on a poster board. Pictures on mom and dad and the family, and family friends, too. They had been sent to him by mom when I was little. She had been trying to help him have a normal life...Uncle Elvis Presley! He had been saving this for all these years! Known me before I could remember. And cared enough to get the photos out so he could jog his memory, and remind himself of who all of us were...

That dream made me feel warm and happy. And very loved! I am going to be excited about it as I go through my day at work. It felt 'real' while I was in it.  And left me energized now for my day.

Was this only a figment of my imaginative subconscious?

Perhaps someone who has studied psychology could let me know. But even if they did explain the psychological insight, would I believe it? I would take it with a grain of salt. Because I FELT it! In my heart-of-hearts, I KNEW that I was right there at that house talking to Elvis. Nothing can convince my rational mind when my emotional center is set.

This brings up two things: perception, and the astral plane.

Perception is the individualized perspective of being alive on the Earth. Only you can experience exactly the way you do your life and your interaction with those around you. This is somewhat linked to your level of vibration. The higher your vibratory rate, the most of the 'big picture' you will 'see' with your heart-of-hearts, and the more compassion you will experience for others in your daily lives. Compassion and level of vibration (another word for Consciousness) is adjustable. The Mind and the Will, together with much Discipline, can raise it. The catch is raising one's level of Consciousness must be a desire of yours in the first place, and a desire that is built by correct reasons. To be famous or to be a brilliant psychic now that you have lost your occupation is not as likely to raise your Consciousness as the desire to help others on their path and to know more about yourself and the Spirit World.

My perception is that I saw Elvis in my dream state, for whatever reason--I was happy and with joy to be in his Presence. And that is enough for me. I don't need to understand it. And I trust that this was a gift for me, for courage in our daily life. And for happiness to be experienced for its own sake in my heart.

In between perception and the astral plane is the concept of Oneiromancy, or in lay terms, the Study of the Interpretation of Dreams. There are books and books the the field of Metaphysics devoted to this task. This is what got Joseph in the bible, and others in the book too, out of deplorable situations by having the ability to accurately interpret the prophetic dreams of the royals. There are seven basic types of dreams:
1) Dreams of affluence
2) Dreams of frustration
3) Dreams of travel
4) Dreams of falling
5) Dreams of being chased
6) Dreams of being trapped
7) Dreams of lacking clothing

These dictionaries of dreams further explain what the significance is of the dream. For example, I had a dream of a snake, and I looked it up online a few weeks ago. Intuition guided me through the multiple meanings behind the symbol to the one that felt 'right' to me. It had a pertinent significance, so I bought a keychain of a snake to remind me of the important message that was in the dream. Most dream dictionaries are made from past sources, and the Freudian dream interpretation has been relegated to the dreams of the few who are not psychologically healthy individuals. The dictionaries are from tradition, handed down to us since Artemidorus, a Greek soothsayer.

The Astral Plane is where we 'go' when we are in the dream state. For example, Heaven is the same as our Earth Plane, only about three feet higher. That is why a Spirit will seem three feet off the ground, but contact with a Ghost is verified by their feet being present on the ground the same as us. Heaven is a higher vibration, a place we cannot 'see' much like the blades of a fan 'disappear' when the rotational rate is high enough.

I think that the Astral Plane is somewhere else, possibly a vibration that is between Heaven and Earth. I believe at night we go out of our bodies, as pure consciousness, and watch the films of our day much as a sports player would after their tournament with their coach. There are coaches there, mostly angels, guides and deceased loved ones. They are at a higher vibration, and must lower it in order to communicate with us. This is best accomplished in the midpoint vibration, The Astral Plane, where the ease of sending the message on their part is matched by the decrease in resistance on ours. And this communication is important towards our overall Spiritual Growth. Some problems are intergenerational. The addictions, the anger management issues, molest and rape. It is my belief that these unsolved challenges are handed down to each generation in the hopes that the afflicted incarnated Spirit may be the one to solve the conundrum once and for all. Everyone is helping from the Other Side, but only the one on Earth can Break the Cycle. And there is great cheering and honor and relief to the entire family, ancestors included, when this cycle is addressed head on and victory is earned in the process.

I have no source for this, except Source, my sturdy and dependable guide in my heart. I discovered it through challenges, and also through quiet times and instrospection. This guide is available to you. And with that inner navigation, you might never need a Dream Dictionary again! Get to know it : )

Good bye for now and Namaste,

Reiki Doc