Friday, May 18, 2012

Aura 101

You are a star! Did you know it? You are a creature of light, housed in a physical body.

You higher self, or Consciousness,  is  connected to your body by a silver cord of  light.

As your Consciousness levels increase, you will inhabit your body completely, and everything you are or do shall emit Light from your heart and every inch of your body. You can't help it, for it is who you ARE, and everything about it is Blessed!

I have the ability to see that light in others. Only when they are asleep in my O.R. It is always coming in. It looks like a great big column of whilte/clear/bright energy that is about six inches thick. It flows in through the head. I feel it, and I can hear it. There is a very quiet, holy sound to it, kind of like a Gregorian Chant. It is Source. I know it and I feel it. Sometimes it is the brightest on the unlucky ones, the ones with cancer that is advanced, or the people who are living in the streets. Does this mean they are angels? I can't say. I think everyone is an angel, living in a Human Body, actually. Except most of us don't know this yet.

When I scan the patient, energetically, I can pick up the flow of energy through the body. It gets stuck from certain emotions, and different levels of emotions tend to associate with a chakra in the energetic body. This imbalance tends to link itself to the physical manifestation of disease. Medicine of the future is going to be based on this type of scanning, and correct it. Very much like we do the CT scan of the entire body on a 'wellness check' or 'screen' to pick up early sources of disease, and intervene much earlier than we did centuries ago. It seems barbaric, doesn't it, the medicine that was before anesthesia and aseptic technique, such as on the battlefield in the Civil War? One day, all that we do today with modern medicine, will seem just as archaic. Yesterday I thought, how awful it seems to put animals through torture to come up with the treatments that we have for us today! How sad! How good if it was not necessary to do that to our fellow animal brothers and sisters any more.

In Reiki, we work with the Light of Universal Energy from Source. It is non-toxic, there are no side effects, and it is free. (A Reiki worker needs to support themself, so there is an energy imbalance from the gift, and compensation is due. Dr. Usui discovered this after working for free for seven years on the Japanese equivalent of Skid Row. After some time, he began to recognize people on the street he once had cured. It didn't 'stick' because healing has to be an energy exchange. For my work, I am being paid for my anesthesia services, and there isn't a box to check for Intraoperative Reiki on my billing slip just yet! ) Reiki is a different kind of Light, one I can't see but can feel. When it is begun, it flows down through the head and out through the heart center, third eye, and hands to the client or the patient. There is a sensation to this flow. You can tell when Reiki is 'ON' and Reiki is 'OFF' in a treatment. The benefit of Reiki Energy work is that it is non-depleting to the Healer. It actually gives a treatment to the worker at the same time the patient is being healed. It feels nice, and helps keep you in balance.

I used to fly off the handle at the slightest of things. I was very emotional, often taking things the wrong way, being hurt or feeling offended in my interactions with others. Reiki helped to conquer that. My heart somehow got open, and I am steady in my Earth experience. Which is good.

Your energetic body has a protective shell around it. This is your aura. There are three layers, one next to the skin, one a little thicker out, and the last on the outside. They look white, soft, and shimmery, kind of like a ghost. This is what protects you, it is like the function of skin to your physical body.
A healthy aura protects you from negative influences and harm. Eating right, getting plenty of rest, exercise, sex, and fun are ways to keep it strong. Meditation really helps, too. That is why you experience 'good vibration' from somebody, or 'bad vibration/neediness' within ten seconds of interacting with another. It is the auras that touch, and information is passed to you about the person almost at once. People who have been abused, both physically, sexually, and emotionally, get very good at reading what the experts say 'body language' in order to process danger early and take necessary steps to lessen it in advance. I think that processing happens on the energetic level, and the INTENT of the attacker is picked up through the auric system faster than everything else. You know that feeling when someone is watching you, and you turn your head to check? Or that foreboding you experience before a dangerous situation presents? Those are all commonplace energetic functions that we don't think about because they are so common to life.

Anger, and loud noises, weaken the aura. Wrap yourself in white light if you are going to be faced with either for protection in advance.


Reiki Doc