Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Love Revisited

Love is a mystery. Boy meets girl, maybe boy meets boy? And there is that SPARK of electricity that flows back and forth between them. They court, and then they settle down and put forth their efforts to in raising a family.

I call that the White Picket Fence. That concept has been a huge source of emotional blockage for me. For many years. I kept thinking 'If I had one chance again then I could do it right'.

Then I read an article by Olivier Manitara of http://www.essenespirit.com that was from their free newsletter. It was like the Erikson stages of development, but with the spiritual growth outlined.
Every seven years, we have a new task. And I noticed I was right on track! Except for one thing: the studying involved in the years from 14-21 kept me from developing the age appropriate spiritual skills in the field of romance. What set me free was the advice from the author--if you skip a step, you can't go back. Instead, focus on the developmental stage that you are in. Move forward.

So I let go.

I let go to failed relationships. I let go to dreams of the next child I dearly wanted, but probably am not going to have. I let my Pie in the Sky of the White Picket Fence dissolve. It made sense to me, what Mr. Manitara advised.

And the most beautiful thing happened! Once I dissolved that block to experiencing love in a committed relationship, I opened my heart to All the Love There Is!

I love my animals in our house. I tend to them with more attention and a smile.

My child is getting more independent, and instead of losing my 'baby' I am making a new level of friend in the bond. In other words, I am meeting the 'new person' inside.

Three patients tried to hit on me today in recovery room after their anesthetic. Octogenarian says it is lonely in the gurney all by himself, and pats the sheets saying, 'I pick YOU'. LOL. One was convinced they had not had their operation! This hasn't happened in years.

And something that has never happened before, did! There is someone I have been sweet on at work...today for the first time, I saw a little daisy chain of pink light flow between our two hearts! Both my head and my heart are working together, to see if this is the right relationship. It is going to be fun!

In the ability to move beyond the block, it simply goes away, and sometimes when you are lucky, it finds a way back. It 'lifts' the restriction of your environment you are to learn about, and gives you a chance to break out of your isolation from the Spirit and the Light.

You see, we all come here to Learn. Everyone gets a 'chip', I call it. Actually two 'chips', a Theme chip, and a lesser theme chip. For example, Sylvia Browne is a 'Loner-Humanitarian' combination. Married twice, possibly three times, it just did not work out. Again and again until she stopped trying. The main 'chip' in your life is going to be the area where no matter how hard you try, you just can't get it right. I am like her. I help people and yet I am in no relationship.

Everyone gets their 'chip'. For some it is money. For others, addiction. Either way, there are much much more combinations, and all of this is documented in the Akhashic Records. The only thing you can't see, if you are intuitive and able to visit, is your own life. It is blank. Kind of like a file blocked on the internet at your work.

Today is the first day that mine 'budged'. And the reason it did is because the Universal Love is flowing EVERYWHERE in my life!!! If you have money problems, GIVE. Help someone worse off than you! And soon you will see abundance in all forms around you.

Because it is copyrighted material, I would suggest you sign up for the EsseneSpirit emails on the website. They are free. You will also get a free ebook about being an Essene, the history of it.

As an aside, I saw some horrible disease today. Like, non-healing stuff that has to be treated so often in the surgery suite the patient gets the term 'frequent flyer'. You don't want that label to describe you!

Today in my Reiki, I was perplexed. I asked my guides for help. And St. Michael, too. They came and helped. I actually was guided to attune Reiki 1 to two of these patients. Never before has Reiki done something like this--to offer the ability to self-heal in someone who is stricken with suffering at the limits of what our regular medicine can do. And while I was working one one, I wondered how anyone could be so sick? I was guided to meet her guardian angel, and ask him. The answer was that she wanted to burn up Karma. A whole lot of it in this lifetime, so she could make the jump to ascension. Looking at it THAT way, it made a whole lot of sense!

No matter what, put as much love into everyone you interact with in your day. Some of it will bounce back and nourish YOU! Reiki care and Love. I am starting to wonder if this Universal Healing Energy isn't Love after all. The healing power of Love. Or simply, Light.


Reiki Doc