Saturday, May 12, 2012

Intuition and the Birth Plan

"How about Bradley?" asked a pregnant ward clerk, while at work on Labor and Delivery, on the subject of possible names for her baby boy.

"Um, NO!" said the entire staff of nurses that were present.

I was new to OB anesthesia at the time, so I asked, "Why not?"

The group gave a collective groan in reply.

The Bradley Technique is one of the more stringent Birth Plans available. The husband has full control over what the woman does in labor. There are very strict requirements of the hospital. When the woman changes her mind, and asks for pain medicine, the husband can say no, and this puts staff in the awkward position between husband and wife. In this situation, according to policy, the wishes of the patient (wife) take precedence over that of the husband. It is not a happy birth.

Over the years, the Birth Plan parturients have made a deep impression on me. For two reasons. First, they have an incredibly high rate of cesarean section over the random population. I have come to notice that the Law of Attraction is at work here in such a way that the entire Labor Deck is aware of it; any thought dwelt on attracts that thought. 'No c-section! No c-section! No c-section!' mentality sends an order to the Universe, which does not process the negative, 'c-section! c-section! c-section!'

There also is a sense of rejection of the medical community and what help there is available in women's medicine when such a family is admitted to the labor deck. There is a denial that a baby can die in childbirth, and that there is the best interest of the mother and child at play in the orthodox birthing process.

This is an emotional mindset that is hard to face facts. Reason often does not work with these patients. As an anesthesiologist, I sense distress and suffering in these couples. Except for the yoga teacher who really wants to 'do it all natural', there is usually some apprehension and conflict between the dad-to-be and the mom-to-be about the impending birth.

I have been keeping this mystery in my heart for several years now, asking the question, 'Why? Why do these families have such strong beliefs about childbirth, come to an orthodox medicine facility 'just in case', and refuse most of the interventions indicated for their labor? Why do they want to have their cake and eat it too? What is behind all this suffering and desire for control?

Then it hit me: what if these women, and men, in some way experienced a death in  childbirth in a past life? What if they incarnated back with the purpose not to die? And their lesson takes precedence over just about anything else that is going on? (for example, the in-utero condition of the infant?)

What if the Birth Plan is a reaction to a past-life event, driven by the desire of the individual to 'Do Over' and erase the scars that were upon their souls?

I have seen women, thousands of women, go through childbirth. I put the epidural in. I go with them to c-section. I see a LOT. And many are in thankful disbelief when all is said and done, and they are alive and the baby is with them, and everything turned out okay. No matter what else happened.

Sylvia Browne once commented that the moles and birthmarks on most of her patients correspond to traumatic events that happened in a past life. I suspect that the need to establish a Birth Plan might stem from trauma associated with a past life birth.

If this is the case, then there is a great deal of opportunity for Reiki, especially Karuna Reiki (TM), to allow for a Healing Birth Experience. Reiki-trained providers can look past the conflict and distress in the current situation to the underlying cause, and flow Universal Light Energy to the process. The dad-to-be and mom-to-be can experience healing on a deeper level, and develop Trust in a caring environment. And hopefully be 'cured' of whatever soul-level component that has been ailing them, making them free to go on to enjoy the love of family and all the gifts family life has to offer.

I think the Medical Community might step back, and instead of ridiculing the couple for their control and anger expressed at the system that the nurses, docs, and techs work in, they would understand the root cause behind all this distress.

One thing that is lacking in the dialogue process is the liberty of time. Demands on the workers in the hospital are extreme, often to the point of sacrificing their personal needs (bathroom, meals, sleep) on behalf of the care of their patients. When a couple arrive with a Birth Plan, there is going to be an extra layer of communication necessary, and more time than the average birth. This time is not compensated to the hospital and staff by the insurance companies. And also the emotional wear and tear of the staff from interacting with this perceived-hostile patient, partner, and possibly doula, is not addressed.

There is much room for improvement. The two warring factions (just read any Primitive Mother Birthing Website) for peace. Divine Peace is the healthiest state in which to enter the world. Divine Peace Birthing! Come and have your soul cared for, as well as your body! We treat your heart and keep ours connected to you throughout the birth experience! You do not need to be silent (unless you may choose), passive (unless your health situation does not permit), controlling (trust that we want what is best for you and your baby!). Many of us have experienced birth ourselves and would enjoy spending time with you, and helping you to have a wonderful experience while you are with us.

Healthy mom, healthy baby...with Heart.

Birthing balls, and candles, and underwater tubs and the like, are crying out for nothing more than that. An un-scary birthing experience this time around.

There is so much room for improvement on both sides! Reiki-inspired birth suites can bring a depth of healing to the entire process, for all!


Reiki Doc