Friday, July 22, 2011

Case Report: Use of the Transition Symbol

Our neighborhood is a 'dog neighborhood'. Down the hill lives a dog, a great big male golden retriever named Sundance. Sundance is the 'king dog' in the neighborhood, and even fathered puppies with another golden 'Sophie'. I am very close with the owners of these dogs. So is my son. It was the first time he saw puppies, ever.

Sundance's mom called me to let us know he was sick.

We came over at once. But her husband said she was with Sundance over at Sophie's house.

Sundance had a tumor of the sinuses. He recognized us but had labored breathing. His mom was trying to decide between the vet's recommendation of putting him down, and hoping for a miracle. She had guilt.

My son did Reiki first on Sundance. It was a precious sight. Then he looked at me and said, 'Mom! Do your thing.'

Reiki on an animal feels 'different'. It is weaker, more liquidy. But I connected with Sundance's spirit. I let him know he was loved and it was okay. I gave full Reiki treatment, plus the transition symbol, which helps make the death transition easier.

After Reiki, Sundance ate his first piece of cheese in weeks. His mother had been force-feeding him. After watching me, his mother gave thanks for the Reiki. She relaxed as 'something had been done'.

I supported her to follow her heart on her decision, and said to me it looked like death might be soon.

Two days later, Sundance had a bleed out his nose. There was blood everywhere. The tumor had invaded. Everyone took him to the vet. Everyone had their chance to say goodbye, even Sophie. Then the vet gave the dose and he was gone.

His mom has been holding up fairly well through all of this. Sundance had been her birthday present eight years ago. She has peace.

Reiki played a big part in it. I am certain.

P.S. Sundance died a week to the day after Sophie's dad (owner) passed suddenly in his home.


Reiki Doc

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Growing with Spirit

When I was a small girl, I knew things in advance that would happen. I could not explain why. I just did.

Once I predicted what horse to play on a video racing game at Laughlin, Nevada, for my father. It won. I have never seen him so happy.

My growth in spirit advanced from bonding with nature, love of caring for animals, non-denominational Christian fellowship, Catholicism (my family is Catholic) mystical side of the faith. The miracles at Lourdes, Fatima, and Medjugorge fascinated me. I was drawn to learning more and more about them.

As I grew, I felt a tremendous responsibility to nurture my gift. I read, I took classes, and went to activities such as circle. I did Reiki on my son, and my patients.

Reiki is a partnership with Spirit.

In taking my break, I learned to listen to my aura, to defend it. It was my heart that had kept me going, going, going.

In Business 101 it was shown there is a balance between energy, resources, and time.

Vacation put me in balance. And now at work, I am actively maintaining it. I met up with more very messed up people. One cried on emergence from anesthesia and has a fear of perioperative awareness (her family has 'high tolerance'), another was very very big for her height. The last was high. With high blood pressure, chronic pain.

All of them I loved and cared for tenderly, knowing that Spirit would send healing through me without having to direct it with actual Reiki treatment. I chose to work on the tasks at hand for the anesthetic, and not to stress.

The recovery room nurses got back to me on the patients. Three out of four said to say, 'thank you' to me before they left. The last, the sickest, was still on the table when my colleague took care of him so I could go home.

Having just returned from vacation, I am listening to my needs. I am taking care of first things first--making sure we have clean clothes, food, paying the bills--not all at once. As best as I can squeeze it in.

There is healing to be done. As my body adjusts to the new time (Paris is nine hours ahead), and as my son adjusts, I am gentle to our needs, allowing it to take precedence in our plans. Plus, I have laryngitis. There is a daunting work schedule ahead of me--many OB calls in a row. There is conservation of strength.

Before, I was so excited about working with Spirit that I gave it precedence first. I would have pushed and gone to circle last night before. Now I excused myself to recover my strength so I may heal others best in the long run.

I take care of me. Sometimes workers in the Spirit forget about that.  I know I did.


Reiki Doc

Monday, July 18, 2011

Wherever you go...

I have arrived at the purpose of relaxation.

It is like going back on the ice after the Zamboni has gone over it.

On the way to work, I did the first Divine Peace Healings I had done in two weeks. It was like 4G Wifi!
Energy was clearer, smoother and much easier to work with.

I was conscious of my energy field today at work. I kept it for me, enjoying but limiting how much of me I exchanged in my conversations with others. I was missed. And very glad I sent out postcards. Everyone thanked me for them.

With patients, too. I did not do any Reiki. I will know when the time is right. Just now, I felt the urge to write. Much of what I disclose is through guidance with the other Realm.

BTW, someone just outed me at work today. The lady I sat next to at Circle in June, works at the same hospital. She told another, who is also my Facebook Friend.

One day this is gonna come out. Until then, let's just keep this under wraps. ; )

Love to you, and light.
Keep your auric field safe and warm for you always.

Going to go pick up my kid. I miss him. It is our first day back to work. We are still on
European time.


Reiki Doc

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bonjour de France

I am writing to you from across the pond. I am in the city of light, Paris, and it is wonderful. My French could be better, but with practice I hope my fluency will return.

I want to share a sensitive's impression of the city. It is different for me now than when I was last here fourteen years ago.

The people have a different energy from the U.S. Just like their electricity is different. The focus is on being perceived by others, and in the hotel, of service. I can tell the shopkeepers who don't give a shit. I am with other French people on holiday, and the town is like Disneyland. Packed.

People don't smile in the street. Only a nun said bonjour back.

People don't like my being a single mother. There is a stigma. For all they know, I could be a widow from the war. But I feel it. I like shocking them when I tip. Nobody tips here...the VAT is included. No more than two euro. But I do. The tour guide took ten euros and said, the ride back from the boat is free. Just call me.

The war. I feel it. Everywhere. The negative imprint of sorrow from the Nazi invasion. It is pervasive, like the elephant in the room. And money is tight here too. Unemployment at ten percent.

Jet lag is has totally got my son. Gotta wake him up! Lol

Take care and namaste,

Reiki Doc

Friday, July 1, 2011

Day One

I did it. I folllowed through in the morning with the Reiki I promised that mom.

Right there on postpartum in her private room, dad holding baby and watching. I opened her aura, measured her chakras, balanced them (she had very good energy in the first place, literally spinning like a helicopter the pendulum at each chakra. Once I did Reiki, she felt energy flow from my hands. I never touched her. She felt her uterine cramping pain 'just go away.'

She is a homeopathic nutritionist in training. She is going to give me information about probiotics in the mail.

I think we should see more of this in the future. Not just at the cancer patient bedside with non medical volunteer Reiki practitioners. More. Lots more. I felt that energy flow, lots of it, to her. And I also opened her indigo chakra extra. I help wake people up.

I am going to France for a few weeks. A bientot, cheers!


Reiki Doc