Friday, July 22, 2011

Case Report: Use of the Transition Symbol

Our neighborhood is a 'dog neighborhood'. Down the hill lives a dog, a great big male golden retriever named Sundance. Sundance is the 'king dog' in the neighborhood, and even fathered puppies with another golden 'Sophie'. I am very close with the owners of these dogs. So is my son. It was the first time he saw puppies, ever.

Sundance's mom called me to let us know he was sick.

We came over at once. But her husband said she was with Sundance over at Sophie's house.

Sundance had a tumor of the sinuses. He recognized us but had labored breathing. His mom was trying to decide between the vet's recommendation of putting him down, and hoping for a miracle. She had guilt.

My son did Reiki first on Sundance. It was a precious sight. Then he looked at me and said, 'Mom! Do your thing.'

Reiki on an animal feels 'different'. It is weaker, more liquidy. But I connected with Sundance's spirit. I let him know he was loved and it was okay. I gave full Reiki treatment, plus the transition symbol, which helps make the death transition easier.

After Reiki, Sundance ate his first piece of cheese in weeks. His mother had been force-feeding him. After watching me, his mother gave thanks for the Reiki. She relaxed as 'something had been done'.

I supported her to follow her heart on her decision, and said to me it looked like death might be soon.

Two days later, Sundance had a bleed out his nose. There was blood everywhere. The tumor had invaded. Everyone took him to the vet. Everyone had their chance to say goodbye, even Sophie. Then the vet gave the dose and he was gone.

His mom has been holding up fairly well through all of this. Sundance had been her birthday present eight years ago. She has peace.

Reiki played a big part in it. I am certain.

P.S. Sundance died a week to the day after Sophie's dad (owner) passed suddenly in his home.


Reiki Doc